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Neighbor Ann’s Graduation Party

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Please note all persons in this story are fictional. All characters are over 18 years old.


Ann’s graduation party.

I’m sitting at home watching TV. When I get a phone call from my friend John. He tells me is having a cookout Saturday, this is his weekend to have his daughter. He and his wife have been separated for several years. His daughter who just turned 18 was graduating high school he was having a cookout to celebrate. He says it’ll just be him and me and his daughter’s friends. John is about 6 years younger than me. He’s been my best friend for 30 years, so I could not say no.

I show up at Johns about noon on Saturday. He greets me at the door. Telling me to come into the kitchen he’s getting stuff ready. The house is quiet.

“Where is everybody?”

“Ann just left to go get her friends. I’m already just have to get the grill started.”

“If you want I can do that.”

“Sure charcoal, starter fluid and everything’s in the garage.” I grabbed everything and head out the back door of the garage. Just as I’m closing the door I hear the garage door open.

Well Ann must be back with her friends. I head on out to the grill by the pool. I get the grill cleaned and loaded with charcoal. I start heading to the house. I’m almost there and John steps out the back door, a beer in each hand.

“Hot out here thought maybe you could use one of these.”

“Oh hell yes! Grills ready to go all you gotta do is put the lighter to it.”

“All right thanks. Did you bring a pair of swim trunks too?”

“No I guess I wasn’t planning on swimming. I have some at home.”

“That’s okay I probably got a pair should fit you.”

“OK by me.”

“Come on in you can change in bathroom.”


John goes finds a pair of light blue silky surf trunks. I go to the bathroom to change but it’s occupied. I wait, in a few minutes Ann comes out. She’s wearing a red one-piece silky bathing suit.

She a tall girl about 5’10” tall, 135# maybe, approximately a B cup breasts. Striking looking girl. She very athletic (swim team, track, basketball.). I give her shit, about it better not stink too bad in there. She looks at me and says, “Fuck you, My shit don’t stink.” Laughs and heads to her room.

I change and head for kitchen.

“Man Ann’s got to be such a big girl.” I tell John.

“Yea she becoming a real woman. Not really ready for her to go to college either.”

“I understand that.”

John & I head out to get the grill going. Shortly there after Ann comes out, along with her 4 friends. The girls all in their bathing suits. She comes over to introduce me to them.

“Dick I want you to meet my friends.”

“This is Sue the first girl to my left. This is Cindy, Amie and Roni.”

They all say hi glad to meet you. “You too ladies.”

Suddenly John says.

“Amie what the fuck do you have on?”

She was wearing a pink nearly nothing bikini, the top was just two patches & the bottom was a thong that almost covers nothing.

“You need to change it’s not proper to wear here.”

She protests some, John says “Ann find something for her of yours.”

“OK.” She says.

Ann and Amie go inside to find a different suit for Amie. The other two girls go to the pool and lay out to tan.

“I can’t believe that Amie would wear that outfit here.” John says.

“Looked good to me, if I were thirty years younger.”

“I’m afraid if I let Amie get away with wearing that Ann will think it’s OK too.”

“I understand where your coming from, but looking at her almost got me hard.”

“God you’re a dirty old man.”

“Maybe so but I love to look especially if they are showing it off.”

“I know I like to look too but I have a daughter to worry about.”

“It’s cool John, just mellow out.”

“I can’t help it she’s someone’s daughter too.”

“True but they must not care as much as you care for Ann. To let her buy such things, or don’t realize she wears such things. I mean hides it from her parents. I know I hid lots of things I did from my parents.”

“Yea me too I guess, just hard to let my daughter think it’s OK to do it.”

“True That!”

“Time to get this party started, I’ll get the grill going.” I say.

Then Ann and Amie come out the back door. Amie has on a blue one-piece suit. Saying as she passes by

“This sucks, I hate this suit”

The suit was still showing a lot of her as she is very well built for 18 or 19. Ann’s suit was a bit small for her. Her tits were being smashed and bulging out the sides. Amie is about 5’6″ at about 135# and at least C cup, and short dark auburn hair. A very attractive girl. I can’t help but watch her ass as she walks over to the other girls and lay beside them. Ann followed her long legs and tight ass wiggling in that red suit. Dam I am a dirty old man, I think. Fuck I don’t care I’m going to enjoy the view any way.

Shortly John says, “Foods ready, who’s hungry?”

All the girls say we are.

“Come and get it.” He says.

All 4 come over. I cannot help watch as Cindy and Roni kartal escort come our way. Cindy is shorter about 5’2″ slight built maybe A or B cup, reddish hair worn in ponytail that hangs to her waist. She has on a Bark blue Bikini, reveling but far from what Amie was wearing. Roni, is dark skinned maybe Indian, dark straight waist length hair, about 5’5″ tall well built like Amie at least a C cup, a little heavy I’d say 150# but looks very good on her. She had on a leopard skin colored very thin suit. I really liked how she looked and walked. Very sensual face full lips and big dark hazel eyes, beautiful smile. Almost made me hard thinking about fucking her. I watched as they fill their plates, grabbed a sodas and go sit at edge of pool. John & I get ours then go sit at the patio table in the shade.

We can hear the girls talking and giggling.

“God your dad’s a prude.” Amie says.

“No he just is afraid I might start dressing like you and he can’t deal with that. Some guy might get turned on and try to fuck me.”

“I heard that.” John says.

“I hope so.” Says Ann.

All the girls laugh.

Amie says, “The way you act you would think we were 13 or something. We all know about sex you know.”

Cindy says “Yea I’ll bet you barely remember what sex is.”

Roni chimes in “I’ll bet john was really hot guy when he was younger. He just lost the capability to get it up.”

“ENOUGH talk like that.’ John says.

We all sit eating quietly for while. Then the girl’s start whispering to each other. They all laugh and whisper some more. I hear Amie say “OK!” Then they all get up and jump into the pool. We are watching them fooling around.

Then Ann says, “Dad! You and Dick should get in too. It feels real good, come on get in.”

We finish and go over to the pool dive in and swim to the other side. The girls come over and start splashing us. This starts a water fight. Ann and Cindy come over, dive down and pull my legs out. I go under and come up gasping for air. They both are laughing. The same time Roni and Amie do the same to John. I reach for Cindy and dunk her head under, then reach for Ann but she takes off swimming.

John comes up and saying, “Oh so you want to play games huh?”

Gets hold of Roni and dunks her multiple times. Amie takes off swimming. I take after Ann and sneak up on her under water. I come up behind her, grab her around the chest and pull her under. John chases Amie but she out swims him. She is close to me so I do the same to her I did Ann. Just as I grab her around the chest she moves and I get a hand full of tit. I still take her under, give her tit a big squeeze and let her go.

She comes up and says “Oh you’re so going to pay for that.”

“OOOHH, I’m so scared.” I say. Then swim away. I get to the other end stand up and next thing I feel is my trunks being pulled down. I quickly pull them up again. “Oh so you want to play that way.”

She says, “You started it.”

Like a kid I chase Amie cross the pool, she gets to the other side and tries to climb out. I manage to get ahold of her bottom and pull her back into the pool. I dunk her several times and swim away. Laughing

“See I told you, I can play that way too.”

Amie says, “I’ll get you.”

“In a pigs eye.” I laugh. While this is going on John is being double-teamed by Roni & Cindy. They are both on him pulling him under. I can tell he is enjoying this as much as I am.

Then I hear John’s phone ringing. He rushes and answers it.

“What he says I can’t come now! Shit!” He says. “I can’t believe this I have to go in to the office, right now.”

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Confidential and I can’t get out of it.” He goes into the house and short time later comes out. “Be back as soon as I can.”

“No problem I keep them in line till you get back.”

I hear john’s car pulling out.

“Fat chance of that.” Amie says going under and pulls my swim trunks almost off. She comes back up A huge smile and saying

“Dam you girls have got to see this.”

“HUH?” Says Ann.

Amie says “Have you see this guys cock?”

“Hell no!” Ann says.

“Well you should it must be 7″ long.”

I’m totally at a loss for words.

Roni says, “You’re kidding?”

Amie “Hell no see for your self.”

I mange to pull my trunks up. I can feel my face turn red.

Amie laughs “He embarrassed, that’s too much.”

“I am not it’s just your all far to young! Ann what would your father say.”

“He would blow a gasket, but he’s not here!” she says.

I feel hands on me from two directions. I try to get away but Cindy’s got me around the neck. Roni has her hand on my trunks. She then goes under pulls my trunks with her. Cindy pulls me off my feet. Next thing I know is Roni has my trunks in her hand.

“Give those back I tell her.”

“Not a chance.” She says.

Before I can think I feel a hand on my cock. Ann comes up saying.

“Dam Dick I had no idea you had such a big cock! Fuck it must be 7″ and it’s soft. I want to see this thing Hard!”

“Me kurtköy escort too!” chimes in Amie.

Cindy says, “I think it unanimous. We all want to see this tool hard.”

I don’t know what to do they have me surrounded.

“Fuck John is going to kill me.”

“Who says he has to know?” says Ann, with a huge smile on her face.

Next I feel hands on my cock. Amie is working on me and I can’t help but get hard. She comes up.

“Hell Yea! I think I’m going to need help.”

“Here I come.” Cindy says.

Then there are 4 hands working on me.

They surface “My turn.” Says Roni.

“Me too.” Says Ann.

I feel hands then something else Lips and a tongue. I look down to see not Roni but Ann at my crotch. Fuck! I think, I’m a dead man.

Ann surfaces and says “Fuck that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever sucked. I almost can’t get the head in my mouth.”

“I think we are done here.” I say. Then try to pull away.

“Just where do you think your going? Amie says.

“I’m getting out and dressed before this goes to far.”

“Too late for that.”

“What?” I say.

“Even if you do. We will just tell John, you tried to rape one of us. The others couldn’t stop you.”

“WHAT! He would never believe you.”

Ann said, “He will if I tell him it’s true.”

“What the Fuck!”

“Come on we know you really want to fuck us don’t you?”

Amie says, pulling down her top revealing her huge tits The rest of the girls remove their’s also. At that point I give up and reach out for the first tit I find. Suddenly there are eight tits rubbing all over me. I can’t help it I’m as hard as a rock. I feel all kinds of hands at my crotch. Stroking and rubbing my hard rod.

“Fuck how big is this thing”

“About 10” Is all I manage to get out.

“We need to get to a better spot.” Roni says.

The girls pull me along to the steps in the pool. I climb up to the top step and sit down. My cock is sticking up like a flagpole.

Ann says “He my neighbor so I get first dibs.”

Amie said “What the fuck If it we not for me you would never have known. I get first.”

“OK.” Ann says.

Amie removes her bottoms and climbs between my legs. “I’m going to enjoy this, for sure.” Then starts sucking the head.

“Ohhhhh God!” I moan.

Cindy says, “She sucks cock almost as good as she sucks pussy.”

Roni says “That sounds like a great idea to me, He can suck my pussy while she sucking him.”

She comes up the stairs removing her suit and shoves her cunt into my face.

“Lets see how good you can eat pussy.” She spreads her pussy lips and pushes my face into it with her other hand. I start to lick and suck on her clit. Also running my tongue around her lips and darting it in and out far as I can. I’m pushed on my back and Roni sits on my face nearly smothering me. Next I feel my cock head against the opening of a pussy. It is very tight almost hurts to penetrate at all.

Amie, “Fuck he huge!” I hear, “I don’t know if I can get it in”

“Get fuck out of the way then let me try.” Sounded like Cindy.

Then I feel another pussy working on getting it in. I can feel the head penetrate and a squeal and then a hard downward push.

“OH MY!” Comes out of who ever it is fucking me. Second push gets about half in, and then I hit bottom.

“Dam!” I hear Ann say. “I never would have believed you could get that much in you, Cindy”

“Fuck I’m bottomed out.” she says.

Then slides her cunt all the way to the tip and slams down onto it again. Again and again she fucks her self on my cock. All the while I’m eating Roni’s pussy.

“My turn Roni.”

“OK, I guess.” She gets up and I can see Cindy sitting on my cock. Rotating her hips and grinning like the cat that just got the cream.

“OH GOD, I’m gonna cum.” She nearly screams.

The girls all say, “Get it! Cindy Get it!”

I feel her pussy clinch on my cock and she collapses. Roni grabs Cindy’s hand and pulls her off my cock.

“Get off it’s my turn to try.”

“I want my pussy sucked.” Ann says and sits on my face.

“Eat me!” She demands.

Gladly I think. I’ve been hoping to get my face into her cunt to years. I get a surprise her clit is huge almost like a small dick. I start to suck on it.

“Humm Like my big clit! Huh? Like a small dick. I’ve even fucked a girl with it.”

Amie says “Yea it great for a fill in for the real thing.”

Then I feel Roni’s pussy on my cock, At least I guess its Roni’s. She is still soaked from me eating her. I feel my cock head slides right in. Fuck she is like slipping on a slick velvet glove but squeezing my stiff pole as it slides into her.

“He not as big around as Dave, but Dave is only 6″ long.”

She slides her cunt on to my meat a little at a time. Rotating her hips and bucking back and forth. I’m shocked when she is able to get the whole cock into her.

“WOW!” Says Amie “I would never believed it if I hadn’t see it with my own eyes. I didn’t think any one could get that monster in all the way.”

“I’ve maltepe escort got a 12″ dildo.” She says with pride “I can get it all the way in too. So he is easy.”

She then fucks me hard her ass nearly crushing my balls. In a short time she starts to contract on my cock.

“OOOOHHH YEA!” She says cuming hard.

Ann pulls her juicy cunt from my face.

“My turn!” She climbs over me and lines her cunt up to my rod. I’m glad to be able to watch this time. She rubs the head on her soaking wet cunt and pushes hard down. The head pops in and about 2″. Dam she is fucking tight. Feels like her pussy is pulsating as my stiff cock pushes deep into her womb. Bottoming out she give a loud grunt. I feel my cock hit the back of her uterus or hip bone maybe both.

“Holy Fuck that feels good.” She leans forward looking me straight in the eye. “Get ready for the best fuck you have ever had.”

I look at her and say “Lets get it on.”

She starts pushing her ass back and I rise to meet her. She grunts with each pump. The other girls are cheering Ann on.

“Go girl Go! Fuck his legs off.” She gives it her best shot and with in minutes I feel my self start to tingle in my balls.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Go ahead I’m on the pill.” She says.

“No I want him to cum in my mouth.” Says Amie. “I love the taste of cum.”

“OK.” Says Ann, “get ready.” She pumps me several more times.

“AAAHHH YES!” I scream as the first stream is moving up my shaft.

She pulls off just as I shoot into the air. Just as quickly Amie’s mouth is on my cock. Sucking like a vacuum.

“Fuck me!” I groan out as Amie licks and sucks my cock till every drop is gone. I am writhing from the sensitivity of Amies whirling tongue on my cock head. My ass bouncing off the bed Amie hands clamped to my hips to keep her mouth on my tender cock head.

“Leave some for me” says Cindy.

“Fuck You!” mumbles Amie with my cock still in her mouth. Cum is dripping out and down my shaft. Cindy sticks her head in and licks what she can. I grab Amie’s head and force my cock in so far I feel the back of her throat. She gags and pulls off.

“What you trying to do choke me to death.”

“Sorry I couldn’t help it.”

Cindy replaces Amie on my cock licking the length and sucking at the tip to get every drop. Sending shivers through my whole body from her wanton actions.

Then Amie says. “Fuck he’s going soft. Now I won’t get anything.”

“Give me 5 minutes and we will see about that.”

“Yea right!” she says.

“Ann come here and suck on me. I’m sure looking at you sucking my cock will get me hard again fast.”

“OK.” She comes over and I watch she takes my limp cock and starts to suck it.

“Really I think there’s room for all of you in there.”

I spread my legs wide. Cindy starts to lick and suck my balls, Roni get down there with her. Amie and Ann like kissing each other around my cock head. Licking and taking turns sucking the head. Then I feel a wet finger rubbing my asshole. It pushes in till I feel a knuckle, then one of the girl’s spits on it and works it in and out. My cock is responding to at this attention. It’s almost rock hard again.

“Fuck Yes!” Amie says “Let me at it.”

She climbs over me and lowers her pussy till the tip is just at her opening.

Ann says, “Wait let me lube you up.”

Amie raises up enough Ann can get her mouth on her cunt. She sucks and licks on Amies pussy a little bit. “Now go for it” she says Amie repositions her self and pushed hard onto my cock.

To my surprise it pops in. “UGH!” she grunts. “How the fuck did you get that in you?” she says, “I feel like I’m splitting apart.”

“Just work it girl.” Says Roni.

Amie rotates her ass and works more in Gasping with each inch. Then I grab her hips and lunge up shoving about 3″ in to her. I thought she was going to pass out.

“Again do it again.” Ann says.

I do and about 3 more inches goes in. She like falls forward on me.

I roll her over on to her back. Then proceed to push my cock in to her tight box. I almost get all in and hit bottom.

“Fuck her Dick. Fuck her hard.” Ann is almost screaming at me.

I do just that pumping her hard and fast. I start to suck on her huge tits too. She is barely able to move.

Ann bends over and whispers “Fuck her in the ass, she loves that.”

“Really?” I say.

“Hell yea!” Ann says.

I slide my cock out of her and she groans. I line my cock up to her ass hole. Rub the head on it and push. I’m shocked how easy it goes in. She responds with a big gasp. I start to pump my dick in her ass, and then my balls slap her ass. I was all in. I pumped her ass a long time then I felt my nuts clinch and I knew I was going to cum.

“I’m cumming.”

“Shoot it in her ass.” Ann says.

I dump my load deep in her ass. When I pull out cum streams out her ass hole.

“That’s fucking wild.” says Ann.

Cindy comes over and squeezes the last drops out of my cock into her mouth.

“I think we better quit before John comes home. I don’t want shot.”

“I think you’ve shot plenty today.” Ann says.

“I can tell you this I know I’m not done with you. I want that thing everytime I come home.” Ann is smiling at me.

I smile and say, “I’d be willing any time you want, or any of you as far as that goes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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