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Meeting My Internet Lover

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If you want to skip to the story, go to the bit titled “Story”!

I often arrive home from work unfulfilled. Unfulfilled with my job, my relationship, my purpose. I try to write, but nothing of any real inspiration comes. I try to play music, but I’m only mediocre at best – I pity the neighbours hearing my off-key warble! And so I stumble on, drinking at weekends and grasping at each day through the week.

The Internet allows me time to explore myself and the world. I try to limit my time on the web to an hour a day, but it IS addictive. I often get home, check out and masturbate. As I climax I switch the screen over to a picture or a porn clip. Sated, I then look to more “civilised” parts of the web, until my “baser” urges draw me back for a longer session that shoots further and feels even better than the first.

It was whilst on that I came across a story which struck home. Its undercurrent of unfulfilled home love, requited only by a hard fuck outside of marriage, really got me hard and made me cum several times. I wrote to the authoress and told her the effect on me. We started corresponding, and it led to me writing a story about her and me – the meeting that will never be. I started to think about an erotic encounter we would have – would it be a hard fuck? Would we be gentle and romantic? Would we dine first? Would she suck me till I came? Could I make her climax with my mouth? Would we ever be able to involve another person?

So, this story is dedicated to her. For the purpose of this story I will be Simon and she will be Karen. The story is really for her. We’ve never met, but I do feel an erotic spark between us. If you have an unrequited love, then maybe this story will get you thinking of them. if you enjoy it, please email me – I like to hear which parts you enjoyed and which parts you didn’t. I’m straight, but like to hear feedback form male and female readers. As I say, if you do like it – great. really, though, this isn’t for you – this is for Karen and what I’d like to do to her and what I’d like her to do to me.


It’s never happened before. I’ve cum reading the same story AGAIN! I must have read it ten times at least, always switching to the author’s picture when I climax, always switching to see Karen. I have two pics of her – one where I can see her tits and the other her face. I imagine her sucking my hard cock and then cumming on her beautiful breasts. Or else watching my cum fly into face, into her hair. Sometimes I like to think she swallows it, looking at me with her gorgeous eyes as she does.

It’s never happened before, like I said. Whenever I cum and look at Karen I stay hard. For a time I need to stop stroking, so I just hold my cock – imagining it is Karen. She is talking to me, “Baby, I love it when you cum on my tits. I want you to fuck my pussy now.” Before I know it, I’m ready to cum again. I stroke my cock, looking at her… and I’m cumming again, my foreskin stretched back and my engorged cock head fully exposed. My cum shoots out and hits the keyboard. My body feels drained, as if Karen were in front of me herself, her pussy wrapped around my willing shaft.

A few minutes and I am ready to breathe properly. My cock is limp now. I don’t have a huge cock. When its flaccid I’m reluctant to wave it about (so to speak!) but then I guess all guys are like that! When it’s hard it’s about six inches, which I guess is average. Put it like this – no one’s ever laughed at it and no one’s ever screamed either! Looking at it now, there is a drop of cum forming that feels chill on my foreskin. I imagine Karen licking it off.

There is a noise from my msn. I have mail. I click and check – it is from Karen. She is writing to tell me about her week and about how she rubbed herself whilst reading my other story (a true account of a holiday I had). As she is online, I send an instant message to her and she replies:

Me: hi

Karen: hi

Me: how are you doing?

Karen: well thanks – little bored!

me: good day at work?

Karen: not bad -you?

me: yeah. you won’t believe what I just did!

Karen: go on!

me: i just came twice to your pic. in ten minutes!

Karen: wow!!!! wish i was there

me: yeah: i’m naked now – was soft… but talking to you I think it’s waking up!

Karen: mmmm… love to kiss it

me: that’d be nice…

Karen: kiss your balls….

me: mmm… love to see your face in my cock

Karen: yes… kissing your shaft up and down.. making you hard

me: oh god… wish you were here!

Karen: well… i could be!


Karen: i have the night off. my husband is out with the kids.

me: wow. ..

Karen: you wanna?

me: sure…. you want to go somewhere?

Karen: yeah… somewhere nice first

me: ok… what shall we wear?

Karen: you choose.

me: ok bahis firmaları – only if you dress me. we’ll go to the theatre

Karen: ok then… for you – smart slacks, shoes, black shirt and tie. cufflinks. silk boxers.

me: you: a dress, black. cleavage showing with a necklace which frames your tits. dress should be short – above the knee. you should wear a red bra that shows – peaking out from your dress and a tiny thong which just covers your cunt. heels on your shoes…. wear your hair up … and long, black gloves past your elbows.

Karen: mmmm…. you want to see my bra?

me: i want everyone to know you’ll be myslut tonight and I’ll be fucking you later!

Karen: my! you want something!! ok then

me: i’ll save my cum for later then…

Karen: mmm… please!!!

me: ok, where shall we meet?

We arranged a meeting place – I couldn’t be seen picking her up and vice versa – we both had our little lives drawn out and this night didn’t fit into that world. We arranged to meet at a classy bar in town. I arrived ten minutes early and took a stool by the window. I think I subconsciously chose it – when Karen arrived she’d be forced to sit with her dress riding up and maybe her thong showing.

I waited – we hadn’t met before and I was a little nervous. I drank my pint quickly and rushed to the toilet – when I came out she was there… I recognized her from her photo. I walked over to her, drinking in her image: her body fitted into her dress perfectly, not skinny, not chubby – a perfect vision which demanded a man’s gaze; and the men were all looking at her. I decided to act as we had acted over the Internet – I walked up to her, caught her eye and then kissed her. She responded with force, her lips parting and her tongue breaking through to kiss me deeply. Her hand roamed over my back and my hands instantly roamed to her luscious ass. She pulled back and smiled, “Hi Simon.”

“hi, Karen – you look great… wow!”

She whispered, “You look great too – I’m all yours tonight – until tomorrow morning, actually.”

We had drinks, sitting at normal chairs. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t see her dress ride up, but I was so caught up in her beauty and in her intelligent chat that I soon forgot. Until:

“You know, I didn’t quite finish getting dressed” she said, loudly.

“Really?” My cock grew hard.

She reached into her handbag and pushed something into my hand, “Go into the bathroom and choose me a pair”

I walked into the bathroom, completely hard now, and sat in a cubicle. In my hand were three thongs. One was a white thong with laced front, string back and a small diamonte at the top. The second pair were red – made of a type of rubber which felt slutty and hot. The third pair were black. they also had a slit in the front to access her pussy; my mind quickly settled on the last pair.

I went out, still rock hard, and handed them back, “The black ones” I smiled.

“I thought so, you naughty man!”

She walked off to the bathroom herself, now. I watched her sweet ass undulate under her dress as she sauntered away. I thought of her sweet cunt framed by her crotchless thong and thought of my cock fucking her hard with her panties still on. God, I was close to cumming just thinking about her!

We arrived at the theatre by taxi. It was a musical number. Some Broadway trash which would entertain for a few hours. We were shown to our seats – near the back of the first set of stalls to the side. I was pleased to see no one behind us and some distance between us and the people in front and to the side.

We chatted for a while before the play started about work, life and other stuff. Just as the first strains of music wafted from the orchestra pit she whispered, “feel how wet I am.”

for a moment I thought I’d misheard her, but realised I hadn’t. I reached my left hand over into her lap. She wriggled her dress up a little. I looked and saw the tops of her thighs and the bottom of her thong. My fingers went to her pussy lips, feeling their wetness against her panties. I rubbed my thumb around her, finding her clit and stroking it, rubbing it gently. I heard Karen moan, and watched her face contort with pleasure. I started to rub her clit faster, responding to her moans and groans and wanting her to cum more than anything. She took my hand in her and urged me to rub faster. The music on stage was building up too, with the cast singing some tune which covered her moans but speeded up my fingers. As my thumb rubbed her clit I slipped a finger into her pussy and stared to finger fuck her. Karen opened her legs wide now, allowing me to fully penetrate her sweet cunt with my finger whilst still teasing her clit. Her pussy was so wet now I feared the whole audience could hear her juices as I fucked her harder and faster. The band played louder, reaching the zenith of their song as Karen gasped kaçak iddaa and collapsed into her chair. The band cut faded out as Karen watched me lick her cunt juice of my fingers. “Wow” she said.

My cock was rock hard against my trousers now and I could feel the wetness of the precum of my boxers. I started slightly as I felt Karen’s hand graze over my hardness. I leaned back as she back to caress my cock through my trousers, circling my head and then running down the shaft and cupping my balls. “Mmm… nice cock” she whispered, still caressing me.

I looked around when Karen unzipped my fly and reached inside my shorts. She pulled out my cock and it burst free, desperate to feel her hand on my bare skin. Karen was looking at my cock as she pulled it up and down, pulling the foreskin tight down and then up as the precum leaked a little, lubricating me. She continued to pump me, whispering, “Nice cock, baby. I want that in my pussy.”

“I want to cum in your pussy. Deep in you,” I breathed

She increased her stroking. There was no music in the theatre now and I thought the sound of my moistened cock slapping would alert nearby people, but it didn’t. I groaned now, my hands by my side and my gaze looking at my own cock as Karen rubbed it faster and faster. My balls began to tighten as I felt the cum begin to rise. She pumped me a little more, my foreskin drew back and I came, feeling the veins on my cock against her fingers and the cum pulse up through my shaft. My cum splattered on the back of the seat in front of me and a few drops hit the blonde hair of the lady in front of me. Some cum also dribbled down my shaft as Karen lazily pumped my cock. It dripped onto her hand. She held my cock until I grew semi-flaccid and then she took her fingers to her mouth and cleaned them, licking and swallowing my cum.

“I want to suck your cock baby – I like to suck cock”

I zipped myself up and grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the theatre and into the lobby. I looked around, saw the gent’s toilets and looked at her. Karen shook her head and then nodded to the ladies, “more room” she said.

We rushed into the ladies, passing two women who were applying makeup at the basins. Karen pulled me into a cubicle, pushed me down to sit on the toilet and then pulled down my trousers. I heard the women outside talk and just made out one say, “wish it was me!” when Karen’s mouth wrapped itself around my cock and I forgot about everything else but her mouth and my dick.

She really was wonderful at sucking cock. Within a minute my cock was rock hard again, and that minute was sensational. Her lips surrounded my shaft and she took it all into her mouth. Whilst inside its warmth, she began to caress my flaccid cock with her tongue, tasting my cum and licking under its shaft. As I grew harder she pulled out slightly, but still feeling the girth of my prick fill her mouth, until I was fully erect and she had the first three inches in her mouth. She then proceeded to swallow all of me, and I had never seen as horny a sight as her lips at the base of my cock, amongst my pubes and her eyes looking at me. She proceeded to rub her mouth up and down my shaft, still looking up. I held until her hair and then her shoulders, holding her tight as if she might stop. But I could tell she loved it too much and was eager to make me cum again – this time in her mouth.

She closed her eyes now and really got stuck into the task. Her right hand was stroking my shaft whilst her left held onto my thigh for support. When she closed he eyes I looked up. The cubicle door was not shut properly. The bolt did not fix and Karen was only keeping it shut with her feet. When she shuffled forward to take more of my cock the door came ajar a foot or so and I saw the two women staring. When they caught my eye, one turned away quickly but the other held my gaze. She winked and I smiled. Then the other turned to watch too.

I decided to put on a little show and managed to push myself back a little, forcing Karen to move forward still more. She was such a good cocksucker and so hungry for it that she immediately moved forwards. The cubicle door was wide open now. I reached over and pulled up Karen’s dress to show the women her thong and, of course, her open pussy – wet and wanting. The women leaned back against the basins and watched, their faces reddening a little – flushed.

I began to groan loudly now, wanting Karen and the women to know how close I was to cumming. I felt Karen suck harder, her lips holding my cock like a virgin’s tight pussy. She looked up again and caught my eye – I smiled down at her and said, “I’m gonna cum in your hot mouth” loud enough for the women to hear.

Karen moaned and her eyes flashed appreciatively.

I winked, “And those two sluts watching us will beg us to fuck them too.”

I saw in Karen’s eyes that she realised we were being watched and her face lit kaçak bahis in excitement. She continued to suck my cock hard and also reached underneath herself with her hand to finger her pussy, opening her cunt for all to see and fingerfucking herself. I looked and saw the women lean forwards, eager to see everything and turned on beyond recognition. It was then that I felt my cum snake itself down my cock and burst into Karen’s mouth. She gripped my cock with her lips and held my cum on her tongue, allowing a little to roll down her chin. she stood up quickly, turned to the two women, still with her dress bunched around her waist, and opened her mouth. She moved my cum across her tongue, rolling it around her mouth and then eventually swallowed it. Her tongue then snaked out of her mouth and licked up the trail of cum from her chin. The two women applauded and laughed.

Karen smiled and did a mock bow then pointed to me and said, “But it wouldn’t have been possible without that!” and pointed to my cock. I smiled as the women clapped and cheered my limp dick, slick with saliva and cum.

“Maybe we could all have a go” ventured one woman.

Karen paused, “Well… we’ll chat about that. For tonight, this is our first fuck so we’ll be together. Give Simon your number though.”

I had booked a room at a hotel next to the theatre. I had thought that Karen would have to be home that night, but the news that we had till morning was amazing! I looked at her as I signed in. She was unaware of my gaze and stood to the side examining a painting on the wall. Her body was amazing and her thoughtful face beautiful. I thought of how horny she was, how beautiful she was and I was taken by an urge to spend every moment next to her. I knew it would be impossible, and part of the excitement was the forbidden side to our trysts.

I took the key and led Karen to the room. We took the lift up to the second floor where we couldn’t resist kissing again and then entered the room – Room 24.

Karen jumped onto the bed straight away, leaning back on her elbows and fixing my gaze. “Stay there, mister.” She then opened her legs slowly, her dress riding up on its own her thighs showing a little more each second. Soon I could see her black panties and her wet pussy demanding to be sated. Karen reached her hand down and started to flick her clit, rubbing her cunt. I made to move but she shook her head. I sat and watched.

Her hand rubbed her pussy and I could smell her scent from where I sat. I watched her cunt and then her face, loving the sight of her experiencing so much pleasure. Her hand moved a little faster, “Talk to me, Simon.”

I leaned forwards and spoke softly, “I’m going to eat you. I’m going to lick you dry.”

Her hand rubbed hard, “Talk dirty. Make me cum.”

“I’m going to put my face in your cunt and suck you hard. I want to feel your pussy juice on my chin, to taste your cunt.”

Karen’s finger was in her pussy now, finger fucking herself. She was groaning and her face was in ecstasy.

“And then I’ll take my cock and fuck you until you cum. Feel your tight cunt around my prick. It’s still wet from where you sucked me, you slut. You cock sucker.”

The room was full of her cunt now – its smell and sound as her finger plunged deep, arching to tease her G spot. I couldn’t take any more so I pulled her hand away and dipped my head down, tasting her cunt. If she tasted good on my fingers she tasted perfect straight form the pussy. I dove my tongue deep into her, wanting to feel and taste every part of her. She grasped my head and held me to her and I could hear her moans and her words, “Yes… Lick my pussy… yes…”

My tongue started to toy with her clit and I reached a finger into her tightness, loving the feeling of her wet pussy. I finger fucked her hard and fast, knowing she was close to cumming. When Karen because to shout, “Oh yes! I’m cumming!” I stood, unzipped my trousers and pulled my rock hard dick out. I then grabbed her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. For a second I looked at her beauty, her naked and me still fully clothed with just my cock out of my pants. Karen opened her eyes and whispered, “Fuck me…”

I then fitted into her perfectly. My cock felt like it belonged in Karen’s cunt, tight and wet around me I started to fuck the horniest women I had ever know. We both needed a hard fuck – the gentle lovemaking would come later – and I wasn’t going to last long. I pulled her roughly into me with every thrust, my cock reaching deep into her pussy. Her hand was on her tits, playing with her nipples and I watched her cunt, looking exquisite with my cock fucking it hard.

“I’m cumming…”

She shouted, “In me. Cum in me!”

I did. My cum releasing into her wanting pussy. I held my cock in her, feeling her pussy contract around me as the last drops of cum fell into her. She rubbed her breasts, her eyes close in pleasure. Pulling out, I lay next to her and kissed her. My hands gently caressed her shoulders and breasts, “Wow. You were great.” I said.

She looked at me, “Let’s get you out of those clothes, big boy!”

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