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My Centre Parcs lover

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My Centre Parcs lover
My husband and I have a fantastic relationship and I often tell him stories of my sexual fantasies which turn him on and make him cum. My husband is 43 and I am 38. These stories often involve me having sex with an older man and we have talked about what would happen if the situation were to happen in real life, well this is just what happened on our trip to Centre Parcs.

We had booked a week away in a cabin in Centre Parcs just the two of us, spending the week together walking around naked, having sex in the morning, afternoon and night time and at every opportunity.

On the first night we go to a bar for a drink and my husband meets an older man at the bar and starts to chat. He fits the description of the man in our stories to a tee. An older man (around 56), still in good shape, grey hair, single and looking for someone to help him out and give him some relief. My husband invites him over to our table and we spend the evening talking and drinking. We invite him back to our cabin and after a few more drinks the conversation turns to sex. He admits he hasn’t had any sexual relationship for a while and really needs some relief. We tell him about our stories and decide the three of us should continue the conversation in the sauna. The three of us go into the sauna wrapped in our towels but naked underneath. I tell him one of my stories about me being with an older man and his cock clearly starts to harden as his towel gives him away. My husband gives me the look which is the signal that it is OK to play with his cock if that is what I want and so I reach under the towel and start to play with it. I wank him slowly until his cock grows long and hard in just a few minutes and I can feel his cum begin to dribble into my hand. I squat down in front of him ready to take his cock into my mouth and suck him until he blows and gets the relief he needs. His cock is big and thick and I am eager to take him into my mouth and taste him. I take the tip of his cock into my mouth and begin to suck while my husband watches. bahis siteleri His cock is warm and thick and I can taste the salty pre cum on the tip. I start to suck him harder and faster and can feel him squirm as I speed up and know that it won’t be long before he blows his load into my mouth. I continue and sure enough he is soon spurting his load into my mouth. There is so much cum that I struggle to take it all in and gag on his cock and the cum load being blown into my mouth.

My husband now has a raging erection and I bend over and let my towel slip to the floor and invite him to fuck my pussy and blow his load inside me. He takes me from behind and takes my hips forcefully staking his claim on his wifes pussy and pumps fast and hard until he cums hard inside me, the load is so big that I can feel it dripping out of me and dribbling down my thighs.

The next day my husband gets a call from his work, there has been an emergency and our holiday will have to be cut short. He tells me to stay and enjoy the rest of the week. He tells me that he doesn’t want me to be lonely or have desires and is happy for me to have our friend from the night before come and visit again. I decide to go to the swimming pool and do my laps and find the pool surprisingly quiet. I jump into the lap pool and being my laps a little distracted from the antics of the night before and what had happened. As I reach the end of the pool I look up and see my friend from the night before standing poolside watching me. I get out and at first things are a little awkward. He asks where my husband is and I explain that he has had to go away for the rest of the week. He asks if I want to spend the rest of the day with him in the pool which I agree to, we swim, chat and everything is relaxed and friendly. As lunch time approaches we decide to get out of the pool and go back to the cabin for some lunch. He decides to go to the changing rooms first to find a cubicle. There is only one cubicle available and he asks if I am OK sharing with him. Given what had happened bahis şirketleri the night before then I don’t see the problem with it and we share the cubicle. I wrap my towel around me and remove my swim suit, as I am drying I realise that he is stood watching me and his cock is hard just like the previous night. I recall how good his cock felt in my mouth and so squat down and take it in my mouth again and suck fully aware of our surroundings and turned on by the situation, my pussy is wet and his cock is getting harder and harder. I stop and ask him if he needs more relief as he looks like the sucking is not enough and I assure him that I don’t mind. He can’t believe that he is being offered more as he is already so grateful for what he has had and asks if we can go back to the cabin to take things further. We dress quickly and make our way back to the cabin. The tension on the walk back is palpable and by the time we reach the door we are both so keen that we barely make it through the door before we are stripping off and touching each other eagerly.

I go into the spare bedroom and he follows me through, he sits on the edge of the bed and I squat down once again and take his erection into my mouth, I begin to suck him quickly and my pussy is so eager for him to be inside me I lay back on the bed and open my legs and invite him to take me. He climbs on top and his cock fills my pussy, he is big and thick and pumps hard and fast. My pussy is throbbing and I begin to squirm beneath him which makes him go harder and faster and he holds me in place while he pumps his load into me as I cum too. After sex I like to take the cock into my mouth and clean it up afterwards. I like to taste my pussy on the shaft and to taste the salty cum. I take his cock into my mouth and suck him clean, he blows the last of his cum into my mouth and I swallow it down and clean his shaft and head.

As the week goes on our meetings become more frequent with him staying over in the cabin and having sex at every opportunity. My husband has canlı bahis been texting every day and asking for updates on how things are going and I tell him every detail of my exploits with the older man which makes him horny and I send him pictures of me and know that he will be at home wanking over pictures of his wife and the stories that she has been telling him of her adventures with the older man. I can’t wait for my husband to come and pick me up at the end of the week and have a DP experience before the holiday is over.

On the last day the older man comes over to the cabin for our last time together, we go into the spare room and I am on my knees in front of his sucking his cock. I am so engrossed in what I am doing I don’t hear the door open and don’t realise that my husband has come early to surprise me. He stands in the door watching his filthy wife suck an older mans cock, his cock begins to twitch as he watches his wife get the older mans cock hard and ready to take him in her pussy. Only when I stop sucking do I realise my husband has been stood there all this time and is erect and ready to take his wife’s pussy. I hurriedly strip him naked eager to take his cock in my mouth and taste him again and he is soon hard and ready to fuck. I lay on the bed and let them take turns in my pussy. My husband then orders me to get onto all fours and starts to finger my arse, he then sticks his cock into my arse and I push back against him until I feel the cock slip inside and he begins to pump me. The older man lays and watches wanking while he does until he can’t take it any longer and begs for me to let him inside me. He slips underneath me and slips his cock inside me and the sensation is like nothing else, my pussy is full and heavy and my arse is full of cock and both my husband and our friend are pumping me hard and fast, I am so overawed by the whole situation, the sensations the feelings it is all very intense. My husband starts to cum first and fills my arse full of thick cum and the older man then pulls out and shoots his load over my face and tits and I suck them both clean afterwards.

The whole week was the most amazing week I have ever experienced, to live out a fantasy was unbelievable and the feeling of helping our older friend out was very satisfying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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