Temmuz 14, 2024

Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 04

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This is strange. For years I have had this fantasy and yet for some reason I can’t put it into words. Whenever I would want to get off and couldn’t quite get there I would start this fantasy and boom it worked every time. Yet when I think back I never thought of the details. It always started with some girl already in my grasp, normally tied up in my barn, just waiting on me to start. I would normally strip her down in my mind, while beating my meat at the same time, and I would get off before I actually got to anything close to sex. Now don’t get me wrong I have no interest in pain, I wouldn’t want to hurt or really even scare her. I just want to take a beautiful woman without having to worry about her saying no. I don’t want to seduce, I want to take. I want her at my mercy to do with as I please. I want to lick and kiss her body and make it want me even if her mind is saying no. To turn her on against her will is the ultimate aphrodisiac for me. Anyway, now I’m trying to add details and I’m at a loss for words so forgive me in advance.


She rocked on me and rolled her hips and damn I loved this view. Lying flat on my back while watching her sitting on my lap and all the time enjoying herself, well that is a sight I could never tire of. I offered to get on top and try my best but she just shook her head and kept right on rocking.

She worked herself off on my dick and it was beautiful to watch. She smiled while commenting on how nice it was to not have to worry about the guy getting off to soon and going soft before she was finished. I just let her know I would enjoy this view forever and not to ever worry about me. It’s not the destination but the journey and I was enjoying the sights.

Later after she had gotten off a few times, mainly with her fingers on her clit while she rocked, I assume her legs were getting tired when she rolled off and went to the bathroom and shortly came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned me up which I wasn’t expecting. I thought that was sweet but I was used to trying to please the woman. I’ve never had one try to please me. Odd feeling, not sure how I feel about it, feels good on one hand yet I feel strangely guilty on the other.

So I asked her how exactly she figured to capture this young lady and keep her for the weekend and not get caught. I also asked her if this didn’t set off some bells in her moral compass area all to which she let me know in no uncertain terms that I should just trust her and not worry about the getting caught part and as far as her moral compass this didn’t faze her in the least. Now I’m a church raised boy and although if I really worried too much I wouldn’t be with her in the first place there is a difference in my mind at least between a little fornication and outright rape. I can ignore my guilt about the one but not the other, deeper roots I guess.

Anyway, she informed me that trust was necessary in this case. She said she knew for a fact that this young lady was perfect for what I had in mind and for me not to worry about details just get the stuff I needed to tie her up and any other props I might need.

So I decided to just go with it. I worked on rigging some ropes up on the bed and found some soft towels I cut up into strips. I figured I could use the towels on her arms and legs and let the rope tie to the towels that way I didn’t give her rope burns. I found an old sleep mask to use and then came the hard part, waiting.

Friday came and after a few hours outside working on the tractor I came in to shower and was informed to get ready. She was leaving and told me she would be back in a bit with my gift. I offered to help but she said there was no need, she had this all worked out.

The next hour was the slowest I have ever experienced. I probably smoked a whole pack of smokes sitting on the porch just watching the road. Then I saw her at the gate. I swear watching her drive that last ¼ mile to the house took 6 months. My heart was racing and my mind was in a fog. Ok, my lifelong fantasy was seconds away, so now what? How do I do this? Hell I should have worked this all out in my head but my brain was dead, all I can do is go with it.

I walked to the end of the porch as she was getting out of the truck. I looked at her with a questioning eye and she just headed to the tailgate. I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a sleeping bag in the back and it was moving.

Son of a bitch! I swear if I could cum I just did. My whole body went into overdrive. I just pulled the bag toward the back and after figuring out which end was which I pulled this wiggling pendik ucuz escort squirming bag over my shoulder and headed towards my own heaven on earth.

I walked up the 3 steps, the same 3 steps I used to have trouble just getting me up, like they were nothing. Amazing what adrenalin does for you. After dropping the mass on the bed I turned to her and raised an eyebrow in question.

We went in the other room where we wouldn’t be overheard. She told me she was going to sit in the chair and watch and would do her best to not join in unless I signaled her. This was my fantasy to do with anyway I wanted. She only had one request. She wanted me to spank her. Somehow adding that to my already over acting imagination nearly made me cum again.

So I reached in and started unzipping the sleeping bag until I could see her face well enough to put the mask on her. I informed her that if she reached for the mask I would spank her. Secretly hoping she would of course. And she did. She reached but I grabbed the hand and twisted it in my grip and squeezed the pressure point in her palm hard enough to get a squeal.

I let her know that fighting would not work. I dug the other hand out and started tying the towel strips around them and then looped the rope and her arms were now out of the equation. Now I unzipped the bag the rest of the way and oh this was nice. She had on a skirt and her legs went on forever. She tried kicking and I warned her about getting a spanking but she just kept it up. So I tied up her legs. Then stood back and admired her.

She was still wiggling around but she couldn’t go anywhere so I just let her squirm. I took my clothes off, I wanted to feel her skin when I stripped her. Then I got the scissors and started cutting. Oh man this was hot. As I ran the scissors on her skin she got real still but I could feel her shiver at each cut. Slowly but surely I could see everything. She was fine.

She was face up so I couldn’t see her ass and that is my favorite part but with the rest of her looking so fine I wasn’t worried. With her flat stomach and perfect tits that ass had to be good. I was nearly lying on her as I was removing her clothes so I could feel the heat of her skin. She was hot to the touch. I couldn’t resist laying kisses on her as I went. Nipples soon felt my lips and as I sucked and nibbled she started wiggling again. I warned her again and decided words were not enough. So I wiggled myself under her hips and added some pillows behind my back and turned her over.

There was that ass I wanted to see. Her arms and legs were twisted but that didn’t hurt her and if anything it highlighted her ass. I explained again that rules are rules and let my hand hit her cheek with a loud smack. Oh my this is fun. I have always wanted to do this for real, not those play spanks but a good smack that makes her ass red. Now I don’t want to really hurt her but I want to get it thru her head, or in this case, thru her ass that fighting is not an option.

I spanked each cheek slowly and held my hand on it each time. I rubbed and squeezed each cheek and I spanked it. I may have gotten carried away with the spanking but even in my lusty haze I noticed that her squeals were starting to sound more like moans. I rolled her back to her face up position and crawled out from under her and again got on top of her and started running my hands all over her body.

I explained how at this moment she was mine. I could and would do anything I wanted to her and to quote a famous star trek line, ‘resistance is futile’. I always loved that line. At this time she decided to talk. I for some reason never noticed that in all the fighting she hadn’t screamed or yelled. She had a nice voice, soft and smooth. She actually sounded reasonable for someone in her position. She calmly asked me why I picked her.

Now that wasn’t a question I couldn’t answer being as I didn’t actually pick her so I adlibbed and explained that I had been watching her for a while and out of all the girls I saw around town she was the one I wanted. I figured fluffing her ego couldn’t hurt. Then I told her she could speak but only if she kept her tone calm and soft. If she raised her voice at me I would spank her again. I even admitted that I enjoyed that so much that I looked forward to her screwing up so I could do it again. I swear she grinned a little.

But then again, I may be projecting my enjoyment on her.

She then asked me what I was going to do to her. Hell I don’t know, I was flying on instinct at the moment I explained. All I know tuzla anal escort is I was going to play with her and see how many times I could make her cum. I wanted to hear her scream. So she then asked in a calm way if screams of pleasure would get her spanked for being loud. Damn, she was a cool one.

I admitted that she asked a fair question but sadly no, that didn’t earn her a spanking. Unless of course she got angry in her screaming. Not sure but I think she looked a bit sad at that. I was to in a way.

So for now the talking was over I explained, now was the time for exploring. And explore I did. I kissed her stomach and moved up all around her tits. I love the side of the tits just to the side, the part normally hidden by the arms. I for some reason think it’s softer although it probably isn’t. So I kissed and licked and watched and felt her reaction to each spot. I wanted her to wiggle and if that meant I had to tickle then I would. I didn’t have to tickle to get her to wiggle though. She was squirming at every touch.

I love the feeling of her skin on me, I moved up to kiss her neck and that put me lying on her. Her tits were so soft on my chest. Her neck was soft and sweet, I nibbled and kissed and she squirmed and moaned. Moaned? Hum, moaning this soon? Is that good I wondered, I wanted a bit of a fight. Somehow the fight turned me on but none the less I was enjoying this.

But enough of the teasing, time to get to the heart of the matter. Ok, maybe not the heart, maybe the pussy of the matter. Doesn’t sound as cool but it’s more accurate. But down I went, kissing the whole way. A tongue in the belly button made her squirm, I’d have to remember that for latter. Finally I made it down to that pussy.

It was covered in soft curls, so light in color they were nearly invisible. I might clean that up later for another round but for now I was tasting that pussy. So I nuzzled my face in and man did she smell sweet. She could bottle that smell and make millions. I rubbed my face all in it, spread the smell all over my chin and lips. Then I started licking, slow licks on both sides at first then I worked my tongue in like I was trying to fuck her with it. I didn’t notice her fighting much, more of a rebellious calm. Maybe trying to resist by not showing me it felt good.

I noticed one problem, her legs being tied up were a hindrance to me so I told her I was going to untie her legs but if she started kicking I would spank her again and then if that didn’t work I would raise them above her head and tie her up that way. Then I could really eat her up.

After I untied her legs I put my shoulders between her thighs and once again put my face in her sweet pussy. Now I could spread her legs and lick all over. Open her up and find all the sweet spots. I love that part right under the tendons that connect the leg to the pelvis. When the legs are spread the tendons tighten up and it leaves this little hollow spot. Like a small circle or bowl. I for some reason like to lick and suck on that bowl. I licked and felt her reaction to each lick and I began to notice her hips were really moving. She was doing all she could to keep my face in the middle. She was begging me to lick her clit, I think she was tired of the teasing. So I did, I stopped all the little licks and I just went all out on her clit.

Now she moaned, her back bowed up and her legs tensed up. Her breathing got loud and I could tell she was there. My toy was fixing to explode. Now comes the fun part, I wasn’t going to let up when she came, I was going to keep at her till she begged me to stop. Mean you ask, well maybe, I wasn’t going to hurt her. Just drive her mad.

I was right, it didn’t take long and she was going off like a rocket, her moans were so loud they sounded like roars. After she hit the top she started trying to pull away but I kept it up. Licking her nub hard and sucking on it. She squeezed her legs together, trapping my head, using her thighs she was doing all she could to move me but I stayed the course.

Now she started screaming, then yelling stop, stop, please god let me get a breath but I stayed and boom she went again. This time it was even louder, she really screamed, roared loud enough to scare me but then she just stopped. She went limp and my licking didn’t seem to have any effect. I started wondering if she passed out but then I felt a twitch. She moaned again and her hips started moving into my tongue.

Now I reached down in my ball sack and squeezed the button. Stubby was fixing to get to play. I continued tuzla elit escort licking and sucking, then I added one finger lightly entering her and turning up and rubbing that spot right behind the clit. I put pressure there and rubbed and I made my tongue rub harder on top. This time she came long and hard and in no time at all she was begging. Please for the love of god please stop! Those were the magic words. I stopped and raised her thighs up and moved my body between them.

Now I don’t have a lot to work with so the angle has to be just right but I lined up and sunk in. Well sunk in gives the wrong impression, I slid in. Slowly, and I felt ever inch, all four of them. I could feel. Not a lot but I could tell I was in. I then lowered my body and started moving. I kissed her lips and she kissed back. I could feel her tits on my chest and I was in heaven. I ran my hands up her arms and held them as if they were free. Then I reached up and untied them. I wanted her to struggle. I wanted to spice up the feeling.

I pulled her arms down until I had one hand in each of mine. I pulled them down to her shoulder which caused her elbows to bow up and then I bit her shoulder. I pulled on her hands. She wasn’t struggling but she didn’t seem to notice me period. So I did my best to focus on my feeling. I forgot all about her and started working on feeling my dick move. I didn’t feel much but I knew I was in a warm soft place. I could feel my balls slap her ass on each stroke.

Then she moaned. Then she moaned some more. Then she started struggling, not hard but wiggling around. I wasn’t sure if she was actually enjoying my movement or was fighting me but either way it was what I needed. I felt a small twitch in my balls. A light breeze on a summer day. But I could feel it. It gave me something to work with. So I moved my head and started sucking on her nipple. I gave it a nibble and she moaned some more. The more she struggled and moaned the hotter I got.

Well it worked in one regard, the harder I stroked the more she wiggled, or fought, not sure which. Who cares, it was doing what I needed. I felt that heat down in my balls. Stroke that fire, I was focused so much I didn’t notice that my spectator had left her chair and came over and reached down between my legs and started stroking my nuts. I don’t feel them completely like most people but I felt enough to know she was there. Then she put one hand on my ass and helped me stroke all the time playing with my balls.

Then my captor decided to step it up a notch and she bit me on the neck. Not hard but hard enough to make me wonder if she was trying to hurt me or if she was just into my fucking her. Didn’t matter, I let her arms loose and grabbed her shoulder and started hitting her so hard I thought I would leave a bruise on my pelvis. Then I felt it, that twinge was now a burn, a fire building fast. I slowed down and focused on each movement. I felt just enough to keep me on edge and then she took her teeth off my neck and turned her face to mine and kissed me. Kissed me like she meant it and then she came. My god, a woman came from me fucking her! Never in a million years would I believe that possible. I never doubted it was real, she moaned in my mouth and her hands that I had let loose were now in my hair. Pulling me hard like she was trying to swallow my face.

Then I came. Now I don’t ejaculate, my dick don’t twitch, but deep down inside some part of my body still does it job because I feel the same feeling. It wasn’t big, my heart didn’t stop but I came. I groaned, and groaned, then I stopped all movement. She was trying to kiss me and I didn’t move. This went on for what seemed like minutes but then she realized something was up and she stopped moving.

Then she asked if I was ok. My ball handler behind me stopped playing and moved up by my face and asked me if I was ok. I slowly moved off my captive and laid down beside her.

My heart was beating so hard. It’s been so long I forgot what it was like. I had forgotten how this feeling of peace felt like. I wanted to just lay there and go to sleep.

Next thing I know I have two naked girls on my chest. I can feel them kissing my face. I hear two voices talking from far away asking if I did it. Then I realized they didn’t ask me if I did it. One of them asked the other one if ‘he’ did it. I open my eyes and I see two sets of eyes watching me. Someone took off their mask. Someone didn’t seem to surprised at finding another naked girl in the room. Someone has some explaining to do. I’ll have to remember that after I wake up. Maybe I will have to do some more spanking but this time on a different ass. But that comes later. I haven’t felt this feeling of calm in over 10 years. I’m going to sleep and spank some ass later. I heard some giggles and realized I had said that last part out loud. They both giggled and said “Promises promises!!”

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