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Massaging My Father-in-Law Pt. 01

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My husband, Trevor, is the spitting image of his father, Gary. Gary has a sexy gray mustache and wavy gray hair, and a body that is very firm and tan for a 60 year-old man. His daily workouts and healthy eating habits have served him well. All of this bodes well for my husband, as he may continue to be a hunk into his golden years, too. I feel so fortunate as his wife.

We were eating dinner last Friday night at my in-law’s house, and Gary was noticeably wincing with pain whenever he stood up or sat down. He told us that his back was sore from some tough new workouts he was trying, and he just couldn’t get the knots out. Trevor suggested that maybe he should try a massage.

He then offered that maybe I could massage my father-in-law. I about choked on my food when he said that, but he had a point. I was almost done with my classes to earn my therapeutic massage certification, so the idea made some sense. I wasn’t sure I wanted to mix business with family, though. I would feel very awkward massaging Trevor’s dad.

Trevor’s mother Anita chimed in that it sounded like a great idea, so Gary looked straight at me and said, “Well, want to give it a try? I need to loosen this damn back up.” Nervously, I replied, “Um, well, OK… why don’t I come over tomorrow morning before my yoga class? I will bring my table and some warming oils, and we’ll try a back massage. Oh, and maybe wear a bathing suit, you know, for family modesty.” Everyone laughed, and Gary said, “Great, see you then. Thanks.”

The next morning, I put on my yoga pants, a sports bra, and a tank top. I never wear underwear for yoga. I also shave my pussy bald every Saturday morning, too. No need to change my ritual – just start a little earlier to make it to my massage appointment.

I drove to Gary and Anita’s house, took a deep breath, and rang the bell. Anita answered the door and ushered me in. She led me to the living room, where I set up my table. I arranged my oils and towels, put a clean sheet and blanket on the table, and did some hand and finger exercises to stretch things out.

Gary came down the stairs in a blue bathing suit. His tan chest had quite a bit of gray hair, and his abs were just short of the six-pack of his younger years. I asked him to lay down pendik escort on his stomach. I put a pillow under his ankles, thought about covering him with a towel, but decided against it because he was not naked.

Anita popped her head in the room and said she was headed to the grocery store. She looked at Gary on the table and exclaimed “Maybe I should try a massage, too, someday!” She winked at me and headed to the garage.

Once Gary was comfortable, I poured some warming oil onto the center of his back. I stood on the side of the table and started rubbing his back with the base of my hands and my elbows, working the oil into his skin. I asked him where it hurt the most, and he reached back and tapped his lower back on the right side, close to the waist of his bathing suit.

I moved around to the head of the table and began some long strokes from Gary’s shoulders all the way down his back to his sorest spot. Alternating between soft and deeper strokes, this caused Gary to moan a little and whisper “That feels great.” I am only 5’4″, so I really had to lean over to reach that far down his back. Not only did my shirt run along Gary’s soft hair, but a few times I noticed that my breasts rubbed along the back of his head, too. In fact, each time my breasts touched his head, he let out his loudest moans.

I smiled, but thought better of things and rotated to the side of the table again. I worked on his back for 20 minutes, then focused for some time on his arms and his hands. I liberally applied oil throughout, and his upper torso was glistening. His arms were so strong, and his hands were those of a working man. Soon, they were glistening, too.

I asked Gary if he had any other parts of his body that needed some extra attention. He replied that his hamstrings and quads were also a little sore. I moved down the table to his legs, starting at his feet. My hands worked their way slowly up his calves to his knees, then back down to the arches of his feet. More moans from Gary, which was a good sign.

When I reached his thighs, I applied a little extra pressure. Then, I softened up my strokes as my fingers reached inside his legs. He instinctively spread his legs a little, and I very softly and slowly tuzla escort stroked inside, very close to his crotch area. I knew I was safe with his bathing suit on, and I knew this was a very sensitive area for a man. Gary said “oh, yeah…” and I could tell that he liked this part of the massage.

My hands ventured to the outside of his legs, and I slid them up, inside his suit, to the outside of his glutes and outer hips. More moans meant that this was welcome, too. I rubbed his outer legs for a while as he kept moaning his approval. On my way back to his thighs, my fingers took an inward path to his buttocks. I took a chance and squeezed his butt cheeks. I kneaded them for a few minutes, my hands under his suit and on bare flesh the whole time.

I then traced down his butt with my fingernails to the back of his legs again. I was outside the suit now, but I tickled the inside of both of his legs. He raised his ass a little during his loudest moan yet, and my fingers went deep between his legs. I accidentally touched his semi-hard cock. My hands came out to his thighs, then I sent them right back in. Again, my hand brushed his cock. He raised his hips a little more, and I took that as a signal to keep this up. Each time I stroked inside, more of his cock contacted more of my hand. After a dozen brazen strokes or so, I cupped his balls and ran my hand along the length of his shaft. Then, I patted his ass and said, “OK, time to turn over.”

He quickly was on his back, and I lifted his head to place a pillow underneath. His suit was tented with his erection. He looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and said, “This feels amazing. Thank you.” I expected him to close his eyes again, but he kept staring at my face and smiling. I oiled up his lovely chest and abs, then went to work on his shoulders and arms. I tickled his stomach and chest, and ran my fingers through his silky chest hair.

As I was finishing his torso, I suddenly felt his hand run up the back of my leg to my ass. He lightly touched me as his fingers ran up and down my leg. I gave him a “stop that” look, but my smile said otherwise, and his rubbing continued. It was hard to concentrate on what I was doing as his hand traced my ass crack and snuck ümraniye escort between my legs to the edge of my pussy. He commented on my lack of underwear and his smile increased.

I moved down the table, away from his roaming hands, and oiled up the front of his legs. I spread his knees a little and knelt on the table between his legs. I massaged his shins and calves, then worked my hands above his knees. He just kept staring at me and smiling. The tenting in his suit kept rising. My hands traced his quad muscles, and I applied some deep pressure to each. Then, I reached up, under his suit, and pushed my hands up his legs right past his cock to his waist. His suit rode up with this move, and one of his balls came out of the mesh lining. I gently put it back inside his suit, and Gary laughed.

I sensed that he was ready for a happy ending, so I untied his suit, grabbed the elastic waist, and started to pull down. He raised his hips off the table, and the suit slid right down his legs. I had him bend his knees, and I took his suit completely off one leg at a time. Gary kept his legs bent and pressed his knees outward a little. His beautiful 8″ cock stood at full attention, a small drop of pre-cum leaking from its tip. I poured some oil on his shaft, took his balls in one hand, and the base of his cock in the other. I started with some slow, long strokes.

As my pace increased, I focused my stroke on the upper half of his gorgeous cock and its huge purple head. My other hand moved down past his balls to his ass. I licked my middle finger and traced circles around his puckered hole. I gently pushed my finger slightly in, then wiggled it around. I then matched the pace of my strokes on his cock with the tickling of his anus. He soon screamed “Oh my God!”, and spurts of white semen shot towards my face. I opened my mouth and caught most of his tasty spunk. Some of it landed in my hair and on my cheeks and chin.

I gave his cock a little kiss, got off the table, and went to the kitchen to put some warm water on a towel. I returned to the living room and wiped every inch of his body with the warm, wet towel. His hands were all over me as I worked, rubbing my ass and pussy and tits through my yoga clothes. I slid his suit back on him and gave his flaccid member one more kiss before covering it up.

At that point, we heard the garage door open, and we knew Anita was back from her shopping. I had to get to my yoga class, anyway. Gary sat up and hugged me, then asked if I could come over again next Saturday. It’s a date…

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