Mart 24, 2023

Jenna the Vicar’s Wife Ch. 01

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A sequel to “Jenna Goes to Church” which proved more popular than I expected. Thanks for all the feedback. More fun with the ever-horny Jenna and the good chaps of St. Michael’s church and beyond!

A full year had passed since Jenna Fox had started attending St Michael’s church. During that time, she’d carried out God’s work and in the true Christian spirit, brought much happiness to several male members of the church, thus helping them to become better Christians. In her new role as a vicar’s wife, she finds there are still many other men of the church in need of guidance…

Reverend Simon Morris and his wife Jenna were holding their annual November social at the vicarage. November always seemed such a depressing month, when, after the initial excitement of Guy Fawkes Night, nothing much happened. Christmas was still a little too far away, although the shops had been selling festive stuff since September. It got earlier every year.

The usual members of St. Michaels CE church were in attendance – Gordon Leesmith the church organist and choirmaster, Josh the curate, Bishop George, Yulia et al, plus a few new faces from other churches that Jenna hadn’t seen before.

Jenna was wearing a low-cut, black velvet dress and a diamond encrusted cross necklace. A couple of times, she caught a tall, serious-looking man in the corner of the room staring at her. He quickly averted his eyes when she looked at him.

“Wonder who he is?” The chap was clad in black and wearing a clerical collar, so evidently a vicar or priest of some kind. She knew most of the clergy at the local churches, but had never seen this guy before.

Gordon was circulating, and on the hunt for a toilet. Beer always went straight to his bladder.

“Great atmosphere Jenna,” he said, winking at her. “You look lovely by the way.”

“Why thank you,” she winked back. “You look rather fine yourself. That navy blue suit…mmm. We need more men in suits. Down with casual dress I say!” The organist still turned her on, despite her offloading him onto Yulia’s willing friend Martika. “A shame Martika couldn’t attend tonight.”

“Yes, she’s been struck down with flu. Been in bed all week.”

“Awww.” They looked at each other. Gordon’s face bore an expression that was pretty much screaming, “I am unbearably horny and really need a fuck right now…I know you’re the vicar’s wife now but I still fancy you like crazy and miss your lips on my cock…”

“Er is there a downstairs loo here?” He said. “There’s a queue for the upstairs one and I’m bursting for a pee.”

“Afraid not. Hard to believe in a house this size I know. There’s always the back garden. Plenty of bushes and it’s dark.” Jenna replied, and tossing him a crumb of hope, added. “I might join you out there later.”

Gordon’s face lit up. “Okay. Thanks!”

Jenna scanned the living room. Presently, her husband appeared. “Nice to see so many guests. I didn’t think so many would turn up!”

“I know, It’s great!” Jenna couldn’t help but notice that there were way more male guests than female ones. “I wonder why that is?” She grinned to herself. “By the way, who’s that guy in the corner over there? He looks like he’s at a funeral rather than a vicarage social. His face almanbahis adresi could turn milk sour.”

Reverend Morris looked. “Oh. That’s Father Aiden. He’s a Catholic priest. Only been in this neck of the woods for a few weeks. He’s taken over at St Gregory’s. Prior to that he was based in Liverpool. Huge Irish community there of course, and I believe he was born in Dublin.”

“Can’t get more stereotypically Irish, can he?” The name, the look – Father Aiden had black hair, pale blue eyes and a bone-white complexion. His hairstyle struck Jenna as being somewhat old-fashioned, with sideburns.

“He’d be good at playing a vampire. Why’s he looking so miserable? Is it because he’s in a Church of England vicarage?”

Reverend Morris laughed. “Ha! No, my love. All denominations are welcome at this vicarage – we’ve got the Oakwood Road Methodist guys here too and the Living Earth Free Church. From what I’ve heard, Father Aiden is just a very serious man. It’s just how he is. He’s probably enjoying himself, even though he looks miserable.”

“If he’s a Catholic priest does that mean…”

“Oh yes. Vow of celibacy.”

“That’s the real reason he’s miserable then!” Jenna replied.

“Indeed. Whilst I respect his vows, personally it’s something I could never adhere to!”

“Nope. You like pussy too much, Rev.”

“Jenna, ssh! You’re making me blush!”

“I’m right though.”

“You know I can never get enough of your pussy,” the vicar whispered in her ear. “I must go and mingle…before I get another hard-on.”

Jenna sensed the moment was right to get to know the mysterious Father Aiden a bit better. The priest was currently being bored to death by an elderly woman from St. Michael’s who was lamenting the state of modern Britain.

“…And like I keep saying, this country went to the dogs long ago. Useless, lying politicians, rising crime, rising cost of living. Unbridled filth peddled on every street corner. I imagine, Father, coming from a big city like Liverpool, this small town must seem like paradise to you. Don’t be fooled! County lines are a big problem! And the local park. Would you believe it? It’s become a dogging hotspot…”

Father Aiden said nothing and just nodded patiently at her. Sensing he needed rescuing, Jenna cut in.

“Sorry Mrs Grimes, can I just interrupt and borrow Father Aiden for a minute? I need to discuss something.”

“Oh be my guest,” the pensioner replied. “He’s not got a lot to say.”

“Probably because he couldn’t get a word in,” Jenna muttered under her breath as Mrs Grimes shuffled off. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jenna, Reverend Morris’ wife. Nice to meet you, Father Aiden.” She held out her hand, and he reluctantly shook it.

“Hello.” The priest spoke at last, in a thick Irish accent, his dour expression unchanging.

“You look rather trapped. Too many people here for your liking?”

“A little.” Father Aiden replied. He looked extremely uncomfortable in Jenna’s presence. “I’m still…finding my feet around this area.”

“I’m sure you’ll settle in just fine, Father. Have you tried any of the buffet? My husband’s a great cook – he’s made some great cakes and…”

“Maybe later. I…I would appreciate almanbahis adres a cup of tea if possible.”

“Oh no problem. Why don’t you take a seat in the snug? You’ll find it more relaxing in there. Less chatter.”

“Thanks.” He skulked off. Jenna took a deep breath. “Blimey, what a cold fish. I’d get better conversation out of a statue. Still, early days. With a little bit of help, he’s bound to open up sooner or later.” Far from putting her off, Father Aiden’s stern exterior only served to fascinate Jenna further. And the fact he was a celibate priest….hmm. That couldn’t possibly be good for him, could it?

Moments later, she brought him a cup of tea. “Here you go,” she said, putting it on the side table by his chair and taking a seat opposite him.

“Thanks, Mrs Morris.”

“Jenna, please.”

He twitched. “Jenna.”

“I’ve never met a Catholic priest before,” Jenna said, and Father Aiden straightened in the chair and braced himself for the usual questions he was always asked, usually concerning vows of celibacy. He swallowed as he noticed how close Jenna was to him.

Damn. She looks so much like Róisín…but even prettier. I can’t believe this.

“Well, we’re not that rare,” he mumbled, sipping his tea.

“I know very little about the Catholic church,” Jenna continued. Nobody in my family is Catholic. Mostly C of E, and a few Methodists…”

“I’m sure your husband can help you with any questions you might have,” Father Aiden said, and Jenna wondered if this was his polite way of saying “please leave me in peace.”

Pretending to be upset, Jenna stood up. “I…I’m sure you’re right, Father. I’m sorry for bothering you.” She hurried out of the snug.

Alone at last, Father Aiden smacked his forehead. “Why does this keep happening to me? Why do I always end up saying the wrong thing?”

“Definitely a lot of issues with that one,” Jenna smirked to herself. A couple of chips on both shoulders methinks. I’m not giving up on the good Father though. Maybe in time, he’ll soften a little.”

Gordon had successfully relieved himself on the rose bushes in the vicarage’s back garden. “Ahh, that’s better. I’m sure those plants needed a good watering,” he muttered, zipping up his trousers. Hearing the back door opening, he spun round.

“Hi there,” Jenna smiled. “It’s a bit cold out here, Gordon. You’ll be getting a chill in your organ pipe.”

“Mmm. I was hoping you might be able to warm it up.”

Jenna glanced round and took him by the hand. “In that case, come with me…”

In the garage, Gordon’s face flushed red with lust as Jenna leaned against a car, hiked up her dress and slipped her hand inside her drenched black panties. Her aroused smell met his nose and made his stiff cock throb more than ever. Already his pre-cum was leaking out. The fact that she was now the vicar’s wife, was turning him on even more.

“Oh God, Jenna. You always know what buttons to press,” Gordon groaned, as she ran her hand down his crotch, cupping his bulge.

“Don’t you mean which stops to pull out?” She teased, unzipping his trousers. “Your cock is like the Wurlitzer organ in Blackpool Tower. It’s always rising.”

“Haha. That’s why it needs almanbahis adresi you to play it,” he chuckled. Jenna ran her hand down the front of his y-fronts. “Ooh…I’m not the only one here who’s got damp undies!”

Gordon groaned again. Jenna pulled out his cock and squeezed his balls. As she groped his manhood, she realised just how wet with pre-cum it was.

“Nice and sticky – just how I like it.” She knelt down and teasingly licked the head of his cock before putting it in her mouth.

“Mmm yessss!” Gordon hissed as the vicar’s wife began giving him a good blow. He’d remembered just how brilliantly Jenna was at giving blowjobs. Back during that day in church, she’d given him some superb head.

Jenna withdrew and reclined on the bonnet of the car. She rubbed her neatly-trimmed bush of pubic hair and Gordon knew what she wanted him to do. With just one finger at first, the organist began tracing circles around the outside of her wet pussy. Jenna moaned, enjoying the attention, but wanting more. Sensing this, Gordon spread her pussy lips with his finger and pushed inside her, spreading her walls and began to fuck her with it. Then he lowered his head. Very slowly at first, teasing her into a state of desperate pleasure, he tongued her, savouring her juices.

“Ohh Gordon!” Jenna screamed. She began moving her body in time to his motions, trying to get his tongue to go even deeper. Then without warning, Gordon stopped his treatment, as he felt her hand brush against the head of his prick. “Slide your organ pipe in,” she purred, knowing he got such a kick from these corny phrases.

“With pleasure!”

Positioning the tip of his dick right up against her wet opening, he slid inside her and was soon thrusting with vigour.

“Mmmf…more Gordon! Yes!”

He continued pumping her hard and fast, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming his dick all the way back in. He grabbed her hips to steady himself, still fucking her rapidly. Then their coupled bodies convulsed ferociously, and Gordon’s pulsating member filled Jenna’s snatch with his cum.

“Here endeth the organ lesson,” Jenna said, planting a kiss on his lips.

Gordon kissed her back. “OOh thanks Jenna. I enjoyed that immensely.”

“And you really needed that!” She replied, adjusting her clothing. “It’s not good for an organist to have so much cum building up like that…there might be a risk of a ruptured bellows.”

Gordon zipped up his trousers. “Far worse than trapped wind!”

They both laughed. “We’d better get back to the party. I’ll go first, okay?”

Jenna headed out of the garage. As she walked round the side of the house, she almost walked straight into Father Aiden.

“Oh!” He recoiled in shock. “Mrs…er, Jenna.”

“Father Aiden! You made me jump! Don’t tell me you’re looking for a downstairs toilet too?”

He blinked. “Um no. I was…er, I wanted to apologise for earlier. I was very rude. Whatever must you think of me? You being the vicar’s wife and all.”

“I’d say you’re a chap who’s just finding his way in a new place,” Jenna smiled. Even in the dark, his watery blue eyes seemed to be staring right into her soul. “Anyways, apology accepted!” Before he could say another word, she planted a kiss on his cheek. “Would you like another cup of tea, Father?”

Father Aiden clutched his chest as though he’d glimpsed Satan himself. A look of horror on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Jenna said, glancing back at him. “My tea isn’t that bad is it?”

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