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My Glory Hole Encounter

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My Glory Hole Encounter
It had been nearly four months since I last got laid. At twenty-three I had no desire for a serious relationship and settled instead for casual flings and friends with benefits, the downside is while it had been four months since I had last slept with my latest fling, I had not properly been fucked in over a year.
I found myself becoming desperate for it. At work, I daydreamed about being called into my boss’s office and reprimanded which then ended with me pinned up against the wall and getting my unused pussy pounded. The thought of returning to my desk and finishing work with my thong soaked in cum often made me retire to the bathroom and play with myself. I was very sexually frustrated.

I became more daring as time went on and after a while, I stopped wearing underwear to work entirely. A few times I turned around while walking through the office to see numerous eyes fixed upon my clearly defined ass displayed in my increasingly tight work dresses, and on casual Fridays, I sometimes let my nipples show through my tops wearing no bra to hide them. I was used to guys staring at my boobs given that I had been fortunate to have D cups since my late teens, however, now I was leaving very little to the imagination.

My frustration grew day by day; I knew guys wanted me but not one of them asked me out on a date. Eventually, I decided that I was going to join a few friends in town on a night out and, with the assistance of a few tequilas, find someone to give me what I needed.

On a Friday night, I joined my friends at their house for some drinks before we headed off into town. I had decided to wear one of my more provocative dresses; pure black and strapless, zipped up at the back starting just above my breasts and ending halfway down my thighs where it ended loose and frilly – destined to bare all with the slightest breeze. Underneath I wore a red thong; I had thought to wear the matching bra but opted instead to go braless. My outfit was rounded off with five-inch open-toed heels with small thin straps across the top. I also had straightened my long blonde hair which came to a few inches above the top of my dress and I sported a deep red güvenilir bahis siteleri lipstick; looking in the mirror with a martini in hand I had high hopes for the night ahead.

At about ten and suitably tipsy we called a cab to take us into town. We headed straight to a club and, given my skimpy outfit, headed inside without needing to be frisked.

We walked down a corridor ending with the entrance to a large circular room with the main dance floor. People were dancing in the middle with various groups packed together around the outside. Already it was busy. At the back of the room was the bar where we headed immediately and ordered a round of shots. The music was so loud I couldn’t hear my friends talk, so after an extra shot, I headed into the middle of the floor to dance.

I had only been dancing for a minute when saw him. He was very tall and broad with his muscles barely contained in a crisp black shirt. He had a trimmed beard and dark hair swept back on top. I unashamedly checked him out as I danced and, matching my gaze, he made his way over to me. I turned into him and he positioned himself behind me; I felt my dress lightly rubbing up against something hard in his jeans as I pushed into him.
We danced for a while and I moved closer to him. I continued to grind my ass into his crotch, lightly at first and then with little subtlety as I felt his cock throb inside his jeans. It was a game that caused a build-up of nerves in my stomach but overwhelming my desire for him. I turned around and put one of my hands on his massive chest. He must have known what I was thinking as he put one hand around the back of my neck and we engaged in a dance of our lips in the middle of the floor. My hands wandered around his body and I felt him do the same. A fire rose in my chest. I wanted him.

He pulled away and motioned to follow him. I held his hand as we moved out of the dance floor and away to the side to the toilet area. I passed my friends on the way who had been watching my encounter. They threw giggles my way all with nods of approval. I didn’t care that anyone who saw me knew what was about to happen and I am sure my face glowed with excitement perabet güvenilir mi as we entered into the toilets.
He guided me to the cubicles at the end of the room and, confusingly, put me in the end, and told me to lock the door. I did so but my partner had not followed.

I heard the cubicle door next to me slam shut and a belt buckle being unfastened. As I turned to look at the wall I saw why he had not followed me in, a hole was cut into the divider and I saw his cock come through. It must have been eight inches and dropping to my knees I took it in my left hand. My hand would not fit around it and I sized it up as it hung in front of my face. Feeling his cock pulsate I teasingly ran my town down one side and traced my lips from the base of his cock up to the top, giving a kiss to the purple head. As I opened my mouth and took in the head I heard a faint moan from the other side.

I played with the tip for a while, teasing the head with my tongue before taking him further into my mouth. With every back and forward motion I went deeper, using both hands to stroke up and down his shaft in rhythm. The further I went the faster I moved and I began to feel his cock hitting the back of my throat. I took him as far as I could and felt the beating of his cock down my throat as I held it there for a few seconds. Pulling back with heavy breaths I saw I had left my red lipstick stains all over him.
I stood up, turned around and bent over, placing a hand against the wall on the other side. I shuffled back and using my other hand quickly pulled down my soaking wet thong and guided his cock toward me. I rubbed it slowly up and down my pussy and then over my clit for a few seconds sending waves of pleasure rippling through my body. Opening my legs I pushed back onto him and felt again just how big he was.

This was the biggest cock I had ever had inside me.

A moan escaped my mouth as it went as far as it would go. It filled me. Using both my hands which were now on the wall in front of me I rocked back and forward along his cock, which easily slid in and out of my wet pussy. My legs were shaking and waves of pleasure swept through me with every thrust. perabet giriş My breath was heavy; I struggled to keep quiet and placed my left hand over my mouth to cover up the audible moans. I pushed harder back onto him as I felt him thrusting in and out in tandem with my movements. I could feel my pussy spilling out cum onto his cock as he fucked me harder and harder.
The cubicle wall began to shake and in a stupor of pleasure, I removed my hand from my mouth letting out loud gasps with every thrust.

He stiffened further inside me and I knew he was about to cum so I turned and dropped again to my knees. I quickly stroked his cock which now felt ready to explode. The head now an angry purple lay just above my face and I was ready to take his cum all over. A loud moan rang out from the other side and I felt his cum shoot out of his cock onto my face. I closed my eyes and felt it hit my lips and across my cheeks, I opened my mouth and guided what I could inside. Jets of his cum hit the back of my throat and then it slowed dripping onto my tongue.

I took him again into my mouth and squeezed out the rest.

Once I felt he was spent I swallowed his entire load down my throat. His cock pulled back through the hole on the other side and I heard him quickly re-dress and exit the cubicle. I could still feel the fire in my chest and my pussy was throbbing so I sat on the toilet with his cum was still over my face.

I lifted my dress and saw my red swollen pussy dripping white with my cum. Moving my fingers over the top I started to rub my clit quickly, I knew it wouldn’t take long. I wiped the cum off my face with my finger and tasted it while I played. I was so worked up that within a minute my legs began to shake again as my orgasm reverberated through my entire body. My back arched, my legs tensed and my chest breathed heavily as waves of ecstasy exploded from my pussy up and into my body. I moaned loudly for a few seconds and then as the pleasure died away I rubbed my clit slower.

I slowly calmed taking in the events that had just happened. I steadily stood up and tried to compose myself. Making sure to pick up and put my thong back on and cleaning my face as best as I could with toilet roll I exited the cubicle. People glanced in my direction while I walked out of the room. I returned their looks with a grin as I passed, glad I had finally ended my drought. Back in the main room, I re-joined my friends to tell them about my encounter.

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