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Little Gusher Debbie Ch. 01

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Debbie was a sexy little thing. Not in the stereotypical sense: she wasn’t blonde and she didn’t have huge tits or an hourglass figure. But she was sexy, in a beguiling and compelling way. She was sexy and attractive in an understated way that mature men appreciate, but because she didn’t fit the stereotype, women didn’t immediately think that men would find her sexy.


This story is a slow-burn, but hopefully the wait is worth it! Please be aware that this tale includes bodily functions, so if that’s not your thing…


Phil and his wife, Laura had been divorced for quite some months. As with most of these situations, it was complicated, but it resulted in Laura going off the rails to a large degree. She had always had a disposition toward alcohol and once she had the freedom to do as she liked, she could drink to her heart’s content, only limited by the modest amount of cash available to her.

They had, unusually, agreed to share responsibility for their children, who had decided for themselves who they would prefer to live with. The younger son, Rick, decided to stay with his mother, the elder son, Peter with his dad.

Having children together meant that there was never a complete, clean break. The custody arrangements meant that there had to be regular contact, but Phil determined to make the best of his new life, basically, by banging as many women as he possibly could.

He quickly and easily dropped back into the dating game, after being in the desert of marriage for ten years. Having joined up with various dating organisations, it soon became apparent that, contrary to popular belief, there were actually an awful lot of women out there, who hadn’t had sex for years and were absolutely gagging for it. Maybe they dressed it up as ‘looking for a relationship’ or ‘seeking a long-term partner’ or ‘companionship, maybe more,’ the reality was that most of them just wanted a bloody good fucking. If that went on for more than one night, so much the better.

None of this was lost on Phil. He was a salesman. Which meant he was good with interpersonal skills and had the ability to make all of his prospects feel special, individual and above all, wanted. Phil was what was called, in old parlance, ‘a bounder’ or ‘a cad’. He couldn’t help it. He just loved women — and more importantly, just loved fucking them. It wasn’t like he was taking advantage; they knew what they were doing, and they loved Phil fucking them.

At one point, he had three different women on the go at the same time. But by a happy coincidence, they were all called Sue. This made life much less complicated, because when he answered the phone and heard a woman’s voice, he could confidently answer ‘Hi Sue!’ without too much risk of mixing them up. There was Sue from Grimsby, who succumbed to Phil’s culinary skills; there was Sue, the married mother of a friend of his son, who was married to a boring old fart; and then there was Sue from the same town that Laura had moved to. Bizarrely, on one occasion, Phil’s ex-wife Laura actually babysat Sue’s son, while she was out… being shagged by Phil. But that’s another story.

Then there was Mandy, who would drive down all the way to Hereford from Scotland every other weekend, just for Phil to give her a damn good rodgering. Phil did wonder what was the matter with the local men, but didn’t let it trouble him, because she was enthusiastic in bed and was grateful for some hard cock.

The list of his conquests went on and on. It never ceased to amaze him, just how far women were prepared to travel, just to spend a weekend with a really horny bloke who could cook.

He developed a finely-tuned routine, which worked every time: invite them for the weekend, cook them a delicious meal on Saturday evening, then catch a train into the city, have a few drinks and a dance in a club, then a taxi back to his place, where he would invariably seduce them on his leather sofa, then take them off to bed for a good old seeing-to. Followed by another good seeing-to on Sunday morning and a cooked breakfast. If they had performed well and were worthy of a second session, he would cook them a lovely Sunday dinner before packing them off home.

He was quick to realise, that more than anything, women love a domesticated man, who can produce a quality meal. It made them feel special and they invariably opened their legs, as if they were spring-loaded.

So, it was against this backdrop that Phil went to visit ex-wife Laura one weekend. He had bought some shopping, to make sure there was at least some food in the fridge for his younger son. The two lads were missing each other quite a bit, so were soon happily chatting and playing in their room.

It was that fateful evening that Phil met Debbie. She only lived a few doors up from Laura and they had become good friends. She had a son as well, called Gavin, who was around Peter’s age. Debbie was also divorced. Unfortunately, it turned out that she had a regular boyfriend, so was sadly off ikitelli escort the radar as far as Phil was concerned. But he was immediately attracted to her and unusually for him, not in a superficial way.

She was petite — barely 5′ 2″ tall, around 35 years old, he guessed, with a tiny figure; boobs which would struggle to be a B-cup, with a pretty pixie-face and bobbed hair. Her smile was entrancing, and her eyes sparkled when she talked to him. She was, in Phil’s view, the most perfectly formed woman he had ever seen, and often thought how lovely it would be to bed her. Despite the amount of action he was getting, he was quite envious of her boyfriend.

Over the weeks, he got know her better. Then it turned out that she caught her boyfriend sniffing around Laura, trying to get off with her when she was drunk. He had apparently been popping round there, without going to see Debbie. So she finished with him, in the process, leaving the coast clear for Phil to get closer. The funny thing was, her bloke didn’t get anywhere with Laura, so he really lost out.

It was around the time that Debbie had split up with her boyfriend, that Phil called round to visit, to allow the kids to have a get-together.

He wasn’t sure why, but Debbie was sitting on the floor of Laura’s lounge, her back against the wall, wearing a plain and rather frumpy brown dress. She was sobbing dramatically and was being comforted by Laura, who as usual, had had a few drinks. Phil sat down near them but started to get the impression that Debbie’s tears were more of the crocodile variety, and this was all a bit of an act. Laura was sitting right beside Debbie with her arm round her; Phil was crouched opposite them.

So Laura was unable to see what Phil could see… in the midst of all her ‘sobbing’, Debbie raised her knees, which had the delightful effect of lifting her dress, exposing her shapely under-thigh curve and her floral cotton panties.

As if to make certain Phil could see clearly, she parted her knees a little, to fully expose her pussy, only covered by a thin strip of patterned cotton. Phil could clearly see little wisps of downy hair peeking round the edge of her panties and the contour of her pussy lips under the thin material. She continued the sobbing act, but was soon contented by holding Phil’s hand, whilst giving him a lovely flash of what was apparently on offer.

‘Nothing quite like a woman who sends a nice clear signal to the bloke she fancies,’ he mused, thinking that this situation looked very promising, and definitely one to conclude at some point. There was no rush; his spare time was taken up juggling numerous women and trying to keep them all happy.

Another evening, it was one of the kid’s birthdays, so they organised a bit of a party at Laura’s place. The kids all ran riot, having overdosed on cola and other sugary treats. Laura and another kid’s mother, Molly, had been tucking into a bottle of sherry, so were pretty well in orbit. They were having a slurred conversation, lolled on the settee.

Phil had gone out into the garden to check on all the kids. Debbie came out and joined him. He was suddenly struck by just how damned attractive she looked. She was wearing a rather fetching white blouse with a short grey skirt, which showed off her perfectly shaped legs beautifully. That indefinable magnetism which draws two people together overtook them.

‘Your hair looks lovely,’ he said, smiling. Her eyes sparkled at the compliment. She held his hand, and he kissed her cheek.

The moment was shattered when they were interrupted by sugar-fuelled kids rampaging past. Phil laughed, squeezed her hand and headed back indoors.

Phil sat down on a hard-backed chair at the dining table, still very sober and was planning on shortly heading back to his house a few miles away.

Debbie came back into the room, holding a glass of wine. Seeing that the sofa was occupied by the two other inebriated women, she sat down crossways on Phil’s lap, so her body and face was at right angles to his. He loved the feeling of her soft bottom on his legs and she felt as light as a feather.

They chatted for a while and Phil had his arm loosely around her hip, when she suddenly turned to face him and kissed him. Not just any old kiss. A deep, full-on, passionate kiss. Her tongue forced its way in between his lips and was soon thrashing about in his mouth, full of passion and desire. In that instant, Phil was enraptured. A deep French kiss, given by a woman who truly, deeply fancies you, is the most exciting and erotic thing. Maybe more exciting even than sex itself, Phil thought.

But there was a slight problem. His half-inebriated ex-wife, Laura, was sitting barely six feet away. And even though they were divorced, it was a tenuous truce between them – and it wouldn’t take a great deal for her to explode into a drunken, jealous fury at the sight of her ex-husband kissing another woman. In her house!

As much as he wanted istanbul escort to carry on snogging her, with the greatest reluctance, Phil had to gently ease the lovely Debbie away, whispering, ‘Laura’s sitting right there… we can’t!’ Debbie continued to wiggle around on Phil’s lap in the most seductive way.

Phil fleetingly wondered if it would be possible to unzip his fly, lift her skirt and ease his cock into her while she was sitting there — he reckoned there was a reasonable chance of getting away with it, without the other two women seeing. He had little doubt that sexy Debbie would have been up for it, but had to quickly dismiss the thought.

It was getting quite late and Phil needed to get young Peter home, as he had school in the morning, and Phil had work too. So he excused himself, said his goodbyes and drove home with his son. Having put Peter to bed, he watched TV for a while, then went to bed himself.

It must have been at least an hour later when the phone rang. Phil answered sleepily. It was Molly.

‘Did Debbie get to yours OK?’ she asked.

Phil was perplexed. ‘Sorry, I don’t know what you mean. She isn’t here.’

Molly explained, ‘Debbie begged me to give her your address… she wanted to drive over to yours to see you! I tried to persuade her not to, because she’d had a couple of drinks.’

Unable to clarify things, they said goodnight and hung up. Phil went back to bed, a bit bemused. ‘So Debbie had tried to come and see him, eh? There was only one explanation for that!’ he thought. But that still didn’t explain why she hadn’t arrived, which was a worry.

The mystery was solved the next evening when Molly rang him back. Apparently, Debbie had nearly made it to his house and was driving round, trying to spot the right house in the dark, when she was pulled over by the police. They had arrested her for suspected drink-driving, but luckily, the second test at the police station was negative, so she was allowed home without being charged. A close call.

‘If only she hadn’t had that second drink,’ thought Phil. ‘I could have spent the whole night shagging the arse off the sexy little minx!’ he thought, a bit glumly. ‘Never mind, there’s bound to be another opportunity.’

That opportunity unexpectedly cropped up a couple of weeks later. Phil had taken Peter over to see his mother and little brother. After they had their tea, they went off out to play with Debbie’s son.

Laura was getting stuck into a wine box and was fairly hammered. It got to about 8pm; it was dark and there was no sign of the kids. Then Debbie called round to ask if we knew where the kids were. I explained that all three of them had gone out together.

Laura immediately started ranting in her annoying, drunken way, telling Phil that he had to go out and find them. ‘They could be in the park, they might get attacked!’ she went on, quite irrational.

‘OK, Laura, don’t worry, we’ll find them somewhere. They’ve probably just forgotten the time,’ said Debbie. ‘Come on, Phil.’

‘I don’t want you two disappearing together,’ said Laura, drunkenly, eyeing Laura’s short skirt in a kind of cross-eyed way. ‘You might get up to anything!’

‘Don’t be silly,’ said Phil. ‘We need to find the kids.’ He was beginning to feel a little concerned. ‘Debbie, you have a walk round here — I’ll take the car up to the park and see if I can see them.’

The road where Laura and Debbie lived was a dead-end with terraced houses down each side. It took Phil a while to turn the car round and get back to the end of the road. When he got there, Debbie flagged him down, opened the door and jumped in the car.

Without waiting for him to ask what she was doing, she said, smiling, ‘I know where the kids are. That Barry has got a new video game and they all went round there to play it. They’re fine… we’ll send them home in a bit. In the meantime, we could still go up to the park!’ She gave a wicked little grin, then leaned across, put her hand on his cheek and kissed him sensually on the lips.

Phil didn’t need any further persuading. He quickly drove the short distance to the park, which was in darkness and deserted. He stopped the car and doused the lights.

A moment later, they were locked in a passionate embrace, kissing deeply, hands exploring each other. Phil’s hand strayed to her breast, stroking the swelling of her tiny boob through her top. Debbie gasped, then took his hand and pushed it between her legs under her skirt, urging his fingers to press against her pussy.

‘Holy shit! This woman is seriously horny,’ Phil thought, so was happy to oblige and ran his fingers up and down her slit, feeling her warmth and dampness through the crotch of her panties. Debbie parted her legs and eased her bottom forward on the seat, to make it easier for him to play with her. She was squirming against his fingers when he suddenly stopped.

‘Debbie, listen please. I really, really want you. Honestly, I do, you are utterly desirable. kadıköy escort But not like this, not here. I don’t want our first time to be a quick grope in a car. I want to make love to you properly when we can both really enjoy each other. Can you wait?’ he asked, stroking her hair, and kissing her lips.

‘Oh Phil, you really are so sweet! I get what you mean… and you are right.’

She was quiet for a few moments, and they sat, holding each other’s hand, then she said, ‘OK, I’ve got an idea. We’ll retrieve the kids and take them back to Laura’s. She’ll agree to let them have a sleep-over, no problem. So, I’ll have my house to myself… you can come over a bit later! How’s that?’ she said, smiling.

It all worked out, pretty well according to plan. When the kids were all playing safely upstairs, Debbie went off home. Phil stayed a while longer, then announced that he was going home and would collect Peter sometime tomorrow. Laura was well oiled, so she probably hardly knew what was going on anyway. He drove his car to the next street, then locked it up and walked back to Debbie’s house.

Finding the door slightly ajar, he tapped and let himself in. The front door opened directly into the lounge, which was softly lit by a couple of lamps. He locked the door, and a moment later, Debbie walked into the room, looking lovely. She had taken advantage of the spare time to brush her hair and freshen up. Phil pulled her close. Her perfume smelled wonderful and he gently kissed her neck.

Holding hands, they went to the sofa and sat down. She curled up beside him, his arm round her shoulders. The frantic urgency had gone out of their physical contact; they both realised that at last, they had a bit of time to enjoy the moment and each other’s company, so they embraced gently, kissing, stroking and sensually caressing one another.

However, it wasn’t long before their romantic caresses started building into deep passion. The pent-up frustration of their failed attempts to get together, soon started to boil over. Their kisses became wild, their tongues diving into each other’s mouths, their hands exploring over clothing.

Now Phil had always had a thing about petite women. Not that he didn’t like the bigger girls. He did, and he loved fucking them too. They all had their virtues. But there was something about being with a lithe, slim woman that really turned him on. He loved to try lots of different sex positions and being with a petite woman, not only meant that she was a lot more agile, but that he could easily turn her and move her into different positions, even pick her up and carry her around, impaled on his cock.

He had also found that women with small breasts tended to have lovely, sensitive nipples. It was as though all the nerves which would have been spread over a big tit, were concentrated into a small area. He was longing to see Debbie’s little breasts…

He circled a hand over the bump and gently pinched the nipple through the layers of fabric. Debbie became more agitated and raked her fingernails over his chest. Pulling her into an upright seated position, he took the hem of her top and drew it up over her head. She shook her hair as she was freed from the garment, her breasts just covered by a pretty white bra, which was cut away enough at the top, to reveal the swell of her delightful curves.

Reaching round behind her, he released the catch with one hand. Unencumbered by a huge gravitational pull at the front, the catch was little more than a hook. The garment fell loose, and he slid the straps down her arms, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Her perky breasts were perfect. The size of a peach, they were firm and rounded and were topped with the most beautiful nipples, which were tinted a lovely pinkish brown around small areolae. The nipples themselves were equally perfect, about the size of the end of a pencil and were nicely proud. He ran he thumbs over the nipples and cupped each breast in turn. He sighed with desire.

‘You like?’ she asked, simply.

‘Ohh my god, Debbie, they are simply beautiful! I absolutely love your breasts!’ he said softly, as he leaned forward to take one of her buds between his lips, then rolled the tip of his tongue in a circle around the nipple. She gasped and ran her fingers through his hair, pushing his mouth down more firmly. Moments later, her whole tit was in his mouth. He sucked it and rolled his tongue over the nipple, then withdrew to gently nibble the teat with his teeth, before sucking it back in.

When he turned his attention to her other breast, she started to writhe her body, sliding one leg over the other, in an attempt to apply pressure to her aching pussy. Phil slid down off the sofa and dropped into a kneeling position on the floor, so his side was leaning against the sofa. He marvelled at the entrancing shape of her thighs, accentuated by the short skirt. They were just perfect, too. Slim, but not skinny, they just begged to be stroked.

He ran his hands firmly along the sides of her legs, all the way up under her skirt until he could feel the soft fabric of her panties. She sighed and parted her legs, then slid forward on the sofa. Phil kissed the inside of her thigh, just above the knee and traced his tongue upward, teasing her with its delicate touch.

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