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Man of the House Ch. 03

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My head was swimming with the pink drug. I stat there with a deep fear and anticipation of what was about to unfold. I herd footsteps coming up the steps and down the hallway. The door swung open, Jen and Deb stepped inside. Both the girls were wearing silk robes the color of pink peach blossoms. As they came closer I could see that they both had a very serious look on there faces. The smell of sweet perfume hit my nose, they were both bathed in the sweet sent.

“Stand up,” Deb ordered. “Its time for you to see the man of the house. Its time for you to start your journey.”

I stood up, a bit uneasy in the heels I was wearing, I wasn’t sure I could make it down the steps without falling on my face.

“Don’t worry you will get used to those sooner than you would think. It will become second nature for you to do all kinds of feminine things very soon,” Deb said.

I took a few steps around the room trying to steady myself as best I could. This is going to take some work.

“One last thing before we go down to see master,” Jen said as she reached into her mothers dresser. She smiled as she pulled out a large perfume bottle. “This is masters own special perfume, all of us wear it when he tells us to go get ready for him.” She walked over to me and brought the perfume up to my nose. “Here have a smell.” I took in the aroma and my head started to swim from it,

“What is that.”

“Its daddies own special blend of pink pony and viva la juicy.” The sweet perfume filled my head with a warm sense and at once felt like I was floating on air.

“Ok you are ready now,” Jen said with a smile.

“Daddy is going to so pleased with you Tom, we are going to have so much fun.”

We walked downstairs and up the main hall into the living room, the room was well lit and I could smell the smoke both from the fireplace and from my father-in-law’s cigar. We entered ,in single file, me in the middle. We slowly made our way up to Larry’s chair in the center of the room.

“On your knees Tom, take your place in front of daddy.” I knelt down, struggling with my heels in front of Larry, the girls took there places on either side of Larry. They then dropped there robes and stood there in the nude with there hands at there sides. Larry stood up in front of me, and placed his cigar in the ashtray beside him.

“Welcome Tom. I’m glad you made the choice to become one of my girls, you wont regret your decision. Now let us begin the ceremony.” Larry took a step towards me, he was wearing the robe from the video and it looked to be all he was wearing. He undid the drawstring and let the robe fall to the ground, his large dick sprang from underneath. He took a step closer, I was now eye level with my father-in-law’s cock. He towered over me with his huge member inches from my forehead.

“ladies take your places.” Larry ordered. The girls who were frozen like statues came from the sides of the chair. Jenny cane to my side, and knelt down a bit to my rear. My mother-in-law came around right behind me and took my arms behind my back and held them. My wife then leaned in to my side and placed one hand on my throat, and one on the back of my head.

Larry then began his speech.

“Who brings this sissy to me, to become mine and mine alone?”

Jenny spoke “I do daddy.” I strained to breathe with Jenny’s hand on my throat.

“Is he prepared to serve me body and soul, is he ready to give up all that is his and give his life to me?”

I could smell Larry’s manhood as he inched closer to my face. Oh god what have I got my self into, I cant do this. I cant be someone’s bitch, I’m a man for fucks sake.

“Tom do you swear your life to me and my house, to serve me and be one of mine?”

I struggled with myself, fighting the urges inside of me to jump up and bolt for the door. Jennies grip on my throat tightened.


The time had come to make a decision, give up my life with the only woman I had loved, or become a plaything, a little sissy boy to be used and mistreated.. No turning back now I thought,.

“YES I SWEAR MY LIFE TO YOU AND ALL YOUR HOUSE, I AM YOURS TO DO WITH WHAT YOU WISH MASTER.” I could hear Jenny sobbing what I’m sure were tears of joy, she leaned in and kissed my ear.

“You have made me so happy sister.” Sister I thought with a tinge of anger.

“Enough Jenny, let the slave seal his oath..” Larry spat as he closed the final space between his cock and my lips. I kneeled there with Larry rubbing his cock across my lips about to gag from the thought of sucking another mans dick.

“Take your masters cock into your mouth,” Deb ordered as she pulled my arms up my back. I winced in pain and Larry pushed the head of his prick Past my lips.

“That’s it sissy, open up and taste what you have chosen,” Larry whispered.

I struggled with my thoughts, sickened with what I was doing, repulsed and ashamed at that I was becoming. Jenny leaned ümraniye escort in releasing my neck opting for my right nipple. Giving it a sharp pinch, she grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of my head and gripped tightly.

Jenny leaned in and whispered into my ear, “That’s it baby, now be a good little sissy and take the rest of daddy, be a good little cock sucker.”

My father in-laws prick now laying on my tongue filled my mouth with a salty and metallic taste which made me think to mine and Jenny’s wedding day. That day when we kissed at the alter and she slipped her tongue in my mouth, her tongue tasted the same that day as what was now in my mouth.

Could it be? Could she had been playing this game with me all these years? Was she just waiting for the day that Larry was ready to make his move to bring me in. These final thought ran through my head, my last thoughts as Tom the man who ran his own life. Now nothing but a sissy, a sissy in a dress and heels, kneeling with a cock in my mouth. As I rested the muscles in my mouth and opened up a single tear ran down my cheek, maybe I’m better off this way.

Larry feeling the resistance against his cock now gone shoved forward and ran himself full length down my throat. “YES FINALLY YOU ARE MINE NOW YOU SISSY LITTLE COCK SUCKER.” he yelled as he started fucking my throat. I gasped for air as the girls laughed wildly. Larry’s balls were slapping my chin making a loud slapping sound which filled the room. I could feel the base of his cock growing around my lips as he plowed away at my face with enough force to make me see stars. I couldn’t breathe, I was choking to death on his cock. Jenny was pushing my head into Larry’s thrusts and I couldn’t get any air. I was sure I was going to black out.


“Are you sure he has never done this before Jen? he isn’t even gagging,” Larry laughed.

It was all I could take, I could feel the room closing in, everything was starting to turn black when Larry finally withdrew.

I struggled to catch my breath as Larry now rubbing my face with his cock screamed, “you like that don’t you? You little sissy! You are one of my girls now and you will learn to warship this.” He said as he gripped his cock under my nose. Larry then slid his cock back into my mouth, slowly this time not ramming it down my throat. I could feel his pulse through the shaft of this monster as he working it over my tongue.

“Suck it!” He ordered. I did as I was told, rapping my lips tightly around his shaft, running my tongue around the head as he slowly fucked my face. I was starting to get worked up myself, I could feel the blood rushing to the head of my cock. Me head was swimming with thoughts of shame embarrassment. But also there was a strange lust, a lust to please the powerful man before me. Larry the picked up pace a little, I could feel his prick pulsing in my mouth. I could feel it getting harder, so I braced myself for what was about to come. As the warm salty bath of cum filled my mouth Larry let out a sigh.

“That’s it princess, nurse on me, swallow all I give you and you will be mine forever.” He whispered.

It was strangely natural now, the taste of the salty fluid filled my mouth and I was in a dreamy trance of lust and shame. How could I say no to him, I was starting to turn inside, something was wakening inside of me that I never dreamed was there. All of the sudden the guilt was lifted and I was consumed with a lust so strong I lost myself in the moment and the animal lust inside of me took over. I started working the head of his cock up and down faster and faster as he continued to cum, gobs and gobs of it filled my mouth and ran down my throat. I wanted nothing more than this feeling to last forever. Debora let go of my arms, and Jenny released the back of my head, my hands at once almost like instinct went to the base of Larry’s cock. My lips ran up and down as Larry shook from his orgasm.

“That’s good princess” Larry whispered as he caressed the back of my head. He pulled his self from my mouth, and rested his cock on my lips,.

“That’s a good little cock sucker you did good,” He said smiling.

Larry turned and picked up his robe from the floor, put it back on and sat down in his chair. The girls returned to his side and took there statue like poses. Larry took a long drink from his whiskey glass and proceeded to light another cigar.

Larry lifted his glass and tipped it to me, “you have done well princess, you have earned a place here with us. In the days to come you will learn how to please me and how to act when I am around.”

I sat there hanging on every word of the powerful man in front of me, savoring the sweet salty taste still fresh in my mouth..

“But now there is a matter we must address, you made a big mistake when you first came in here this morning.” My heart leapt. What have I done wrong I thought, I did just üsküdar escort suck his cock after all.

“You sat in the chair of the man of the house, this is mine and you were warned to never set here unless told to.” I was starting to get nervous from the tone if his voice, I fidgeted where I sat and could barely look him in the eyes. “Stand and come here sissy.” I did as I was told, as I stepped up beside him he placed his hand on the small of my back, taking a draw from his cigar he patted me on the ass, “I will teach you how to be a good little cock sucking sissy, and you will learn quickly that you don’t want to break the rules of my house. Pull up your dress and lay across my lap.” Doing as I was told the cool air on my ass felt good after being on the floor for so long. I stretched across his lap and he patted my ass with his hand, rubbing across my cheeks as he toked on his cigar. “You have the ass of a young girl, I will have a lot of fun breaking you in and showing you how to please a man. You are nothing but a little sissy cock sucker, your sole purpose on this earth is to please my cock,” he said as he slid a finger down the crack of my ass. “Jenny spread his ass cheeks, Deb his hands.” The girls took there places at once, Deb grabbed my hands holding them almost to the floor. With my ass in the air on Larry’s lap, my wife spread my as cheeks revealing my virgin rosebud. “Now you will take your punishment for breaking one of my rules, I don’t like to hurt my playthings so when I do I make shore it has a lasting effect,. You don’t want a repeat offence believe me you are not ready for that kind of pain.”

He then took a last long draw off of his cigar and pushed the red hot ember to my asshole.

“OH GOD, MASTER PLEASE.” I screamed.

He didn’t hold the cigar there but a second but believe me when I say its an experience that will stay with you forever, and a second feels like and hour. I cried like a little girl as Larry caressed the back of my head and my ass. “There there little princess its all over now.” I laid there my ass on fire, the shock of the pain had sobered me up a bit and the shame of what I had done was starting to creep back into my head. Jenny and Deb after a nod from Larry took there places back at his side. I laid there sobbing for a Wyle ashamed to raise my head as master played with my ass and petted me.

“Ok its time to finish this ceremony, and with all good ceremony’s something has to be sacrificed.” We all moved over to the carpet in front of the fire place, the girls positioned me down on my hands and knees in the doggy position. Deb then got down on her back in front of me and spread her legs showing me her pretty pink snatch. Her pussy was soaking wet and gaped open a bit, you could tell that it had been stretched to its limit on several occasions. Jenny came up to my side and knelt down to put some kind of lube on my ass, making the pain almost gone at once. I breathed a sigh of relief as she rubbed in the cream inserting two finger into my ass, working the cream deep inside me.

“He is ready for you daddy” Jenny announced with excitement. The drugs from earlier were starting to wear off now and I was now starting to get a little panicky. Larry must have sensed this and with a nod Deb pulled the bottle of pink perfume from under her pillow and sprayed five sprays on her gapeing snatch. She then grabbed me by the back of the neck and buried my face in her sloppy wet pussy. The taste of her pussy and the sweetness of her perfume were enough to put me back in the trance at once. I was ready for anything, they could have set me on fire at that point and I would have never known it was happening. With my ass in the air, my face buried in my mother in laws gash, Larry came up behind me and Laid his stiff cock on my swollen asshole.

“ITS TIME FOR YOU TO LEARN WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A TRUE SISSY SLUT, IM GOING TO FUCK YOUR ASS LIKE IT’S A COMMON WHORES CUNT, BECAUSE PRINCESS YOUR ASSHOLE IS NOW MY PUSSY. ITS MINE TO FUCK WHENEVER I WISH, AND YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A USELESS CUNT, A SISSY LITTLE COCKSUCKING CUNT.” With that Larry shoved the length of his cock into my ass, He shoved into me with so much force it knocked the air out of my lungs. I let out a scream from the pain, but there was no air in my lungs to get much out but a moan, I barely got a breath when Deb grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back to her sloppy cunt. Larry forced his way into me picking up pace going deeper with every thrust, it felt like he was going to split me into.


I moaned a little, the drug was working its magic on me now and the pain in my ass was almost gone. It was now starting to feel good, what is happening to me I thought.

“That’s it daddy fuck him good, I think he is starting to like it!” Jenny squealed.


I could feel my father in law thrusting deeper and deeper into me. The head of his dick was banging against my prostrate making drops of cum drip from the head of my dick with every thrust. All I could feel was him up inside of me the power he had over me was un imaginable. With every thrust his balls slapped against mine with a loud smack, it stirred a deep since of lust and shame in me. I was out of control, my body had betrayed me and all I wanted in the world was this feeling to last forever.

As Larry’s balls slapped against mine the pain and pressure started to grow, first in my balls then inside of me. Underneath me Deb was stating to moan as I devoured her sloppy gash, she moaned with delight as she raised her pelvis and pulled my head harder and deeper into her cunt. She gasped all at once and started to buck upward into my face, a warm thick juice started to flow into my mouth as she started to scream.

“OH FUCK MASTER HE IS MAKING ME CUM!” she creamed. Her juice flowed into my mouth and down my throat, I thought I would drown in the sticky nectar. Larry slowed down his thrusts and started to grind his dick into me, it was a wonderful feeling I could have never imagined such pleasure could come from another man. As Larry ground his huge dick deep into me I felt a warm rush come over me, in a daze I was floating in space, the pressure in my balls grew and the grinding of his dick against my insides pushed me over the edge. All at once I started to buck back wildly onto Larry’s dick, the strongest orgasm I have ever felt shot through me, I didn’t just shoot a load and finish like I usually would, I didn’t cum like that at all, I was Cuming on the inside like a woman, he had made me cum by fucking my ass. Oh my god he was fucking my ass and making me cum, I let out a moan and started forcing myself back onto Larry’s cock, forcing it deeper and deeper into me.



“Fuck him good daddy, the little sissy is Cuming in his ass like a girl.”

Larry’s balls were slapping mine making a loud pop, faster and faster he stabbed up in my guts with his huge cock. I was starting to drip large gobs of cum from my dick which was strangely limp. All I could feel was a huge pulsing wave shooting from my ass to the tip of my dick, it was all I could do to keep from loosing consciousness. I screamed out over and over “OH GOD IM CUMING, IM CUMING PLEASE DON’T STOP.”

Larry slowed down taking control of the thrusts. Grabbing me by the hips he ground into me sending waves of pleasure through me, he reached down and crabbed my balls and gave them a tight squeeze. “THAT’S A GOOD LITTLE CUNT, YOUR ASSHOLE IS MY PUSSY NOW, AND IN TIME IT WILL LEARN TO ACT LIKE ONE.”

I was lost in the moment, the joy if was feeling had over powered any fear or shame I might have felt, I could feel no pain as I slowly came down from my orgasm, my ass was wet and slippery from the fucking it had took. I thought Larry must have came inside of me, but he was still grinding away in me.

“Are you ready to take my cum slut,” Larry spat. He grabbed me by the hair of the head pulling me up from the warm wet gash my face was buried in.

“ARE YOU READY CUNT?” He yelled with a sharp pull of my hair.

“YES MASTER.” I answered.

“BEG ME THEN, BEG ME TO CUM IN YOUR ASS,” Larry yelled with another pull of my hair. “PLEASE CUM IN ME MASTER, PLEASE CUM INSIDE ME,” I yelled.

With that he grabbed me by the throat an slammed into me with a quick thrust. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as it gave way what was held, at once I could feel the hot sticky juice run down my legs, “THAT’S IT CUNT, THAT’S A GOOD LITTLE WHORE.” I was exhausted, Larry pulled his cock out of me and I fell into Deb’s lap, my nose landing right in her gape.

“Daddy I think he has passed out” Jenny giggled.

Deb pulled my face from her pussy and I took in a shallow breath,

“Oh I think he will be ok, just the pink pony having its way with him,” Deb boasted.

I lay there on my mother in-laws lap, the cum running out of my ass. Feeling a tingle inside of me, it all seemed to unreal, how could he have made me cum so hard? I never knew sex could feel like this. I buried my face to hide my blushing, as Deb caressed the back of my head.

“Take him up and get him ready for bed girls, our new little princess has had enough for one night. We will let her have some rest.” With that I was took upstairs and cleaned up, as I laid down in bed my head was filled with all that had happened. I still couldn’t believe he had made me cum like that, like a woman. “Get some rest now sissy, tomorrow will be a busy day,” Jenny said as she tucked me in.

“Aren’t you going to stay with me sweetie” I asked.

“No daddy needs me in his room tonight, but if you’re a good little cock sucker maybe we can have some time alone soon.” She gave me a kiss on the nose and tiptoed out the room. Slowly I fell off to sleep, my asshole burning and my head filled with questions. I wonder what he will do to me tomorrow?

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