Aralık 2, 2023

Meagan Ch. 01

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About two weeks after the most recent Equinox, Jennifer is on a shopping trip with her sister Meagan. They are going to the Joint Base commissary to pick up a few things and then possibly to the Post Exchange to look for bargains there. Meagan’s Husband, Jim, has been gone on deployment to Turkey for about two weeks now and he is not expected back for almost a year. He is on an unaccompanied tour and dependents are not permitted. Meagan is a little worried because of problems in that part of the world, but Jimmy is not a ‘combat’ soldier; he is more of an ‘electronic warrior’. None of the family knows exactly what Jimmy does, but he usually works in a relatively safe place. Apparently, the US has had bases in Turkey for a long time and this is a routine rotation. His last overseas posting was an accompanied tour and Meagan loved her two-years in Japan.

While they are driving to the base, Jenn thinks about the dates and asks her sister: “Meg, Jimmy was gone for Equinox. How did you get by the ritual? Does Mum know?”

Meg, while driving, chuckles a little and tells her: “We did our part right before Jimmy had to go do his part, if you know what I mean. Luckily the Equinox came during the day-time so, I figured that the day of is OK since it was already night in England!”

Jenn: “You did it early, does it count?”

Meg: “It will have to count. I did my ritual and so did he. We were just a little early and I explained to the Earth Mother in my prayer that the change in schedule was unavoidable. I hope she will understand.”

Jenn: “But what about Mum? She might figure it out. Will she understand?”

Meg: “I’m just hoping that Mum doesn’t think about it too much. I would rather avoid anything on the subject from her.”

Jenn: “Well, will he be home for the next one?”

Meg: “No, I’m working on that-I might be able to meet up with him if he can get leave. I can fly space-available to maybe Germany; and if he can get leave, we can have a week or so to take care of business.”

Jenn: “Hopefully at a hotel with a spa, right? “

Meg: “That’s right little sister-I really like Spas, especially the hot tubs.”

Jenn: “It must be nice having a Hot tub at your house that you can jump into whenever you want.”

Meg: “Yes, we are lucky to have it and we do use it a lot. We’ve been able to afford it ever since Jimmy made E-7 and I made a couple of ‘killer’ sales commissions at the Real Estate Office.”

Jenn: “Will you be staying here after Jimmy retires?”

Meg: “Yes, I think so. We really like the area and Jimmy thinks that he can get a job, on the base, doing the same thing as a civilian. He calls it ‘double dipping’.”

Jenn: “I have an entirely different definition for ‘Double Dipping’.”

The girls enjoy the inside joke and proceed through the base security check point. The drive on the base is uneventful and they eventually come to the Joint Base Shopping area. This place is like a major shopping mall, but located entirely on the base. It is essentially straddling the boundary between the Army and the Air-Force portions of the base. The Navy portion of the base is some miles to the East and does not actually connect to the other two portions. Bad luck for them dumb ass ‘Swabbies’.

Meg actually ‘does’ all the shopping. She is the one with the dependent ID card. Jenn is along only as a guest and shopping ‘advisor’. That’s the official story, actually the sisters are doing a once a month shopping for everything non-perishable. No Meats or Frozen foods. It takes too long to get back home and they like to make a few stops on the way-so, if it can’t wait in the car-it can’t come home with us.

After paying for two full cart loads of food, Meg and Jenn head for the Post Exchange. This is like a huge department store. You can get everything from uniforms to garden supplies. Both sisters always check the garden supplies to see if there is anything new or interesting. The new seeds have not arrived yet and they have most of the tools and equipment already. So, they pick up some underwear for the kids, a couple of pieces of clothing for themselves, a really nice dress shirt for Pappy’s upcoming birthday (they will say it’s from all three girls since Eileen is a little strapped for cash at the moment).

After paying and loading their purchases, the girls settle in for the hour and a half ride back home.

Meg: “So, you and John observed ‘the ritual’ again this year?”

Jenn: “Of course, we followed the plan right to the letter. It took almost a week for everything to get back to normal, if you know what I mean.”

Meg: “I don’t seem to have that problem. A good cleaning out does me wonders, but after about two days I’m back to schedule. Regular as a jeweler’s clock.”

Jenn: “I envy that. I might take it up the pooper more often if it didn’t upset the schedule so much.”

Meg: “It doesn’t have to upset things. I think that you overdo the cleaning out and that’s what causes the problems. pendik escort Once is more than enough for the ritual and, if you’re empty already, the cleaning out isn’t necessary for a good old fashioned ‘rumpy pumpy in the bum.”

Jenn: I’ll have to think about that. I don’t want that to become a regular thing but a little more often than twice a year might be nice. It would be more recreational than the ritualistic and I’m sure that John would not mind it one little bit.”

Meg: “I have to admit, Jimmy and I do it about once a month or so. Sometimes, I’m just ‘in the mood’ for it. When I’m in the mood, I just sit on a candle after dinner, and by bedtime everything is in order.”

Jenn: “Sit on a candle? What, on earth, does that mean?”

Meg: “I put a suppository up my bum. It takes anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour to work and after that, the ‘coast is clear’ so to speak.”

Jenn: “What kind of suppository do you use?”

Meg: “Glycerol. They are available at any pharmacy and work rather consistently. “

Jenn: “OK, how do you do it?”

Meg: “Well, I use one when the mood strikes me, or when Jimmy starts grabbing my arse a lot during the day. In the evening, usually while we are watching TV or something, around 9 O-Clock, or so, I go into the bathroom and just pop one in. I can go back and cuddle on the couch with Jimmy while it melts and starts to work. Once I feel it working, I go back to the bathroom and have a good release. No mess, no fuss and no equipment to clean up and put away.”

Jenn: “And that’s it, that’s all that you do?”

Meg: “For a regular night, yes. Not for the ‘observance’. For the observance we do the ‘water works’ procedure-God forbid that I don’t follow Mums rules to the letter. But for a regular night I just sit on the candle and then shower before bed. “

Jenn: “But, why do you say ‘sit on the candle’? “

Meg: “Did you ever look at one of those things? I’ll show them to you when we get to my house.”

Jenn: “Sounds interesting, let me see the box when we get to your house so that I know what to get when I go to the pharmacy.”

Meg: “You don’t have to go to the Pharmacy, you can get them at the grocery store; in the pharmacy section.”

Jenn: “I would feel a little uncomfortable buying something like that in the Grocery store, what if I ran into a neighbor or friend and they saw that in my shopping cart?”

Meg: “What would you think if you saw them in someone else’s shopping cart?”

Jenn: “Well, before what you just told me, I wouldn’t think much about it, but now, knowing what they can be used for, I might think a little differently about them.”

Meg: “You’re being silly, little sister. If they’re arse fucking maniacs they already know and might welcome you into the club. If they’re just prudes, they would only think that someone has a little ‘plugged up’ problem. Don’t let it worry you.”

The girls rode on chatting about everything and anything until they reached Meagan’s house. They unloaded the car and carried everything into the house. All the bags and boxes went onto the kitchen counters and they began to sort out the groceries into two piles. Jenn put her stuff back into the car while Meg put her stuff away in the cabinets and the pantry. When they were done, they decided to have a ‘cuppa’ before taking the groceries to Jenn’s house. Meg put the kettle on while Jenn put out the cups and biscuits (They still call cookies biscuits).

Meagan poured hot water into the tea pot and while it was brewing excused herself and went upstairs for a few moments. When she returned, she had a small box in her hand which she handed to Jenn.

Meg: “These are the suppositories that I use. They come twelve to a box and you have to keep them in a relatively cool place. But NOT the fridge, I learned that lesson the hard way.”

Jenn: “What? Did you do something dumb?”

Meg: “The package said to keep them in a cool place. So, I put them in the refrigerator-in the butter compartment. To me, that was a cool place.”

Jenn: “So, what happened? Did they freeze or break, or something?”

Meg: “No, they just got cold and very hard. When I put the first one in, I could feel the cold and it took about an hour to work. When I reread the box, I saw that the precaution to keep them in a cool place had a temperature range that said less than eighty degrees. The fridge is a lot cooler than that.”

Jenn: “Did it still work?”

Meg: “Yes, but it took a lot longer than I had planned on.”

Jenn: “Spoil your plans?”

Meg: “No, not really. But by the time that it worked and I had a shower I had to wake Jimmy up to do the deed. He didn’t seem to mind.”

Jenn: “So why do you call them candles?”

Meg: “Unwrap one and take a look at it, see if it doesn’t remind you of a little candle.”

Jenn unwraps one of the suppositories and holds it up to the light. “Yes, I can see what you mean. It does look like a miniature candle that is pointed tuzla escort at one end and gets a little fatter in the middle.”

Meagan had gotten up and returned with a small zip-lock plastic bag. “Put that one in here and you can take it home to try it.”

Jenn: “Thanks, but won’t it melt before I get there?”

Meg: “No, just keep it in your purse and it should be ok. Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s easier if you put just a dab of lubricant on the tip before you insert it. You will need to push it in with your finger and get it in about an inch or so. Use your first knuckle as a measure.”

Jenn: “Wow, sounds complicated. I will try it myself, maybe tonight.”

Meg: “Of course you do it by yourself, do you think that this is a team sport?”

Jenn: “No, but it might be a fun way to ‘set the mood’ and have another little ceremony of our own.

Meg: “You are unbelievable. An absolute pervert. I am so happy that you are my sister.”

Jenn: “Well, thanks for the advice. And I am thrilled to have such a smart sister.”

The girls finished up their tea and Meagan eventually drove Jennifer home. They unloaded Jenn’s groceries and talked for a bit longer. It was decided that Meagan would wrap the gift for Pappy’s birthday and Jenn would inform Eileen that a gift had been ‘gotten”.

Jennifer put all the groceries away and started dinner. The boys came home from school right on time, they went out into the back yard to play. Jenn took the suppository out of her purse and put it into the medicine cabinet in the master bedroom.

John came home after work and they had dinner. The boys were doing their homework (probably playing video games) in their room. Jenn was cleaning up the kitchen when John came in and, after looking around to confirm that the boys were not in the room, snuggled up behind Jenn and put his arms around her cupping both of her breasts while he moved back and forth until his semi-stiff dick found the cleft between her butt cheeks.

Jenn: “Want to help with the dishes?”

John: “No Thanks, I’ll just stand here and watch.”

Jenn pushes her butt out a little to encourage John and says: “That doesn’t feel like watching to me.”

John: “Keep that up and the dishes might not get finished tonight.”

Jenn: “Well, I may have a little surprise for you. Why don’t you go in and watch the news while I finish up here? I’ll be in there in a few minutes.”

So, John reluctantly let go of her boobs and backed away from her delicious butt. He went into the family room and stretched out on the couch. The seven O-clock news was just coming on so he waited there for Jenn to come in. She did and they watched TV until about nine thirty.

Jennifer yelled down the hallway: “Oi-You Two-Start getting ready for bed!”

John and Jenn could hear the grumbles from the other end of the house as the boys started to get ready for showers and bed. Weekdays, they kept the evenings short. Jenn had learned from her mother that a good night’s rest makes schoolwork a little easier and “Adult” work not as rushed.

By ten thirty, the boys had said their ‘good nights’ and trundled off to bed. Jennifer went up to the master bathroom and took out the zip-lock bag with the suppository in it. She went to her night stand and retrieved the parts of her ‘invention’. Wearing just a simple house dress, all she had to do was pull her panties down to her knees. Opening just the tube of J-Y, she applied a small dollop to the pointy end of the suppository and bent forward putting one hand onto the bed. She had to try a couple of different times to bend her arm and wrist so that she could reach her arse hole properly. When she had mastered the mechanics, she lined up the suppository with her bung and pushed it in. It immediately came right back out again falling right onto the crotch of her half-down panties. Jenn retrieved it and then remembered what her sister had told her about needing to push it in. She re-inserted the thing and pushed it in with her index finger being careful not to nick herself with her finger nail. It went in and Jenn could feel it pass the point of no return. She pulled her panties back up and smoothed her dress. She quickly assembled her invention and stashed it back on her night stand, out of sight behind her clock. Jenn went into the bathroom and washed her hands before returning to the family room and snuggling up to John.

Jennifer had no idea how long it would take for the suppository to work. She sat there with her legs up on the couch and watched the TV. The Eleven O-clock news was coming on and right in the middle of the ‘headlines’ she felt the first urge. It wasn’t too strong, but it was definitely an urge. While she was thinking about this, she felt another even stronger push from her colon. She also heard, but more felt, a little growling sound from her belly and decided that the ‘time had come’.

Standing, she said to John: “I’m going up to take a shower, don’t be too long.”

“OK, kartal escort I’ll be right behind you” John mumbled as he continued to watch the news.

Jenn thought to herself: “With any luck, you don’t know how correct you are, mister.”

She went on up and grabbed her night dress as she went into the bathroom. Sitting herself on the toilet she waited for whatever might happen next. She could feel a little of the lubrication still on her anus and could sense things ‘moving along’ like her sister had predicted. First the remnants of the suppository slipped out, it felt like a pea. Then, less than a minute later, she had a significant movement and felt at least a pound or so lighter. Cleanup was easy and she stripped all the way off and got into the shower.

Making sure to pay attention to all the girly bitts, Jennifer enjoyed a nice hot shower. She dried off and applied a Lavender scented body lotion, all over. She stepped under her night dress and combed her hair before leaving the bathroom. She made a decision “No Knickers tonight”!

John was just coming into the bedroom as she was getting to the bed. He already had his shirt off and was unbuckling his pants as he walked through the door. Jennifer got into the bed and watched him as he removed his pants. He sat on the side of the bed to remove his socks. Jennifer reached over and gave his back a little scratch while he sat there. “Wow, that feels good.” He said. “Something’s going to feel better as soon as you get done with your shower” she replied.

John wasted no additional time getting undressed. He quickly and efficiently hung his pants on the chair and grabbed a pair of undershorts from his top dresser drawer. He was two steps from the bathroom door when Jenn said: “You won’t be needing them tonight”. John immediately turned and put the skivvies back into his dresser, slid the drawer closed and went into the bathroom, closing the door quickly behind him.

John was done with his shower and shave in record time. John shaves in the shower at night. He says that it saves him time in the morning and he feels like he gets all the shaving cream off of his face that way. Jennifer likes it because he is smoother and smells really good when he comes to bed since he also applies his aftershave after he dries off. John exits the bathroom and hurries to his side of the bed. Jennifer can already see that he is semi-erect. She guesses that he is anticipating some loving when he gets horizontal.

John slides into the bed and pulls Jennifer close to him. They are belly to belly and Jenn notices how restricted she feels wearing the night dress. She backs away slightly, turns, stands and pulls the night dress off over her head, letting it fall to the floor. While she is doing this, she picks up her ‘invention’ from the night table and climbs back under the covers with John.

Face to face again, they spend a few moments deep kissing and hugging. Jenn can feel John’s cock as it presses against her belly as she keeps her invention hidden in her left hand. She always likes to feel his cock up against her belly, she knows that she has his absolute attention. After a couple of moments, John begins his usual attention to Jennifer’s’ boobs. Jenn likes this but, somehow tonight; she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with John nuzzling her chest. So, she pushes him onto his back as she proceeds to straddle on his hips. She can now feel his fully erect cock in the crease of her womanhood. Slowly, with a knowing smile, Jenn works her way up his body first sitting on his stomach and then moving to the bottom of his chest. John figures out what is going on and he slides down toward the foot of the bed to give Jenn enough room to reach her desired position. Soon, Jenn is sitting astride John’s shoulders with her puss directly over his mouth.

John wastes no time in going to work on that glorious pussy. He uses his mouth and tongue to gently separate her lips and quickly locates her now erect clit. Jenn is leaning against the headboard still holding onto the ‘invention’ when John starts the most wonderful of motions with his tongue. He circles her clit and follows the crease back to her vagina. A couple of deep insertions of his tongue and Jenn can already feel her motor switch to high gear. Returning to her clit, John increases the intensity of his licking and eventually draws her little bud into his mouth entirely and proceeds to both suck on it and rub it with his tongue. John’s hands are free and he rubs her sides and back as he administers the tonguing to her most sensitive nub.

Jennifer is in heaven. She is unable to sit still and begins to rock her pelvis in response to John’s pressure on her clit. She can feel the buzz begin and her womanly insides begin to respond. She is unaware of the vaginal lubrication that she is leaking onto John’s chin but at this point she wouldn’t care if she did know. With all the warning signs coming in rapid succession, Jennifer goes over the top and has an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm. She squeezes her legs together so tightly that John temporarily has no source of fresh air. He doesn’t care much-he can feel her whole body shake and her entire underside is pulsing with her orgasmic throws.

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