Nisan 17, 2024

Mommy Loves It

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Mommy Loves It
She went over to where he was living these days. She didn’t know if he had a girlfriend and didn’t really care. He knew Mommy loved him best.
He greeted her with a kiss on the mouth.

“Nice kiss for Mommy” she sighed, slipping her hand between his legs. He was hard instantly. All he wanted to do is put his cock inside Mommy, feel the wetness, the tightness. Hear her say “I love you, my little boy”

He had to run an errand and she agreed to come with him. He was hoping she would as she had a tendency to let her hand wander into his lap while he drove. Today was no exception.

Afterwards, driving back, they went by a public spot in the woods. He wanted to fuck Mommy and cum so much. She was an exhibitionist and agreed to go in the woods with him.

“If that’s what my little boy needs.” she whispered in his ear, squeezing his cock.

They walked for a bit, then she leaned against a tree. He slipped his hand under her dress and felt heat and wetness.

“That’s Mommy’s good boy.” she breathed as he kissed her deeply. She arched her hips towards his fingers. He took a look around to see if anyone was watching. He dropped canlı bahis şirketleri to his knees, hands cupping her ass, feeling the rough wood on the backs of his hands. He pressed his mouth to Mommy’s pussy. She twined her fingers in his hair, whispering

“You eat Momma’s pussy so good” she sighed as he licked her clit. “You’re such a good boy”

That spurred him on to lick her pussy faster. She got horny from the knowledge and sounds that he was jerking off while he ate her pussy.

“Mommy loves that you’re jerking off while eating her pussy. You are such a good son” she whispered while arching her hips to meet his mouth. They both looked at the sound of a car pulling into the parking lot.


Back on his bed, he licked her pussy more, loving the words she said:

Mommy loves when you eat her pussy. You do it the best my good boy. Mommy needs to cum, can you help Mommy?

He wanted to fuck her and make her cry out when she came, her sounds, her breathing. As he came, she would say she loved him, Mommy loved him best.

It turned him on to see Mommy suck on the toy cock. He wanted to süperbahis show her how good he could suck on it too. So they both licked it and took turns sucking on it. Mom moaned happily as her son licked the toy and kissed her while doing it.
As he sucked the toy, Mom stroked his cock, which made him more horny. He stroked his cock himself while he ate her pussy. Mommy and son did her favorite number which was 69. She licked and sucked his cock, rubbing and squeezing his balls.

“You do this the best my little boy, Mommy loves it.” she whispered as he licked her clit. She had been pushing his cock down her throat as far as she could, she wanted to make her son feel so very good.

“Oh yes Mommy, suck my cock. I am so wet, I want to fuck my mother”

Mommy got onto her back and fondled her tits, putting her hands on the back of his head and guiding it towards her nipples. He sucked on one, then the other, feeling his cock grow even harder. Mommy had spread her legs and he rubbed his fingers on her pussy. It was warm and very wet. He pushed his cock inside her pussy and she made a noise of pleasure.

“Ooooh, süperbahis güvenilir mi fuck Mommy, she needs it, you are such a good son to fuck Mommy”
“Cum for Mommy, I wanna hear it” which drove him wild. He pushed his cock faster into Mommy.

“Oh Mommy, here I come, it’s all for you” She squeezed his cock with her pussy, put her hands on either side of his face
As he came in long waves, she kissed him deeply.

“You came for Mommy, I love you my son”

He was not done with Mommy yet, he pushed the toy into her pussy, fondling one of her breasts. She moved her hand down and moved the toy cock in and out of her pussy very fast.

“Oh my sweet son, watch Mommy as she fucks herself, she wants you to see her cum.” she was breathing very fast now and crying out, fingering herself as well as moving the toy in and out of her pussy. He stroked his cock as she did this, horny and wanting to cum with Mommy. She watched him as he stroked his cock and it excited him to know she was watching him. The toy was deep inside her as she rubbed her clit faster and faster. He stroked his cock as he watched Mom rubbing her clit.

“Here I cum son, watch Mommy cum.” she rubbed her clit, then slowed down as her pussy throbbed and pulsated while orgasming. His cock exploded onto her face and neck. Mommy’s mouth was open and he aimed cum onto her tongue, which she swallowed and smiled.

“You’re Mommy’s good boy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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