Ocak 31, 2023

Miranda, Wanton Parole Officer Ch. 02

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The Warehouse

Two weeks had passed and Miranda still hadn’t heard a word from the handsome police officer that had taken her for a ride. Trent had been told Miranda’s secrets by his younger brother. Without any apparent hesitation, the Round Rock police officer had used the information to his own advantage. After fucking Miranda on the hood of his black and white cruiser Officer Trent had made one thing certain; he wasn’t through with Miranda’s body and there were others that wanted to play with her too. Miranda hadn’t let herself really relax since Trent had first called her and “asked” to be friends but she had at least stopped jumping each time a text sounded.

Miranda’s reception by her fellow parole officers at the Austin office made one thing clear. Nobody knew why Miranda had really left the Lubbock Division and the blonde was willing to do just about anything to keep it that way. Cringing inside, Miranda imagined her new coworker’s faces if they discovered she had been caught pleasuring two deputies. It had happened at the winter holiday party at the Lubbock County Jail and her former boss had been the one who caught Miranda on her knees with one rigid cock in her mouth and another in her hand.

Officer Trent was not her only problem. Since getting used by the virile young man she had been in a constant state of arousal. Like an alcoholic after one beer Miranda was completely consumed with what she shouldn’t do. Every man the sex-addict encountered brought goosebumps to the young woman’s skin. It wasn’t just gorgeous men. No, Miranda’s body was screaming to be used and it didn’t care by whom.

She could have gone to a meeting or called her sponsor but it never even crossed Miranda’s sex obsessed mind. Instead she had scheduled a Brazilian wax and pedicure. Thoughts of being bent over and used had pushed reason away. Never had the young woman’s condition been so bad. Even her parolees were beginning to look like options. Frowning at her inappropriate thoughts Miranda grabbed her belongings and headed out of the small state office.

Today was her home visit day. At least twelve hours would be spent visiting the homes of those who others tried to forget. Miranda’s normally conservative clothing was even more severe than usual. A tight bun kept her thick blonde hair contained. Dressed in black flats, black slacks, a thin white turtleneck and black cardigan she didn’t look like a woman caught in the midst of a sexual frenzy.

As Miranda walked to her car she mentally listed all that needed doing. Her phone chirping brought her back to the moment. Standing next to her 2009 blue Chevy Silverado pickup, she pulled her smartphone from the brown satchel hanging from her shoulder. Her heart quickened when she saw the number. Officer Trent had left a message. Trying to squash her rising excitement she read:

Hey Babe

Tonight at 8

I’ll pick you up

Miranda’s stomach sank as her heartbeat quickened. Self-contempt rose in her throat and left her shaking her head as she slid into her car. No matter what she told herself, she knew deep down she was not only going to meet Officer Trent but she was going to enjoy doing so. As she steered with one hand, Miranda began without any thought to lightly stroke herself between her legs.

The day was longer and more difficult than Miranda had even imagined it would be. Parolees had been argumentative and family members were non-responsive as she tried to fulfill her obligations to the state. Conscientious by nature, Miranda didn’t feel okay rushing through her appointments but she did want a little time to prepare for the evening. So despite her reservations, she cancelled her last three appointments and sped across the congested city to the townhouse she rented on the Northside.

Excitement propelled her as she ran upstairs to her small blue bedroom. Clothes flew in all directions as she hurried to the adjoining master bath. Leaning over the small sink she examined her appearance. A frown crossed her brow as she released her bun and shook her head. Thick blonde hair fell in waves past her shoulders. That was better.

Next, she applied eyeliner and mascara to her slanted green eyes. Red lipstick and a spray of Coco Chanel and she declared herself done. The closet was her next stop. She wanted something a little sexier than what she normally wore but she didn’t want it obvious she had prepared herself for Officer Trent. Sighing she acknowledged to herself that was exactly what she was doing. Preparing herself to be used.

Just the thought of submitting to the dominant police officer brought moisture between her legs as she frantically searched for something that wasn’t designed to discourage attention. A fitted black skirt she wore to court and a pair of small black heels were as sexy as she could find. Pulling the skirt and the heels on she reached for a red blouse that was just a little too sheer and a little too tight for work. Last a black cardigan was added to conceal that there was anything unusual kurtköy escort about her appearance. Satisfied she looked at the clock and panicked. It was 7:00 o’clock, grabbing her keys she ran out the door.

Pulling into her parking spot at the parole office she released her breath. It had only taken fifty-five minutes to get ready and drive to the office. Before Miranda could step out of her pickup, a Round Rock police car pulled next to her. Officer Trent was behind the wheel and another man occupied the passenger seat. The implication was obvious and Miranda took a deep breath as she felt her pulse race.

Stepping from the blue truck she felt as if everyone was watching her as she hurriedly slid into the backseat of the cruiser. While Officer Trent began to pull out of the parking lot the other man turned around. Lust filled hazel eyes grinned at her.

“Hi, I’m Damien. I couldn’t be happier to meet you,” as he spoke, Miranda stared speechless. The new man was imposing. Muscles bulged under his tight University of Texas tank and his arms appeared massive from where Miranda sat. A tattoo on his right shoulder showed a coiled rattle snake with the words, “Don’t Tread on Me” written underneath.

Reaching up she shook his darkly tanned hand as if there wasn’t anything odd about their meeting. Still holding her small pale hand he grinned. A dark mustache and goatee gave his coarse features an even rougher appearance. He was one of those undercover cops who looked more like a biker than law enforcement. It was a look Miranda knew how to appreciate.

Pulling her hand back Miranda squirmed under his gaze. Her body began to burn as he made no secret about sizing her up and down. With one last glance at her tits he turned around and slapped the other officer on the shoulder. Officer Damien obviously approved of the woman who was to be the night’s entertainment.

Feeling very small and very vulnerable Miranda was driven into the unseasonably warm Texas night. Heading north from the downtown office the patrol car sped its way to another suburb of Austin. Cedar Park located next to the affluent “high tech” town of Round Rock catered to suburbanites seeking good schools. Life seemed too strange to believe as the patrol car pulled off Highway 183 and into the parking lot of a storage facility.

“Why are we here?” Her voice shook a little. The unknown felt dangerous and Miranda felt adrenaline pumping through her veins as she waited for one of the large men to respond.

“We’re here,” said as Officer Trent pulled next to the last storage container. A white garage style door and a standard door with the number 207 painted on it sat at the entrance of the two story container. No windows lined the beige stucco building. Isolation would be complete once Miranda allowed herself to be led into this deserted place.

Surprise didn’t even begin to explain the feeling that hit Miranda as she stepped through the door. Somebody had been busy. Serious construction had been done to the area intended for storage. First a small entryway had been built complete with a desk and chair. A fake tree stood in one corner of the small space and the area felt like an odd stage set.

With Officer Trent in front of her and Officer Damien behind she followed them into the second compartment. A bigger surprise waited. A disco ball hung from the ceiling and a queen sized mattress covered in black linens was shoved into one corner. Yellow leather couches formed the letter “L” in the middle of the room and the opposing wall held a television as large as any Miranda had ever seen.

Slanted eyes bugged as she struggled to take in everything she was seeing. There was a small refrigerator, a black leather ottoman and a black wooden bookshelf held porn DVDs, an extremely large tube of lube and several boxes of condoms. Both of the officers watched Miranda amused as she continued studying the space. Her green eyes continued to widen as she saw what was hanging from the ceiling. Made out of black leather straps, the contraption was something Miranda didn’t recognize.

Laughing, Damien wrapped his muscular arm around Miranda’s slender shoulders. “That’s a sex swing, Babe. You’re going to love it … now come see the rest.” Scooting her along with him he showed her a small unfinished bathroom and stairs that led to a second floor. Months must have been spent building this hidden “fuck house.” Walking up the stairs made of raw unstained wood she asked, “How?”

“A couple of years ago while having a few drinks at Wagner’s Bar a few of us started daydreaming. How could we have an unseen place to play? A place you could take certain women to turn fantasies into reality and this is what we came up with. We share everything here.”

“How many of you are there?”

“Only seven. We keep the group small and tight. So what do you think?” Damien’s coarse features split into a grin and it made him look like a child who had just gotten a gold star. Looking around the upstairs Miranda’s heart was thumping malatya escort so loud it made speech difficult. The square unfinished room held two queen sized mattresses under a bare light bulb. “This area isn’t finished, it’s for when the parties get too large for downstairs, so tell me, what do you think?” The pride in his voice was evident.

“I’m impressed … how often…?” Miranda left the question unsaid.

“Every chance we get, we’re all law enforcement so it’s rare we can all be here at one time. Come on.”

Following Damien down the narrow stairs, Miranda heard hip-hop music playing. The place kind of freaked her out. It wasn’t hard to imagine that things could easily spiral out of control in this man cave. There was one thing she was still confused about, the tiny front office. After Trent answered her question, she wished she hadn’t asked.

During football season, when the Dallas Cowboys were playing, apparently this group of male officers liked to invite one special lady over to play hostess. The fire in Damien’s hazel eyes blazed and a predatory grin covered his angular face as he explained what the duties of the “hostess” were. Dressed as slutty as possible the chosen woman was to sit at the desk and show those attending the game to their seats. After everyone had taken a place she was to pass out beverages and wait for instruction.

Hot juices pooled between Miranda’s legs and she felt her core tightening as she imagined the other duties the hostess would be expected to perform. Looking up to Damien she felt Trent’s naturally tanned arm wrap around her waist. “Get the lights; it’s time to play.”

With a flip of a switch, Damien sent pulsating colored lights around the now darkened room. Everything became surreal as the lights and music throbbed in unison around the troubled woman. As quickly as Trent had grabbed her he released her. Both men took a seat on one of the yellow leather couches as Damien yelled for Miranda to move her fine ass and get dancing.

Now standing in the center of the room as the men urged her to dance she didn’t feel like an officer of the law. No, she felt like a cheap stripper who had lost all options. There was only one problem, she couldn’t move. As if her feet had been glued to the tacky shag rug underneath her she stood immobilized by uncertainty. Self-conscious she wrapped the black cardigan around her and looked down.

A flush crept across her neck and over her face as the two men continued demanding she dance. Closing her eyes and pretending she was alone she allowed her full hips to begin swaying. As she caught the beat her movements became more aggressive. The music flowed through and around her as she relaxed into its sexy caress.

Soon time and place were forgotten as the music began to lead. Slipping the black cardigan off her arms she continued to undulate in a steady rhythm. As if lifted out of her ordinary existence the parole officer danced with abandonment. As the men began to comment on her particular charms she smiled. Words crude and graphic sounded like praise stroking her body and she lifted her slender arms above her head.

Eyes still closed, she sighed as if caressed by a secret lover. Slippery moisture crept down her muscular thighs and her skin ached to be touched. Cries for her to strip didn’t seem to be heard until she opened her eyes and stared directly at the two bristling men. Without blinking, she began to unbutton her red sheer blouse. As tingling crept up her body as she let the shirt drop to the floor. Grateful she had gone lingerie shopping she stood in a sheer lace bra and black fitted skirt. Her puffy nipples strained against the black lace and both men noticed.

“Take off your skirt and keep your heels on.” The bald man’s voice had dropped two octaves and his demands vibrated in the air. “Fuck, she is beautiful.” For the second time that night he slapped his buddy on the back in thanks.

With a slight smile on her angular face and eyes that screamed to fuck she reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt and let it join her blouse. Only a thin scrap of black lace covered her mound in the tiny thong she wore. Dizzy she continued swaying before them. The feel of their eyes on her made her breath shallow as her heartbeat raced.

“The bra too.” Trent’s voice sounded even more urgent than Damian’s had and she shuddered in anticipation. Without reservation she complied. A rush of pleasure shot through her as she heard their sounds of approval. Her large pale breasts stood revealed and her dark pink nipples were swollen with desire as the men inspected her.

“Dance some more and use your luscious ass.” Damien leaned forward with tattooed arms on knees and watched the blonde woman before him begin to move. As her luscious breasts began to swing, he groaned under his breath and rearranged himself. Raw sensuality like what Miranda radiated was rare and the two men recognized she was different.

Both hands clasped behind her head and with her elbows out she moved kayseri escort with ease to the hip-hop beat. Turning slowly as the men sat unblinking she revealed her pale white cheeks. Back and forth her ass shook before the two. Gone was the young woman who had taken law enforcement by storm. Instead a woman who longed to be adored stood entertaining two police officers as they reveled in her wanton movements.

Damien’s head roared and demanded he stop wasting time. Standing the muscle bound cop pulled his shirt over his head and immediately dropped his cargo pants to the floor. Multicolored light flickered across his broad body and revealed a muscular chest covered in a smattering of brown curly hair. A dark love trail led from his flat stomach to everything Damien was dying to give Miranda. His erection matched the rest of him. Large, veiny and standing at attention.

As Miranda began turning her curvy body back towards the couch she felt her narrow waist grabbed and she was lifted squealing into the air. Sweeping his large muscular arm under her Damien caught her and cradled her to his chest. Miranda felt tiny against him and kicked her heels playfully. His musky scent surrounded her as he bent his head into her neck and inhaled. As he told her how delicious she smelt he carried her to the bed that had been shoved into the opposite corner.

Her fair skin glowed against the black linens. Lying back her blonde hair spread around her head like a halo and her slender legs fell open. Miranda had no idea just how gorgeous she was and she began to squirm as Damien just stood there staring at her. The dominant man couldn’t believe what a lucky bastard he was as he grasped the sides of Miranda’s thong and pulled it roughly down her hips. Now nude, Miranda’s green eyes became even more lust filled as she stared back.

Stripping quickly, Trent ran a hand through his short blonde hair and stepped to the foot of the bed. His nine inch plus erection strained towards the young woman. Without conscious thought Miranda’s red tipped nails began to stroke herself as her back slightly arched under their combined gazes. Two darkly tanned hands spread her firm thighs as Damien continued gazing between her legs. A small patch of closely trimmed light brown hair topped two pink symmetrical lips swollen and parting before his eyes.

Grasping her thighs he yanked her roughly to the end of the bed. Damien settled on his knees between Miranda’s spread legs. Placing one of her legs on each side of his head he leaned forward and inhaled. Her aroma was sweet and musky and made him want to attack. With a thigh in each of his large hands he began to lick.

Like a cat getting its belly rubbed, Miranda made small mewing sounds as the officer’s tongue lapped at her slit. The sensations his mouth invoked in her were glorious and she pressed herself against him. Slippery wet nectar met his tongue and he groaned at the sweet and salty flavor. As Damien’s tongue began to move in and out of her folds, Miranda felt Trent’s weight compress the mattress as he crawled towards her.

Looking into Miranda’s glazed expression, Trent grinned and lowered his head. Suckling her nipple into his mouth he growled softly. As one of Trent’s large fingers twisted and pulled at one swollen nipple, his mouth tormented the other. Flames erupted throughout the young parole officer as two men played with her body.

Damien’s seeking tongue landed on Miranda’s engorged clit and she squealed with delight. Round and round his tongue went on her most sensitive spot. Need for relief was all encompassing as Miranda ground her dripping labia into the officer’s face.

Bites that had begun softly intensified quickly as the Trent teased one straining nipple after another. Tension climbed higher and higher as Miranda wiggled and moaned under the two large men. As pleasure became unbearable, Miranda arched her slender back and tensed. Screams ripped through the “fuck room” as Miranda felt herself erupt. The smell of sex surrounded the entangled bodies on the bed as hot juices ran from her throbbing pussy. Sounds of slurping could be heard as the bald officer drank all she squirted.

Melting into the mattress, Miranda collapsed. Her rest was brief as Trent addressed his buddy. “Put her on all fours, I want some more of that mouth.” Miranda knew she should be offended, they hadn’t even used her name as they spoke. Nor had the two addressed her. None the less, contentment entered Miranda as she relished feeling like a desired fuck toy.

Sitting back on his knees Damien rolled the sated woman over. With a firm slap on her rounded ass he instructed her to get on all fours. Complying Miranda faced the blonde officer with her ass pointed at Damien. Taking his strong fingers, the bald officer stroked her crack. Goosebumps erupted wherever his hand landed and Miranda wiggled her pale hips enticingly.

Trent could wait no more and grabbed Miranda’s hair and pulled her head back. Looking up with passion filled eyes Miranda smiled. Trent’s blue eyes burned as he guided his stiff erection towards her waiting mouth. Without hesitating he held Miranda’s head firmly and plunged down her throat. Gagging around his massive size Miranda began to suck instinctively.

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