Temmuz 13, 2024

My Annual Exam

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Unlike most men, I look forward to my annual prostate exam because living in a sexless marriage, it’s the closest thing I have to sex with another human being. My doctor of thirty-plus years apparently sees things differently because the last couple of years, he simply asked me if I was having any issues urinating or if I found myself getting up frequently at night to pee.

In hindsight I should have said, “yes,” because I’m sure he would have slipped on the glove and probed away but my honesty won out and I said, “no.” He recently retired and was replaced with an incredibly young female doctor straight out of med school who specialized in geriatrics. She was cute as a button, petite, long black hair, and eyes that would melt you and I fell in love with her during our first meeting.

Our first meeting was just a get-to-know-you type meeting where I shared my medical history, and she gave me some background on herself. She checked my chart and noticed that I was behind on a few shots and my annual physical was coming due soon, so I scheduled another appointment with her three months down the road. That night, I had a good masturbation session thinking about her examining my nude body during my upcoming physical and probing away at my prostate. I repeated this scenario with all kinds of twisted variations until the appointment day arrived.

I made sure I was nice and clean and properly shaven in order to present my best self to her during the exam. Much to my disappointment, she didn’t ask me to undress nor did she offer to do my prostate exam. Instead, she said that she noticed that my PSA numbers had been rising over the years and suggested that I see a Urologist. Talk about feeling completely deflated — fuck me!

She gave me the name of a Urologist and I made an appointment to see him. I had never been to a Urologist, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My name was called, and I was escorted to an exam room. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity before I heard a knock on the door. In walked a tall, young, attractive male who introduced himself as Dr. Ryan.

He apologized for the delay and asked what brought me in. I told him that my new doctor was a female who apparently didn’t like the idea of probing my backside, so she sent me your way. He laughed and said it wasn’t fun for any of them, but he completely understood and then he asked me to stand so he could look at what I had.

I thought his choice or words were odd and I hoped that he wasn’t going to be disappointed in “what I had” because I certainly didn’t have a lot down there! He sat on his swivel chair while I stood in front of him dropped my shorts and underpants to the floor and presented myself to him.

This was so much different than all of my previous exams with my primary care physician as he would have me lay on the exam table, on my side, and pull my pants down far enough that he could gain entry into my anal canal. It felt strange to be standing in front of an attractive young doctor with my junk staring him in the face.

Dr Ryan reached up and gently placed one my testicles in his hand and then the other and while massaging both, carried on a conversation with me while looking directly into my eyes. Talk about different! I wasn’t sure if he was looking for a reaction or just being friendly but I tried to keep a poker face and act like having another man “fondle” my cock and antalya escort balls was completely normal for me but of course it wasn’t.

He then asked me to, “turn around and assume the position” which I did, laying my chest across the exam table and my ass up in the air. This young attractive guy just got done “playing” with my cock and balls and now he’s going to stick a finger up my ass – does it get any better than this I thought? Focus Marty, focus.

I bent over the table and pushed my ass out for him to access. I was very conscious of my balls and cock dangling between my legs then I felt his lubed finger penetrate my tight little opening. His finger met up with my prostate and instead of just running his finger around my prostate, he seemed to pull his finger back before sliding it back into my prostate, almost as if he was finger fucking me.

At one point, he poked my prostate so hard that I felt my cock rise and start to squirt. I thought I heard a drop of semen hit the floor before I instinctively clenched down to avoid spilling my entire load. Two seconds later, I realized what I was doing and quickly released my grip around Dr. Ryan’s finger.

He continued to probe around my prostate and anal canal before saying, “the good news is there’s no hardness in your prostate, but it does feel a bit enlarged.”

That sounded like a mixed bag so I asked if I should be concerned. He explained that the enlargement may be due to several things including my age, but he couldn’t be sure. I asked if there was anything I could do to shrink my prostate and he explained that there really weren’t any scientifically proven ways but to do so but there were a couple of unproven ways that some men have claimed to be successful.

The entire time he was talking to me, he continued to probe my prostate, sliding his finger in and out of me. I got lost in his action for a few moments before saying to him that I would be happy to try anything. He pulled his finger out and I found myself being disappointed that he did.

“Well, if you’re willing to give it a try, I’m happy to oblige, but I’ll need your consent before we begin because it is an experimental process with no real scientific data behind it yet,” Dr. Ryan said.

“Sure, where do I sign?” I asked as I continued to lay across the exam table with my freshly probed man cunt exposed.

“Let me grab a pen and the consent form,” Dr. Ryan said as he backed his chair away from me.

I listened to him open a drawer and fiddle around with some objects in that drawer while I thought about how I should be feeling awkward in this position but how surprisingly comfortable I was. I got lost in my thoughts but was instantly jerked back to reality when Dr. Ryan walked around in front of me and presented the consent form with one hand while lubing his engorged naked cock with the other.

“This is the instrument I’ll be using for your treatment. Do you still want to proceed?” he asked, shaking his lubed-up dick inches away from my face and smiling as he did.

I must have turned 50 shades of red as I went flush from head to toe. A hundred thoughts ran through my head in an instant, including how dare he ask me that question, and oh my god, what a lovely man-sized cock he has!

The thought of this cock penetrating any part of my body was both scary and a complete turn-on. I just wanted to lean fethiye escort forward and take his cock in my mouth as I had done many years ago with my best friend but thinking about him sliding it in my man cunt was even more exciting. I had always wanted to be fucked but had never had the pleasure of being fucked. Now was my time I thought.

I raised my focused eyes from the head of his dick to his eyes and said, “yes, please proceed”, then I signed the form and returned it to him. He took the form, then walked away, placed it on the table, and returned to my backside, spreading my legs as he stepped forward.

“You’ll feel a little pressure in the beginning but if you relax, you’ll be just fine,” Dr. Ryan said.

I’ve fucked myself with various dildos, vibrators, and assorted objects many times before, so I already knew the importance of relaxing and that’s exactly what I did. I felt the head of his cock press against my tight little sphincter, so I relaxed even more and then suddenly, I felt it pierce my opening and enter my anal canal.

It was much bigger than Dr. Ryan’s finger and it took my breath away. I thought of my wife and thought about how many times I had fucked her before and at this very moment, I was getting to feel what she’s felt all these years thanks to Dr. Ryan’s gorgeous cock!

My head rolled back towards my shoulder as he pushed his cock deeper into me, then pulled it back, before pushing it all the way in. Much like before, he hit my prostate gland with his cock and this time I didn’t hold back. The pressure of his cock against my gland made me cum instantly.

I heard the sound of my cum hitting the floor each time he pulled back and pushed forward. I didn’t bother to clench down because I was enjoying every moment of it, I simply started to yell out, “fuck me”, but Dr. Ryan muffled my cry with his right hand while continuing to fuck me from behind.

He released his hand from my mouth and told me that I would have to be quiet or he’d have to terminate the “procedure”. That’s the last thing I wanted, so I bit my lip and enjoyed the fucking he was giving me.

He had taken my man cherry and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. So much better than anything I had ever used on myself. Maybe because this was real, maybe it was because of where it was happening, maybe because he was a young attractive male doctor, maybe it was all those reasons and more. I didn’t care, I was being fucked and I loved it!

Dr. Ryan had a nice rhythm going and I was an active participant, pushing back on his cock and pulling away. At one point he stopped and let me do all the work.

“That’s a good sissy, ride that cock of me you dirty little fag. I knew you were a cock whore the minute my finger hit your prostate,” Dr. Ryan whispered to me.

Those words caused me to increase the speed of my thrusts up and down on his cock. You could hear my small little dick bouncing up and down, smacking my belly and then my balls. The sounds drove me as wild as did the feeling of riding his cock.

Dr. Ryan reached down and placed both of his hands on my nipples and then began pulling and twisting them. I was beginning to feel like a real woman with all this attention. He then took his right hand and lowered it to my crouch, reaching for my little dinkess. He pulled on it and jerked it and it started to swell. He kaş escort then took his left hand and fed two of his fingers into my mouth. It was as if I was sucking a cock while I was getting fucked and I loved it!

It obviously turned him on too as I began to feel his cock get larger and larger and his penetration get deeper and deeper. His rhythm sped up and became more forceful before I felt his body convulse and his cock cum in my cunt. I came a second time as he came, and I collapsed on the exam table because my legs were too weak to hold me up. Dr. Ryan gave me one more deep thrust before pulling out and backing up to clean himself off.

“Well, let’s see how that does for you,” he said nonchalantly, “feel free to clean yourself and stop by the front desk to make another appointment next month.”

He left shortly thereafter while I was still collapsed on the table. I laid there with my head spinning and my cock dripping realizing that I had just lost my virginity in the doctor’s office by a doctor! What the fuck. I laughed a little and figured I better myself and the floor cleaned up before a nurse came in and found me in this position. I hurried and did so then marched to the front desk.

“Name?” the receptionist asked.

“Marty Fisher,” I responded.

“When does Dr. Ryan want to see you again?” she asked.

“One month” I said.

She looked up and smiled.

“And what is the appointment for?” she asked.

Really, I thought!

“Enlarged prostate,” I replied.

Her smile got even bigger and she entered an appointment and wrote the date and time on a reminder card.

“Here you go Mr. Fisher. See you in a month,” she said, and she continued to smile at me.

She must have known what I was really coming back for. I felt so embarrassed about it but pushed it aside as I left. When I got home, I kissed my wife hello and told her that the Urologist said I had a slightly enlarged prostate, but he thought it was age-related and nothing to really worry about. I also told her that he had a process that might shrink the prostate and that I was going to see him on a monthly basis for this experimental procedure. She responded by saying, “that’s good” as she continued to keep herself busy with whatever it was she was doing.

I headed to the shower, stripped, admired my feminine body in the mirror, and then hopped in the steamy shower. I let the heat of the water wash away the mixed feelings I had about being married and giving up my man cunt to my doctor today. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got.

I soaped up my fingers and shoved one, then two of them up my freshly used man cunt and begun reliving the scene that just happened in the doctor’s office. I arched my ass so I had better access and stroked my little man with my other hand. It didn’t take long for my knees to buckle and my cock to squirt cum again. I pulled my finger out of my ass, licked the cum off my fingers, and finished my shower exhausted.

I dried off, changed into some comfortable clothes, laid down on the bed and fell asleep for an hour or so. When I awoke, I had morning wood which and thoughts of Dr. Ryan dancing in my head. These thoughts repeated themselves throughout the rest of the day and every day going forward. I jerked off to them and finger fucked myself whenever I got the chance, and I counted the days to my next appointment. I visualized what we would do next, how we would do it, who might know about it, and how that made me feel. I hadn’t felt this sexually alive since I was a teenager, and I had a special surprise planned for Dr. Ryan when I saw him next!

(to be continued….)

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