Temmuz 17, 2024

Massage The Way I Needed

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I like to write short real life stories that are to the point. Hard or wet factor is the only thing I am aiming for. This is not a PhD dissertation or English grammar class. You are on the wrong website if you care for either of those topics.

I am 22, 5’3″, 110, small petite blonde girl.

Based on my experience guys will fuck any girl that offers herself. But in my few yeas of fucking so many guys, only once I had to force a guy to fuck me. Fuck me he did, but it was not easy getting him there.

My spa hires some of the best looking guys for massage. Now some are gay, but then some are really strong, well chiseled straight guys too. Let me tell you this is no seedy spa but a very upscale spa in my city. Andrew was all muscles with a 6′ frame. I had seen him work there but never had the pleasure of having his hands all over me. My regular guy was good but nothing like Andrew. During a couple of my previous visit, I had spoken and flirted with Andrew while waiting, but then I am sure most girls hit on him and he must be used to it. He smiled and humored me but did not take any bait. My desire for him only grew.

Last week I booked a spa appointment and asked for Andrew. On the spa day I showered, cleaned myself, put some light perfume on me in all the right places. I wore no bikini under my body hugging track pants and top. Just a sexy thong was all I wore under my track pants. I showed up all excited and a little wet with anticipation. I knew I wanted to seduce Andrew and was hoping it will be a cake walk for my tight young frame.

Once in the spa room after all check in formalities were over, Andrew was discussing what areas needed focus, what level of pressure etc? I was so horny and eager to seduce him that as he spoke, I unzipped my top and dropped it on the chair to reveal my naked top. Andrew paused a little but continued. I am sure many girls have stripped and thrown themselves to this hunk and it must be just another day for him at work 😉 He was discussing energy flow channels, how he prefers to do his craft blah blah blah and all I was doing was imagining a hard cock under his slacks. I turned my back to him and pulled my track pants off me to reveal to him my tight ass in a thong. I stayed a little bent over pretending to fold my clothes on the chair giving Andrew a extended view of my ass. He stayed completely professional.

I turned towards him standing in my thong pretending to listen. I surely played with my hair seductively as I pulled the hair clip and threw it on the table. Facing him I touched under my breast and firm abs area telling him a story about how playing volleyball last week pulled some muscle and it hurts, just so that he stares at my breast area. I made up a story about how the thighs and the hamstrings are tight and needed extra help to loosen them. All I wanted was his hands close eryaman escort to my pussy.

Andrew acknowledged he will take care of the areas I mentioned. He asked me to lie down under the covers facing down once he stepped out. I smiled and said that was not necessary. I pulled my thong off me to show him my naked body as I got up on the table and lay down under the cover. I was hoping that will get me the rock hard salute I needed from under his slacks. Andrew just continued covering me, setting warm blankets, adjusting music volume, asking if I was comfortable etc. Still no mention about how beautiful I was or any flirty comment.

I had booked a 90 minute session as I wanted to have fun assuming he will go for it. First 15 minutes of massage was heavenly. He had strong but gentle hands. He ran his hands all over my back, shoulders and neck area. His hands got close to my ass and side of the boobs but never touched them. Just like professionals do! I so wanted his hands to touch the forbidden areas of my body. 15 minutes of that, he covered my top and moved the covers off my legs that ended just below my ass. I was so tingly with anticipation hoping he left the covers just high enough to see my pussy. I was not sure.

Andrew started massaging my legs and calves and thighs and after 2 minutes started to focus on the hamstring/thigh area. If I could cum by a guys touch, that would have been the moment. I opened my legs a little bit to give him better access to the inside of my thighs. I was also hoping that he may now see my pussy. But Andrew stayed on the side and kept working and got close but never close enough to touch me where I wanted to be touched. 10 minutes of this agony and nothing.

Andrew continued to do his job but knowing I needed him, in the middle of the massage, I pulled the covers off my back to expose my ass and asked him to massage my ass and lower back and thighs as one unit. Andrew still stayed professional and continued working on me as I lay naked. His hands did touch my tight ass but he approached it as a massage opportunity only. God was he a saint or gay I wondered?

2 minutes of lying naked knowing my pussy was wet like hell, I turned face up lying on my back to show Andrew my complete naked body. He the professional that he was, asked if I needed a towel to cover? That was my cue and I said flirting, ‘I do not need the towel unless you do not like what you see and would like me covered.’ He apologized and said that was not what he meant. I smiled back and seductively said, ‘glad you do not find my body repulsive’. Even in the dimly lit room I could see he blushed. He put his hands on top of my knee to start there. He had no choice but stare at my naked body, my tits, my pussy. He was a little confused by now trying to decide where to go.

I reached and grabbed escort eryaman his hands and put them on my tits and said, ‘here is where i want your hands to start and focus.’ Andrew pulled his hands back startled. Not ready to stop I grabbed his hands again and put it on my shaved pussy and said, ‘unless you prefer having your hands here?’ Andrew pulled away from the table and started to explain that how this is not right and that the spa was not meant for this kind of experience. I sat up on the massage table, pulled Andrew close and tried to kiss him. My lips were on his lips, my hands down on his cock and I could feel that it was hard. I pulled away and gave him a naughty smile and said, ‘I think your cock think this is a great idea!’

Andrew tried explaining how he could lose his job, how this is not right, how things can get out of hand. I did not care. I jumped down from the massage table, and jumped on Andrew wrapping my legs around his waist. He instinctively caught me holding me up with his hands around my ass. My pussy was rubbing against his cock and I planted a deep kiss on his mouth. A few seconds later his mouth opened and we were deep kissing as he held me. Minute of this passionate kissing, Andrew dropped me on the massage table and again went back on the how this is not right train.

I was getting frustrated and asked him if something was wrong with me? He explained how hot I am and how he would love to date me if he did not have a girl friend. I told him I did not care even if he was married. ‘I just want to feel that cock in all my holes’ I said. With that I got a little aggressive and pulled his slacks and boxer down and took his cock in my mouth. I heard Andrew moan. I knew he wanted this but was just afraid. I started to stroke his 7 inch cock as I sucked him. He was as hard as a guy gets. He tasted so good. Soon his hands were on my head as he forced me down to take all his cock. I loved that he was getting into it and I love when a guy tries to force his cock deep in my mouth.

I sucked him for a few minutes and needed to feel him in my pussy. So I stood up, bent over on the table with my ass towards him and asked him to fuck me. And again the holiness kicked in and Andrew started saying how wrong this all was. I was not ready to go home without getting fucked and debated the idea of threatening him with a made up story that will get him into trouble. But I did not want to be mean so I squeezed close into his body, rubbing my naked body against his hard cock. I whispered into his ear how I just want him to fuck me once and then I will leave and he can think about his new conquest later.

As i whispered, I had his cock back in my hand and I was stroking him. I rubbed his cock against my pussy lips for him to know how wet it was. Andrew finally let his man in him take over. He reminded eryaman escort bayan me how we could not make too much noise or he will get into trouble. I smiled. With that I turned around and once again bent over the massage table, with my ass towards him. Andrew positioned his cock and pushed it into my sloppy wet pussy. I moaned and I think I was loud so Andrew shushed me and asked me to keep it down.

I was in heaven. I had Andrew’s cock buried deep in my pussy as he picked his speed. Somehow it felt he was going too fast wanting to cum and get this over quickly. I on the other hand was not ready for a quickie. So I stood up resulting in his cock slipping out of my pussy. He protested and said he was close to cumming. I reminded him that it was about both of us. I jumped on the table, lay down and asked him to eat me. Andrew protested saying I wanted to be fucked and why we should get this over with quick and not risk being caught.

I refused and asked him to eat me and make me cum and I will make him have the fuck of his life. Andrew by now was desperate to cum so he buried his face between my legs. I have to say he was not the best pussy eater but I was so horny that soon his licking my clit had me cumming. I buried my face in the towel to muffle my moan.

Once I could breathe, I asked Andrew to lie down on the massage table. He did and I straddled him like a cow girl and started to ride his hard cock. My hands in my hair as I closed my eyes, arched my back, asked him to play with my tits as I enjoyed him in me. He was pushing himself into my pussy and I could see the pleasure on his face. He commented how much he liked my ass. So I turned and took the reverse cow girl position and let his cock slip back in my pussy. Andrew commented how much he is enjoying watching my ass.

I asked if he wanted to fuck my ass? By now he was just another guy and nodded vigorously. I adjusted and took him in my ass. Hands on his knee, I let him fuck my ass. He asked if he could cum in my ass. I nodded and told him he should. He took charge and holding me by my waist made me ride in that reverse cow girl position till he came in me. There was a lot of cum. I laughed and kidded with him that it seems he is not getting laid by his gf given the amount of cum he had in his balls. He laughed and told me how his gf and he have been fighting for a week and how she is not putting out.

I had 15 minutes still left of my massage time. After cleaning my ass, I asked him to massage me the right way for the last 15 minutes. This time Andrew knew what had to be done. He touched me all over, finger fucked me and made me cum. I touched his cock every time he was close to me. After watching me cum on his massage table, Andrew was hard again. He asked if he could have a quickie? I nodded yes. He pulled me to the edge of the table, opened my legs wide, and slid his cock in me as he fucked me standing.

Quick hard and furious strokes and he came in my pussy in a minute plus. I was also satisfied. I got dressed and Andrew asked if I plan to come back soon and have a do it again? I smiled, kissed him and said, time will tell as I left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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