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Justina Ch. 01

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Chris and I went to a Monday night football game at a local strip club in Vegas, and we were having a great night, Chris had won an autographed helmet from some player and I had quite a few drinks in me plus the full contact lap dances so I was feeling quite aroused to say the least. Towards the end of the game Chris’ wife came to hang out with us, She is about 5’8 115 lbs and blonde, 34 DD, great body from working out all the time (sometimes too much according to Chris) and a killer tan. We started talking and the subject turned to sex, (funny how that happens in Strip clubs), anyway the subject turned to Anal and she asked if my wife and I ever tried it, I replied yes and that I was an awesome experience for us both. My wife gets very wet if we take our time and get her warmed up first.

Justina said that her and Chris tried but it hurt and she didn’t like it. After talking sex with her and being around the dancers, I was very hard and not just a little buzzed. I told Chris I had to make it home before too much longer, however he said he was staying, Justina offered to give me a ride home and I accepted. On the way home we chatted some more and again the subject turned to sex, now I am a large male 6’3′ 225lbs blue eyes and blonde hair former Marine so I can be very aggressive when I have to be but most of the time I am very shy almost in a spooky way I am told. She told me that she had to go by the house and check on the dogs then she could drop me off. I followed her into the house and she let the dogs out, her ass was swaying in front of me. I looked down at her ass thinking how much I wanted to slide my cock into it and she turned catching me checking marks head bobbers porno her out.

“You like?” she said

“Yes” I replied.

She turned and walked away again and sat down on the couch ” the dogs will be back in soon then we will leave ” Justina said.

“No problem” I said, I was thinking how much I wanted to bend her over the couch and rip her short dress off and start ramming my hard dick into her pussy,

She stood up and walked toward the kitchen, I followed again checking out her ass. This time she didn’t turn she just stopped. I continued lost in my own day dreams ramming my semi hard cock into the back of her ass, she stood still for a moment then, arched her back pushing her ass towards me. Well like I said before I know when to be aggressive and I figured this would be as good of time as any. I grabbed her hands in one of mine and pushed her toward the counter. She moaned loudly when I held her hands above her and with the other hand pulled her dress top down to reveal her beautiful DD tits. She kissed me and moaned into my mouth, ” I want it but I want I resist, can you tame me?” I just grunted a reply, as I roughly turned her and shoved her over the counter. I ripped her thong from her beautiful ass and used it to restrain her hands I pulled my now hard cock out and slowly started to rub it along her nearly hairless slit. She wiggled and writhed trying to get away but her wet and hot pussy gave away her lust, she was dripping wet and swollen. I slid a finger into her box and felt her heat and wetness in my hand, she moaned and tried to break free again but not a hard massage porno as before. I gripped her small, thin dress in my hands and tore it from her body in a fit of lust, her nipples standing out in lust and maybe a little fear.

“You like this don’t you, slut?” I asked

“No, I mean Yes, I just don’t know” she gasped as I roughly fingered her wet pussy,

“Suck my cock now tramp” I grunted, She fell to her knees and started licking my now raging cock, she slid up and down with her tongue sliding over the head and along the bottom I freed her hand with the warning I would not be happy if she tried anything funny. She stroked my cock and deep throated me( I am not overly large almost 8″)

I wanted nothing more than to blow a load down her throat and face and see it drip onto her tits, but I held out and pulled her off my cock with her blonde hair. I shoved her over the counter again and stuffed my face into her ass licking her nearly hairless pussy and ass in long sweeping strokes of my tongue. she moaned loudly and shoved back towards me to allow me to lick deeper. I licked slowly, kissing her ass cheeks and licking her pussy. I grabbed her and turned her around spreading her legs and putting my tongue inside of her wet box, I sucked her clit and slid my finger into her pussy “Don’t stop ” She moaned and stopped trying to get away. As I fingered her pussy her juice was coating my fingers and chin. I rubbed her g spot till she came hard against my face. With a grin I looked up from her pink swollen pussy lips, “Fuck Me” she said and I did. I stood and slid my hard cock into her wet pussy slowly, trying to tease her meet-suck and fuck porno with it, but I couldn’t hold out she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever fucked and I was going to make sure it was something she remembered. I rammed my cock into her again and again. I held her small shoulders with both hands as I fucked her from behind, I reached around and pinched her nipples, bringing louder moans from her, then I put both hands on her hips and watched as my cock slid in and out of her pussy, wet from her juices and my precum, she was reaching her peak and I wasn’t far behind her (pun intended) she moaned loudly and her body shuddered

“I am cumming, fuck me harder you prick. Harder, harder,deeper fuck my little pussy with your nice cock,” who am I to say no to a woman who is screaming at me to fuck her harder so I did. I rammed my cock into her hard enough to lift her small body off of the counter. Our sex juices was making a great lube. We fucked for what seemed like hours, every other stork I was sure I was going to blow my load of hot cum into her. Her tight wet pussy held my cock like a vice as I struggled to stroke in and out. Justinas juices run down her shaved pink lips and onto my balls. I took a little juice from her pussy and wet her backdoor, I knew she had never done Anal before and I was in no mood to be patient. I took my finger and slid it along her small ass opening just for the pleasure not trying to penetrate her ass this time. She moaned loudly as I played with her ass, her wet pussy getting wetter and hotter. Her moans were getting louder as I slid my cock into her I grabbed her hips and held her on to my cock as I shot my load of cum deep into her pussy, after a few spurts I pulled out and spun her around. I pushed her to her knees and shot a few dribbles onto her beautiful tits. Watching my cum roll down her perfectly tan belly. “I guess we should be going now” she said.

And we got dressed and left. Was this reality or a fantasy? More to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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