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My Secret Obsession

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I’ll never forget the first time I thought I had to fuck my daughter. How could I? I saw her stark naked in our backyard and my cock leapt to attention in a heartbeat. A man doesn’t forget something like that. It was a weekday and usually I would have been at work, like her mother, but I forgot the flash drive with my presentation on it and had to run home. When I came home and found the house was quiet I thought Connie was still in bed and I was going to rouse her, considering it was past ten in the morning.

Connie had just completed her freshman year at college and was home for the summer and while her mother was content to let just let her work part time at the local bistro and go to the gym and hang out with her newest loser boyfriend, I thought she should be doing more around the house to earn her keep. Just because she liked to stay out till all hours did not mean she couldn’t get up and help take care of the house. I ran upstairs and checked her room, but the door was open and she wasn’t there. Her car was out front, so I wondered if one of her friends picked her up for the gym. Connie is a compulsive gym rat. On days she can’t make it she’s using the treadmill in our finished basement. Her looks are very important to her and let’s just say that between all that time working out and spent tanning it shows. She’s a gorgeous girl and has no shortage of boys chasing after her. I knew from an early age she was going to get trouble if she wasn’t careful. I’ve never approved of any of the boys she’s brought home, but I guess no one will ever be good enough for my little princess.

I pulled the flash drive out of my desk drawer and as I was turning a caught a glimpse of movement from the backyard. I looked out from the second floor window and could not believe what I saw. There was my daughter lying on a lounger in the middle of the backyard with nothing on but her sunglasses. She was listening to her iPod and from her stillness I thought she was probably napping. Her flowing, curly back hair was fanned out around her head and with the way her golden skin gleamed with the tanning lotion she looked like a vision. My eyes swept from her gorgeous face over her pert, perfect breasts and down to the juncture between her legs, which were parted just enough that I could see she was completely smooth down there. I was like a statue and I don’t know how long I stood looking down at her.

Of course I felt guilty when I realized how turned on I was. My cock strained against my pants and was telling me, Take me out, stupid. I couldn’t. That was my daughter down there. No matter how incredibly sexy she was, it was still Connie, my princess. I knew she was a woman now, I’d known for a while, but this really brought it home. She’s tiny, not more than five feet tall, but she’s got the slender curves of a woman. So, yeah, I noticed that she had become a beautiful young woman, but I never looked at her like this! I kept watching for a few moments more, drinking in every detail and then tore myself away. I slipped right out of the house like I’d never been there.

It was difficult to get through my presentation that afternoon. I’d never been so distracted in my life. I could not have been more relieved when I found Connie was already out when I got home from work. I was frisky with my wife all night and we took advantage of having the house to ourselves that night. I don’t think she knew what hit her because I was all over her like a teenager. She and Connie bear more than a passing resemblance, but my wife has definitely filled out with age. Still, she’s a beautiful woman like Connie and it was all too easy to keep flashing on my daughter laying out there in the backyard. I came quickly the first time and I think my wife was shocked when I wanted a round two. That hadn’t happened in years. Afterward I passed right out without ever hearing Connie come in, but that wasn’t so unusual. She never came home at a decent hour.

Over the next few days I tried to avoid Connie as much as possible. When I saw her in passing one night, she was on her way to see her skeevy boyfriend Rob, I couldn’t even look her in the eye. Luckily she was oblivious. The problem was I could not keep her naked body out of my mind and every time I popped up, so did I. I was having sex every night and I think I was wearing her mother out. Guilt over the true reason for my horniness did not stop me from trying to abate it.

As I thought on Connie sunning herself in the buff in our backyard I wondered how often she was out there. Her tan is flawless and now I know there are no lines. A high wooden fence surrounds our backyard and the neighbors are far enough off that she wouldn’t have to worry about them seeing her, but anyone in our house would have a perfect view. I would sit at working thinking about that, wondering if Connie was out in the backyard at that moment. I couldn’t take it forever and finally gave in. I made my excuses and said I had to run home to grab something.

My heart thudded in my chest as I let myself into the şişli rus escort house as silently as possible, not that Connie would have heard me from the backyard, not with her iPod earbuds in. I knew she was home because her car was out front. I was already hard and silently prayed, Let her still be sleeping. I knew how creepy I was being. I passed her room on the way to my office and saw that once again her bedroom was empty. I entered my darkened home office, braced myself, and went to the window.

I’d left the blinds drawn when I went to work that morning. Maybe subconsciously I knew I would need cover later. I turned the rod so the blinds opened enough for me to see outside, casting bars of light across the room. I peeked between the blinds and there she was, lying on her stomach on the lounge with her feet in the air and facing away from me and totally nude once again, aside from her sunglasses, of course. She was holding a paperback book, probably one of those trashy romance novels her mother got her into reading. She dropped her legs flat on the lounge, giving me a perfect view of her tight little ass. She had the kind of fit, firm ass men dream about. My cock was throbbing in my pants again, but I resisted touching myself. Instead, I just kept watching my daughter.

Connie turned over and sipped from a bottle of water on the ground beside her and then went back to reading, careful to make sure the book did not cast a shadow on her. My eyes drank her in, from her cute, red painted toes to the dark nipples that capped her breasts to her slender neck and pretty face. Her pink lips parted slightly as she read and I could have sworn I saw her tongue poke out as she read. I was too far away to be sure. As she read, she toyed with the little jewel that pierced her belly button.

As I watched, Connie brought her hand up and slowly started caressing her breast. At first I thought she must have an itch or something, but then I realized she was not scratching. She ran her fingers across her breast, all around her nipple , and then rubbed the hardening little nub. I could not be seeing what I thought. There was no reason for her to touch herself like that unless she was turned on. She kept caressing her breast and then any doubt was erased from my mind when that hand dipped down and she touched her pussy. Connie spread her legs for easier access and just casually stroked her mound while she kept reading the book.

I had never even thought about the possibility of my sweet daughter being sexual at all, let alone masturbating. I guess if I was realistic I had to know she wasn’t a virgin, not the way she dressed sometimes and not with the boys she chose to date, but that still didn’t mean she was so horny that she had to pleasure herself on top of that. I don’t think her mother does it. But there was my little princess, laying in our backyard and rubbing her cunt. I guess those romance novels get hotter than I thought. I could see she was rubbing more deliberately now, pressing her fingers between her lips.

Watching the scene unfolding in the backyard was more than I could bear and I just couldn’t resist taking my cock out. I dropped my pants and tugged on my prick. Leaning forward, I almost tripped and slammed into the wall and the window. Smooth! The blinds clattered against the glass and for a second I pulled back, petrified that Connie would realize I was watching her. But then I realized that she was focused on her book and whatever her iPod was playing and I leaned closer to the window again.

Connie had set the book aside and was touching herself with both hands and her thighs splayed wide. She rubbed her clit with one hand while she used two fingers from the other to penetrate herself. She showed no sign she knew I was there. How could she masturbate right there in the open? Somehow that made it all the hotter. Her mouth was open and even through the closed window I was sure I could hear her squealing. Fortunately, our neighbors on both sides work or someone else might have heard her. Her head was thrown back and her squeals got louder. I was working my cock like a madman and I don’t know that we came together, but it had to be pretty close. Connie drew her legs up, squeezing them together, while I was blasting my load all over the wall. I fell back against my desk and tried to catch my breath.

Shit, that was hot! The endorphins flooding my system kept the guilt at bay, at least for the moment. I was going to grab some tissues from the bathroom and clean the wall when I heard the patio door downstairs slide open. Holy crap! Connie was in the house. I heard her on the steps and quickly ducked behind my desk. She walked past the door and into the bathroom. I quickly pulled my pants up and then when I heard the water running I scurried out of the room and down the stairs. I was out the door and around the block before I stopped the car.

My hands were shaking so I gripped the wheel to steady them. I almost got caught! It was divine justice. I was şişli türbanlı escort doing something I shouldn’t be and I was very nearly punished. My God, what would Connie have done if she caught me? If she told her mother I would be done. Divorce, shame. Jesus, what was I thinking? I guess lust can make you go out of your mind.

When I walked in the door that night I was on pins and needles. Connie’s car was there. Was I walking into an ambush? I couldn’t be sure she didn’t see me or hear me. I heard sounds coming from the kitchen and I took a deep breath before going in. “Hey honey,” I said to my wife.

“You’re home late. You almost missed dinner. You don’t want to miss one of the rare times Connie is gracing us with her presence,” she replied.

“Yeah, Daddy, you’re always complaining that I’m not around enough. Well, here I am,” Connie said. She stopped setting the table long enough to do a little twirl. She was all tanned limbs in a white tank top and jean shorts cut off too high. They framed her ass perfectly. I could also tell she was wearing a pink bra underneath that tank top. I felt my cock tingling and I looked away quickly.

“No work tonight?” I asked.

“No, but I am going to catch a movie with Rob later.”

“Maybe you could stay in and watch something with me and your mom.”

“Sweetie, nineteen-year-old girls do not want to stay in with their parents.”

“I promise we’ll spend some time together, Daddy,” Connie said. She came over and had to stand up on her tip toes to kiss me on the cheek.

“Just try not to stay out too late,” I said, reluctantly accepting her hug. I did not think her being around all night was a good idea, but I couldn’t help thinking about that Rob with his grubby hands all over her. Now they I knew she was horny I couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter’s sex life. I closed my eyes and saw her touching herself in the backyard. I forced the image from my mind and sat at the table before someone noticed the lump in my pants.

I mostly looked down at my plate throughout dinner and then excused myself, saying I had to check my email. The mess I made was still on the wall in my office, so I cleaned it up with a washcloth and then hid out until Connie left for the evening. She acted completely normal at dinner, so I figured I was safe. Having gotten away with my pervy behavior once, I promised myself I would not spy on my daughter again.

It was a promise I kept for a couple weeks. I could not put Connie masturbating out of my mind, but I resisted the pull of sneaking home to try and catch her doing it again. While I was proud of my restraint, I was disgusted with myself for having to exercise it. I tried to avoid her because I still felt a stirring whenever she was around. The little outfits she pranced around in didn’t help. I wondered if I would ever be able to look at my daughter the same again. What happened next made that impossible.

I was having trouble sleeping. Quite honestly, I didn’t think I could handle another dream about Connie. The dreams always went a lot like that Phoebe Cates scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, except I was Judge Reinhold and Connie was Phoebe Cates. She walked up to me and peeled off her bikini top, but instead of it ending there, like in the movie, in my dream Connie dropped to her knees and blew me. The times I had that dream I woke up with a powerful erection and had to run off to the bathroom to beat off. I told myself that beating off thinking about my daughter wasn’t as bad as beating off while watching her.

So I was laying bed with my wife fast asleep beside me when I heard Connie come in downstairs. She was not alone. I assumed the male voice belonged to Rob and I wondered why he was in the house. He did not come in when he picked her up. I could hear Connie shushing him, but they were hardly quiet. It’s a good thing her mother could sleep through a tornado. I heard them for a few moments more and then there was silence. I did not hear the front door close and Connie never came upstairs. I told myself, leave it, because I suspected they might be up to no good. The last thing I needed was to catch my daughter fooling around with her boyfriend, but I hated the idea of that loser pawing her under my roof, while I was home. I was resolved to break up whatever they were doing and toss the bum out on his ear.

I tried to tell myself that she wouldn’t fool around with some guy while we were in the house. I thought Connie had more sense than that. I bent over and checked before I came down the steps, but they weren’t in the living room. The kitchen was dark too, but the door leading to the basement was cracked and I heard hushed sounds from down there. Moving as stealthily as possible, I eased the door open further to see the lights were on down there, but I could not see anything else from to the top of the steps. Those old steps would have made a racket if I even tried to sneak down one or two, so I stayed put. Maybe they’re just şişli ucuz escort watching a movie, I thought. But no, those sounds I heard were not coming from the television.

Straining, I thought I heard someone shifting on the couch, or maybe the rustling of clothes. There was also the sound of heavy breathing. I concentrated harder and I was sure I heard the breathing and maybe kissing. In my mind’s eye, I could see Connie pinned down on the couch, with Rob on top of her, him pushing his hand under her top. I wasn’t sure what she wore when she went out that night, but I know she likes short skirts, so in my vision she was wearing one. That made it too easy for Rob to reach her pussy. I was rock hard and rubbing myself without even realizing it through the sweatpants I wore to bed. In my mind my princess was not resisting at all, but even encouraging his attentions.

“Girl, that feels so fucking good. Goddam you’re good,” Rob moaned.

Okay, that changed everything I thought. I was sure I still heard those kissing sounds, but it wasn’t kissing I heard. I heard sucking. Now when I closed my eyes I saw Rob sitting on the couch and Connie on her knees in front of him, her head bobbing up and down, her mass of thick curls flowing across his lap. And according to Rob, my daughter was a good little cocksucker. Was that from experience? I couldn’t remember the last time her mother sucked my cock. I couldn’t help myself and reached in to my sweatpants to stroke myself.

“Damn, Con, not yet,” Rob told her. I heard more movement and a zipper pulled down. Obviously, his zipper was already down, so I imagined Connie was undressing. There were the sounds of more shift, maybe clothes coming off, and then I heard what I was sure was fucking. It sounded like they were on the couch and it was like a quiet squeaking. Not loud like a bed, but there was no mistaking the steady rhythm of those sounds, especially not when their moans were added to the mix.

“Oh, baby, do it. Baby, don’t stop,” Connie murmured.

“God, I’m never gonna stop. Shit, you’re so fucking hot, Connie,” Rob groaned.

I could hear them speeding up and Connie’s squeals overlaid by his moans. They were high pitched squeals, just like when she was alone outside. She let out a particularly loud one and then it sounded like something was muffling her. Was she biting something? Was Rob’s hand over her mouth? I could imagine her struggling to stay quiet. I pictured Connie with her legs high in the air while Rob pounded away at her cunt. I was working my prick overtime and it wasn’t long before I made a huge mess in my sweatpants. I sagged against the wall and tried to catch my breath.

“Baby…baby!” Connie squealed.

“Oh shit, Con!”

Again I heard her muffled squeals and then there was nothing. I figured that at least Rob came, but from her cries I thought my daughter probably did too. Quietly, I snuck away from the basement door and made my way back upstairs to the bathroom, where I used a wet washcloth to clean myself up. After that I slipped back into bed next to my slumbering wife. A few minutes later I heard the front door open and close.

Connie came up the steps and went right into the bathroom. I heard water running and her knocking around for a few minutes and then she went into her room and closed the door. I hoped she got a good night’s sleep, because there was no way I was going to get a wink of shut eye. I wondered if they ended every date by sneaking down to our basement and screwing their brains out. I guess it’s better than him fucking her in his back seat in some parking lot, but I still didn’t like it. Of course, there was nothing I could do about it, was there? I could confront Connie, but I didn’t trust myself to not give something away, some tell that would let her know that I did more than just overhear her. No, I had to let it go.

If I was going to let my daughter screw under my roof I might as well get something out of it. If there was a live sex show going on in my basement, I might as well see it as well as hear it. I knew it was sick, but by that point I knew I couldn’t just let my obsession with Connie go. Yes, it was an obsession, I admit it. Seeing her masturbate had been so hot I just couldn’t pass on the chance to really see her in action. I told myself I had a right since it was going on in my house. The very next day I went to one of those spy stores on my lunch hour and bought a full color hidden camera with sound. The thing was a tiny tube, like a lipstick container, and it connected to a pack about the size of a deck of cards, which would transmit to our home network. I would be able to sit at the computer and watch whatever was happening in the basement. There was a bookcase full of my wife’s knickknacks and I found I could easily conceal the camera there and angle it so I had a perfect view of the couch. All I had to do now was make sure it was fully charged and wait for my next opportunity.

I did not have to wait long. For the first time in weeks, my inability to sleep was working out for me. A couple nights later I heard Connie come in with Rob and I could tell by the sudden quiet that they went down to the basement again. I checked to make sure my wife was asleep and then I snuck into my office and fired up the computer. I plugged in headphones so I could hear the action.

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