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Our Boys Ch. 02

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By: WAA01 and soul71

Notes: All persons engaging in sex are over 18

Thanks to soul71 for editing and helping with this story.

This story is set in the Porn Star Family universe created by soul71.


“So, you’re the one they call ‘the Dick’, eh?” Jeff asked him, wondering just how big his was.

“Yep, that’s me!” the Dick replied with a super cocky attitude. “I have the biggest dick at school,” he said, trying to buff himself up in front of Laura.

“Umm, just how big is your dick?” Jeff asked point blank.

“Five and a half inches,” He said proudly. “Six if I’m really horny,” the Dick added still not sure what was going on but trying to impress Laura, nonetheless.

“Hahahahahaha!” Jeff guffawed. “A whole six inches?” he wheezed between bouts of laughter. “Boy I bet that just impresses the girls at your school?” Jeff asked him looking at his sister.

“Not really,” Laura said. “He’s pretty much the joke at school as I happen to know for a fact Tommy Potter is seven inches,” seeing the look her brother gave her she continued, “I jerked him off a few months ago to stop him from trying to fuck me. Stupid fucker just wouldn’t take “NO’ for an answer.” Laura explained. “When he was done he wanted me to blow him hard again, so I took hold of his balls and squeezed until he got the message to take me home. Needless to say, it didn’t take him very long to figure it out.” She finished her story looking at Jeff.

By now the Dick was sitting in a kitchen chair looking around with a hint of fear on his face knowing something was coming his way. He was wondering what when Jeff spoke next.

“Huh,” Jeff started then stopped, looking at his sister then his dad. “I wonder what you would do if you were ever confronted with a foot-long cock?” he asked him in a conspiratorial voice. “I bet you’d pee your pants to know that I am eight and a half inches flaccid. Uhh, that means limp, dummy, just in case you didn’t know it,” Jeff said, wondering just how far he could go. His mother fixed it.

“Just so you know, and I probably shouldn’t be saying this in front of our kids, but my husband is over nine inches long, so you have nothing to speak of, so to speak.” Amy said, her head cocked, glaring at the boy wondering if she could get away with slapping him out of his chair.

“Ya know, if you had a nine inch dick I would’ve been on my knees sucking you dry, but instead you tried to have sex with me against my will with your tiny, insignificant, little dick!” Laura said. Knowing she had already sucked her daddy’s big cock and her brother’s monster cock was just the icing on her cake. “Thank god I didn’t drink that damn punch!” she thought to herself.

“I guess it turns out you’re not “the Dick”, you’re just a Dick who tried to rape my sister at a party?” Jeff growled, wondering how he wasn’t stomping this kid into next year already.

“What?!” he exclaimed. ‘No, no, no… I di…” he was stopped midsentence by Jeff’s fist impacting with his chest, knocking him and the chair backwards impacting the floor.

“Don’t fucking lie to me, boy!” Jeff bellowed. “I know for a fact you and those two scumbag friends of yours are using some kind of mind control thing to get girls and women to have sex with you!” Jeff said, showing all his anger for the boy to see. “Lie to me again and it will really hurt!” Jeff said, walking to where he was lying on the floor trying to suck air back into his lungs. John quickly scrambled behind his son to stop him from actually killing the boy who was just too stupid for his own good.

“Easy son,” John said.

“Answer me!” Jeff demanded leaning over the prone boy. His father’s arms straining to contain his son from beating the fool into a bloody mess.

“Okay! Okay,” he said still sucking air into his abused lungs. “Yes, we use a kind of drug to get girls to have sex with us!” he said, almost shouting in his fear of Jeff hitting him again.

“How does it work?” Jeff asked.

“I’m not sure,” he said. But seeing Jeff reaching for him he was quick to continue, “I don’t know how it works, just that it does. The girls drink the punch, we put our earplugs in, then we play the music, the girls take off their clothes and we have sex.” He said fearing he was about to get hit again he quickly said, “It works really good. I can get you some if you want, just give me until tomorrow and you’ll have it.” John wrapped Jeff in a bear hug and shoved him away from the prone boy knowing Jeff was about to start beating on him. Amy and Laura grabbed him also doing their best to help John get Jeff away from the boy.

Amy and Laura sweetly whispered into his ear as they pressed their alluring bodies against his. Telling him just what they were going to do to him once ‘The Dick’ was gone. How they would lavish on that cock of his. Making it purr until it coated them in his hot, white seed. Amy especially whispered low in her son’s ear, bostancı escort telling him just how she was going to fuck that hard pole of his. How it was going to feel lodged deep inside of her cunt to keep his focus on her and not the boy on the floor. She could already feel the heat building inside of her canal at the thought of having that beast deep within her hot, wet, captivating pussy.

Knowing Jeff would never hurt his mother, or his sister, John let them deal with Jeff’s anger while he went back to the boy. “Here, let me help you up,” He said offering his hand – going with the ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine – to help the boy up and righting his chair so he could sit back down. “Where do you get this punch and music? Someone has to give it to you. Right?” John asked. “What is your name, by the way?” John asked him off handedly.

“Uh, Bartholomew, my name is Bartholomew. Yeah, we get it from the Mrs. Johnson, she told us she found it by accident when she was in college and has been using it ever since to get any man she wants to fuck,” Bartholomew said. All he wanted was to keep Jeff away from him and his dad had done that. “She and Mrs. Anderson have been using it on men around town to get what they want when they want.” Becoming very talkative since John moved Jeff away from him. “I think they said they use it to blackmail them,” he quickly added.

“So, it does work on men too, then?” John asked, more as a statement, as if he was talking to himself. He had figured it would but having confirmation was reassuring. “Two of the richest women in town, they had married extremely well, and they’re blackmailing men, for what?” He thought to himself. He glanced into the other room seeing Amy and Laura finally had Jeff calmed down. “When are you all planning on using it again?” John asked trying to come up with a plan of action.

“Yeah, it works on men also. Mrs. Johnson gave us a demonstration of it by getting some married guy to fuck her after he told her ‘no’ several times. And when he left he was happy; I mean really happy that he had.” Bartholomew said. “I think they are planning a party right before or after school lets out… some kind of ‘beginning of summer’ bash next month.”

“Hey, you know, you offered to get Jeff some of the stuff. How about you get it for me instead, there are quite a few women I know that I would like to use it on… if you catch my drift?” John said, conspiratorially, knowing the boy wouldn’t be able to resist what he said next, “If you get me some punch and the music I’ll let you join me. How’s that sound to you?” he asked him, looking into the other room, seeing Amy looking at him with a smirk on her face.

“Oh yeah!” Bartholomew exclaimed. “I’ll get it for you tomorrow Mr. Grey,” he said happily, because deep down he knew he was average – everything – body, looks and yes, dick size, but he also knew the drug would get him any woman he could get to drink it. He knew Mr. Grey would have some fine, good looking women he wanted to have sex with, not like the girls at his school.

“Now you can’t tell them it’s for me, they wouldn’t give it to you if you did; just tell them there’s a hot waitress you saw at a restaurant you want to get naked,” John continued to conspire with Bartholomew, hoping the boy would not tell Mrs. Johnson it was for him. “Oh yeah, don’t forget to get a couple sets of ear plugs for us; we don’t want to get stuck in our own trap, right?” John asked, trying to make sure all the bases were covered for his possible plan.

“Oh, the ear plugs can be bought anywhere, there isn’t anything special about them, I bought mine at Walmart.” Bartholomew said. “I’ll stop and get a few packs when I bring the punch and cd to you.” He offered wanting to make sure Mr. Grey didn’t have any reason to keep him from having sex with whatever women he was going to use the punch on.

“Excellent!” John said, patting Bartholomew on the back, looking at his watch he said. “You should probably be getting back, we don’t want you in trouble for taking too long on your deliveries. Let me get some cash…”

“Oh, no sir, don’t worry about it. I’ll pay for your pizzas… no problem,” Bartholomew said, doing his best to make sure he wasn’t left out of whatever women Mr. Grey chose.

“Why thank you, Bartholomew, thank you very much!” John clapped him on the back, nearly knocking him off his feet, ushering Bartholomew out the door. Noticing how Bartholomew was rubbing his chest as he walked to his car. Closing the door wondering if the boy would truly be able to get him some of that punch, returning to the front room, deep in thought as he pondered on if their little plan would work.

“Okay, John, what are you thinking so hard about?” Amy asked, as he walked into the room.

“Just a possible plan to get those bitches back for what they have done and maybe a way to put an end to their use of it for good,” John said, the smile he showed her made her ümraniye escort bayan think of a shark scenting blood in the water.

“Hmm, tell me,” Amy almost demanded. John just looked at her and, shaking his head, took her hand and led her upstairs to their bedroom, the pizza long forgotten.

*** Saturday morning

“Good morning, daddy,”

“Morning,” John yawned, glancing towards his daughter, his eyes freezing on her as she was only wearing a pair of sheer, light pink panties. Feeling his cock starting to rise through his loosely tied and mostly open robe, remembering how he and Amy had some really hard sex the night before.

“Pizza for breakfast, dad? Come on, mom will kill you!” Laura said, seeing her father eating a slice of the pizza that all of them forgot about last night, jarring John out of his mesmerized state. Seeing her father’s cock starting to poke through his robe, feeling her pussy starting to get wet. She remembered all too well the feeling of Jeff’s cum shooting in her mouth last night as she calmed him down from the rage he went into upon hearing ‘The Dick’s’ offer to bring Jeff some of the rape drug.

“I like cold pizza,” John said, not bothering to cover himself up as his cock was on full display for his daughter. “The box is on the counter in the kitchen if you want some,”

Looking at her father, remembering how his cock felt in her mouth the evening before, after sharing her brother’s cock with her mother, Amy had motioned her dad to stand in front of them and they had shared his cock and cum also. “I think I’d rather have something with a bit more protein first, if you don’t mind?” Laura asked, waving her hand at his cock.

Just as Laura was starting to get serious about sucking his cock they were interrupted by the doorbell. John looked at the clock wondering who this could be at that hour of the morning? Forgetting his robe was wide open as he opened the door. There Bartholomew stood with the punch, a cd, and several packs of earplugs. Seeing Bartholomew glancing down turning white seeing his junk was hanging out in all its wet, sloppy blowjob glory – this kid didn’t need to know it was Laura who was sucking him off. John smiled evilly at him and told him it would be a bit before he would be able to use it – since he had to get the women lined up – but as soon as he had everything set up he would give him a call and make sure he knew when and where to be. He went back to his recliner and sat back in front of Laura again. She had just drawn his cock into her mouth and was applying suction when Amy yelled.

“Are you kidding me?!” John and Laura about had heart attacks upon hearing Amy’s shout, thinking she was mad about Laura sucking his cock. She had just been awakened by the doorbell and not knowing what was going on she had started downstairs to see who it was, instead she came upon John eating a slice of pizza for breakfast, with Laura sucking his cock. She was fine with her daughter sucking her husband’s cock, it was the pizza for breakfast she had a problem with. She finished down the stairs and was marching towards them. “Pizza, John? How could you?” she asked. “You put that pizza back in the fridge this instant!” Amy demanded.

“Nnnoo,” John said playfully, his lips ended up in a pucker, sending his wife a kiss, then giving her a happy grin indicating he was going to enjoy his slice of cold pizza. He felt Laura’s lips go back around his cock and the sensation was enough to move his eyes from his wife’s naked body standing beside him. Looking back at Laura he saw her lips drawing off the head of his cock and she began rubbing it against her cheeks and chin inhaling his scent, also smelling her mother’s pussy, but not knowing what it was, on it from the sex they’d had last night. She opened her mouth and engulfed his cock taking him to the root.

“Good morning, you two,” Amy said, giving John a kiss then moving down to pull Laura from her father’s cock to kiss her also. Dropping down to give his cock a quick suck, “Damn, my pussy tastes good on your dad’s cock!” She said.

“MmmHmm,” Laura moaned, almost euphoric, she hadn’t realized it was her mother’s pussy she was smelling and tasting.

“I’m gonna go start a real breakfast for us,” Amy said, looking at John playfully, letting him know that was his last slice as she headed to the kitchen.

John moaned as Laura went back to sucking his cock, pushing her lips to the base, and raising back to the tip, her tongue swirling around his head, tickling the sensitive place underneath then driving it back down, taking him deep within her throat. The feeling was exquisite. John never thought having his daughter sucking his cock would feel this good.

“Hey dad,” Jeff said, as he reached the bottom step and headed their direction.

“Morning, son,” John said. His fingers clutched the armrest as Laura sucked gently on his left testicle as her hand worked up and down his shaft. kartal escort

“Hey, sis,” Jeff said, gently scratching her scalp as he watched her suck their dad’s cock. Not taking her mouth from John’s cock Laura looked up at Jeff with smiling eyes filled with love as her hand reached out rubbing up and down his leg a couple of times. “Is mom up?” he asked. John using his head nodded to the kitchen. Looking back as he neared the kitchen, he heard his father’s moans as his sister brought him to his orgasm. Smiling, walking into the kitchen, Jeff froze for a brief moment upon seeing his mom standing at the stove stark naked wearing nothing but an apron cooking what sounded like bacon or sausage. Walking up behind her and wrapped his arms around her in a warm hug, “Morning, mom,” Jeff said, kissing the side of her neck.

“Morning, baby. How’d you sleep?” Amy asked tilting her head to the side, giving him full access to her neck for his kisses.

“Great!” Jeff said softly, upon hearing the rise of passion in the other room. Seeing Amy tilt her head around so she could hear as he did the same.

“Oh god, baby girl! I’m about to cum! Oh… God…”

“In my mouth daddy…”

“Here it comes… uh.. uh.. uh.” Then nothing but heavy breathing as they both came back to themselves.

“Wow. That was pretty cool,” Jeff said, quietly returning to kissing his mother’s neck.

“It made my pussy wet just hearing it,” Amy said, “and apparently your cock quite hard,” she said, in a tone that indicated remorse. “Would you set the table for me, baby? I can’t stop right now, or this food will burn,” she looked at him. “I’ll take care of it after we eat.”

“Sure,” Jeff said, realizing she couldn’t stop at this point. Before he stepped away, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples between his index and middle fingers, causing her to let out her own soft, sensuous moan. “It wasn’t just listening to them that got me started,” he said, when she looked at him.

“Oh? And what else contri…” Amy was interrupted by Laura walking into the kitchen.

Coming up to her placing her index finger on the other side of Amy’s chin turning her to gaze at her. Laura brought her lips to her mother’s, feeling how velvety they were, her tongue rolled inside of her mother’s mouth as their kiss deepened, sharing some of her father’s cum with her. Jeff was watching the cum swap as John came into the room, they both watched them swallowing it all.

“Mmm, that was yummy. Thank you baby,” Amy said, giving Laura a couple of small kisses before returning to the cooking. Glancing at her daughter as Laura went to the fridge to get a glass of juice to wash the taste of her dad’s cum from her mouth before she kissed Jeff.

Finished setting the table feeling his sister at his back, “Good morning,” Laura said, giving him a deep sinful kiss, as she spun her brother around. Amy hip checked them out of the way so she could put the food on the table.

“All right, everybody strip!” Amy said. “Come on, chop, chop. Everybody get naked.” She figured since she had cooked naked and was getting ready to eat naked then they could all be naked as well. She stood watching as they removed the bits of clothing they had, John in his usual seat and Jeff and Laura sat side by side. Amy took her seat and looked at her family as everyone started filling their plates. “John, who knocked on the door so early?”

“Bartholomew, he dropped off the drink powder and cd for us to use,” John said, spreading butter along the surface of his French toast. “I’m thinking we need to figure out just exactly what it is. Any ideas on how anyone?” he asked. All of them shook their heads except Jeff. “Jeff?” Do you know someone who can tell us what this stuff is?” John asked, seeing his son deep in thought by the question.

“Maybe. That’s what I was thinking about. Some… acquaintances… from school, although I’m not sure they will.” Jeff said, still deep in thought.

“Why do you think they won’t test it?”

“Well, they aren’t bad people, but they aren’t exactly good people either.” Jeff said, looking at his dad. “They are the ones running all the games and such on campus and they don’t like being disturbed.”

“Try anyway. Let them know what it’s being used for and see if they will check it out,” John ordered, wanting to get to the bottom of this just as fast as possible. Jeff gave him a nod and attacked his food.

“Even if we never figure out what it actually is we still need to come up with a plan as to what we are going to do with it,” Amy said, hoping to come up with a way to ruin the women who had been doing this for decades.

“I say destroy them!” Laura exclaimed. She was still thinking about her time being in their sights and almost being raped. “Make it so they can never do that stuff to anyone ever, ever again!” Getting so worked up she was almost brought to tears. “After what they did to mom and tried to do to me, not to mention all the others they have actually succeeded in harming they need to be destroyed to the point they are ruined!” Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as her fork dropped from her fingers, Jeff wrapped his arm around her to give his sister some comfort.

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