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On The Ranch Ch. 02

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“The Alton boys will be working up by the old shack on the north side,” Aunt Melody shouted as we walked out the back door. “I’d avoid that area if I was you.”

My twin sister Kaylee looked at me and said, “Which way is north?”

I shrugged and threw my stuff into the storage compartment of the ATV. Once Kaylee had her towel stowed, I started up the four-wheeler and we headed for the lake.

We were on the Colorado ranch of our Uncle John and Aunt Melody, fulfilling a promise they made to Kaylee and I that when we turned eighteen, they’d have us out for a week. The first day there had proven to be an eye-opener for my sister and me.

John, always my favorite Uncle not just because of his great thirty-two year old body, had managed to have sex with us in a barn and on the seat of the ATV. Today he was in Denver all day and we’d be on our own. Melody recommended the ranch’s lake as a good place to hang out on the hot, sunny day.

So, wearing tank tops over our bikinis, Kaylee and I followed the winding dirt path over the horse fields and through a thicket of trees as instructed by Melody. Five harrowing minutes later we could see the lake. Soon after that we had a blanket sprawled out on the grassy shore and were covering ourselves with lotion.

“Too bad John couldn’t join us today,” Kaylee said. “This would be a lot more fun with him around.”

“Yeah. I’m thinking he’d offer to help with the lotion,” I said, conjuring up an image of his thick cock in the process. The sensation of him fucking me was still fresh on my mind, and in my pussy.

“What do you think of Melody?” Kaylee asked while settling down onto the blanket and stretching out on her back.

“She’s OK. Kind of quiet, don’t you think? Probably doesn’t leave that house much,” I said.

“Yeah. John probably doesn’t get much from her. Maybe that’s what caused yesterday to happen.”

I was surprised at Kaylee’s reasoning. She normally wasn’t that into personalities and psychology. But, at the same time, I couldn’t argue with her. Either way, the sex we had was marvelous and Kaylee and I both looked forward to more.

We sunbathed for a short while, and then began to really feel the heat of the sun. Kaylee suggested we get in the water and I eagerly agreed.

My normally shy sister was the first to untie her bikini top, looking at me seemingly for acceptance before pulling it off and revealing her luscious breasts. I quickly followed suit and, together, we waded into the cool water until it was up to our waists.

With the sun shining on her long, brown hair and her dark eyes glistening, she was a magnificent sight. There was little wonder John practically attacked us the day before.

I stood close to Kaylee and asked her, “What was it like…licking my tits?”

She blushed and looked down at the water. “I liked it.”

“No, really. Tell me about it. What did it feel like?”

She clearly didn’t feel comfortable with my line of questioning. “You hadn’t done it before with anybody, had you?” I asked.

“Of course not, Kaitlyn,” she responded quickly along with a frown. “What do you think I am?”

Her meaning was obvious. “Well, I didn’t know.”

She looked at me with a more loving look. “If you’re so interested in finding out, there’s an easy way to do it.”

Now I was the shy one. She was inviting me to take her breasts and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But a few seconds of staring at the full, firm tits with their little nipples begging to be sucked…who could resist?

I slowly leaned down and lightly licked the area around her nipples. It was the first time I’d ever touched another girl in that way, let alone my sister. But the feeling was incredible and there was no way I could avoid her nipples any longer. I put one between my lips and tasted it. Then I let my tongue rub against it.

Kaylee put her hand on my head and moaned softly. When I took a good portion of her breast into my mouth, she held me in place more firmly. I licked and sucked, finding it much more stimulating than I would have ever imagined. I knew from the day before how great it felt to have Kaylee sucking my tit; I just wanted to return the favor.

I put a hand on her lower back, pulling her closer. With my other hand I squeezed the tit and felt the nipple grow on my tongue. Kaylee put both of her hands on my breasts, kneading them and pulling on the nipples.

My stimulation had turned to pure passion as I felt my pussy begin to tingle with excitement. Our lower bodies grinded together under the water. I was glad we were in the lake so Kaylee wouldn’t know how wet I actually was between my legs.

When I took my mouth away from her tit for the first time, Kaylee grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me up so we could kiss. It was a long, wonderful kiss with our tongues fighting for space. Rarely had a boyfriend made me want him the way Kaylee made me want her.

As if out of my control, my hands slid down her back and inside her tiny bikini bottom. I got no resistance from Kaylee as ataşehir escort I wrapped my fingers around her silky smooth skin. She responded by squeezing my nipples harder.

I made my way back down to her tits and began a second assault. This time, my hand slid around and found the inside of the front of her bikini. I heard her whimper and struggle for about two seconds to prevent my hand from finding her pussy. But then her legs separated and I was able to slide my finger up and down, starting at her cunt and ending on top of her enlarged clit.

I nibbled on the ends of her tits while rubbing her clit harder. She spread her legs another few inches and I managed to put a finger deep inside her cunt. Kaylee stiffened and took in a deep breath. She only let it out when I returned my fingers to her clit.

“Kaitlyn, no. Don’t! It…it…,” Kaylee stammered.

“It what, Kaylee? It feels so good?”

“Oh God!” she moaned.

“I’m going to make you cum, Kaylee. Do you want it here or on the blanket?”

“Here. Fuck yes! Here,” she said.

The more she talked the harder I rubbed her clit. I had the bottom of her suit pushed part way down her legs, not having to worry about an Alton or other passerby seeing anything below her waist. But it would be hard for anybody watching us not to know what was happening.

Particularly when Kaylee’s orgasm got closer and closer.

“Kaitlyn! I’m…I’m almost there!” she cried out.

“It’s OK, sis. Let it go.”

She clung to me for support, our bodies as close as they could be and still allow me to finger her to an orgasm. Her breathing became short and erratic. She buried her head in my neck.

Kaylee muffled her scream as she began to cum. I held her by the ass and used as many fingers as I needed to stay in contact with her clit. She was rocking her body as if she was fucking my hand. I managed to bend down just enough to suck on her tit again, and that prolonged her climax for another few seconds.

Oh God, Kaitlyn. Stop! Please, stop!” she finally begged.

I held her tight and we kissed for the next couple minutes while she came down.

It felt good to swim after that, our bodies needing to cool down and relax. I watched Kaylee floating on her back, her beautiful body shining in the bright sun. It was no wonder it took John less than twenty four hours to cave in to his lust for us.

And I thought about Melody. She really was a very good looking woman, with an athletic body that she obviously worked on to keep fit. I couldn’t imagine that John didn’t love her and crave her body, as well. I just knew that when I turned thirty I’d be very happy to look like her.

Kaylee and I ended up on the blanket to dry off naturally. Having grown up in the South Florida sun, we were well tanned and didn’t have to worry about that too much. But it was getting warm and we talked about heading back.

“You know what I’d like to do?” Kaylee said with a wry smile.


“I’d like to check out the old shack on the north side of the ranch.”

I giggled. “Well, I think I know approximately which way north is. But I have no clue where the shack is.”

“How lost can we get?” Kaylee asked.

“Let’s go,” I finally conceded.

We put on our tank tops without putting on the tops of our bikinis. If we ran into anybody, it would be a little embarrassing. But I don’t think either one of us actually expected to run into anybody in the vast openness of the ranch.

I started up the ATV and we rolled along in the general direction I thought was north. Once we hit the rolling, open fields, I gave it a little more gas and we flew over the grassland. Kaylee hung on for dear life, her unrestrained breasts bouncing erotically.

We crested a significant rise and Kaylee shouted: “Look! There! I think that’s it.”

I followed the direction of her point and saw a wooden cabin about a third of a mile away. Two pick up trucks sat outside, but no people could be seen. I brought the ATV to a sudden stop.

“Man. This is really out in the middle of nowhere,” I said. “What do you think?”

Kaylee was staring at the shack. No other buildings could be seen in any direction. “We should introduce ourselves, at least.”

She didn’t even look at me when she said it. My heart skipped a beat, but I didn’t know if it was from fear or excitement.

“Shit,” I mumbled, hitting the gas. “It might be the last thing we ever do.”

“Keep it slow,” Kaylee said. “Don’t make too much noise.”

I practically coasted over the field to approach the cabin. Nothing appeared the closer we got that would either make us turn back or speed up. We didn’t see a soul.

I stopped a dozen or so yards short of the shack. Kaylee jumped out first, but I was soon right behind her. We crept closer, finally able to hear loud voices inside. I heard men laughing at first, but then I thought I heard a higher pitched female voice in a less jovial mood. That was followed by a cracking sound and a squeal.

Kaylee and kadıköy escort I looked at each other. She signaled for us to head towards a side window. We crouched down and made it without being spotted, or heard. Simultaneously, we rose just high enough to peek inside.

Nothing could have possibly prepared us for what we saw. Melody’s arms were extended above her head, the wrists tightly bound in shackles. She was completely, totally naked. The three Alton boys, all in their early twenties it appeared to me, were circled around her.

They were naked from the waist down in various stages of erection—mostly in the advanced stages of erection. One of them had a whip of some kind in his hand and was swiping it across Melody’s ass and pussy. I’d never seen anything like what he was using. There must have been a thousand thin strands, all attempting to cling to Melody’s body at the same time.

Each time he struck her with it, Melody tilted her head back.

“Yesssss!” she screamed. “Again, Kevin. Please!”

He hit her pussy and dragged it slowly away.

“Yesssss! Oh God!”

He aimed higher and pulled the strands over her large tits.

“Let me cum! Please, let me cum!” Melody begged.

The boy standing behind her stroked his cock and watched the flogging continue. I noticed that the third Alton held something in his hand. It looked like a flashlight, but it had a huge, white ball at the end.

I looked over at Kaylee. She had her hand over her mouth, her eyes the size of baseballs.

“So this is why she wanted us to avoid this shack,” I whispered to her. “Melody wanted them all to herself.”

Kaylee nodded as if in a trance.

We heard Kevin say, “Are you ready, Melody? Ready to scream for us?”

“God yes!”

“It’s Nate’s turn, you know.”

Melody’s hair was frazzled and her ass and tits glowed a bright pink from the whipping. “I know. Please let me cum now!”

“Let her down, Nate,” Kevin said.

The boy moved from behind Melody and reached up, a key in his hand to open the shackles. I saw his cock rubbing against her as he let her loose. By the time Melody was bringing her arms down, he was rock hard.

Melody didn’t wait for orders. She moved over to a long table and hopped up on the end of it. Her beautiful body shimmered from perspiration brought on by the time spent in the shackles and God knows what else before we got there.

Nate was more than ready by the time he moved between her legs. His cock pointed up at the ceiling with a gentle curve. Though not exceedingly thick, his length more than made up for it.

“You know how she likes it, brother,” the Alton holding the vibrator said. “Good and rough.”

Melody leaned back. Nate grabbed her under the thighs and put his cock on her pussy. With just a slight movement, as if he’d done this many times before, he was ready to enter her.

This time I had to cover my mouth, too, as he drove the entire length of his shaft into her in one violent push. Melody shrieked loudly and clutched the sides of the table. Once he was ready to pick up the pace, Melody wrapped her legs around his waist. That allowed Nate to lift her so that she could better see the sex taking place.

“God, you’re wet,” Nate exclaimed. “And so tight!”

Melody smiled, moving her arms so that they were around the boy’s neck. Safely cradled, she took the brunt of his cock’s attack, apparently enjoying every second of it.

The other two boys masturbated while watching. I had a depraved need to know if they, too, would fuck her or if they would cum before then. I figured we’d find out soon enough.

Nate was carrying my aunt now, thrusting up into her while looking down at her breasts as they rolled back and forth, up and down. The other boys urged her to cum. She said she was close.

I probably couldn’t have dragged Kaylee away from that window with a truck. We both watched intently as Melody grew louder and louder with her shouts of pleasure. Then she screamed: “Now! Now!”

Nate laid her back on the table and put his hands under her ass. He rammed her hard enough to make the table creak, and Melody started to cum.

We knew from the yells alone. But her face showed every indication of a woman cumming; her body quivered; and, her hips rose and fell from the table in perfect rhythm with Nate’s cock.

She came for a long, long time, with Nate being a good boy and waiting until near the very end to start his own orgasm. To our surprise, he pulled out and stroked his cock until stream after stream of cum blasted over Melody’s pussy, stomach, and tits. It was a rather incredible display of longevity and volume.

When it was over, a towel magically appeared and Melody was wiped clean by Kevin.

“Well, that was awesome,” Kevin said. “Who’s next?”

Before anybody could speak, Melody said, “How about if we go find the girls. I think you’d really, really like them. We have plenty of time to bring them back here and play. My guess is they’re still at the lake.”

The discussion bostancı escort was too much for Kaylee. She stumbled on the loose ground and banged up against the side of the cabin.

“What was that?” I heard Nate say.

Their footsteps were audible, and then, “Hey! The ATV’s here. They must…”

Kevin was at the window, looking out as us about the same time we were taking off for the ATV.

“Get them, Chad!”

He was at the vehicle the same time we were, his hard cock flapping as he ran. He took me by the arm, roughly, and pulled me out of the seat. Kaylee froze, and he said, “Come here!”

There was no use running. She reluctantly walked around the front of the ATV and joined us as we headed for the cabin door.

“Holy shit!” Kevin said when we walked in and the door was slammed shut behind us. He had lost some of his erection in the confusion, but was still pretty hard. He scanned us from head to toe.

“Jesus, Melody. You didn’t say they were fucking babes,” Chad said.

She was sitting on the edge of the table, still naked and still hot. She smiled with approval at our revealing tank tops and bikini bottoms.

“Hello, girls,” she said. “I’m going to give you a choice. You can stay and be introduced to some of the pleasures of our little ranch or you can leave. In either case, you must never, ever say a word about what you saw or heard here. Understand?”

We both nodded. I looked at Kaylee. She looked back. We both had to be wondering if Melody would ever find out about us and John.

“Well?” Kaylee asked me.

“I’m staying,” I said softly.

“Me too.”

All three boys bellowed their approval and Melody jumped down from the table. She walked over to Kaylee and ran her fingers along the edge of her tank top straps.

“You won’t need this for a bit,” she said. Then she pulled the shirt off my sister. Melody outlined Kaylee’s tits with her fingers, and then moved over to me.

When my shirt was off, she bent over and gently licked my nipple.

“Let’s have some fun,” she said to the room in general. “Chad, are you ready with the vibrator?”

He had tossed it onto a chair in the mayhem, but quickly retrieved it. “Who volunteers to go first?”

“I do,” Kaylee said without hesitation. Apparently she’d recovered from the lake incident.

“Do you want to stand, sit, lie down, be shackled, tied…?” Chad asked her.

“You can tie me up?” Kaylee asked with way too much enthusiasm.

“Come here,” Chad said.

Kaylee followed Chad to the far end of the cabin and stood next to him. He pulled on a rope that was attached by hooks to the wall. He put her wrist through a loop and pulled it tight. Then he did the same to the other wrist.

Kaylee’s look was priceless. She struggled against the bindings, but was never going to get out on her own. In another five seconds, her bikini bottom was pulled off and she was naked.

Chad picked up the vibrator and scanned Kaylee’s body. Then he turned to Melody and said, “Well, she’s your niece. I guess you should have the pleasure.”

He held out the vibrator and Melody wasted no time in taking it from him. Chad came over to where the rest of us stood as the whirring sound of the vibrator filled the little shack.

“I told you girls to stay away,” Melody said to Kaylee. “But you didn’t listen. Now it’s time to pay the price.”

She pressed the vibrator against the outside of Kaylee’s tit and I saw my sister’s entire body shudder. Melody rolled the ball around the tit, and then began to move it closer and closer to Kaylee’s nipple. Kaylee bit her lip as the device rolled across her skin. She looked down and squirmed.

After sufficient teasing, Melody allowed the vibrator to contact the now-erect nipple.

“Oh God!” Kaylee cried out.

“We’ve only started, Kaylee,” Melody said softly.

She pressed harder against Kaylee’s tit and we all watched the tender flesh shift from side to side. Kevin and Chad, who hadn’t cum since Kaylee and I first walked up to the cabin, were very hard again and obviously enjoying the show. My pussy revealed my own stimulation, getting wetter and wetter the louder Kaylee moaned.

Both of Kaylee’s breasts were treated to the effect of the vibrator. The nipples looked like they were going to explode, as red and hard as they were. Then Melody compounded the situation by using the vibrator on one tit and sucking on the other. I was sure Kaylee would cum when our aunt began to softly bite her.

Melody raised her mouth again and kissed Kaylee, tenderly at first, but then more and more passionately. Kaylee returned the passion, wishing, I’m sure, that she could hold Melody in her arms. But that wasn’t going to happen, at least not this time.

It was after the kiss that Melody raised the stakes. She moved the vibrator down Kaylee’s body until it was between her legs.

“Spread for me, Kaylee,” Melody told her.

It was easy for my sister to spread her legs as wide as she wanted, using the ropes around her wrists to keep her from falling. She was spread plenty wide by the time Melody applied the vibrator to the center of her pussy. Kaylee leaned forward, her arms straight behind her and the rope taut. Her tits hung sensuously and her ass pointed back at the wall.

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  2. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

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