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My Dad’s close friend

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My Dad’s close friend
By Dina Petro

My name is Lana, I was eighteen years old when the events of this story happened, being a real good looking girl, with a sexy body that looked curvy, sexy and very attractive, even though I was still young.
I lived with my parents, my brother and sister in our family house, we had a nice, open minded family relations, very spacy freedom levels from our parents somehow, we girls dress freely at home and move freely as well, even in front of the family guests, my father’s friends and others.
My whole family went on a trip for a few days, but I could not go with them for some commitments at college with some exams, I had to stay home alone, on my free time during my parents absence, I would go out with some friends party or have fun, but sometimes I would stay home all alone, try to entertain myself to the best I could.
I happen to be a sex loving girl at that age, had many sexual encounters with my BF and some other friends as well; being bisexual, I had some of my female friends stay over some times for fun and games.
I was all alone one evening, finished all my school work, I was watching a porn movie, which was kind of heating my body up when I received a phone call, it showed on the mobile screen the caller as Jim, my father’s close friend, who was Dad’s age.
I answered the phone and he sounded worried about my father saying “I have been trying to call your dad for a while, no answer, or sometimes it tells me out of reach, what is going on Lana, is he OK?” Dad seems to have forgotten to tell him he was traveling.
I smiled saying “He is OK Uncle Jim; he is on a trip with mom and the rest of the family”
He swore at him, laughing and saying “That Son of a bitch, he did not tell me, got me worried about him there, why aren’t you with them Lana?”
I said “I wish, but I had to be at college during this time”
He asked “Are you OK honey all alone in the house, do you need any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask, you know, I have all the free time in the world, and I love you so much “
I smiled, thanked him by saying “thank you Uncle Jim, I am sure of that of course, well, if you would stop by for a drink to keep me company for a little while, I have nothing to do if you are free?”
He said “yes of course honey, I will be there shortly”
Once Uncle Jim hung up, I had the naughtiest ideas any girl could ever think of, remembering how Uncle Jim’s eyes would look at me while visiting my father, especially when I was in short shorts or tight, short skirts, his eyes would be browsing my whole body, his staring was noticeable for me.
I thought to myself “well, I am all alone, very horny and I am for some good, naughty games with Uncle Jim, I hope he is up to it, I am sure he would love it, I changed my clothes, put on a real naughty, slutty blue nightie that was made of light satin material, not transparent, but so little and very much revealing.
The nightie was very short, showing most of my thighs, it was topless, only suspended by two strapping ropes over my shoulders, the top, front piece was very low revealing my whole cleavage, barely covering the top part of my nipples, showing a small part of my areolas, I skipped the panties and the bra, and stayed without them, acting as if being comfortable at my own house.
Although Uncle Jim was in his early fifties, may be too old for me being eighteen by then, but I knew for sure he was a very strong man, athlete body, who had no health problems whatsoever. I prepared a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice for him before his arrival, but I was naughty enough to dissolve one tablet of Viagra in that drink, it was a very naughty and mean action by myself, the way I looked sexually, for his eyes, and a Viagra in his drink, probably that would turn him off the edge, I wanted to have him that night, so why not?.
Ever since I started growing up, I had this urge to be with older guys, I just enjoy sex with them very much, knowing older people usually would respect a woman’s body and treat it very soft and nice, especially younger girls, much more than those younger boys who would want to fuck her in any way they could, as fast as they could, don’t get me wrong, I love being fucked, but being spoiled by an older man would be my best feeling ever.
The doorbell range, I opened the door for him, it was Uncle Jim, in his most glory looks as I have ever imagined him, usually Uncle Jim would give me a light hug with a short kiss on the cheek, once he comes to see my father, he opened his arms for me, I hugged him so close, but I think I overdid it that time, I had just wrapped my arms warmly around his body, gluing my body to his, rubbing my semi bare tits to his chest, a naughty hint start in fact, but Uncle Jim usually announces he treats me like his little daughter, but I had always noticed his dirty, under looks at the sexy parts of my body when around him.
He came in and we walked together to the living room, he sat on the couch, I offered him a drink saying “Uncle Jim, I have already prepared a nice fresh squeezed orange juice, can I bring it over”
He smiled saying “what a sweetheart you are, you know what I like always, yes of course, please do by all means”, I went to the kitchen came back with his drink on a little tray, I bent over slowly, offering him the drink but, I made sure he could have a real good, close look at my fully bare tits under the loose, fluffy nightie top, including my nipples. He looked, he had no other canlı bahis şirketleri choice, they were right there in front of his eyes, but he knew I was watching him, so he seemed embarrassed for looking direct over my tits.
I backed up a couple of steps, still looking him in the eyes, raised the empty tray playfully to cover my tits, smiling and saying “I am sorry Uncle Jim for what I am wearing, maybe I should go and get into something more convenient, if this is embarrassing you?”
He smiled shaking his head saying “Not at all baby, you are at your own house, and it is your own right to feel as comfortable and convenient as you want, no one could ever deprive you of that right, including myself, you should stay the way you are, if it feels comfortable, and if my presence is not making you comfortable, I would just drink this juice and leave right away?”
I said “No way Uncle Jim, of course your presence makes me very comfortable in any way I am, I would not have invited you to keep me company if it wasn’t so, I guess I asked you to come over, didn’t i?”
He said “yes of course baby, then let’s forget the formalities, why don’t you get yourself something to drink and lets have a nice chat to keep you company instead of being all alone in this damn empty house?”
I went to the kitchen, got me a drink, walked back to where he was, but I did not set next to him, I sat on the opposite couch instead, simply because I had lots of naughty things on my mind at that time, giving the Viagra some time to act, and while it was doing so, I had on mind some naughty warm ups for the older man.
I sat comfortably on the couch, did not totally glue my legs together, neither did I spread them wide, I was just showing him my legs first, and some naughty small flashes of my inner thighs, once in a while, during our chats. Uncle Jim is a nice man, it is so much fun to be around him, and he would keep you entertained with his lovely words and funny jokes.
I was listening to him, sharing some ideas and thoughts, laughing with him when he makes a nice joke, but all I let him see till that point, were my inner thighs, not all the way, right before my pussy lines, he did not see my pussy yet, he saw most of my tits of course, some moves I made were allowing him a clear look again at my areolas, even part of my nipples at some points, I noticed it was working fine, Uncle Jim was trying to deviate his eyesight away from my displayed assets, when he knew I was looking at him.
But I tried to deviate my eyesight away, by making myself busy with my phone or other things, keeping the corners of my eyes over him, when he got the chance not to be seen, as he thought, he was looking straight forward and staring over my tits, between my legs and all over, any person would, if he had been in his place, he had the whole sexy world laying right in front of his eyes, he was an old eager man and the fresh flesh in front of him was very much tempting too.
He definitely realized I was braless, he saw my full bare tits one way or another, but I am sure his mind was wondering what was hidden between my sexy legs and thighs, he probably was dying to find out. At a certain point, I excused myself from him to answer a text message to one of my friends, so I made myself busy on the phone with full concentration, but again, kept the corners of my eyes on full surveillance at Uncle Jim’s eyes and action.
Acting busy on the phone, I decided to reward Uncle Jim with a quick flash of my bare pussy at that exact moment, he knew I wasn’t looking at him, or at least thought so, it was for a second or so, that I made my pussy show up for his ‘pussy hungry’ eyes, and that was hell for Uncle Jim, he was almost sweating, trying to look away, but his eyes were, uncontrollably mesmerized over my showing pussy.
I clearly noticed a rising tent under his pants, he was trying to hide it, but failed, he was not acting right at all, I knew my plan was working the way I wanted it, so I let go of another flash of my pussy, but a little longer this time, allowing him to have a clear look at it.
As of a sudden, I glued my legs together, stopped using my mobile, looked at him saying “Uncle Jim, are you OK? Is everything alright”
Poor man, he did not know what to say, he was just mumbling some unclear words, still trying to hide his hard on, but it was a total failure, that was the exact time when I decided to break the ice and rescue Uncle Jim from the embarrassment he was deep in, first to make it worse by building fire, then to try putting it off.
I looked clearly and noticeably at his crotch area, watching his hard on under his pants, smiled naughtily, making him know, I have already seen it, the I have naughtily spread my legs wide open, bent over, looking down between them saying “Oh my God, I knew it is the naughty nightie I am wearing, maybe I should take it off to make you more comfortable Uncle Jim”
He almost screamed “Take it off? What do you mean Lana?”
I giggled saying “I meant take it off and replace it with something more reasonable Uncle Jim, for you to be more comfy around me”
He seemed more relaxed saying “oh… that is what you meant?”
I giggled saying “Oh! You did not think I wanted to take it off and stay naked, did you?”
He smiled, waving his hand backwards, as older people do saying “Come on c***d, you do whatever is convenient for you, you are like my little daughter anyway”
I stood up, walked towards him and said “well, then if you want me süperbahis comfortable the way I like to be, and you said I am like your daughter, then please let me act like your own daughter by all means?” without waiting for any answer from him, I got closer to him, turned around and sat on his lap sideways, wrapped my arm around his neck and gave him a little peek on his cheek.
I guess I have put a small fire out, by hiding his hard on, saving him the embarrassment, but it seemed like I had not realized the larger fire I had started by doing that, he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me closer and warmly to his body, he got his mouth closer to give me a peek back on the cheek.
As soon as he placed his lips over my cheek for the little fatherly kiss, he realized that my bare tits, and bullet hard nipples, were in full display for his own, hungry eyes, wow! I have never ever seen a faster reaction to such thing in my entire life, as of a sudden, I felt my body was rising over his lap, his cock was trying to push me up or else trying to invade my body over his lap.
I felt it clearly, so I looked him straight in the eyes, he must have clearly felt it of course, and knew I felt it as well, after all, I was seminude over his lap with his rock hard cock, trying to push my ass up, I have never seen Uncle Jim blush all red like that moment, he must have thought he failed me and himself by saying he treated me like his daughter, but again, even if I was his daughter, I would imagine if any daughter dressed like I was, as hot and as sexy as I looked then, he would have acted the same if she sat over his, already rising cock.
I decided to cut the seductive bullshit, and save the older man’s ass by then, I just lowered my head over his, locked my lips over his’ and started kissing him passionately for a nonstop long kiss, he reacted right away, kissing me back, our tongues started circling into each other mouths.
He broke the passionate kiss up, moving his head away saying “Lana, what do you think you are doing, this is totally wrong darling”
I smiled saying “it is OK Uncle Jim, I know I over did it by acting very lose, I put so much of my assets on display, so I wanted to reward you with them, I hope you do not have any objections to that?”
He mumbled some unclear words then said “well, no male would ever object to being in such heaven with the sexiest, most tempting, young, fresh body like yours in his arms, but being a male is not enough, we have to distinguish things, you are my best friend’s daughter, and you should be like a daughter to me, this is totally wrong”
I got off his lap. Got on my knees in front of him on the carpeted floor, started unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants, pushing them and his boxers down, a huge, thick, long cock sprung out in front of my eyes, it looked as if it was trying to get out of its stretching skin and veins, grown to the furthest extent of hardness, strange enough he did not do anything to stop me from doing what I was.
I held his cock in hand, massaged it up and down a little, stuck my tongue out and passed the tip of my tongue along his cock’s length, and then I looked him straight in the eyes smiling naughtily and saying “you mean you do not want me to go ahead with this?” I wrapped my lips around the shiny head of his cock, which was already leaking some pre-cum.
I pulled it out of my mouth still looking him straight in the eyes, smiled saying “Uncle Jim, I know you want this much more than I do, I admit I want it as well, if the problem is your best friend, my daddy that is, I would not tell him anything, would you?”
Before waiting for an answer from him, I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it, pushing it deeper and deeper into my mouth, although I was young, but as mentioned earlier, fully experienced, I was considered one of the best cock suckers among my friends, I was pushing my head down over his rock hard cock, allowing it to pass my throat till my head was stopped by resting on his balls.
Uncle Jim stretched his legs outwards between mines, lifted his crotch up as if bringing it closer to my sucking lips, moaned very loud with his eyes closed, a couple of louder moans followed the first one, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, looked him deep in the eyes, as if I was waiting for his answer.
He looked me deep in the eyes with a look that was full of deep passion and lust same time, saying “to be honest with you, I would be very stupid if I have asked you to stop this, and of course I would not tell him anything, but are you really going to allow me to sink deep into this wonderful land of heaven between your arms and legs Lana?”
I sucked on his dick for a few minutes without a word, till his moaning was getting louder and longer, I did not want him to cum, so I pulled his dick out of my mouth, stood up, got rid of my nighty, standing fully nude right in front of him, I smiled saying “The answer to your question is Yes, I will, all night long, nonstop, if you were man enough to fulfill my sexual and passionate needs and satisfy me, then I promise to be all yours whenever we get a chance to be alone, otherwise, you would have to consider it a one night stand experience , with no return, what do you say to that?”
His jaw dropped down, looking on my nude body, his eyes wide open, his mouth was too, he was browsing my body top to toe, then he cubed my tits with both of his hands, rubbed them a little, still speechless, he started süperbahis güvenilir mi feeling my body, up and down till his palm cubed my pussy, feeling how soft, how fresh and how wet I was, he pushed his hand further, curved a finger pushing it into my slit, trying to find the G-spot, he did, and rubbed it a little, I closed my eyes moaning as loud as I could.
He stopped moving his finger, looked me straight in the eyes, smiled saying “honey, there is something I am one hundred percent sure of, which is my sexual power and sex drive, besides, any man in the whole world, no matter how old or weak, would have a continuous, nonstop hard on when having such heavenly body, right in front of his eyes and for his own disposal, but I will hold you to your words of promise, of being mines whenever we get the chance”
I giggled, laughing loud and saying “Fuck Uncle Jim, not only you want to fuck me and spend the night with me; you want to guarantee getting my pussy always don’t you?” I started getting closer to him step after step, my bare pussy was totally coincided to his mouth, he knew what was coming, he was about to eat my pussy while I was standing up, in front of him.
Uncle Jim placed both of his hands over my ass cheeks, pulling me closer to his face, saying “Damn right darling, you bet I do” he buried his face into my groins, and I felt his tongue massaging my clit and swollen outer pussy lips, he started doing one hell of wonderful job eating my pussy bringing me very close to orgasm.
I was not only moaning, but I was literally screaming loud, my whole body was shaking and trembling between his arms, till my pussy started splashing its contents of honey juices right into his mouth and all over his lips and his moustaches, he kept at it, till I was coming down to earth, my orgasm was subsiding, and my breath was coming back to normal.
Uncle Jim, Got up, held me between his arms, lay me on the couch, length wise, got rid of his clothes fast till he was fully nude, situated himself in between my wide spread legs, held his rock hard cock in hand and started rubbing its shiny head to my outer pussy lips, he could clearly see I was more than ready to greet his dick in me, and get deep fucked, he applied some power over his dick, pushing it into me, it popped into my pussy and started gliding down into me, inch after another effortless till he was balls deep in me.
He rested for a few seconds, then he held both of my wide spread legs, lifted them up and on his shoulders, got totally on top of me, whispered in my ear “are you ready baby? I want to fuck you like there is no tomorrow”
I closed my eyes, moaned, smiled saying “Yes Uncle Jim, as you can see, my pussy is ready more than ever, it had greeted your dick warmly into it, so fuck me please, I want you to fuck me so hard and so deep, will you?”
Uncle Jim started pulling out of me, then back in, each time speeding up a little till he was flashing his hard pipe of meat into my cock hungry pussy hole, all you can hear was, my moans, his moans and the sound of his dick slamming in and out of my wet cunt, his balls were hammering my crotch each time he landed in me, balls deep, wow, that truly felt like heaven on earth, I could not believe an old man like Uncle Jim, would fuck a young cock hungry girl like me that hard up to the full satisfying point.
I came again over his dick, we were both enjoying each and every minute of it, till Uncle Jim was close to cum, I felt his cock in me, swelling, getting warmer and faster, I knew it, he screamed “I want to cum, I am ready, should I cum in your mouth baby”.
I screamed back saying “Don’t you dare stop or pull it out of my pussy Uncle Jim, I want all of your seeds in me, deep inside, cum in me please”
He said “baby, are you sure? This might be risky?”
I said “Yes I am damn sure Uncle, don’t you worry about impregnating me, I am on the pill already, so please fuck me and cum in my pussy”
Uncle Jim let go, his dick was pumping its huge, thick load of cum into my cunt, one shot after another, till I felt the cum was seeping out of my pussy sides, he was pulling out slowly till only his dick head was in my pussy, lifting his body up for me to see it clearly under him, wow, what a million dollar worth of a show, it looked great, his thick, dick, lubed with a mixture of my pussy juices and his cock cream, half way inside my swollen pussy, my pussy lips were so swelled almost rising to follow his dick.
He slammed it back in my pussy, resting his body over mines, I said “stay still Uncle; I want to feel it shrink in me”
He laughed saying “Not on your dreams darling, can’t you feel it, it is still as hard as it could ever be” only then I remembered the Viagra pill I sneaked into his drink, I laughed so loud.
Uncle Jim, pulled out of me, held my arm, helping me stand up, and we walked down the hall to my bedroom, he lay on bed to rest, but his hard cock was still up, pointing its head to the ceiling, I held it in hand, looked him in the eyes smiling and saying “Damn, you are still hard Uncle Jim, do you think you can do it again, right away?
He nodded smiling and saying “You bet your life I can baby”
I got up, saddled his body, lowering my pussy over his cock which were coinciding on top of each other, I kept lowering my body till my pussy lips touched his cock, I pushed a little, and in one move he was balls deep in me, I started dancing over his dick, jumping up and down till we both came again.
I could say that night, there was no sleep for neither of us, note even one moment, we were up in full action all night long, it was the morning when we both fell asleep between each other’s arms till afternoon time.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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