Ocak 31, 2023

Ms. Marca Ch. 28

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Chapter 28: Old Ass Lovin’ Boyfriend

“I told you not to come here, I’m going with someone new and you should not be trying to see me!” This was an old boyfriend who I had lived with for about 6 months before I moved in with my new guy. The old boyfriend was a good lover and he knew just what made me get wild and go crazy when we had sex.

“Please baby let me just have 5 minutes and explain and tell you how sorry I’m for what I did.”

Marca opened the door just enough to let him see her big 40DD in a white bikini top. “Look he may come home early and you don’t want to get caught here with me, he will beat the shit out of you.”

“Just 5 minutes and I will go!”

Marca open the door more and let him in. She was wearing the smallest string bikini she had, the bottom was a string thong and she had her dark black hair down in long flowing curls. She had talked to him on the phone for the past few days and she knew he would be coming by and the 2 hours she spent getting her makeup and hair done was going to make him beg for her.

“You can come out to the pool and we can talk!” I had slipped on a pair of 5″ platform heels that made my ass stick out and I took those catwalk steps that all models do when on the catwalk to make their ass swing. I walked ahead of him and when I got to the patio I bent over to pick up a drink I had put down when I went to the door. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I bent and stuck it out and flexed my leg to make my ass shake. He followed me out to the patio getting hard as he looked at my gorgeous ass rocking before him.

I know what makes him horny. My fucken 40DD that he sucked on every minute of the day. My mouth that sucked his cock to many times. My hot, dripping pussy that fucked his brains out every night. My butt that he loves to lick and shove his cock into, he was here to get some butt, my butt.

I sat down on my blanket in the sun and took my bikini top off. He gasped at my 40DD breasts shining in the sunlight as I applied oil to them, fondling my nipples until they hardened. I then applied oil to my stomach and ran my middle big finger under my little patch of material covering my pussy and through my pubic hair area (no hair on this pussy) as I parted my legs. He could see my pink as I fingered and massaged my pussy.

I’ll make this son-of-a-bitch tell me our thing is over, fuck you!

Marca smiled and said to him “You seen me nude before, why are you looking at me with your mouth open as if you’re in shock?” “Baby you seen theses big tits before you act like you never had sucked them or licked on them!” “I can’t count the many times you would lick this pussy and my puckered ass!” “Ha, you look over-dressed”

“Marca can I take off my shirt it is getting a little warm?” “You can take off everything, but just don’t get any ideas, your not going to touch my big hard nipples anymore, remember you said it was over.” He stripped and knelt down next to her. Hid cock sprang out hard and was pointing up to his belly. “Oh Marca please forgive me I need you back in my life!” Marca looked at him and smiled and rolled on to her stomach and asked if he would oil her back. He massaged the oil into her shoulders as he nibbled at her earlobes and kissed the nape of her neck.

“Don’t do that my boyfriend wouldn’t like you doing that and I told you he might just come home early today!” “What would he say to you Marca when he sees you almost naked in front of me?” “I’ll tell him you tore my bikini off me and made me suck your cock and that you were just getting ready to fuck me when you got here. I’ll plead with him to keep you off me and ask him as I have tears running down my face, “don’t let him fuck me!” With a big smile, Marca looked at him and made her nipples dance for him as she moved on the chase lounge. “Whom do you think he will believe, you should never have told me to move out.” But I guess you were right my body, my sex, my ass and my pussy just weren’t any good for you. I’ve found a new guy one who cares for me and fucks only me; he is not out running around looking for other women.

“Marca forgive me I love you.” “Just shut the fuck up and put the oil on me!” I smiled to myself as he continued to beg me to forgive him. He oiled down her back all the way down to her ass. He moved down to her feet, massaging them carefully, then sucking on each of her toes. Marca started to squirm at this attention and slid one of her hands to her wet throbbing pussy, playing with her clit with her thumb while she pushed two fingers into herself. He pendik escort started oiling up her legs, kneeling between them; her plunging fingers memorized him.

I knew I had this big cock ready to do me, but got to make the boy work for it! I’ll show him what the mother-fucken ass hole has been missing. I’ll show him what my body can do to his cock he will beg me before I finish with him.

Marca mover her knees and slid farther out as her butt lifted into the air as she got more excited. Her ass was open to him and he started to massage oil into her ass cheeks as he bent down to tongue her pussy around her fingers. He slid his tongue up the crack of her ass and pushed it into her anus.

Marca cried out! “You got to stop that, if he sees you licking my ass hole he will kill you.” I said all this as I thrust my ass at his face, trying to get more penetration. He pulled back and began to tell me how much he loved me and wanted me back. “Baby put some oil into my hole!” “You know how I like my ass hole to be rubbed, or did you forget what I like and need from a real man to make me happy!” “I got a real man with me at nights these days, he has 11″ of the best cock I have ever sucked and fucked, he is just wonderful!”

“Oh Marca please just let me see you once in a while I’ll do whatever you want, please let me see you!” I could see that his 7″ cock was getting hard as he was pushing his finger into my ass. “Oh honey I can’t give up a 11″ cock to just see you once in a while he has all the cock I or any girl could ever ask for.” “You poor thing I think you better stop before you get hard and all you can do is jerk off.” “I can’t let you fuck me, not here we would both be in trouble!”

“I better take this thong off before we get oil on it and I don’t want to stain them.” As she did a slow pull on her thong, she made it roll slowly over her dark tan ass that was shinning in the sun from the oil he had just applied. The smell of her pussy was all over the crouch and front area of the thong and she put it on the side of the lounge so he could smell her sex from it.

All this time Marca was masturbating faster now and her face was flushed as she bit her lower lip and moaned. He got two fingers into her ass as he tried to steady her slick body. He got so excited with the sight, sound, and scent of her, glistening in the sunlight that he got up on his knees and put his turgid cock at the opening of her ass hole.

He Place his cock head and nudged in carefully to see what response he would get. Marca groaned and looked back at him and said, “I guess I can let you put just a little of your cock in but you can’t fuck me! I told him I was not going to let anyone else fuck me anymore!”

” I’ll do whatever you say Marca please just let me slip some in.”

I turned my head where he could not see the smile I had on my face and pushed back with my shining ass and the head of his cock was engulfed in my heat. “You can’t shoot off in me you know if he finds any cum up my ass when he licks me tonight I’ll have to tell him you were here and that you forced me to butt-fuck you!”

“Baby I want go off I promise!”

Like fuck you want when I get finished with you, your cock want get hard for a week.

Damn she was so tight but the oil let him slide in easily. He started to slowly pump into her butt as she continued fucking herself with her fingers.

Marca loved ass fucken with him, his cock was just the right size and on top of that he knew what to do with that cock when he got it in her. Hell I like to fuck no matter whose cock I got, but a good ass fucken makes me feel special. “Baby you better stop if you don’t we will just keep going and he might walk in on us!” I pulled away from him and made it pop out and turned around and looked back and told him to be good and don’t make me get horny like that. “You’re just trying to make me have an orgasm and you know I just have them one right after another, you’re so bad when we had sex!”

“Didn’t you want to just talk?” “Oh God Marca I’m so hard, please just let me put some of it in your sweet ass, please!” “Will it did kind of feel good, maybe just for a minute only a few strokes just for a minute and you got to stop when I say so!” “You got to be good and stop when I tell you to stop, OK?”

You are dead meat, I’ll fuck your balls before you get out this door, teach you to leave me you shit licking ass hole.

“Oh Marcs yes anything you say you’re the boss anything!” Marca braced herself on her elbows as she pushed back toward tuzla escort him. He was in heaven, her golden body beneath him, and his cock between her cheeks. He couldn’t believe the sight and started to hammer into her ass causing her cheeks to jiggle with the impact and her breasts to dance back and forth. Marca’s body started to spasm sending electricity through his balls. He gripped her hips with both hands and started to thrust into her, his hips slapping into her ass as he continue shooting deep into her ass.

“Remember your not to go off in my ass!” As I climaxed with a loud cry while I kept squeezing my ass around his cock, trying to milk him. My mouth was open as I gasped for air, tits swinging rhythmically, as I approached another orgasm. As I cried out how good my pussy felt and how I wanted it deep and hard up my ass and still another hard butt shaken orgasm hit me over and over.

Marca’s arms collapsed and he kept pumping into her as her tits spread to the sides of her chest. He collapsed onto her back and slid his hands under her to squeeze her tits as he nipped the nape of her neck. Marca rolled back so that they were on their sides. She craned her neck so that they could kiss as he continued playing with her nipples. His cock was still in her ass and Marca was squeezing him, trying to keep him hard. She bent forward so that she could reach his balls and started massaging them. He kept on moving in her and felt himself start to get hard again. He couldn’t believe the treatment he was receiving.

“Oh God did I just cum, oh me I should not have done that, I’m in trouble!” “You broke your promise and said you wouldn’t fuck me if you came over and you just broke this promise not to go off in me. I just can’t trust you to do anything when you are around me.”

This boy can ass fuck, I got to make him want this chocolate love canal and eat my hole when I want.

He concentrated and felt his cock start to spread her ass again. He continued rocking her as she talked to him and massaged his balls. As he got more excited, he roughly pushed her back on to her face and started to fuck as hard as he could. She felt so hot and tight as he slammed into her. Marca was grunting with each thrust as he gripped her shoulders. She braced her hands in front of her to keep from sliding too much because of the anal assault. He felt his balls seize ups and shot another load into her, crying out at the pleasure and pain of the release.

He pulled out of her ass and collapsed next to her. Marca started to kiss him in a frenzy as she massaged her pussy. He slid his hand down her flat belly until he could massage her clit, causing her to bite his lip as she went off. Her whole body was shaking as he held her.

They were caressing each other when her phone rang. Marca’s eyes widened as she said hello to her newest boyfriend. “Hi baby how is your day going?” “I’m having a wonderful day I’m working out in the gym room.” “Working on my lower body, you know just below the stomach, where all the good parts are that you love to lick and eat!”

She did a good job of keeping her voice natural until the old boyfriend started playing with her pussy. She was wet already as he bent her over and made her rest one hand on her knees and hold the phone with the other. He started licking her pussy and ass as she talked on the phone.

She gasped as he shoved his cock into her ass for the second time in just over an hour. I had to cover up by saying that the belt to the massage machine had slipped to low on my ass and was causing it to rub to hard.

“Baby I got to work on my ass so it want get big and you stop licking it or fucking it, you know how you have made me become a ass fucken nymph!” “If you had never made me get on my hands and knees and talk me into letting you fuck my ass, I would never know just how good it was.” “I can’t believe all these years what I been missing and I love your cock up my ass more than anything.” “You know honey today for some reason I’ve been having this urge to have my butt fucked. I guess I’ve been thinking about how it is when you ram it up me!”

Marca was really hot and started to rock back into him as he doubled her pleasure by reaching under and playing with her pussy. I was trying not to gasp on the phone saying how much I loved him as my legs started to shake. I said my little love things making him feel special as this beautiful cock went up my ass and made my pussy hungry for a cock or his fingers!

“Baby I hope you want to fuck when you get home, for some reason I kartal escort feel like having a big cock tonight for dinner!” “But tonight lets just do my pussy and I’ll give my ass a rest and we can do it this weekend when we can take our time and fuck slow and easy.” I love you too!”

“Oh baby we can’t do that someone may walk into your office and see you jerking that big thing off!” “Sure I can rub my pussy, I always want to get off when I can. I guess I do need to get off.” “I’ll get my finger up my ass/pussy and go off real quick as you talk nasty to me, you know how I’m.” “Can I pretend that I got a guy here and he is going to butt fuck me and you are listing to us fuck, that would make me go off big time?” I turned and put my finger to my lips as if to tell him not to make a sound.

“Baby let me put you on the speaker and that way I can use both hands.” “What name do you want me to call him?” “Call him little PP, after my old boyfriend that I was with when you and I first fucked!”

“Great, OK PP get your little cock ready to fuck my Marca in the ass her beautiful ass.” I turned and looked back at him and gave him that sign with my hands, holding them apart, that he was a big cock son-of-a-bitch.

“OK baby I’m bent over and I’m rubbing my pussy and ass, I’ve got my hand between my legs and I’m reaching for his big cock to hold while he licks my ass hole and tongues it.” I looked back and he knew to put it in and get to butt-fucken me. He placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and leaned into her.

I saw the plum-sized head nudge my ass hole and enter enough to force the lips apart. She in turn groaned as if eternally grateful and locked her hands behind her legs causing her to raise her hips. “Just relax, baby,” “PP just get the head of it in her ass.

He did have it in and we were going at it like to dogs in heat! “Oh god, oh god,” Marca whimpered over and over again. “Put in all in PP make her moan give her your cock, put it up her ass!” “Slow down go back-and-forth slow your movement, allowing only an inch or so at a time to penetrate her, teasing her by taking it out!”

“Withdraw it again right to the knob, making her groan and cry out, clutch at her buttocks and maker her rock back on your cock, make her hump back to get more prick!”

Marca and her old lover were doing what he was telling them which had her delirious. “Oh, shove it up her ass give her a hard fuck make her shoot juice!”

“Oh yes honey make him please, please,” she whined. “Fill my ass. Do it, do it!” “Oh God, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Give it to me, Fuck me, Oh fuck me!”

I shoved back at him fucking his cock for every inch he had. We where like animals, I was grunting, and moaning, he was huffing and puffing. I kept building and building. “Fuck her you little PP fuck her hard!” Oh God, Give it to me, Oh fuck me! Harder, faster!”

I felt his cock pulse inside of me, I felt my mind explode, my ass clenched at his cock. I was milking his cock for every drop of his nectar. I screamed “YES, YES, GIVE IT TO ME, HARDER, HARDER FUCK ME YOU BASTARD. FUCK YOUR HOT WHORE SLUT!” . “Oh shit, was that good damn baby we got to do that again. You got me so hard I felt as if I were in the room with you and you had a guy actual fucking your butt.” I llooked down at my legs as the cum and juice ran down them and spoke up toward the speaker,

“Baby we might need to do this about once a week to help get me though the day!” I turned and looked back at the old boyfriend and he just smiled and I called out, lets talk about that tonight when you get home!

“OK. Someone just came into my office, see you tonight!”

Good-byes and come-home-soon were exchanged with her new boy friend and hung up the phone as she collapsed on the floor to weak to move. Sweat was pouring off of me as I looked back at him and told him to fuck me you bastard, fuck me good we only got an hour to do it some more!

It will be a few days before I get it or need it in the ass again! Thank God my new boyfriend is not 11″ but is only 7″ like this ass hole.

“Fuck my ass!” I kept on cumming as he pounded into me.

Marca’s beautiful ass and the excitement of all this sent him over the edge as he shot into her again, burying himself to the hilt, twisting his hips to get maximum penetration and sensation. They collapsed on the floor by the phone and when I could talk again, I told him that I had never felt so wicked or excited in my life. “Hearing my boyfriend’s voice while your cock was in my ass was so exciting that it got me over the top, in fact I’m getting hot again just thinking about it!”

“Can you fuck my ass hole just once more before you have to go?” “I need to call him back and tell him to get milk and bread on his way home!”

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