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One Night Date Ch. 03

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Before we left the place, Satish couldn’t decide whether to fuck my pussy, my ass or my mouth, so I ended up deciding for him and began with a blowjob, then I told him to fuck my pussy but with one condition, that he wouldn’t rush through it, that he would take it slow, real slow and make me cum twice. Once I had cum twice, I wanted him to fuck my ass so that he could shoot his baby-making juice deep inside me. Satish did just that, he fucked my pussy slow and then went on to fuck my asshole like a savage. Even then it took him a good 20 minutes to fill up my ass with his cum.

Once he pulled his still semi-erect beautiful manhood out of my asshole, I turned around and like a dutiful slave cleaned it up, licking every part of, relishing the taste of my own body’s juices along with his semen.

Then we packed up and headed back to Delhi.

“Leave your panties off,” he said just before I got into the car.

Obediently, I turned around, and bending forward, I raised my skirt and told him to take them off himself.

He laughed and spanked my ass and proceeded to take off my panties.

“I don’t want you wearing those when you are with me,” he said.

“Yes, master.”

On the way back, a bout of anxiety hit me.

I wondered whether after all that fucking he would dump me just like that. Satish sensed my anxiety and asked me what the matter was.

“I am afraid you aren’t going to meet me again after this heavenly weekend,” I blurted out.

“What? Are you nuts? You think I’ll ever be able to stop fucking you?”

“You will come and see me off and on, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will. In fact, I was thinking maybe you could move into my house till your husband doesn’t return.”

“No, I can’t do that. But I can off and on, spend a night at your place.”

“That will be fine. I’ll miss you, but that will be fine. And on weekends, you are my personal sex slave. You will do as I tell you. I will pick you up every Friday evening from DK and take you somewhere where we can fuck ourselves silly.”

“I’d like that.”

He dropped me off home around 3pm and with a smile headed away.

An hour later, I was in the bath and still wondering about Satish and his penis. The mere thought of his penis made me horny and I fingered myself to an orgasm. But it wasn’t like when Satish was between my legs.

That fullness, that skin to skin contact deep inside me was missing.

There was nothing I could do. I would have to wait till he got in touch with me or till two days later when I was to go spend the night at his place.

The next day, the maid came and went. I woke up around noon and got out of bed to an empty house. There was no one to talk to and nothing to do. I took a long leisurely bath and since I was alone, I stepped out of the bath naked and walked around the house like that. Opening the bay windows, I let the sun and the air dry my wet body. The feel of the sun on my breasts warmed me up even as the wind tickled my pussy. I decided to lie down like there and sat down on the floor, butt naked and lay down. The feel of the warm sun on my breasts and my stomach even as the cold floor chilled my ass was something else.

I began rubbing my hands all over my body, feeling my breasts, the curves of my pussy, spreading my legs and opening up my pussy, I rubbed my clitoris and let it have a peek at the sun.

That was when I noticed a slight flash from the opposite building. It was almost as if the sun had hit a piece of glass and had shined straight at me.

As I peered in the general direction, I noticed a man standing the window about five floors up. He had a telescope and it was trained straight at me.

I had unwittingly put on a show for him and that was making me horny. I didn’t want to invite him over or go to his place, so güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I decided I would continue the show.

Turning around and lying down on my belly, my breasts squishing against the cold floor, I raised my ass up towards the sun and spread my asscheeks. I held that pose for a good minute, feeling the cold wind hitting my rosebud asshole and drying it.

The next half hour, I spent contorting myself in different poses, raising my legs, stretching my legs as wide as I could and finally fingering myself to an orgasm.

The mere idea that I was putting on a show for a man was making me horny and when I orgasmed, I squirted a little and left a wet puddle on the floor.

The sun was beginning to burn me, so I decided I’d had enough and looking straight at the window in which the man was standing I blew a kiss and then went inside.

I’d become an exhibitionist. My god, what if the man had taken photos of me with through that telescope? What if he posted them online somewhere?

I did blow him a kiss, though, so I decided that I’ll let it be and hope that he would have the good sense to not put them online anywhere, else he wouldn’t have any more free shows like today’s.

That evening, Satish called and told me that he was missing me and asked me for my bank account number. I gave it to him and he transferred the money to my account the next morning.

The message of the money being transferred made me feel like a prostitute. Not willing to wait till evening when Satish would call again, I called him up and told him that I didn’t want the money and told him how I felt.

“But, darling, you are my personal prostitute. My very own slut, my sex slave and if I want you to have that money, you can’t say no. Now, be a good slave and do something. Use that money. Go buy yourself the skimpiest clothes that you can find in the market. Tomorrow night when I pick you up, I want you to dressed in something so sheer that the world can make out every inch of your body. And yes, buy yourself some sandals, the slutty kinds, the kinds which have at least six inch heels. I’ve got some plans for you.”

“Plans, like what?”

“You’ll see,” he laughed and said bye to me.

I spend the entire day shopping and bought myself some seriously wicked, and slutty clothes. The one I liked the most was a very soft, transparent purple dress that only hid my nipples and had a tiny strip of cloth to hide my pussy lips. The dress ended barely a centimetre below my ass. Everything else was a gift to the world to see.

The next evening, Satish picked me up around 9pm, he’d got late getting out of office and was apologetic making me wait.

I was wearing my purple dress and a pair of skin toned five-inch heels. With every step that I took, I could feel my ass cheeks rubbing together. Before he let me get into the car, he told me to go stand in front of the car and let him take a look at me.

Swinging my ass even more, I walked over to the front of the car and stood in the headlights, feeling super exposed.

He told me to slowly turn around and show him every angle of my body. I didn’t know that he was making a video of me dressed like that.

When he was done, he told me to get inside the car and then we drove off.

“Why did you want to see me in the headlights?”

“Every Wednesday, I have some friends over, men mostly and we play some cards and have some drinks and basically shoot the air.”


“Tonight, since you are my personal sex slave, you are going to be the entertainment.”

“Huh? Entertainment? How?”

“Well, while we are playing cards, you can serve us the booze, sit in our laps, show some skin and every time someone wins, you fuck him.”

“Oh that sounds like fun.”

What was I saying? güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I was a married woman and here I was getting ready to fuck some men other than Satish. I must have been out of my mind.

“How many of them are there?”

“Six, including me.”

“Sounds interesting as long as you fuck me afterwards.”

“That I will.”

We arrived at his place half an hour later. But before taking me inside his home, he told me to lean against the hood of the car and spread my legs.

He slapped my ass a couple of times before pulling aside the thin strip of cloth that covered my ass and unceremoniously pushing his massive fuck log into my pussy. He fucked my pussy for a couple of minutes and then pulled out and plugged my ass, drawing a loud moan from me.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass, harder harder…” I moaned. I had missed his cock and that sudden penetration had immediately pushed me to the brink of an orgasm.

I came quickly.

He came inside my ass a couple of minutes later and then told me to get inside and fix my make up and dress.

Around 10, his friends started turning up one by one and I was introduced only as “slave”. No other name was given to me.

All of them started goggle eyed at me as I met them and showed them inside and served them beer and snacks.

They all seemed a little uncomfortable and conscious and were on their best behaviour till Satish told them the rules that he and I had decided and how I was to be the entertainment and since I was his sex slave and to be shared with them for the night, they could feel me up any time they wanted, but would get to fuck me only if they won a game.

I could immediately see their dicks hardening at the prospect of fucking me.

By 1030, all of them were seated around the table and I was standing behind Satish. The guys had moved on to whiskey and vodka and were generally in good spirits by now.

The first game began and as it progressed, one of them who believed he was going to win looked at me and smiled. I went over to him and sat down in his lap and kissed him full on the lips. I could feel his dick hardening and poking at my thigh.

“Win this game and you can fuck me,” I told him in his ear.

Sure enough, he won the game and picking me up, he carried me to the diwan in the drawing room.

The man was impatient and almost tore my clothes off in his hurry to fuck me. I somehow managed to save my clothes and get naked. The rest of the guys were all staring at me and clapped as I first sucked his dick – it wasn’t as big as Satish’s but had a decent girth to it – and then leaned back and spread my legs and invited him to fuck me.

Sadly, he didn’t last too long and came within minutes of penetrating me. What I liked about his penis was the fact that it appeared to stretch my pussy more than Satish’s but didn’t go in as deep as Satish.

Once he had come, I let him come inside my pussy, I began to put on my clothes when one of them said, why bother since they were anyway going to take them off again.

“Wear only the heels and come sit on my lap,” Rocky said.

I did just that. Wearing only the heels, I walked over to him and sat down on his lap as the next game began. Sure enough, his dick too was hard and I could feel it.

As the game progressed, the man would pinch my nipples or bite my ear and generally feel me over.

That was when I got an idea. I told the guys that they should take out their dicks from their trousers after all they must be getting constrained in there.

They obliged and I got under the table and began feeling each dick one by one. The biggest by far was that of a gentleman called Sumit. He was bigger and wider than Satish and I wondered what it would feel like in my tight holes. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I made a note to definitely fuck it even if he didn’t win a game. After all, Satish did say I was the entertainment.

I kissed and sucked each penis for a few strokes and then went and sat down in Rocky’s lap again.

He was decently hung, but didn’t win the game.

Ajay, sitting one seat on Satish’s right, won the game and taking my hand, led me to the diwan, where he fucked me doggy style. He fucked me for a long time, making me orgasm four times before he dumped his cum inside me. Now I had two loads of cum inside me. When he pulled out, I wore my heels and walked over to Satish and in his ear, whispered if I could fuck the next winner at the table itself. He told me, I could.

Fortunately for me, Sumit won the next game and as agreed with Satish, I straddled him there with my ass towards him and my tits hanging over the table and proceeded to bounce on him.

I could barely fit his beautiful penis inside my pussy, there was still about three inches of it that I couldn’t take in and the way it expanded and stretched the walls of my cunt was bliss. I came so many times, I lost count of it. But Sumit was nowhere near coming. The rest of the guys were having a nice time seeing my tits swing all over the place in front of them.

Sumit stopped me mid fuck and told me to take his dick out of my pussy and put it in my asshole. Smiling, I obeyed and pointed the tip of his penis at my nether hole.

Slowly, I impaled myself on him. The guys saw my expression and clapped and cheered me on. Sumit moved his chair back a little with me still sitting on him and then, holding my waist, began moving me up and down on his dick with strong shoves. I had bottomed out on his penis with my asshole. It felt as if his penis had reached my stomach.

As he bounced me like a rag doll on his dick, I orgasmed again and screamed and moaned and egged him on to fuck me like a slut.

Suddenly, he pulled me off him and picked me up and lay me down on the table and spread my legs as far apart as he could and standing between them, he again entered my asshole.

This time, he was controlling the rhythm and the pace and after nearly 5 minutes of fucking me like that, he shuddered and buried himself deep inside me and let loose his floodwaters containing his seed. I could feel every burst that came out of his penis deep inside me and wondered how much he had come for he kept on coming for what seemed like ages.

Finally, when he was done, he pulled out and smacked my ass and said that I had the tightest asshole he had ever fucked.

“Thank you,” I told him as I got up off the table.

“Why don’t you just lie down on the table and we can fuck you one by one? What say Satish since you are her master and she your sex slave?”

“Sure, have at her, boys, don’t leave any hole untouched or unfucked.”

The table was cleared in a trice and there I was spread out on the table, legs as far apart as they would go and a dick in my mouth and a dick each in both my hands as one of the two friends I had not fucked yet lined up to fuck me.

Satish stood on the side and enjoyed the show.

I didn’t know what was going on in his head, but if it was a show he wanted to see, then sure, I was going to put one up for him.

Taking the dick out of my mouth, I said, “let me off the table and let’s lie down on the floor and fuck, that way one man can fuck my ass, one my pussy and another my mouth at the same time.”

Sure enough they agreed and next thing I knew, I had Sumit’s dick in my ass and another dick in my pussy and was sucking a cock. The boys fucked me like this for the next hour and a half before stopping. I too was exhausted and almost went off to sleep. I was nearly asleep when the men left.

Satish picked me up from the drawing room and carried me to the bath where he proceeded to give me a nice warm bath in the bath tub and then after gently and slowly making love, we went off to sleep.

What he didn’t tell me was that he had a surprise waiting for me the next morning.

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