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My friend Susie Ch. 01: Beginning

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A little something about me first: I was a big introvert up until my early adult life. It has its own set of problems, and it influenced my life. As such, it takes time for me to open up to new people, but once I do, it’s a blast!

I never had a proper girlfriend, just a few casual flings. I lost my virginity to an escort. And later, I caved into the wishes of my family to have an arranged marriage.

My wife is a good person. She’s loving and caring, but we each have our reservations about our sex life. We aren’t sexually compatible because she’s a prude: No kinks, no dark fantasies, just plain old missionary sex. It’s so frustrating that just to get off, I think about my past flings or indulge in endless quantities of porn.

Now, around four years back, I joined a start-up as a tech developer in another city. My wife and I both shifted and got ourselves a good apartment. The company was fine, with nice little projects, but not much of a work culture. People mostly kept to themselves. I didn’t open up socially there. But the silver lining was the UX designer on my neighboring desk, Susie.

Susie is a tomboyish dusky girl of average height, with a devilish smile, lovely eyes, short red-streaked hair, and a nice body! She is a lovely girl, good to talk to, and a free spirit through and through. She’s pretty vocal on social issues and on controversial sexual topics.

I even dared brave a few chances of helping her on her desk while standing just to catch a glimpse of the valleys of her lovely bosom hidden underneath her shirt. I admit she became the object of my fantasies to get off sometimes.

When I joined, Susie was in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend of a few years. Months later, she sheepishly tells me that she’s getting married.

Interestingly, after her announcement, Susie became pretty vocal about her dislike for monogamy. She used to say she loves her man but could hardly digest the fact that she’ll have to live (and lay) only with him now. She even talked to him about it and her unwillingness to get married. But somehow, he and all their families convinced her to tie the knot. Although, she did say that her guy promised her that their sex life would be as kinky as she wants!

Susie got married a few weeks after I left the company, but not before I casually passed on to her that I admired her. Shockingly, she replied, she spoke of me as an interesting guy to her friends and admired me too, but it ended there. I left the company, she got married, and we lost touch.

After the start-up, I joined a corporate in my city and pretty soon climbed ladders. Around a year or so later, the company selected a few of us to attend a three-day tech conference in Singapore. Each one of us got a gorgeous room in a four-star hotel for ourselves. The rooms were great: nice cozy bed, with some of the best alcohol for room service, and a smart TV to see whatever you wanted (sadly no porn).

On the first day of the conference, a few of my ex-colleagues from the start-up approached me. Along with them was the lovely Susie! We were all surprised to see each other and shared a lot of pleasantries. I found out that we were staying in the same hotel. My seniors later invited me to dinner at a restaurant to catch up. I excused myself from my present colleagues and joined them, mainly because I wanted to be with Susie a bit more.

We were all sitting at a big dinner table. Susie was wearing a nice short and revealing blue dress, casually chose to sit beside me. Everyone seemed surprised and praised my newfound outward behavior. The truth was I never opened up to them ever. Susie seemed very interested in hearing whatever I had to say and made a point to laugh at all my jokes. After some starters, chit-chat about catching up, and the goings in our lives, our friends decided to have a cigarette in the smoking zone before the main course and more drinks, leaving Susie and me alone. We were the only non-smokers on that team.

I suddenly got an idea to rile her up with her anti-monogamy rant: “So Susie, how’s your life going? Work, personal?” I casually asked to start a conversation.

“Hmph!,” she quickly shrugged. “It’s fine you know, just not too interesting. Work-wise I am slowly looking for a change, but I can’t do much about my personal life.”

I asked her what she meant, to which she replied: “Nothing dude, just no fun. But I signed up for it even though I was never a fan of monogamy anyway. So, gotta deal with it.”

It was going the way I wanted. ” Oh yea, I never got to talk to you about that topic as I was always engrossed in work. You’re not a monogamist, right? “

She said no. I continued digging in, “But your husband promised you a kinky sex life right?”

She replied, “Yea dude, but it’s not as open and kinky as I want. He freezes at even the thought of seeing me with another guy. Drop it. Tell me about your life, how is it going? Pretty sure the cool guy’s married life is pretty awesome?”.

This conversation was taking the exact turn as I expected. I relayed my sob story: an arranged marriage after giving bursa escort into family wishes, a good but very prudish wife, even though I’m not really a monogamist. I told her she was luckier than me to even have kinks in her sex life, even if it is just with one partner.

Her eyes seemed to brighten, but her words were filled with sympathy. She joked that she always thought I had some sex dungeon for myself and was sad to hear this.

We discussed how the morals of different cultures and societies work, and how our society’s morals aren’t helpful at all for a while. Soon we saw our friends coming out of the smoking zone,

Susie quickly had an idea: “Hey, we have an interesting conversation going on! I don’t wanna talk about this stuff in front of these ‘bores’. Why not skip out of here soon and meet up in one of our rooms?”

I felt a strange rush but I kept calm. “Yeah sure. Maybe you leave first, then I’ll follow ten minutes after you and we’ll meet in my room. I have a wine bottle I ordered for myself there. Let’s share it.”

She happily agreed and said that she’ll quickly change into comfy clothes and knock on my door.

As planned, we left one by one citing random reasons. I reached my room, changed into something loose, and casually removed my undies as I usually do. Soon, Susie knocked and quickly entered my room. I looked around and locked the door quickly. She was now wearing shorts and a loose t-shirt without a bra. Her bosom’s curves and the slight outline of her nipples were all clearly visible. She sat relaxed on my bed, while I took the chair nearby.

I tried to keep it together. I poured us both a drink and we exchanged small talk about what I was watching on TV or Netflix, blah blah. Susie re-initiated our conversation, “So, how prude is your wife really? I mean, what does she allow or not?”

I replied with my whole list of it, “Well, Long answer! For starters, she doesn’t even let me lick her down there.”

Visibly shocked, Susie exclaimed a bit loudly, “What?! Dude why? How can any girl not like that? Do you not do it nicely? Haha!”

I said whenever I lick her down there she has shivers of orgasm but she just doesn’t enjoy the idea of her great husband doing such “nasty” things.

I continued, “She does happily give me a blowjob, but I won’t call it that. She just puts my cock in her mouth and licks it a little. I’ve never even tried anal with her. I once got carried away and by mistake, I was trying to put my cock in her back door. She firmly told me I was doing it wrong!”

Susie was shocked and disappointed. She casually mentioned, “I do like anal once in a while, and my husband gives it to me…”.

In the end, I continued that when I was working at the start-up in the other city, away from everyone we knew, my wife kept suggesting that we should spice it up a little. I started reading about it; and there were many suggestions of soft swinging, a type of swinging where you have sex with only your partner but in the same room with another couple. Maybe a little bit of voyeurism, or soft touching, but even that is optional, and it would be really helpful in “spicing it up”. She quickly shot me down saying she isn’t comfortable getting naked in front of strangers. She even declined my multiple attempts of buying her a dildo saying I was enough for her.

Susie started arguing in my favor. “Yea that’s what dude, these morals always get in the way. Even my husband! I offered him to have a threesome with me and another girl. He even declined saying, “it’s a sin’!”

I laughed, “LOL! Which guy in his right mind would deny such an offer from his own wife?!”

“Yea man!”, she continued, “He’s good in sex, satisfies me good, uses the dildo on me some times, but I have other urges too! I want to be able to see other men, experiment. And we talked about this before marriage, but now it’s all for naught! It’s like your mom asking you not to eat fast food..hahaha!”.

We were both a bit tipsier from all the drinks we had. I tried to take the topic up a notch to see where it goes.

“Screw it, no sense talking about all this. We’re like-minded, and we’re chatting here now. Let’s talk about ourselves. So, I’ll ask you this, what are your fantasies? And it can go as dark as it could, so don’t worry.”

Susie took a long sip from her wine glass and almost emptied it before answering as if she needed the liquid courage to open up.

“Hmmm. Well, first of all, I wanna do it with an older man. Like 45+ or something. And not just like normal sex, but you know…. hard, rough.,” she said with lust visible on her face.

“Oh, like making you his bitch? Hehe…”, I asked.

“Haha, yea! I love rough sex! But again, my husband? He says he can’t be cruel to his precious and delicate wife!”. She continued “Then, I wanna do it with multiple partners, you know: It could be threesomes, foursomes, orgies, anything! Yea, that’s about it. What about you?”.

I told her about my fantasies that one or two of mine can be dark. “So, yea well, some of our fantasies match. I also bursa escort bayan wanna be a part of threesomes, orgies, and stuff. And frankly, I wanna have rough sex as well. Also, I have a fantasy of deflowering a young virgin….. obviously legal age!

“Hmmm…”, she sheepishly smiled. “I lost my virginity at 16…”

Just a ‘Wow’ came out of my mouth. I got it together, “Wow, well that’s sweet. I lost mine at 25 to an escort…… Another thing I wanna do is to take a mother and daughter on the same bed.”

She gasped and replied, “Oh God, you’re one of those Mother-Daughter thing fans?!”

I replied, “Yea, I mean, obviously no real mother is gonna have her real daughter on the same bed….. I think! It can very well be a stepmother or even roleplay. You know, an older woman and a younger girl. The cherry on the cake would be that the young girl is a virgin, and the older woman teaches her bedroom tricks on my cock.”

I noticed that as I talked freely about my fantasies, Susie was biting her lips, lust dripping on her face.

“Hmm, cool…..”. She finishes her drink and puts the glass on the table and with a slight tremble in her voice, she asks, “Can I propose something?”

“Of course, Susie!”

“We’re here together, like-minded, and our morals are on the same page. We both love our spouses, and we both have other urges. How about we give into them tonight?”

My heart skipped six beats. I stopped breathing for a moment. My deepest desire, the entire reason for striking the conversation with Susie back at the restaurant had come through! She was asking me to have sex with her.

“Umm…..” I stuttered, “Y-you wanna have s-s-sex with me?”

“Yea, I mean, if you have hots for me… which I think you do. I still remember that you admire me.” She smiled and winked.

A sudden rush took over me, my cock grew and bulged through my comfy pajamas. She noticed it and pointed at it.

“Oooh….. I’ll take that as a yes.”

I gathered myself, “Hehe, well, yeah, ok….but since we are doing it, how about we check off one common fantasy from our list? Can I be rough?”

Her eyes widened. “Well…yeah, but it’s also a little dodgy. I mean what if you’re too harsh?”

I assured her. “Ok, we’ll set some ground rules: I’ll pull your hair, slap you, but not too hard to bruise your lovely face, I’ll spank your boobs and ass, use some abusive words, and will gag you a little. And if any of it goes beyond a point, you take our company’s name as a safe word and I’ll stop it right there.”

Her eyes were sparkling and she was biting her lower lip, as I was speaking. I even noticed the area between her legs becoming a little moist suggesting she already had juices flowing.

“Dude, just one thing. Protection?”

I cunningly smiled and said, “I have them.” While coming back from our dinner, I had sneaked into a medical store and bought a pack of nice, Extra Time Durex condoms. The moment she realized I planned on getting between her legs the whole time, she jumped me and started smooching me.

We kissed with passion and with lust. Soon lip – sucking turned into tongues making love to each other. I held her tight in my arms and especially tight on the back, so her breasts were firmly pressed against me. I freed my left hand from our embrace and started rubbing her right nipple, now hard and erect, through her t-shirt. She gasped at my actions and then let out a sweet little cry. The room was filled with her moans as we continued this for a while.

I released her and softly whispered, “Get ready to be my bitch!”, and pushed her on the bed.

She fell hard on the bed with a groan and said, “Yes master…”

I was overwhelmed now. I quickly took her clothes off, and almost tore them. Her beautiful bosom, perky nipples, something I had seen only a glimpse of from within her shirts. Her sexy body, her pussy, and her ass, something I always fantasized about were finally all lying naked right in front of me. All for me, all for my pleasure, and to feast on all I wanted!

I grabbed her breasts with a firm hand and started sucking hard on them one by one. I assaulted her breasts viciously that they were soon red, wet, and covered in teeth marks. Her nipples were quite sensitive. Susie uttered a mix of painful hisses, groans, and lustful moans filling the room.

Susie tried to move her hand down to play with her clit. I saw what she was trying to do and quickly held her hands back.

“No, no! You are not touching what I am about to eat!”, I said before slapping her lovely face.

“Sorry master…”, she moaned.

I dragged her by her legs to the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor and dived mouth first into her pussy. It was juicy, wet, and smelled good!

“Mmm, yummy!” I growled before starting to eat her pussy like a starving man.

My mouth was dripping with her juices. Her moans were loud and echoing all over the room as I ate her cunt to my heart’s satisfaction. Good thing expensive hotels have soundproofing!

I wanted more action now. I got up, quickly escort bursa got rid of my clothes. I have an average 6″ cock; I work out a little so it can get pretty stiff. I had also been clever enough to clean myself down there before she arrived in my room. Like the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of my man-scent filled the air.

Susie let out a huge sigh and smacked her lips, “I love that aroma, my master. Please let me suck you.”

“Of course, bitch, I am gonna stuff your throat with it!”, I turned her so her head was hanging on the edge of the bed.

I slapped her face once more and then her tits. When she opened her mouth to cry from the sting of my slaps, I shoved my entire cock in her.

I started ramming it down her throat. Her gagging, gulping, and moaning sounds only made my cock harder! She tried to touch her clit again, I caught her hands and put them on my ass.

“All you are to do is touch and satisfy me, whore! Leave your body to me.”

Her gags and moans muffled her acceptance or denial, but she started pressing my ass anyway. I tapped her pussy hard a few times. She gagged and moaned on my cock, muffling her cries, as I laid next to her in a 69 position to feast on her pussy again.

Her heavy breathing on my cock felt divine, it was making me lose control. Finally, for the longest time, I was getting a proper fucking good blowjob. Bitch knew how to eat a bone!

I kept eating her out as I pistoned in and out of her hot mouth, crushing her head between me and the bed. She kept squeezing my ass while sucking my rod hard and raw.

I inserted a finger in her vagina, then another, and I began sawing them in and out of her. Her breathing became heavier and she was gasping with moans. Hell, my wife never let me do this, and I was getting the picture of what exactly she’s missing!

I started inserting a third finger in her juicy cunt and began to seriously pump her. As soon as I did that, it hit her trigger and she started to moan and cry, her whole being buckled in pleasure, and her eyes rolled back. Although she wasn’t a squirter, I knew she was cumming. I turned around to look at her face shivering in pleasure. A few seconds later, I was pushing my cock back into her mouth.

She whispers with a heavy breath, “Fuck me, master. I need your cock in me.”

I quickly grabbed the condom pack from the drawer, unpacked one of them, and tossed it to her, “make it ready to destroy your pussy, slut.”

She gladly took it and while stroking my cock put a condom on it.

I lay her down on the bed and got on top of her. I pushed my cock into her hot wet pussy. We weren’t spouses here making sweet love with one another. She needed it and I needed it. I pushed hard and fast into her. She gasped and I let out a heavy sigh. She was tight even after being a slut all her unmarried life and after being married too. But I knew she had a workout regimen including yoga and other more things. They served her well! Plus, she knew how to grab my cock with her vagina – my wife could take a few lessons. I started digging Susie hard.

My thrusts got harder and harder as I tested how much she could take. I wasn’t fast at the beginning but I was firm and hard. With every single thrust, our thighs slapped loudly together, making her shout. In between, I savored every inch of her skin and I smooched her with my tongue deep in her mouth.

She tried to move her hands to squeeze her tits and play with them. I caught them and pushed them away, slapping her face pretty hard that her pussy contracted in pain and shock.

“Fucking bitch, didn’t I tell you I’ll play with your body?”

I began to tightly squeeze and twist her nipples. She was moaning, shouting, making me enjoy it more and do it all the more to her. I thrust my hand in her mouth and choked her to gag her. A few seconds of breathlessness did wonders on her pussy. She was loving it as much as I was. I gave her a deep smooch then slapped her face.

I stood on my knees on the bed and I grabbed her legs and spread them wide open. She was nimble so she could stretch them a lot. I pounded her hard a few more times then I tightly held her legs together on my chest. With her feet on my face, I started kissing them. With her legs bound tight to each other, her pussy was even tighter. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as I started pounding her faster. Getting pumped hard and fast at this angle made her pussy tighten, her body spasmed, her eyes rolled back, and she moaned loudly with shivers. My slut had another orgasm.

I repositioned her, bringing her again to the edge of the bed as I stood on the floor with my knees slightly bent. Pulling her by her hair towards me, I ordered her to lick my nipples. I love that feeling. She submitted and started licking my nipples like a lolly. Aah, the feeling.

The slut knew all her tricks! I pulled her hair back and with a swift thrust, I opened her legs with my other hand. I pushed my cock back into her fuckhole. I started thrusting hard into her again, while simultaneously pulling her hair, slapping her face and breasts alternately every few seconds, and gagging her even more in between. I had hardly had rough sex before but this was the best one! Her hand was trying to loosen my hold on her hair and her eyes were watery from all the rough sensations on her whole body. But the bitch was loving it all!

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