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Make Love, Not War: A Sibling Share

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Summary: In 1969 bickering twins learn 2 love each other from hippies

Note 1: This is a 2019 NUDE DAY Contest story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing and his helping of 1960s terms (I was born in the mid 1970s lol, but love late 60s music… well all 60s music but really the late 60s… I often think I was born way too late). Also, thanks to Robert for editing.

Note 3: All participants are at least 18-years-old.

Make Love, Not War: A Sibling Share

“What are you all decked out for?” I asked, as my sister Mary came downstairs looking even hotter than she usually did.

“A date with Jeremy,” she answered.

I stared at her big tits, as always. My twin sister was ridiculously stacked, her tits barely confined in the sweater she was wearing, before I asked her, my tone not remotely hiding my disapproval at her judgement, “Please tell me you don’t mean Jeremy Bitz.”

“The one and only,” she smiled, clearly excited about going on a date with the football quarterback.

“He’s a dick,” I said.

“And you’re a dipstick,” she countered, sitting down on the couch beside me, ignoring that I was a guy with a cock, and that my cock responded to visual stimuli, as she rolled her stockings up her legs almost all the way to her… Damn! Have I mentioned my twin was a stone fox?

Being twins, she got the looks, I got the brains. I usually thought I got the better end of the deal, but in the unfair world of high school, that didn’t seem to be the case. “You’re just another notch on his bedpost,” I pointed out, as I kept staring at my sister’s visual stimuli, this time not only her feet and legs as she smoothed her stocking on, but her powder-blue panties as she reached the top.

“At least his bed post has notches, nerd boy,” she quipped as she began pulling on her other stocking.

“Whatever,” I shrugged. “It’s all copasetic to me.”

“You and your big words,” she said… like I said, I got the brains and she got the looks.

“Just remember I told you so,” I said, already knowing how this would end.

Mary was just another skirt to Jeremy, someone to make out with or even go all the way. If the rumours were true, my sister was always open for business. “You’re such a square. Go watch your Bewitched or Beverly Hillbillies.”

She finished putting on her other stocking and I stared at the sole of her left foot. Somehow the soles of her feet in stockings were super sexy and always gave me a woody. Or at the moment, more of a woody.

Just then a horn blew, and she said, standing up, “I’m outta here.”

“What a gentleman, he honks, and you come a-running,” I quipped.

“He drives a Pontiac GTO,” she said, “I’ll be doing a lot more than running.”

I decided not to say any more as she put on her wedges and sauntered out to go do whatever popular kids do.

Sadly, I did exactly what she said I would do, as a new Bewitched episode was on and Elizabeth Montgomery was super-hot and was always in pantyhose. That night, in my room at bedtime, Kleenex in one hand and my cock in another, I stroked myself off as I imagined making my sister into my old lady. As usual, I came in only a couple minutes as I pictured her big rack and her nylon-covered legs.


The next day at lunch Bryce informed me, “Your sister is looking choice today.”

I sighed. Bryce told me how righteous my sister was every day, “Are you ever going to tell her you dig her, or will I have to listen to you obsessing over my sister forever?”

“One day she’ll stop dating those jerks and realize I’m the right guy for her,” he said, digging her from across the room.

Mary was in her usual school day threads… her cheerleader’s outfit… which showcased her two best assets: her tits and legs… and her ass whenever she bent over… which she often did as if purposely teasing all the lowly, horny squares she had to know drooled over her.

“Yeah man, you should probably start planning the wedding,” I quipped sarcastically.

“Will you be my best man?” he asked, completely missing my sarcasm as usual.

“I’d have to be,” I replied, since I was his only real friend and he mine.

“I just want to cop a feel of those fluffy pillows,” he said mindlessly, still staring at her.

“You should open with that,” I laughed. “No girl can resist having their bazooms called fluffy pillows.”

“You think?” he asked seriously. “I don’t know, that seems too forward.”

“For a guy with a 148 IQ, sometimes you’re a complete ditz,” I said, shaking my head.


A couple weeks later, as predicted, Jeremy had moved on to another girl, this one a college babe.

Mary bitched to her new hippie friend Eternity (yeah man, that’s her real name), who had just moved across the street a few days ago, “He’s fucking some college skank.”

“You should have put out,” I retorted sarcastically, unable to play nice, even in front of the maltepe escort cute new girl.

“Who says I didn’t?” she snapped back.

I knew I shouldn’t have said it, but I did. “Well, either you didn’t put out, which is why he’s scoring with this skank as you call her, or you’re just not that good.”

“You fucking asshole,” she seethed.

“Interesting thought! Maybe you should have given him your ass,” I attacked, loving to outdo her.

“Says the scuzz who’s never been on a date,” she shot back.

“But I didn’t get dumped,” I shrugged, knowing her words were true.

“First you’d have to get yourself a chick,” she shot back. “Then you could get dumped.”

“Just chill out, Mary,” Eternity said in a laid-back sort of way, her tone soothing, as she gently massaged Mary’s shoulders. “You should treat your brother with more respect.”

My cock stiffened as I imagined her doing more than just massaging.

“That’ll never happen,” Mary snarled.

“You need to let go of your bitterness,” Eternity said softly. “My brother and I are very close.” After a pause she added, “Very, very close.”

It was odd how she stressed the word ‘very’.

“Yes, but your brother is fab,” Mary pointed out. I was positive she’d only befriended Eternity to get closer to her brother. She added, “And he’s in college.”

“Yes, he’s quite the hunk,” Eternity agreed, which I thought was strange. Eternity wore no make-up, was a sun-washed blonde and looked exactly like the stereotypical cute girl next door except her threads were a long, flowered muumuu that screamed hippie. From the eye-catching sway of her generous bosom when she moved, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. My first guess would have been she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all, but her sandals displayed that she was wearing some sort of hosiery.

“He’s so righteous,” Mary smiled.

“We didn’t always get along either,” she said, “but now he’s closer to me than anyone.”

“Well, mine is a pain in the ass,” Mary said.

“Mine can be too,” she nodded, then added the weirdest phrase, “but eventually the pain goes away, leaving nothing but fond memories.”

“Sometimes I don’t understand a word you say,” Mary said.

“I’m just telling you that siblings, especially twins like you two, should be very close,” she said, “you need to be more like my brother and me. We’re very tight.”

“But your brother isn’t a complete drag,” Mary pointed out.

“And Eternity isn’t a complete ditz,” I countered.

“You need to chill too,” Eternity cautioned me with a sigh. “There’s nothing better in the world than being close with your sibling.”

“That’ll never happen,” Mary said.

“Never say never,” Eternity said.

“Never,” Mary repeated.

Eternity said after a pause, “You two need to learn the power of sibling love. Why don’t you come across to my house tomorrow night and enjoy an evening of relaxation?” Eternity asked, before adding, looking at my sister, “my brother will be there.”

“I’m in,” Mary agreed.

“Would you like to come too, Corey?” Eternity asked me before I could make a witty comment about what Eternity’s brother would likely be ‘in’ a few seconds after Mary arrived.

“I’d love to,” I said really quickly, excited to spend some time with Eternity.

“Why would you invite him?” Mary sighed.

Eternity answered, “Because I dig him.”

“He’s a scuzz bucket,” Mary refuted, fake gagging.

I thought of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, which I’d seen the past two Christmases, I’m cute, I’m cuuuuute. Instead I said, standing up and leaving before I said something stupid, “Thanks Eternity, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Don’t go whack off now,” Mary shot back.

I quipped back, “Interesting that you’re thinking of my cock.”

“Fuck off,” she snapped.

“Fuck on, it gets better results,” I replied, never really understanding that saying.

In my room I did exactly what Mary accused me of, as I pulled out my cock and imagined Eternity using her nylon-clad feet on my throbbing cock. Not surprisingly, I didn’t last long.


The next day after school, Eternity was at our house again and asked me, “Are you coming over tonight, Corey?”

“He probably has American Bandstand to watch,” Mary quipped.

I ignored Mary as I always did as I agreed, like the horny boy I was, trying to sound like a hippie, “It sounds far out.”

“Oh, it’ll be very far out,” she smiled, her tone ominous. She was in another flowered dress and hose… her toenails painted a rainbow of different colours, which looked so fab in her sheer beige hosiery.

Mary sighed at me, “You, brother dear, are so far out you’ll never be in.”

“Oh, if Corey plays his cards right, he’ll definitely be in,” Eternity responded, the innuendo very clear, making my cock stand up and take notice, not only because of the promise in her words, but also from her sexy, nylon-clad feet. Behind her sweet exterior, she seemed to have a naughty side maslak escort to her… one that really made me feel bitchin’.

“Gross, gross, gross!” Mary repeated, making a face like she could puke.

Eternity shrugged, looking directly at my crotch, “I’ll bet your brother is blessed.”

“What? How?” Mary asked, so self-absorbed with her nails she didn’t see Eternity’s obvious glance at my crotch.

“Nothing,” Eternity smiled, as she gave me a wink and wiggled her toes, as if knowing I was internally wigging out over them.

My hard cock flinched in my pants, positively preening under the fab girl’s attention.

Eternity said, “Come across at seven.”

“Your brother is going to be there?” Mary asked for confirmation, it being obvious she was just using Eternity to get closer to her brother.

“Yep, in all his glory,” Eternity answered, her words again cryptically weird.

“Great,” Mary said, not even looking up.

“See you soon, Corey,” she said to my crotch, giving me another wink.

“I can’t wait,” I said.

“Groovy,” she smiled, looking so boss as I watched her leave. As she opened the front door, the setting sun shone right through her loose dress, displaying her sexy, hourglass figure.

As soon as we were alone, Mary informed me, “Your job is to keep flower girl Eternity occupied while I spend some quality time with her brother.”

“I knew you were using her,” I said, not surprised I was right.

“And soon I hope to be using her brother,” she smiled, as she flopped her nylon-clad feet onto the coffee table.

In her cheerleading outfit, her skirt flipped up and I could see her entire pantyhose-clad lower half. She’d always been carefree about flaunting her body in front of me, often going to and from her shower with only a skimpy little towel draped across the front of her body and unconcerned about what I saw. Whenever I complained, which hadn’t been recently, she’d responded that we were family, and family members didn’t turn each other on since we just weren’t wired that way.

Maybe she wasn’t, but I couldn’t help seeing her as a stone fox, and I hated how turned on I got looking at her. I knew incest was wrong, and there was no way she’d fuck me even if we weren’t related, but damn it, she gave me woodies all the time and didn’t even notice.

In my fantasies I treated her like a cheap slut: fucking her face, pounding her from behind and shooting my load all over her face or nylon feet. But on the outside I was just as rude to her as she was to me.

“You know she’s not just someone with a brother, she’s actually a nice person,” I pointed out to Mary, continuing our conversation.

“She’s weird,” she said, “but she does give good back and foot massages.”

“She massages your feet?” I asked, the image turning me on.

“Yeah, a few times,” she said. “I think she’s a lesbian.”

“I don’t think so,” I said, recalling her not-so-subtle flirting with me.

“She would never dig you,” she said, as I tried not to stare at her legs and feet.

I shrugged, “Whatever.”

“You interrupted us, so she didn’t give me a foot massage,” she said, before adding, “why don’t you give me one?”

“Are you serious?” I asked, trying to be turned off by the idea, even though my cock was instantly hard as a rock.

“Fuck, no,” she laughed, “like I’d want your flakey hands touching me.”

“I’m likely the only guy at school who hasn’t,” I shot back.

“You and all your square friends that is,” she shrugged, not at all ashamed of being a passion pit partier.

“Whatever,” I said, leaving her alone and wondering if there was any chance that Eternity could actually be into me.

At seven I walked across the street with my sister, who was dressed like a fox… as usual.

Also as usual, I had a boner.

My sister was sexy as hell and even though I hated her as a person, God did I want to fuck the shit out of her… I mean in truth I wanted to fuck anyone… I was an eighteen-year-old virgin… but while I wanted to have sex with Eternity any way she wanted it, I wanted to fuck my sister roughly, and treat her like the biggest skag ever.

Mary reminded me for at least the tenth time today, “Keep the flower child occupied.”

“Hang loose,” I said, trying to sound like a hippie.

She scoffed, “Don’t even try to be cool, you’re a cube: you know, a square square.”

“Don’t have a cow,” I said, both because it was funny, and it would annoy her. In truth, the saying made no sense… I mean really, what the heck did ‘don’t have a cow’ even mean?

“Just don’t fucking embarrass me,” she snapped as we walked up the steps.

“Yes, your highness,” I retorted sarcastically.

“You better believe it,” she said, as usual completely missing my sarcasm.

I sighed as I pressed the doorbell. God, I hoped I was reading Eternity’s innuendos right, otherwise tonight may be the longest night ever.

Eternity opened the door wearing a robe, and I checked my mecidiyeköy escort watch, wondering if we were early. We weren’t.

Eternity smiled, not at all wigged out she was in a robe, “Come in.”

“Are we early?” I asked, a little sheepish.

“No, you’re right on time,” she said as Mary and I walked in. I glanced to Mary who also looked confused.

“Please remove your shoes and come in,” Eternity invited us.

“Sure,” Mary said, slipping out of her heels just inside the door, letting me see her cute nylon-clad toes.

“Yeah, no problem,” I said, also getting out of my shoes.

“Come on, you just have to meet my brother,” Eternity said, sounding very excited.

“I’d love to,” Mary said in her predatory style.

“He’s looking forward to meeting you two,” she said.

I joked, “Two as in the number two or too as in also?”

“Well, both I guess,” she said, taking my hand and leading me into the living room.

Mary followed and as we entered we saw her brother, also in a robe.

This was weird.

Eternity introduced, “Mary and Corey, this is Dusk. Dusk, these groovy people are Mary and Corey.”

‘Dusk’. I smirked. They were definitely children of hippies.

Dusk walked over to me and shook my hand and said, “Welcome to our home.” He then turned to Mary and pulled her into a hug and said, “Be here now.”

I smirked again. That was a quote from Ram Das, a spiritual teacher.

He then shocked both Mary and me when he leaned in and gave her a kiss. Just a quick one, but still a kiss on her lips.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any stranger Eternity asked, “Did you know today is Nude Day?”

“There’s a Nude Day?” I asked.

“Seriously?” Mary asked.

“Yes there is,” Dusk nodded, before adding, as he shocked us once again, shrugging off his robe, “so we thought today would be the perfect day to invite you over.”

Dusk was incredibly well built. A slender athletic look, sun-bleached blond hair but stylishly cut. And with a pretty large dick dangling between his legs.

“Oh my,” Mary said with a mixture of shock and admiration as she stared at the well-hung guy.

Eternity added, as she shocked me to my very core, dropping her robe, to reveal she too was naked except for nude thigh high stockings… which were so boss, “although in our house every day is a nude day except for stockings. The stockings are probably cheating, but Ursa and Dusk dig it when Soul and I wear them.”

“Ursa? Soul?” I asked.

“Our dad and mom. They like us to call them by their names,” she replied.

I stared at her, full-figured with big boobs (I had no idea what her measurements were, but they were certainly bigger than I’d imagined), beautifully topped off by her long, sun-bleached blonde hair.

“Is this really happening?” Mary asked, unable to take her eyes off Dusk… just like I couldn’t take mine off Eternity.

Now I was fixed on her slit and her sparse pubes, giving me a mostly unobstructed view of her private parts.

The surreal scene escalated as Eternity asked, “Corey, may I please remove your clothes?”

I stammered, in awe of her body, of the situation and of the question just asked, “W-w-well… ummm… er… sure… like, yeah, groovy.” This was the most incoherent sentence that had ever emerged from my mouth. Yet I mean this was my first naked girl asking me such a question … so I think you can understand.

Eternity walked over to me and began pulling my shirt over my head as Dusk asked my sister, “And Mary, may I assist you with yours? I’m sure you look really cool beneath all those unnecessary threads.”

I glanced over, the thought of seeing my sister standing naked for inspection on the top of my bucket list… well, that and fucking her and treating her like a cheap whore.

Mary seemed to be reading my mind, perhaps I was more transparent than I thought, and she a bit more observant than I thought as she said, her eyes leaving Dusk’s cock to glance at me, just as Eternity unzipped my pants. She said, “As long as Corey doesn’t get all buzzed out on me and stare?”

A confidence coursing through me that I couldn’t explain, perhaps it was this babe pulling my pants down, but I answered honestly, “I’d have to be blind to promise that! Maybe you’re hardwired not to groove on me, but that’s always been a one-way street. I hate to admit it sis, but you’re too much.”

“Downer,” Mary said as Dusk began pulling her tight sweater over her head.

“Your brother isn’t at all a downer,” Eternity said, looking up at me sexily, as I raised my foot so she could get my pants all the way off. “Actually, he’s righteous.”

I could feel my face burn and my cock flinch in my last remaining piece of clothing, besides my socks… which I wondered if she was going to take off.

“You and your brother share the same genes, so whether you dig it or not, you two are way more jammin’ than different,” Dusk said, as he tossed the sweater aside.

“I guess,” Mary said, as she crossed her arms around her chest… her bra not leaving much to the imagination. Ironically, the so-called wild child of the two of us was the one flaking out.

“You two will always be linked together, and the sooner you learn to groove on each other, the better,” Dusk said in a soft voice as if he were mediating a conflict and offering a long-term solution.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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