Temmuz 17, 2024

My Wife’s Surprise

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My wife and I have been together for ten years. As most other relationships, it has had its ups and downs. She is quite a bit younger than me which amazes several of my friends. I would say we are pretty normal and have our daily routines with work and family. Before we were more outgoing and adventurous and on each other like rabbits day in and day out. With time that has changed and lessened as family and work took a bit more priority in our lives.

Jessica is very petite and well figured. She is short with very light milky skin. She has beautiful long blonde hair with large blue eyes and lovely kissing lips. She has a beautiful 34D chest with a beautiful firm ass and legs. I enjoy working-out, so I can definitely say I get lots of compliments from the ladies even though I am in my late 40’s. I am 5’10” with medium to muscular build.

We don’t really do much now these days as I work long hours and there are four children at home to look after. Occasionally some of our friends come over for dinner or for parties. I have never taken too much to her friends as they are a bit irresponsible and immature. Although they have hot bodies on them I have always liked when they do come to visit for that reason only.

One day as I got home a bit early from work, some of Jessica’s friends were over visiting. As I walked in the front door Janie was standing speaking with my wife and Amber, another one of her friends. Janie has always been very outgoing and flirtatious. She loves attention. Today in particular I did not mind this at all as she was dressed very revealing in her tight workout clothes. She has a body like my wife’s but on a bit larger scale. She is probably a 36DD and has a larger ass and thicker legs than my wife. She immediately turned to me and gave me a tight hug. Her large breasts were pressing up against my abs as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Mark…How are you doing?”

I could smell her perfume that was absolutely wonderful.

“Great and you Janie?”

I quickly looked at her ample breasts as her low cut shirt was struggling to keep them from being exposed.

“Well I am back on the market side,” she said.

Janie had come to visit my wife as she was a little depressed since her seven year relationship with her boyfriend had ended.

“Hi Honey.. Hi Amber. Honey I’m gonna go upstairs to shower and change for dinner.” As I headed upstairs I heard Janie say

“Oh… I wish I could shower and get comfy.”

The girls just giggled. In my head I pictured Janie taking a shower and watching her lather herself as soap ran down her huge breasts and large ass.

After showering and relaxing a bit I came down for dinner as my wife’s company had already left. Our four children were at my in laws visiting so it would just be my wife and I for dinner.

Over dinner Jessica explained that Janie was a little down about her etiler escort failed relationship and was wanting to go out clubbing. Jessica laughed and went on to tell me that Janie was sexually frustrated as it had been a few months since her separation from her boyfriend.

Jessica laughed lightly as she said “I jokingly told her how you are wanting to have sex almost everyday and I never have the energy anymore. I am only up for it once a week.”

She then went on to mention how Janie told her how lucky she was and wished she could get laid at least that often even though it really wasn’t much. Again giggling she said “Well Janie then help me out with him!” I couldn’t believe what I heard as I responded “You told her what?”

“Yes sometimes in my mind I wish someone would step in to help me with all your sexual desires, because your sex drive is way above mine.”

Again in my mind I quickly day dreamed of how that would go if she really allowed me to fuck Janie. I was a bit aroused at the idea. We jokingly discussed the subject a bit and went on with our normal night.

A few weeks passed by and all continued normal as always. I was at work on a Friday afternoon when my wife sent me a text asking if I wanted to go out with her friends for some dinner and drinks. “It’s going to be a few couples and Janie and Amber” she texted.

I agreed to it since we had not been out in quite a while. I arrived home that evening at about 7:00 pm and as always I went upstairs to shower and relax a bit. About 8:30 pm the door bell rang and I heard “Hey doll how are you doing?” It was Janie and Amber. As I walked down the stairs I saw Janie In a very provocative and sexy black skin tight little dress and stilettos. She was holding a bottle of grey goose vodka. She turned and said “Hey Mark are you and Jessica ready to have some fun tonight?” as she held up the bottle of vodka. I simply responded “Always.”

We all had a drink and chatted a bit then the girls went up with my wife to help her get ready. When the three of them came down I was just numb at what I was seeing. They all looked very hot wearing their singles “Let’s Fuck outfits” as I would call them. I told my wife how hot she was and made a nice compliment to Janie and Amber as well so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. We waited for the cab as we finished our drinks. I went in front and the girls went in the back. The ride was full of giggles and laughs.

Upon arriving at the restaurant for dinner we met up with some mutual friends of ours for dinner. We all sat at a large table with my wife next to me and Janie on the other side. It was great having dinner and drinks with our friends. We all had at least three drinks. I have a high tolerance for alcohol. Janie and Jessica were already slurring a bit in their speech as they can’t handle their liquor as much.

Janie fatih escort would occasionally hit me or grab my arm after my funny comments while at the dinner table. I could tell she was in need of some sexual attention.

We all decided to go dancing at a club that played awesome 80’s and 90’s music. I could not keep my eyes off Jessica. She was looking smoking hot! I tried to glance at Janie whenever I saw that Jessica wasn’t looking as her breasts were also struggling to bust out. I would catch her looking at me from time to time.

We all grabbed drinks and went to a large couch along the edge towards a corner of the club. The waitress was very nice and great at keeping us happy with whatever we needed. Immediately my wife and Janie asked for us all to go dance, so I finished the last bit of my drink and headed with everyone to the dance floor. We hadn’t gone dancing in a while, but I still had all my great rhythm. Jessica, Janie and Amber were dancing together with me when Jessica began to sandwich me between her and Janie. I was bumping and grinding with Jessica when she grabbed me and asked me to turn around to grind with Janie. I was a bit dumbfounded but was not about to fight her on her request. We bumped and grinded for a bit and then I felt my wife begin massaging my ass and arms. She then moved her hands to start touching my semi erected hardon.

“Oh honey I like what I am feeling.”

She then started caressing Janie’s thighs and ass slowly moving her hands up to start feeling the sides of her huge breasts. Janie turned her head to the side to look back at me.

“Mark are you having fun with us?”

“Of course Janie, but that isn’t me touching you that’s Jessica.”

At that point my wife grabbed my arms and lead my hands to Janie’s ass and guided them up to her large breasts.

I felt her breath from behind my right ear as she said, “Honey play with her a little…have fun! We all need it.”

She went back to grabbing my cock, but now was beginning to grab at it more and caress it more over my pants. By this point my cock was hard as a rock. I was busy touching Janie and my wife simultaneously along with the music. By this time I had not noticed that Amber had left to another area of the dance floor with some guy she met. The other couples were back at the table having some drinks.

The club was packed, filled with smoke, and dark other than when the lights went on with the music. Janie, Jessica and I had worked ourselves to a back corner of the club dancefloor that was decently hidden from everyone as there was a half wall where the mezzanine dancefloor was. It was so packed with people dancing everywhere.

Everyone was too busy having a good time to be able to notice or even try to see what was going on around them.

Jessica unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock fındıkzade escort as we continued dancing.

“Honey I have a little confession to make please don’t be mad,” Jessica said.

“What is it baby?” I replied confused and numb as she was stroking my cock.

“Well remember that night I told you about Janie’s sexual frustration?”

“Yes, why?” I was so excited.

“Well I talked it over with her and asked if she would really be interested in fucking you from time to time so that you would be pleased, she would be pleased and I would get a little help. I am always so tired and not up for sex as much as you would like.” I could not respond. With one hand she was stroking my hard cock and with the other hand she put her finger over my lips so that I simply agreed. She grabbed Janie to come around and dance facing the crowd as my back was against the wall. Jessica was between us now and she turned facing Janie as she started lifting her dress, moving her thong to one side and bending over as she held on to Janie’s waist. She backed up a bit and guided my cock to her dripping wet pussy.

I could not believe this was happening. I thought I was dreaming. Janie turned a bit to look back at us as Jessica was holding on her waist as I began fucking her wet pussy.

“O my God that is so fucking hot!’

“Wow you both are so lucky!”

Amidst me pumping Jessica she responded,

“Janie you are gonna be just as lucky, just remember he’s mine.”

Janie was so aroused that her huge nipples were bulging at her chest almost revealing themselves. After fucking Jessica for a few minutes she came all over my dick that the juices dripped off my cock onto the floor. She slowly slid off my cock pulled her dress down and began to jerk me off. I was almost ready to cum

“O Baby! Yes I’m gonna cum hard!” I screamed since nobody would be able to hear.

Jessica grabbed Janie and pulled her to me. Janie got down on her knees took over my cock and began sucking it.

She looked up at me and said, “You both taste so good!” She was touching her breasts and pussy over her dress as she sucked my hard dripping cock. Jessica was out of energy but was trying her best to keep with the rhythm of the music while caressing Janie’s head, neck, back and breasts. I could not hold it any more. Janie was fingering herself as I shot my huge load of into her mouth. She continued until every last drop was sucked off my cock.

“Oh baby! That was fucking great Mark!” Janie shouted with a huge smile.

She leaned in to kiss my neck then turned and gave Jessica a nice five second kiss.

The three of us composed ourselves and continued dancing a bit before we headed back with everyone for some more drinks. After a while we all decided to head home. Well Janie, Jessica, and I would head back home in a cab for the after party as Amber was going to stay with her new friend.

Our other friends were calling it a night. As we walked out of the club, the girls looked at each other as they were hugging each other so as not to stumble so much and kept giggling. As we headed home in a cab Janie leaned over and said, “I want more Mark.” Both women then shouted “Its gonna be an after party…!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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