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My Neighbour Sally’s Panties

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Big Tits

My name is Will, I’m living in England, with my parents and have been out of high school for a month now. I’m just a normal 18 male, who until last month, didn’t have a story to tell. But that was a month ago.

We’ve been neighbours with the Barrow’s for nearly 8 years now, and being a normal teenage boy, I had had the usual fantasies about Sally, my mother’s friends since I had first started to masturbate. Of course things had never gone beyond there, but every time she came round to chat, I couldn’t help but look at her, think about her going down on my cock.

Whenever she went away, she always asked that I went around and did the gardening, even though I wasn’t particularly green fingered. And of course, last month, they decided to go away to Boston, the whole family, Sally, John and their two kids.

So I stood there in their house, alone, just me in my neighbour’s home. I got the gardening done in quick succession, mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, trimming the weeds away and generally making sure the house was kept in good condition for their return home the next week. As I finished up, rain started to fall and I ran into the house, my white T-Shirt and blue jeans sticking to my skin.

As my house was 7 houses down, I decided not to go home straight away but wait until the rain passed. Standing briefly in the living room, I felt I needed to dry up. But how could I possibly dry myself in my mums friends house. Feeling my jeans rubbing against my thighs, I made a decision.

I pulled the curtains to the road shut, placed the towel göztepe sınırsız escort on the sofa and pulled my jeans off, placing them in a basket and removed my wet T-Shirt, dropping it down on top of my jeans. So there I saw, in cold wet boxers, sticking to my wet crotch.

Well here I was, in the women who I had dreamed about house, almost nude. And doing what anyone would do, I decided to look around her house, starting with the bedroom. As Sally and John had two kids, a boy and a girl, they must have a pretty active sex life, despite appearing to be almost snobs when around my parents.

My first target was the underwear draw. I walked over, still in my wet boxers and crouched, feeling the fabric pull up into my ass. Being a large lady, her clothes were on the larger side. I found a nice white bra and panties and took the next step, moving my tongue over the gusset of her white panties. Instantly, I could taste her old sweat, sticking to my tongue.

What was I doing? I had licked her panties, actually tasted the material that had touched her vagina. I felt my cock start to stiffen, despite the cold wet material sticking to my crotch, and decided it would be, medically, a better option, if I removed the restraining boxer shorts from my penis.

So there, I, Will Thomas, stood naked, dripping, licking a pair of my neighbour’s panties. I decided to look deeper, but found nothing but large bras or panties. I closed the drawer and saw something which caused my cock to extend fully, her laundry basket.

I göztepe ucuz escort shuffled over, leaving my boxers behind, removing the lid off the basket and pushing my hand in. Instantly, my hand found a silk pair of her large panties, and pulled them out. I held them, Sally’s dirty panties.

I sat down on the bed, laying them out beside me, stretching the material to see all the stains that she had left. Along the crotch area of the material was her dried sweat, I could smell her aroma from here. More exciting was the single brown streak where she had perhaps, had, a little accident?

So, my posh neighbour Sally had had a little accident in her knickers. I lifted them to my mouth and gave it a lick, tasting her tangy shit in my mouth. I slipped them on, surprisingly fitting comfortably and moved my hand down to my cock, beginning to masturbate in them.

I found another stained pair, although this pair had some faint smudges of blood. Wow, she had had her period in this pair, her most intimate act. I lay back and dropped them on top of my face, drawing in her aroma and occasionally pushing my tongue out to lick her stains. I could feel my orgasm building in my cock.

I sucked her panties into my mouth, mixing my saliva with her shit and cum stains, swallowing what I could. I reached down and gripped the sides of her knickers, pulling them up into my ass, feeling the material pulling into my hole.


I burst into her panties, my cum trickling down the material kadıköy anal escort onto her bed.

Fuck, what had I done? I threw the knickers in my mouth at the basket and pulled the panties off, wiping cum off my shrinking penis with my fore hand. I held the panties up to the light and saw the dripping cum soaking up into the brown stain, my own sweat mixing with hers.

How could I explain this?, how could I do this?.

I cleaned up the bed cover and placed the dripping pair of knickers in her basket towards the bottom. I fished out a dry pair, thought about it, and pushed it into my pocket, grinning. I needed a reminder of this experience.

So that was my first experience. I collected my now damp jeans and T-Shirt and locked up returning home.

That was nearly a month ago now, and my mum told me Sally got back last night. Maybe she wouldn’t know. But as I sat watching TV that night, the phone started ringing beside me. I picked it up.

“Hello?” I said lowering the volume.

“Is that Will?” Sally asked.

“Yes” I replied anxiously, shifting slightly, remembering I was still wearing the panties I had taken, still used, still dirty.

“I found your boxer shorts in my bed room. And, my knickers, you know, the pair you masturbated into. Also, there was a pair missing, can you explain?” she demanded angrily.

“I, did masturbate into them, I’m so sorry” I pleaded desperately.

“Well, I would like you to come up the road please, we need to talk about this. Are you wearing my panties?” she asked, her voice suddenly changing to a more, softer tone. What could I do?, if I refused, she would tell my mother, I would never be trusted again.

“Yes, I am wearing them.” I replied.

“Well, wear them here, and bring a pair of your mothers, used” she demanded.

“Ok” I replied weakly.

To be continued if liked….

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