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Maracie’s Date

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Big Tits

Jane didn’t have a date that Friday. She didn’t really mind, after all there was some work on her English paper that she could do in order to get a good head start on the project. She knew that she still had some research to do, and could accomplish that here in the dorm. So, it looked for her like a casual, sloppy sweats kind of night. A kind of night that she didn’t regret at all.

Jane did date but not as much, not nearly as much as her roommate Marcie. Of course, Marcie had a date, and she was her usual swanning, spinning, off in all directions personality, as she prepared for her evening out.

Marcie came in from the bathroom that their room shared with another two girl room; she was wrapped in a towel and singing to herself. She danced around in a typical Marcie kind of mood and grinned over at Jane, who was watching her with evident pleasure. It was difficult not to share Marcie’s moods, when she was so chirpy and flitty.

“No date, Janie, my maid?” Marcie asked with a pouting face that she’d put on for Jane’s consumption.

“No, darling Marcie,” Jane answered, using a pet name that she had for her roommate, “Just English drudgery for this student. We didn’t all come to the university for parties and fun, like some people I know.”

“Aha,” Marcie said, pointing an accusing finger at Jane, “We’ll have to find you a beau soon to get you moved out of your drudgery.”

“A beau?” Jane said. Then she continued the banter with Marcie: “Does that mean a person with whom I have to do dirty things?”

Marcie grinned her world defeating grin: “Of course it does, my pet; what else are they for the two legged things with the long twitchy thing between their legs?”

Both girls had a laugh at Marcie’s description of men.

Jane then looked up at the clock and said to Marcie:

“Best start making your spectacular transformation from room nymph to campus siren; it’s getting late!”

“Oops,” Marcie said, now looking at the clock too, “You’re so right, Janie my keeper; whatever would I do without you?

“Probably fade into a simple woodland echo,” Jane said with mock severity.

“Yes, indeed, I believe it so,” Marcie said doing one more dance step.

Jane and Marcie had been thrown together as roommates, when they came to the university, and they had hit it off immediately. Their good natured banter was a frequent feature of the simple homeyness of the relationship around the dorm.

Marcie was simply gorgeous. Jane knew that she was a good looking young woman but she also knew that she wasn’t quite as gorgeous as the fair haired Marcie.

Marcie had light colored skin that tanned nicely, fair hair, a waist that almost looked cinched, flaring hips that made promises of passion to all and sundry, and tits that were simply shapely with medium sized responsive nipples.

Marcie was forever saying that this thing or that thing ‘made her nipples hard’, when she was in the room with Jane. They alway had a giggle over that kind of statement.

Marcie also was one who seriously looked out for Jane.She fixed Jane up with dates every now and then. Jane never minded that. She was much more quiet and reserved, she thought, than Marcie. It seemed that Marcie was forever attracting attention to herself, especially male attention. Whereas Jane just didn’t attract attention in the same way.

But Jane was never jealous or angry about it. She saw Marcie as a kind of treat, and appreciated the kind of relationship that the two of them had established with each other.

They were close enough girl friends to talk into the small morning hours about the boys that they were dating, and what those boys were trying to get them to do. Both girls were fairly giggly about the often inept machinations of campus men to get into either Marcie’s or Jane’s panties.

But both girls were also still virgins, although, with their talking sessions, it had at least become obvious to Jane that Marcie was ‘friendlier’ than she tended to be.

Jane had to admit to herself that she did ‘tingle’ at the revelations that Marcie would confide to her in their late night ‘girlie talks,’ as they called them.

Marcie danced over to where Jane was doing some not too serious studying, while lying on her bed. When she got close to Jane she fairly crowed:

“Behold now the caterpillar and the butterfly.”

She wrapped the bath towel tighter around her as she made this declaration.

“Ah, yes,” Jane said, “the weekly transformation that means that the campus males have no chance tonight at all.”

“Right in one, my sweet, sweet girlfriend,” Marcie sang out as she flung the towel onto her bed, and pirouetted in front of Jane naked.

Jane did like seeing Marcie naked, because she was such a beauty. Jane really didn’t envy Marcie’s beauty, she just appreciated it.

Jane clapped for the naked Marcie. Marcie took a bow and proclaimed once more:

“The caterpillar and the butterfly.”

She waltzed over to her bureau and opening a drawer pulled out a pair of skimpy yellow, bikini panties.

“Ohhhhhhh,” keçiören escort Jane said with mock severity, “It’s a yellow night. That means passion.”

“Yes, my pet,” Marcie grinned, slipping into her panties and pulling them up snug against her hips and ass, “Yellow tonight is for passion. I don’t think that sigma chi will survive.”

“Alas the downfall of a great institution all due to a pair of skimpy, yellow panties!” Jane added, and then concluded with “Sic transit gloria mundi!”

Marcie bowed in Jane’s direction and said: “Thank you Caesar.”

“Our pleasure,” Jane said, feigning the plural of majesty.

Then Marcie donned a matching yellow bra and fished out of her drawer a yellow pullover. She completed this ensemble with a short, white pleated mini skirt.

When she was finished, she held her arms out and said a loud: “Ta da!”

Jane looked up from her book and clapped once again, commenting:

“Yes, Marcie, your public approves and grovels at your feet as usual.”

“Yes,” Marcie sighed, “They always do.”

Marcie was ready then to head for the lobby of the dorm. Jane, seeing that she was going to go, jumped up and went to her roomie:

“Have a good time, Marcie, my girl,” Jane said, giving Marcie a kiss on the cheek.

Then Jane grinned at her and said: “Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.”

“My, my,” Marcie said in a sing song voice. “That leaves the field open for all sorts of passionate exploration.”

Jane grinned back at her and said, pointing toward the door: “Out before the butterfly is late.”

Then Jane added: “Who is it tonight?”

“Eddie,” Marcie said with a kind of husky voice.

They both had discussed previously how handsome Eddie Cary was.

Jane got a thoughtful look on her face and said: “Marcie, maybe, just maybe we should rename him. Don’t you think? After all he might be a Brok, or a Clint, or even a Derek but he is definitely not an Eddie!”

“Ah,” Marcie said, kissing Jane’s cheek ‘good night’, wisdom herself speaks; we should take care of that problem.”

Then Marcie was out the door with a wave and the parting word “Toodles!”

Jane said loudly after her: “Enjoy!”

Jane spoke to herself then for a moment or two:

“My, my she’s tiring; I hope Eddie’s up to it tonight.”

Then turning her attention back to what had to be done, she made a cup of tea, from the supplies that the two girls kept on hand and went back to her English notes for the term paper.

Jane worked on the notes for the paper fairly hard and fairly long before she began to get sleepy. It was approaching 11 PM, when she finally grabbed her robe and went into the shower to get ready for bed. She was read for bed quickly, and settled down under the covers wearing a pair of white bikini panties.

It was a bit later, and Jane had in fact been asleep, when she was awakened by a bit of a commotion in the room.

She realized that Marcie and Eddie were back from their date. She kept her eyes closed and tried to simply pretend to be asleep. She didn’t want them thinking that she was being nosy.

They were bumping around just a bit, and it seemed to Jane as though both of them had, had too much to drink. They were certainly doing a lot of giggling.

Jane had lain there listening for five long minutes before she had the courage to open her eyes. She saw the two of them, Eddie and Marcie, in the middle of the room just breaking up a wet kiss.

Jane gulped a bit being somewhere between turned on and guilty for watching what the couple on the other side of the room was doing. The ‘turned on’ eventually won and she watched the pair intently.

“I want the light on,” Eddie said, “I want to see you without your clothes on.”

“No, silly,” Marcie objected, “We’ll wake up Jane. It’s in the dark or it’s out you go.”

Eddie answered the ultimatum by grabbing onto the bottom of Marcie’s sweater and pulling it up over her head. Marcie razed her arms to accommodate Eddie’s actions.

Marcie, in typical fashion, held her arms up in the air to show off her almost naked upper body to its fullest extent.

But Eddie was more interested in Marcie’s skirt. He was kneeling in front of Marcie and working to see what held the skirt together. Finally, he discovered the way the buttons on the skirt waist band worked and unbuttoned the waist band. With a push of his hand then he let the skirt flutter to the floor of the room.

Once again Marcie posed for Eddie, who this time simply sat back on his heels and said a strangled “Wow!”

Jane was getting excited herself just from watching the tableau that was taking place between her roommate and her date across the room. Jane had never really thought of herself as a voyeur but this was one of the most fascinating things that she’d ever seen.

Eddie was now whispering to Marcie: “Your panties, can I take your panties off?”

Marcie answered him in a tiny twinkling kind of voice: “Yes, silly, if they’re really in your way.”

“In keçiören escort bayan my way,” Eddie said breathlessly, “I guess.”

Eddie then slipped the tiny yellow bikini panties down Marcie’s legs and off entirely.

“Oh, my god look at that!” Eddie said with enthusiasm.

“Are we pleased?” Marcie wanted to know.

“Please?” he whispered, “I’ll show you if I’m pleased or not.”

They were, by then, paying no attention at all to Jane, who was the silent watcher in the room. They didn’t even, at that point, seem to know she was there. She watched them, and tried to direct her ragged breathing into the pillow under her head. She thought that this was extremely exciting and didn’t have a clue what to expect next from the two over at Marcie’s bed.

“What are you going to do?” Marcie said softly to Eddie.

“Just this,” was his answer.

Jane’s eyes grew wide as she realized what Eddie’s intentions were. He scrambled onto his knees and pushed Marcie down onto her bed, so that her legs were hanging over the end of the bed.

This put Eddie at eye level with Marcie carefully cropped pussy hair. And then, as Jane watched the two of them, Eddie lowered his face until it was jammed into Marcie’s pussy.

Jane’s hand snaked down to the front of her panties at that point. She was afraid that she’d explode from the excitement. Then she disciplined herself and removed her hand from inside her panties, where it had ended up. She watched and listened for what was happening a little bit away from her.

Eddie’s head was now moving up and down, as he obviously was intent upon eating Marcie’s pussy. The noise that he was making began to be both wet and loud.

Jane was transported by the passionate sound of the noise that Eddie was making with his face in Marcie’s crotch.

As Eddie moved his face up and down between Marcie’s thighs, Marcie herself was rolling her head back and forth and obviously having an effort to not make noises.

Jane almost giggled, when she saw Marcie bite her pillow to keep from shouting out due to Eddie’s wet tongue movements.

Eddie turned his head to the side now and then, and Jane thought that he must be kissing the inside of Marcie’s thighs. Then his head would plunge back into Marcie’s pussy and the wet sound of his lapping, licking and sucking would fill the room once more.

Finally, as Jane watched, Marcie began to buck and pump her hips up toward Eddie’s face. She had a hold on his hair to keep his face in place and simply pumped her hips into his face.

His loud, wet servicing of Marcie became even louder then, and Marcie buried her face totally into her pillow as she squeaked and squealed her way through her orgasm.

Eddie sat back on his heels then, as Marcie slipped from the bed and began to kiss him. She not only kissed him then, she began to lick the wet off of his face. It was wet that he’d gotten there in his process of eating her pussy, and she licked him to clean him.

“Now it’s my turn,” Eddie said. He’d not yet had a chance to come to his own orgasm.

“For what?” Marcie whispered.

Then in a strangled voice he said to her: “Marcie, I want to, I need to fuck you.”

“No,” she said in a voice that sounded like it was the very last word on the subject.

She continued then, still holding and kissing him:

“We’ve already talked about this; I’v already told you, and I mean it, Eddie, we’re not going to do that,and don’t ruin this lovely night by getting all crappy about it.”

“But . . .” he stammered, certainly not sure of himself now, “But what about me?”

There was a brief silence,and Jane, over in her bed with still wide eyed disbelief at the sex act that she’d just witnessed, also wondered what he was going to say.

“Will you at least suck me?” He wanted to know.

Marcie whispered to him then, almost teasing but with a voice filled with what sounded to Jane like raw lust:

“You dirty thing,” she cooed to him. “You want to stick that big cock of yours in my mouth, don’t you?”

Eddie answered in a passionate voice: “Yes, . . .yes, I do.”

Marcie’s next statement was one of the sexiest things that Jane had ever heard.

Marcie answered Eddie’s almost painful request in a voice that was velvet with promise:

“Then bring that big thing here,” Marcie said, “Bring that big cock here and I’ll show you what a good cock sucker I am.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” was the moan that came from Eddie, as he changed places with Marcie, and was himself now resting on her bed with his knees and legs over the end.

Marcie took her place between his legs, and, reaching her hand in, extracted with a little difficulty, his stiff cock from his pants.

“Ohhh,” Marcie cooed, “How nice, how cute, how soft and silky. And what happens,” she wondered out loud, “If we kind of pull the skin up and down, I wonder?”

While she was saying that she was gently jerking the skin on the cock up and down.

“Marcie!” Eddie said, his voice almost totally a whisper escort keçiören from the passion that they were sharing.

Then Marcie bent her head to where Eddie was.

Jane just barely suppressed her own groan, when she realized that her roommate was about to suck Eddie’s cock.

Jane watched intently as Marcie’s mouth began to engulf the head of Eddie’s erect prick. Marcie sucked on the head of the cock and looked up at Eddie, whose eyes were tightly closed in ecstasy.

“We won’t be able to take that for very long,” Marcie cooed and went back to sucking on Eddie’s cock.

It was now Marcie’s turn to make the wet sounds of sex. The sounds came to Jane’s eager ears plainly, and Jane’s eyes, now used to the dark, watched the apparent figure of her lovely roommate, as she worked over her date’s cock.

“Ohhhhh,” Jane groaned silently wishing, wishing, wishing to play with her pussy but afraid to break the moment by any movement on her part.

Marcie’s head was now bobbing up and down on Eddie’s cock, and it was Eddie’s turn to bite the pillow.

Her loud, wet sucking didn’t take very long to plunge Eddie into his own orgasm. He pushed his hips upward and grabbed the back of Marcie’s head. Marcie had a hand on Eddie’s cock to keep him from pushing it so far into her throat that it would cause her to gag. The sound of Marcie gulping down Eddie’s wildly ejaculated cum then filled the room.

Jane almost swooned from the sound. The sex that she had witnessed was one of the hottest moments that she could ever remember. She was not greatly experienced in sexual matters herself. Like Marcie, she was virgin but had only really engaged in heavy petting in high school: breast touching, fumbling with clothes. She had managed to resist the urgent requests, in frequent but there nevertheless, to allow a boy to get into her pants. She had jerked one or two of her dates off but this was certainly sex on a totally different level, and she discovered, in her reverie, that she loved it, wished for it, longed for it.

When Marcie was finished, and had cleaned Eddie’s prick up with her mouth, she sat back and put his prick back into his pants. She still wore only a bra, which had never been taken in the heat of the sex play.

Jane watched silently and wondered, simply wondered how it would taste, what would the hardness feel like in your mouth, what would the thrusting of the cock into the back of your throat feel like, would it be soft, would the spending, the cum taste good or foul. She realized that she longed to ask Marcie those questions but didn’t dare.

Eddie was leaning up on his elbows and looking at Marcie.

“I’ve got to go, Marcie,” he said quietly.

Marcie smiled at Eddie and said sweetly: “Thanks for a really nice evening, Eddie.”

“Thank you,” he said as he was now moving toward the door.

Then he was gone. Marcie grabbed up her discarded clothes and folded them onto a chair. She stood regarding the room now totally naked.

She got into bed but was restless from her sexual experience. She flopped around on the bed a bit, as though she were trying to get comfortable.

Jane was trying to keep her breathing from sounding too ragged, and began to make a light snoring sound, so that Marcie wouldn’t know that she’d been watching her and Eddie having sex.

It was then that Jane heard Marcie’s voice in a soft, silken whisper:

“Did you like watching us Jane?”

The question hung in the air for just a few seconds, and Jane realized that the question itself was a turn on for her.

Finally, she whispered back to Marcie: “Oh, yes; Oh, yes.”

Then Jane heard the rustle of Marcie’s bed clothes and looked over to find her roommate now at her own bedside.

“Here I come, Janie,” Marcie said, pulling the covers back.

“Oh, look at you,” Marcie cooed, as she uncovered Jane’s semi nakedness. “All warm, and naked with hard nipples and all; you look a treat, pussycat.”

Then to Jane’s consternation, and unending gratitude, Marcie slipped into bed with her.

Jane turned to face Marcie, as Marcie snuggled her nakedness against Jane.

Jane felt that she should apologize for being the voyeur in the room. She was more over come by it than she realized and there were tears in her voice, and her chin was trembling when she whispered:

“I’m so sorry, Marcie, for watching like that; it was such a sneaky thing to do.”

“Hey, hey, hush up, my puppy love,” Marcie cooed at Jane, and, to Jane’s further consternation, planted a wet kiss directly on Jane’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Jane sighed.

“Hmmmm, we like that, do we?” Marcie speculated.

“Yes,” Jane said simply.

“Then take this,”Marcie said then, “And no more about ‘sorry’ or ‘sneaky’; it was a total turn on for me to know you were watching.”

_”It was,” Jane whispered with wonder.

“Oh, yes,” Marcie said, “Eddie was enjoying himself, but I was performing for you.”

“You were?” Jane said then.

“Listen to yourself, you goose,” Marcie said, “You sound befuddled and simple minded. That’s not my Janie.”

Here Marcie kissed Jane again, only this time she probed against Jane’s lips with her tongue. It was probably the softest kiss that Jane had ever experienced, and simple innate desires caused her to relax and open her mouth to Marcie’s invading tongue.

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