Mayıs 30, 2024

My wife the Entrapenuer! Part One.

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My wife the Entrapenuer! Part One.
I am a bit older than my wife Trish. To be exact; 11 years, 2 months, and 13 days. But this hasn’t stopped us from having the most amazing marriage of all time. We do everything together, travel, hang out, and spent every second together. She is an incredible woman, loves life, and her work. She started her own clothing store and just loves it. She sells stuff through her store and online, that people love. I support her in every way, whatever I can do to help I do.

However, about a year ago I was put to the test when I accidentally overheard a conversation she had with her friend, Cindy. I was laying on the floor behind the couch trying to keep cool in our hot apartment. She must have thought I had gone to work earlier but I had decided to take the morning off and rest before going in. Anyway, as I laid there her phone rang and I knew it was Cindy by her loud and distinct voice. I loved Cindy because she is a character and we always had fun together. They started having a conversation that I ‘half’ heard and that I was half a sleep for, but out of the blue I suddenly woke right up when I heard Cindy say to Trish, “what is Bill going to say if he finds out you are going to do it?” To which I suddenly came too very quickly. What were they saying? What had they said that I wasn’t aware of?

All of a sudden I was awake and aware of their conversation. I still didn’t let güvenilir bahis şirketleri on that I was laying on the floor behind the couch listening to their conversation, I wanted to hear everything that they were saying. And did I get an earful. Trish basically went on to explain that she was in a cash flow problem with her store and if she didn’t come up with $20K she would have to shut it down. If that wasn’t shocking enough to hear, they both went on to discuss how she could solve her cash flow problem by working for her ex-boss having sex with him, his friends and his customers, which where mostly Chinese guys. As I listened on, I was further taken a back by the whole affair and didn’t know what to think. In my mind, all of a sudden my gorgeous wife could become the property of whoever paid this pig for her, and she would have to pleasure them to make the money she needs to stay in business.

The conversation went on for a while, as conversations do with chicks, but the more I listened in the more I realized that it was all real and about to go down. Essentially that night Trish had to go to her ex-bosses house to let him know that she is willing to do it for the 20K. I couldn’t believe my ears. I wanted to scream out and let her know that there was no way she is doing it, but I held back because I didn’t want to get in the way of what she thought she needed to do, to get canlı bahis şirketleri out of her predicament.

Basically I didn’t want to seem like the controlling guy, but at the same time, I didn’t want her to know that I ‘didn’t know what was going on. So I knew that I had to tell her. At some point. But when was that point? Was it as soon as this bizarre conversation ended, was it when she went for her first visit with this creep, or after it as all started and has been going on for a while?

The conversation seemed to go on forever, but sooner than later both said goodbye and it ended. I was totally shocked with this incredible news and a wife that was so distroght she could barely keep from crying.

I felt so bad for her because she was caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, she could just go ahead and solve all her problems but on the other, she would have to do the unspeakable and, in her mind, jeopardize our relationship. So, I made up my mind right there, I wasn’t going to let her torture yourself and I sprang up from behind the couch and said, “Trish, you should just do it, and I will be there right by your side the whole way”.

Of course at first she screamed at the sight of me coming out of nowhere, but then she digested what I had said and thought for a few seconds of complete silence. The first words out of her mouth after she wiped the tears from her eyes canlı kaçak iddaa where, “Really? you wouldn’t mind?”. To which I said, “by the sounds of it, you need to do this to keep your dream alive, and if you aren’t falling in love with these guys, then what do I care, as long as it is safe and that’s what I am going to make sure of”. I didn’t really know what I was saying, I was just saying it. ‘The big man’. I actually had no clue what I was getting myself into.

The next day we both awoke after a night of passionate sex, as the thought of the whole thing made me hornier than hell, quite frankly. And I was sure that Trish was giving me her best because I had given her the thumbs ups to the whole thing.

After we spoke in bed for a while, she was a lot happier about it, and we began our day. However, this was a day unlike any I had ever lived through. Basically, my gorgeous wife was getting ready to go to her (fat) ex bosses offices, who has always wanted to fuck her; have sex with him, his friends and then his customers, who are mostly Chinese guys. The whole thing became very sureale, very quickly.

As I was still laying in bed watching Trish shower through the bathroom door (jerking off to her awesome beauty) I was trying hard to come to the realization of what was about to happen, and I truly thought it was all just make belive and wasn’t really going to happen. But it was.

About an hour later, we both left the house together, (she looked stunning, like a beauty Queen) I drove, and we made our way to her ex-bosses office for her first ‘day on the job’, her new job, sexually pleasing men so that she can save her little company.

And all I could think to myself was, OMG!

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