Ocak 31, 2023

Office Visit

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“…so that being said, let’s start going through the basic principles of electricity.”

As she opened the door slowly and quietly, the sound of his voice sent a wave of emotions and memories through her mind. Focusing on not disrupting his class, she let herself in and carefully closed the door. He briefly made eye contact with her, smiled softly and discretely nodded his head, not missing a word of his lecture.

She took a seat at an empty table near the door and watched as he walked slowly around the room, engaging the students, asking them questions, making them laugh. He was wearing black dress pants and a tucked-in button-down shirt but as her memories ran through her head, all she could see was his bare skin and muscular back as he drew on the whiteboard.

Initially, she was a bit nervous and anxious but her nerves calmed quickly when she saw his warm smile. She stared at him as he spoke, watching his lips and listening to the soothing tone of his soft, yet masculine voice. The sound of students rustling their belongings and getting up startled her slightly.

“…and don’t forget to read chapter 4. Great job today, class, I’ll see you next week.”

She pretended to gather her bag as students shuffled past her and through the exit door. He stood at the podium, closing his laptop and getting his things together. As the last student stepped out of the room, he looked up and locked eyes with her, causing her heart-rate to rise rapidly.

The room was dead silent and she heard the sound of his footsteps as he walked towards her. She stood up, smiling, nervous, anxious, and excited as she anticipated his next move.

“Well well well…”

He held out his arm and they exchanged a friendly hug as a few people shuffled past them in the hall.

“This is a nice surprise! I definitely wasn’t expecting to see you today.”

“Really? I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by. I hope I didn’t disturb your class, professor.”

Her chest was pounding but she smiled as her voice took on a playful tone. Watching him control the class, the way he spoke about the subject material, every little thing about seeing him working began to turn her on. She felt shy and nervous yet at the same time knew exactly why she was there and what she wanted.

“Well, you were a little late,” his voice took on an exaggerated tone and she instantly knew he was playing along.

“However, since you have been such a good student, I am willing to allow you to make beylikdüzü escort up the material you missed. Why don’t you come with me to my office?”

“Thank you, professor, I’ll be happy to do so.”

He smiled again as he motioned towards the hall and closed the door behind them. As they walked towards his office, the lights in the building dimmed suddenly and the sound of locking doors created a sharp echo in the empty halls. She jumped a bit and walked closer to him.

“The building locks automatically at 5:15. After that you need a badge to get in and the lights will come back on.”

His voice was comforting and inviting and her anxious anticipation grew as she realized what he was saying.

“There’s no one in the building…”

He smiled at her and the look on his face temporarily paralyzed her. His eyes were friendly, inviting, yet also dark and serious. Her heart felt like it was beating fast and slow simultaneously. They arrived at his office and he unlocked the door, allowing her to enter.

“After you.”

He shut the door and she heard the metallic sound of the deadbolt locking. Her heart skipped a beat as he turned around, hitting the wall switch and turning the light off.

“So, professor, what exactly did I m–“

He grabbed the belt loop of her jeans and pulled her into him hard, kissing her and wrapping his arm around her lower back. A warm and soothing feeling took over her as his lips pressed against hers. She kissed him back, tasting him, feeling his breath, letting her hands feel his strong back through his dress shirt. He pulled her closer and she let herself sink into him. He had one free hand at his side and was easily supporting her with one arm. Images and memories of just how strong his body was flashed before her.

She un-did the top button of his shirt and tugged on it, causing the rest of them to open quickly in a cascade. She put her hands on his broad, firm chest and slowly dragged them down to his stomach and sides. His hands pulled at her waistband, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling the zipper down. He smacked her ass hard with both hands, then slid them into her back pockets. He reached down and picked her up and she let out an instinctive, playful squeal, before quickly silencing herself, then laughing nervously.

The feel of his arms and and his strength made her feel powerless, yet safe. His movements were powerful, yet delicate and precise. The same way he knew what he beylikdüzü escort bayan was doing in the classroom, he knew what he was doing with her body. She squeezed him with her legs as she began to feel the bright, radiating pleasure from between her legs.

He sat on her on his large desk and she laid back. He grabbed her waistband and she moaned as he pulled them off in one move. The feeling of her bare skin on his desk turned her on even more; knowing she was in his office and about to be pleasured made her hips rock back and forth. The fact that he couldn’t wait and was taking her right then and there drove her crazy and the anticipation was rising rapidly.

His hands wrapped around her hips again and slid down, catching her panties and peeling them off in the process. He wrapped his arms around her upper thighs and kissed her stomach, moving lower, breathing, dragging his tongue down her soft skin.

“Oh fuck…” her voice shook as she searched frantically for something to grip.

He didn’t waste any time and a bright light flashed before her closed eyes as she felt his mouth passionately begin to taste her. Her lower back raised off the desk as her muscles tensed from the instant pleasure. Her hands finally came to rest on the back of his head, unable to reach the edges of the desk.

His tongue explored her, parting her lips, teasingly sucking and nibbling on her, parting her open, and tasting inside of her. She moaned and panted, driving her hips into him as his tongue slid in and out of her.

She gazed down and watched him feasting on her like a hungry animal. His lips smacked as he kissed and pleasured her. He ate her harder and faster, driving her closer, then backing off, then pushing her further, then backing off again. She saw his head raise slightly before feeling his tongue on her clit, pressing, massaging, licking her. He moved back and forth, and side to side, taking his time, pushing her further and further still. She was getting closer and closer and before long she was stuck in the blissful state of trying not to come yet.

He stood up, grinning and gently wiping his lower lip with the back of his hand. She breathed a sigh of relief as she caught her breath and re-focused her energy. He slid his pants and boxers off, leaving only his unbuttoned shirt. She looked at his hard cock and her pussy pulsed in anticipation. She reached her hand down, slid her fingers around her lips and raised her hips escort beylikdüzü slightly, offering herself to him, unable to wait any longer.

He grabbed himself, stroking gently as he slowly pressed himself into her wet, trembling pussy. She moaned loudly as their hips moved towards each other, feeling him penetrating her completely. Instantly they fell into a rhythm; he thrust hard, grinding against her clit, before slowly pulling back slightly, then into her again, over and over.

As he fucked her harder and faster, his hand slowly ran up her stomach and chest, then his fingers wrapped around her throat, feeling her neck muscles as she moaned and breathed, opening and closing her mouth. She tried to speak in between breaths.

“I’m going to come…fuck….FUCK I’m going to come!…”

Her legs gripped him tightly as her pussy exploded all over his thick, hard cock. A wave of pleasure spread from her pulsating pussy across her whole body as she basked and took in every ounce of pleasure from her orgasm. He held off as long as he could, and her wet, tight muscles gripping against him pushed him over the edge. The sight of her writhing body and knowing he had brought her pleasure completed his energy release.

“Me too…” His voice was deep and quiet.

He came with her, exploding and filling her with his thick, warm juices. She looked down, seeing them both so wet, their arousal mixed together as he slowly slid in and out of her, shooting several times. He arched downwards, supporting himself on the desk with his free hand as his whole body tensed and released over and over. As he regained control of his body, he leaned down further and kissed her, stopping every other second as they caught their breath. They opened their eyes, smiling, kissing each other, taking in the post-bliss joy.

He partially rested his body-weight on her, kissing her neck, laughing softly and sighing. He stood up and took her hands, helping her off the desk. Despite how good he felt, she felt a bit shy and unsure of what would happen next. He pulled her close again, hugging her with one arm and picking up her clothes with the other, handing them to her. She felt at ease again, yet perplexed as to why. What was it about him that calmed her nerves precisely when she needed it?

She struggled to speak, still feeling the warm, euphoric glow.

“How do you…”

He looked at her curiously, listening intently, waiting for her to finish. She shook her head and closed her eyes, slightly laughing at herself. He kissed her again as they got dressed.

“Come on.” He smiled at her again as he led her out of the office and back into the hallway. They walked towards the exit. He reached his hand out and she took it as he pulled her to his side. He turned and looked at her.

“You hungry?”


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