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My Sex Life Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Taking It In The Arse

The next few weeks following My first fuck were a blur of sexual pleasure. Martin and I fucked at every possible opportunity. We experimented endlessly trying out as many positions as we could. We even managed to do it outside on one occasion. I felt as if I was in a constant state of arousal.

One evening, just after school, we arrived at Martin’s just as his mum was leaving to go to work (she’s a nurse at the Western General). She told us that Martin’s dad wouldn’t be home until about 10pm. We fixed ourselves a quick bite to eat then we went through to his room.

I closed the door and Martin’s lips were on mine. As we kissed his hands went to the front of my blouse. He quickly undid the buttons; his hands, finding my tits, pushed my bra up to reveal them.

Martin pushed me against the door and dropped his head to my chest. His hands pushed at my tits and his lips fastened on my nipples. He sucked and caressed each in turn.

My hands found the front of his trousers. I undid his belt and his trousers and pushed them down over his hips.

I stroked his cock as his mouth continued to work on my tits. Martin’s hands slid up inside my skirt and started to tug at my knickers. I let them be removed, falling to my feet and kicked them aside.

I was really turned on, I knew I was wet.

Martin kissed me on the lips, his tongue briefly exploring my mouth then he spun me around to face the door. I braced myself, trembling with anticipation as Martin lifted my skirt. Then, without any hesitation, he plunged his cock deep inside my waiting cunt.

I cried out as he took me with all his pendik escort force. His cock slid in and out with a force that made my knees go weak. I could feel his balls slap against me with every thrust. I don’t think he’d ever fucked me as hard as this before.

Martin reached forward and grabbed my tits, squeezing them as his cock pounded at my pussy. I supported myself with one hand while I rubbed my clit with the other. I thrust my hips back to meet each stroke of his cock, forcing him in deeper.

The sensations coming from my tits, my clit and my pussy overwhelmed me and I came, noisily. Martin’s cock, buried deep in my cunt, was all that stopped me from collapsing.

Almost at if my orgasm was a signal, Martin grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him. With one final thrust his cock erupted. I could feel the hot jets of his cum deep inside me, filling my pussy to overflowing.

Martin’s cock slid out of me as he collapsed to the floor. I stood there for a moment, savouring the sensations and feeling his cum slowly trickling out of my pussy and down my legs. I quickly removed my clothes, lay down on the bed and invited him to join me. We weren’t finished yet.

As Martin climbed onto the bed beside me I noticed that his cock was still quite hard. I grinned then kissed him.

We lay there, kissing and caressing for a while then I turned my attention back to his cock. It was still coated with a mixture of his cum and my juices. I eagerly licked at it, savouring the combination of tastes.

I spent several minutes licking him clean. As I did his cock grew hard again. By the time I’d finished he was almost fully erect . I tuzla escort took him into my mouth and began to suck.

I slid my lips up and down his shaft, sucking him back to a state of full arousal. I loved being able to turn him on so easily.

Finally, as my mouth began to ache a little, my lips released his cock and I started to kiss my way up his body. When I was in position, I kissed him and reached behind me to guide his cock into me once more.

He slid into me so easily. The mix of my wetness and his cum made my pussy almost frictionless. I impaled myself effortlessly on his cock and rode him with easy movements of my hips. I rubbed my tits in Martin’s face, smothering him, as I slowly slid my pussy up and down his cock.

Martin reached down, touching where we joined, coating his fingers in my juices. He began spreading it around with his fingers, I nearly jumped out of my skin when a finger lightly brushed against my arsehole.

Slowly, he pushed his finger into my arse. Having both holes filled at the same time excited me even more (if that were possible). I gripped his cock with the walls of my cunt and rode him harder. Martin slid his finger in and out of my arse as I thrust my cunt up and down the length of his cock. He sucked and licked my tits and with one hand I rubbed at my clit. I ground my hips against him, drawing his cock as far inside me as it would go.

I came violently, unable to take any more of the intense sensations that I was feeling. I dismounted, letting Martin out from underneath me. Before I knew it he was behind my again, thrusting his cock deep into my pussy once more. My fingers still played with kartal escort my clit as Martin took me. I came again, moaning, my body trembling all over.

The pace of Martin’s fucking slowed until, unexpectedly, he stopped and I felt him remove his cock from my cunt. He slid his cock up and down my slit, coating it with my wetness, and then suddenly he began pressing against my arsehole.

Martin’s cock was well lubricated with a mixture of his earlier load and my juices but it still hurt as it pushed against the resistance of my arsehole. It was such an incredibly dirty feeling and I loved it. Ignoring the pain I pushed my hips back and felt his cock slide, inch by inch, into my arse.

Martin began to move his cock in and out. I moved my hips to meet his strokes. He began to increase the pace. Again, I urged him on with cries of, “Harder!” and “Faster!” and “Fuck my arse!” etc.

Martin fucked my arse with powerful strokes. I began to rub my clit again, occasionally sliding a finger into my pussy. Martin reached forward an began rubbing my tits and teasing my nipples as his cock slid in and out of my arse.

My body began to tremble again and I came once more screaming obscenities.

Martin continued to fuck me then suddenly pulled out. “I’m going to come!” he cried and I turned to face him. His cock erupted and three jets of cum hit my face and tits. When he was spent, I rubbed his cum into my tits, wiped my face and licked my fingers clean.

Exhausted, we lay there for a while then Martin got up and had a shower. I had mine next then we got dressed. I have to admit to feeling a little tender as he walked me to the bus-stop.

All the way home, I kept reliving what had happened, over and over again. I went to bed early that night, still hugely aroused, and used my fingers to make me cum several more times before I eventually fell asleep.

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