Temmuz 17, 2024

Oliver Fucks Michelle Pt. 01

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Preword: This is my first story and I am no grammar genius, but I hope it to be better than trash.

Any and all comments/criticisms are welcome be they constructive for future revisions.

Thank you—Here’s to you beautiful ; )


My name is Oliver and this is the story of how I loosed my shaft into Michelle 😉

Michelle and I were laying in her bed talking for hours, her wearing nothing but her nightie and I with nothing but what I was born with. We talk about everything except for the meaning of life because let’s face it, life is what you make it. We had hit a lull in the conversation and I had started staring into her eyes and I knew we were having a moment.

I leaned in and placed my lips upon hers and she met mine with hers. Our tongues intertwined and darted in between our teeth to taste the other. I slid my mouth around to her neck gently kissing, licking, and biting, causing her to start moaning as she slid her hands around on my back leaving fresh scratches on my shoulders.

My hands snaked around the back of her head and pulled her hair back, causing her to gasp and eyes opening wide, and exposing her throat further to my lust fueled fervor. My hands entwined with her hair keeping her head thrown back, I bit down a little harder into the creamy skin of her neck.

Under my intense scrutiny of her throat her passion had risen to a point of gluttonous lust. She removed one hand from my back and grabbed the back of my head locking it in place at her neck continuing my ravaging of her unmarred skin. With her other she reached between us to my cock, and started massaging the urethra with one finger, then started pinching the head, causing it to swell with veins and turn purple.

I was moaning into her neck from her attention to my cock as it throbbed in her hand. In a moment of clarity I leaned back and motioned her to sit up. I then took a spot behind her and started massaging her back, working her shirt up with every movement sultangazi escort of my hands. Her head lawled from side to side as I reached the base of her neck, still working her shirt up. I leaned down and stuck my tongue into her ear as my teeth raked at her ear lobe. I finished working her shirt up and it came off with no resistance from her part.

There they were, her breasts. They were gorgeous! Voluptuous! And I couldn’t wait to give them the attention they deserved! My hands ceased their gentle caresses on her back and snaked under her arms to her chest straight to her nipples, all the while still working over her ear and preparing the way for what was to cum. ( get it…cum…never mind)

Her nipples had hardened to diamond tips from my attention, my hands had cupped each breast and picked up on them enough for her to lick and suck her own nipples. At this point I could smell her delicious pussy, wet with anticipation, I was damn well sure she could fell my shaft sticking into her back as well! With her nipple firmly in her mouth I took her hand in mine and raised it above her head so I could wrap my tongue around her index finger and take it into my mouth, as this happened a slow hush of exaltation on her part was my reward making me smile around the digit in my mouth.

She pulled her hand away and leaned forward on all fours, presenting me with a sight that almost made me cum right there, “fuck me” was all she said. I was wanting to drag this out and make our first incredible fuck last, so I rolled her over onto her back, took both of her hands and pinned them down against the bed. I leaned to one side, then the other fastening each hand down with the thrown back bed sheets. She lay there staring at me, wanton desire filling her eyes.

I looked straight down in-between my legs where my cock head was nearly touching her mound. I looked back into her eyes and slowly backed away while lowering myself in between her legs taksim escort until I was kissing the insides of her thighs, running my tongue across the insides of her legs until she started thrusting forward to meet my touch.

After a few more moments of teasing her raging lust to all new heights, I met her soaked pussy with my tongue. With a single movement, I sank my tongue to my chin in her delicious mound. A sharp gasp greeted my ears and a flavor so delicious I cannot describe met my tongue as it curled in and out of her. My tongue flattened and ran up to her clit where my lips enveloped it and began sucking while a finger took a place inside her pussy. Her hips started bucking forward, accentuating the thrusts from my finger and the ravishment I was putting her clit through, when a second finger joined the first.

Her hands straining against the improvised restraints, clenching and unclenching as I sent her on a journey of ecstatic enlightenment. One leg wrapped around my upper body keeping me in place and squeezing me to make me thrust and suck harder. Then it happened, she squirted. Straight into my mouth came a geyser of sweet liquid and a scream of release from her lips. Her legs turned to rubber and eyes momentarily glossed over as I climbed up her body and planted my lips on hers. She met my kiss, tasting herself on me and feverishly wanting more. It was then I gave her the remains of her squirt I hadn’t swallowed, herself gulping it down as I had. We spent several more moments cleaning each other’s faces of her glorious fluid.

During our fervent kissing and cleansing, my cock had been rubbing length wise in between her mounds lips. I opened my eyes to meet hers, “fuuuuuuuck meeeee” she begged. I positioned the tip at her entrance and began to push forward. Her pussy had few moments to lose its natural lubricant but with my cock massaging her inner lips it had cleared away a good portion of that sweet nectar, so as my head entered topkapı escort her it felt as if it does before she is entirely ready for me. The perfect amount of friction assaulted my shaft on its descent into her womanhood, making my head hang back in pleasure. I looked back down, watching the rest of its journey and couldn’t help noticing her face of agonized ecstasy.

The moment my cock reached maximum depth, I started the journey out. Slowly in and slowly back out on the first plunge only. The second before my cock would have been completely out of her pussy I slammed it home again and started a pistoling pace of a drag car. My cock thick with veins and engorged beyond what I thought it could was thrusting in and out at an incredible pace, my balls slapping her ass with an ever increasing *slap of moisture from her cunt.

I reached my hands underneath her knees and lifted them above me, turning my head to her beautiful feet and stuck my tongue in-between her toes as my pace worked her back into a fever pitch.

“FUCK, BABY SUCK ON MY TOES” she screamed.

Her face red with anticipation, she came again. And by cum, I mean squirted. Though my cock had plugged her solidly, her fluid still came racing out and hit my stomach, showering both of us with what seemed to be liquid lust.

After feeling that sensation of her pussy clenching around my cock and what had followed, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I slammed in as deep as I could reach and came, and I came a lot! Time had stopped for me and I kept cumming for what seemed like an eternity.

After her second orgasm, her mouth dropped open in a silent scream and her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, seeing an opportunity for continued events I picked myself up and settled in front of her face sticking my half-flaccid cock in her mouth. Still seeping cum from its tip, she closed around it and cleaned my dick of her juices making me hard again in the process. I pulled my cock from her inviting lips and placed my own on hers. Our tongues swirled together along with what remained of her cum and my own.

For a while we just lay next to each other panting and red faced with exhilaration, until she turned toward me and said “My my, I believe we need a shower.” I could only smile.

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