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Night Eternal Ch. 00

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You know all the usual stuff, don’t read if it’s illegal or you don’t like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional, and any likeness is coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in. Edited by Kumani


Night Eternal

Prologue: A Thief in the Night


The unknown fills the night. Since the beginning of time, people have both feared and worshipped the nocturnal. The darkness is ruled by the supernatural and the occult. It holds the basis for every person’s primal childhood fears. I was never afraid of the night myself, but it changed my life forever.

My name is Ryan Carlyle. I’m twenty and I look at the world through bright green eyes that often get startled looks from others. I’m on the college swim team and always get compliments on my body. I have lived in the same small town, just outside of the city all my life and I know practically everyone.

Biologically, I’m an only child, but I do have a brother. I’ve known Coby Daniels for as long as I can remember. Our parents were friends long before we were born. They would take turns watching “the boys” as we were called, while growing up. Therefore we spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. We like to think of ourselves as brothers. Coby’s tall thin frame and short-trimmed red hair causes him to stand out. He has a younger brother, Caleb, who is sixteen and idolizes us both. He’s also my little brother.

When we graduated high school, Coby and I were accepted into the computer science program at the local state university. We have been here for over a year now, sharing a dorm room and several classes. Luckily, the university is only an hour’s drive from home, so we get to go home at least once a month.

We have done everything together, not to mention sex. We taught each other how to jerk off. We even lost our virginity together, with the same girl. We actually shared several girls over the years. Not always at the same time, but the freaky girls loved having us at both ends. We didn’t disappoint them.

In college we have a diverse group of close friends. First, there’s Steve and Scott, they are English Majors and gay partners. Steve is a skater and a complete queen. Scott is the strong silent type. Then, there is Bill and Sam. They are the over the top cute couple. With, “I love you Billy bumpkins!” “I love you too snuggle bump!” Yea! That kind of “so in love”. Sam is a brilliant scientist. She has gotten all of us through chemistry and biology several times. Bill is a human calculator.

Then, there’s Jamie, Peter, and Nick. Jamie loves Greek history. She is also a complete nymphomaniac. Peter is a Geography Major, focusing on Geographic Information Systems. It is a combination of computers, cartography, and database management all in one field. He is also the resident geek! Finally, Nick is the drama and chorus guy. He loves musicals. He is also a Try-sexual. He’ll try anything once. I understand that Steve and Scott introduced him to his first gay sex. But he is into anything kinky.

As a group we always do things together. We go to clubs, bars, and theaters on a weekly basis. There are a few others that hang out with us too, but the core group is a constant. However, our happy existence was short lived. Six months ago, something dreadful happened that changed all of our lives forever, but none more than mine.

Scott and Steve had convinced us all to go to a local gay nightclub. They were having a drag show that promised to be hilarious. So we all went. It was very funny. They had this big fat guy dressed like Cher in the video for “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Complete with fishnet stockings and the black thong suit! We were all having kurtköy escort bayan a good time. I even danced with a couple of guys that Steve knew. I think Nick got some phone numbers! Even Jamie was getting down with this really hot little girl. I saw them kissing a few times. It was fun!

When we got ready to leave, Coby was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere. He was not in the club. We thought he might have gone off with someone, so we waited around for another three hours. We realized he wasn’t coming back. I was very worried. I didn’t think he would leave without, at least, telling me. The next day when he didn’t show up on campus, we called the cops and his parents.

My best friend, my brother, was gone! The only lead the police had was someone saw him leave with a guy no one recognized. What was worse, they could get no real description of this guy because the descriptions given were conflicting. One person said they saw a tall skinny guy with long black hair. Someone else said he was a short fat guy with short blond hair. It was all very weird.

They never found a body. No one received a ransom note or anything. It was like Coby disappeared off the face of the earth. I couldn’t believe he would just run away with out telling someone, without telling me where he was going! Steve and Scott took it hard too, because it was their suggestion to go to that club. We would never have gone otherwise. I don’t blame them though. I blame myself. I didn’t even notice he was missing until we were about to leave.

Over the next few days, the realization set in that he was gone, and I would probably never see him again. I barricaded myself in my room. I didn’t leave for over a week. I was without my brother, my best friend. We had never been apart before. I think I wept for two days straight; then off and on again for the next month.

Why did it have to be him? Who could have done this? Where is his body? Why did he leave without telling anyone where he was going? How am I going to live without him?

The last question surprised me. How am I going to live without him? I started to reflect on the time we shared. He was my brother but more. I could even say I loved him, but I see now it was more than just a friendship kind of love. I felt incomplete without him, like a car with no gas. No, that wasn’t right! I felt like a car without a driver.

I really missed him. I missed his scent, his presence, his humor, but mostly I missed the caring and love he had for me. The feeling he gave me, the feeling that someone gave a damn about me. I still have friends, but if push came to shove I know they would abandon me. Coby would never have abandoned me.

Have I abandoned him? Have I done everything I can? After a month and a half wallowing in my pain, I finally began to pick up the pieces of my life. I started going back to class. I even started hanging out with my friends again, but I knew something changed. They knew it, too. I wasn’t happy anymore. I used to be happy but after Coby’s disappearance, I was just going through the motions.

Coby’s family was devastated. Caleb took it the worst and had to see a shrink. None of Coby’s family seemed happy anymore, it was like all the happiness had been stripped from them. They held a memorial service for Coby two months afterward. It was the most miserable experience of my life. I couldn’t even look at Caleb or his parents. I felt responsible for his disappearance.

Then, two months ago, everything else in my life just started to crumble. First, Jamie stopped hanging out with us. We never saw her anymore except for a few nights that she went to the club with us. The fact that she went from going out with us five days a week, to only twice a month, had us all concerned. maltepe escort bayan The worst part was she no longer came to any of the classes any of us had with her. So we began to really get worried. When we did see her she didn’t want to tell us anything about what she was doing, just that she missed us, and it would all make sense soon. We never saw her at all during the day.

Then, a little over a month ago, we lost Steve and Scott to a car accident. They lost control of the car and it went off a cliff. It was such a waste. It brought Coby’s loss back to me ten-fold. I was devastated again, and became depressed.

On top of that, we had another tragedy. Nick was found dead in his apartment three weeks ago. The police believe he fell asleep on his couch and a lit cigarette fell from his hand. The whisky he was drinking started a fire that burned him alive. Losing four of my best friends in less than half a year was killing me.

I started wondering if this existence was worth it. It was becoming much too hard. I had been very depressed. Losing Nick was the final straw. I didn’t want to live! If this was what life was like, check me out of it! My world had crumbled around me. Two weeks ago, I tried to kill myself. If Peter had not stopped by to see how I was holding up, I’d be dead right now.

Peter was the only reason I hadn’t tried again. He had been staying with me the last two weeks. He only left my side to go to class. I completely stopped going, the semester was a total waste. Peter had turned out to be a true friend through all of it. Sam and Bill would stop by in the evenings to see how I was doing, but it was the end of our partying days. None of the remaining crew had gone out since Nick’s death.

Tonight, I snuck out of my room while Peter was getting us some dinner. I just really needed a walk to clear my head. I didn’t care where I walked. I remembered seeing this big brown dog. It was strange. He just sat there on the other side of the street staring at me the whole time. I didn’t really have a specific place to go.

I started to wonder if the dog was following me. Every now and then, I noticed the same dog. But he wasn’t behind me. It was like he was anticipating where I would be, and would wait for me to catch up. Strange dog! I eventually found myself walking through the city park. The feeling of someone watching me sent goose bumps up my arms. I stopped and looked around, trying to see if it was still that dog. I could have sworn that I saw the dog or something move behind some bushes further down the path, but nothing was there.

When I turned around, a man was standing there. He was tall, looked like a linebacker, and had this long red hair hanging in his face. He was wearing a long black overcoat, and black suit. He had an air of danger about him. He smiled at me with an evil grin. I felt a bit panicked by this guy, like I should be running for my life.

“What! No hello?” That voice! I know that voice! But. . .

“C…Coby?” It couldn’t be? “How… Where have you been?” Looking at Coby, I could now see him plain as day, but he had changed. He was no longer the skinny kid I’d known all my life. He must have been working out, a lot. He had packed on so much muscle he reminded me of a wrestler. And the new long hair, wow! I’ve always thought long hair looked good on a muscular man.

“I’ll explain everything, but first.” He walked up and wrapped his big arms around me. I hugged him back as tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t believe it! Coby was alive! All of the pent up emotion began pouring out of me. “Oh God, I’ve missed you!” he whispered.

“What happened? Where have you been? Why haven’t you called me? We’ve been worried sick over you… I don’t care! I missed mecidiyeköy escort bayan you bro, more than I ever thought I would. I’m just glad you’re back home.” He pulled away slowly.

“I’m sorry Ryan. I didn’t come back to stay. I had to come back, because I left something behind, something that means the world to me.” He had a very stern look on his face, and what he said hit me like a ton of bricks.

“What do you mean? You can’t do this to me! I’ve been lost without you and there is so much we need to talk about. ” I was about to completely break down. I realized that I was beating my fist upon his very chiseled chest. How could he come back to me just to tell me he was leaving for good?

He gave me that evil grin that he always did when we were headed for trouble. Suddenly, he wasn’t there… vanished. I started to panic. Did I just dream the whole thing up?

Then, I felt an arm reach around my waist. Then, another arm draped over my shoulder and around my chest. I felt someone press against my back, and warm breath flowed over my neck. Something very hard poked my ass. Out of my right eye I saw Coby’s head move over my right shoulder as he rested his head on my shoulder. He whispered in my ear, “I came back for you.” I realized I truly wanted this. I wanted him! I could have stayed in his arms the rest of my life.

Then, I felt a sharp, momentary pain. I almost tried to pull away from the pain, but it was followed by immense pleasure. It was as if I had no idea what sex really was… This was the most intimate, sexual bliss I’d ever felt. I could feel the love radiating from Coby, like being wrapped up in a blanket of joy. I never wanted it to end. The love I felt for Coby made the whole moment that much more exciting. After several minutes, there was a sudden emptiness. My whole body went numb. The world faded to black…


Then, there was Life. Sweet Life! It was flowing through me. If life were a drink it would be this sweet. It was then, I realized, the Life was coming from a liquid flowing into my mouth. I let the Life flow over me. The awareness was coming back. Like another ton of bricks, it hit me! All of my senses were on overload. My eyes shot open. Coby was over me, his arm over my mouth. I realized his arm was the source of the drink that was flowing into my mouth. My instincts took over and I grabbed his arm and drank. I could feel his heart beat, as I could feel mine, and they were beating together.

After about a minute, Coby pulled his arm away. “Ryan, that’s enough for now baby. We can get you some more shortly.”

“Coby, what’s going on? I feel… different!” I felt a wave of panic, as I realized that something was wrong. Something didn’t feel right… On the other hand, I felt more alive than I’d ever been. I was on the ground now, but I started to look around. Everything was clear to me. It was the middle of the night, but I could see everything like it was the middle of the afternoon. I could feel the wind blow past like never before. I knew there were eight other people in the vicinity of the park. I could see them very easily.

“It’s ok! Just take it easy for a minute. I can take you with me now. I’ve missed you so much!” Then, he reached down and placed his lips on mine. I surprised myself by kissing him back. It was the most sensual kiss I’d ever had. His lips were electric. His tongue was all I ever wanted. He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes. “Ryan, I love you!”

“Coby I…” Wow, the implications of what he said to me washed over me. I realized, in that very moment, how much I loved him too. Apparently, the moment I thought I lost him, was the moment I realized I loved him. He was the only thing I ever needed in this world. He had returned to me, for me!

“Shhhh! Lets not talk now. I need to get you to my place. We can talk there.”

It was then, that it dawned on me just how hungry I was. In fact, I hadn’t been that hungry in a long time. “OK! But can we stop somewhere. I’m hungry all of a sudden.”

He just laughed, “Don’t worry I’ll take care of that when we get home.”



Coby’s Story


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