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How It All Started Ch. 03

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He washed her in the shower, and everything went fine until it was time to wash her privates. On his knees in front of her, he reached between her legs and began pulling the washcloth from back to front, but she stopped him before he could finish.

“No, don’t ever do that, you’ll get poop in my vag, and that’s bad. Always wash me front to back,” she told him. “Here, just let me wash this,” she took his bar of soap and washed her own pussy. He then continued on and washed her legs and feet before rinsing her off. She enjoyed the hot water while he finished rinsing the soap off himself. They each shut their water off in the master bath double shower and he got their towels.

“That could have gone better,” he chuckled to her.

She smiled back at him as she finished wrapping her long hair in a towel. “It was the first time we ever did that. You’ll get better at it,” she said as she held her hand out for her body towel, which he handed her.

They finished getting ready, hopped in the car, and headed into town, a 45 minute drive from their rural home. They talked about their daily schedule, what was on it for tomorrow, what they could push off. They finally made it to town and started shopping for heels at the shoe stores in town. They only found some wild looking platforms at the first store, but he pointed out some flats he liked and tennis shoes.

“I want you to get some cloth tennis shoes like these. I want you to wear them all day so I can rub and smell your feet at the end of the day.” He said in a hushed tone close to her so nobody could hear him. “Suck your toes,” he whispered and chuckled mischievously, and she giggled with him.

“Pervert,” she whispered back and his chuckle turned to a laugh. “These shoes all suck. Let’s go someplace else.” They left and went to another store where they found what they were looking for. He picked out several pairs of shoes.

“Let me put them on you,” he said to her, pulling a strappy pair of heels out of the box as he got down on his knees in front of her.

“People will see,” she chided him with a smile.

“I don’t care, let them watch. If they stare, they’re jealous,” he laughed and took one of her shoes off. He then slid the high heel onto her foot and buckled the delicate little strap around her ankle after struggling for a moment, his fingers being too fat for the tiny thing. She giggled at his struggles, on his knees before her, messing with her feet. She finally stood up in it, they both looked at it and said no, simultaneously, and then looked at each other and laughed. He took the shoe off her foot and put it back in the box.

“I’m gonna go look around over there,” he gestured to another aisle of women’s shoes.

“Ok,” she said, getting up and looking at other shoes in the huge store. An employee approached her as he walked away.

“Do you need any help,” she asked Renee.

“Do you have these in a 9?” She held up a sparkly pair of ankle boots.

“What’s the occasion,” the employee asked.

“The bedroom,” Renee responded with a sly smile. The employee was obviously uncomfortable.

“First time I ask somebody what the occasion is and this is the answer I get,” she and Renee both laughed and the employee went on about her business.

Russ came back with a patent leather black 4″ stiletto with an open toe in her size. “I love these. This is like straight fetish gear for me,” he told her as he opened the box and pulled one of the shoes out. She looked at it and smiled.

“Alright, put them on me and I’ll see if I can walk in them,” she giggled as she headed back to one of the little seats in the aisle. He knelt down, removed her shoes and put the black heels on her. She stood up and walked around carefully while she held his hand for balance. Then she gained some confidence and let go of his hand, so she could walk around a bit. “Do you like them,” she asked him. He looked around before grabbing his crotch to adjust himself.

“Fuck travesti istanbul yeah I do,” he said and grinned at her.

“You’re gonna spoil me,” she teased him.

“Good, you deserve it. You never get anything for yourself. If you can’t justify it for the house or the kids, you won’t buy it,” he said.

“I know, but you’re just as bad,” she retorted.

“Yeah, but not this. We have it in the budget to buy ourselves some toys.” A huge grin spread across his face. “Cockrings,” he said rather loudly with a dumbass look on his face.

“Shut up,” she laughed in a hushed voice. “Get the fucking shoes and let’s get outta here,” she giggled and they headed to the register. They paid and headed to the car, discussing the next stop along the way.

“I hope they have a chastity cage,” he giggled.

“You really want me to put you in a cage,” she asked, looking confused about it.

“Yeah, I masterbate too much and I think taking that away will make sex better for both of us,” he smiled as he made his way through traffic.

“Well, stop masterbating,” she laughed.

“HA! You gotta be kidding. That’s like telling a junkie to just quit,” he scoffed. “You’ll have to make me.”

“So you’ll willingly follow all my rules except this one? I have to make you stop beating off,” she asked with a scoff.

“Yeah, pretty much,” he giggled. “If I’m this compliant now, imagine what you could make me do if you totally controlled when I cum, and a chastity device is the only way you’ll be able to do that. I’ll just go ahead and say if you don’t, I’ll beat off every opportunity I get,” he laughed.

“How much do you beat off,” she suddenly became very curious as they typically only had sex once or twice a week, but were now playing around at least once a day since Russ had opened up to her.

“At least once a day, even if we have sex, and if I’m really horny 2 or 3 times,” he said flatly.

She was shocked. 2 or 3 times a day? She wanted that to end immediately. If he was gonna cum, it would be with her only, not him alone. She found herself wanting to lock his dick up. She almost felt insulted that he was sneaking around behind her back beating off. Why was he not coming to her for his sexual needs? Then it dawned on her, she had never fulfilled his sexual needs. He needed specific treatment from her in the bedroom just as much as he needed her love and support outside the bedroom. If that’s all he needs from her, she’ll give it to him in spades. She decided she could love him and dominate him if that would make him happy. It would just take some time, but she was definitely ready to commit to this, and was, without a doubt, ready to lock his cock in a cage.

They pulled up to a local sex shop and giggled like children going in, feeling young and excited about what the near future holds, this stop just being another scene in the act unfolding before them. The air of playfulness stayed with them in the store, showing each other things so they could laugh and giggle about it. They found a vibrating cockring for him, and a ball stretcher but no chastity cage. She found some nylons and a thin vibrator she planned to explore his ass with, as he would later discover.

After the sex shop, they headed to a pet supply store so he could find himself a collar and leash. He found a nice thick collar and a hefty looking leash to go with it. She laughed when he showed it to her.

“Too much,” he asked.

“Fuck no. Buy that shit,” she giggled. “I just hope it doesn’t leave marks on your neck we have to explain to the kids,” she smiled and he chuckled a little.

“I’ll just tell anybody who asks the truth, and laugh like it’s a joke when I do, and they’ll think it is, and that’ll just make it funnier to me,” he giggled mischievously.

“Oh my God. Just pay for it and meet me in the car,” she said, pretending to be annoyed, but way overacting it and giving him that coy smile before turning and istanbul travestileri heading to the car.

God, he loved her. Just watching her walk away made him think about how she smelled, how she felt, her touch, just everything. He had fantasized for years about doing these things with her, but had been too afraid she would reject the idea and maybe even him, but he had to confess it to her and take the chance. He felt like he couldn’t carry the secret anymore, and to his great relief, she had not only accepted his fetishes, she was going to participate, she was going to give him everything he asked for. So here he stood, in a pet store, holding a leash and collar he knew he would soon be wearing while on his knees before her, living his fantasy. God, he loved her!

He paid for the supplies and headed out to the car. They decided to go get lunch in town and hit a few stores for groceries and various supplies for the farm before heading home.

The house was empty when they got there. Their teenage daughter had gone to see her friend and had taken their son with her so he could play with her friend’s little brother.

“I wanna try this stuff on,” she said as they entered the house.

“Absolutely,” he grinned. “Can I help?”

“Naked and on your knees,” she smiled.

“On it!” He followed her into the master suite and locked the door behind them before trotting into the walk in closet to strip.

She took her tee shirt off and then waited for him to get completely undressed. When he was, he got on the floor before her and started unbuttoning her pants. She just smiled down at him with her hands on her hips. She put her hand on top of his head to balance herself as he pulled her jeans down so she could step out of them. Then she turned around and bent over with her ass in his face.

“Kiss,” she giggled. He grabbed her hips and started kissing all over her ass before shoving his face into the crack of her ass and taking a long, deep sniff. She hummed her approval and reached back to pull his head deeper into her ass as she wiggled it back and forth. Then she pushed him away. She turned back to him and looked down, tickled by the way his cock stood proudly from his groin.

“Take my socks off,” she said as she lifted her foot and steadied herself by holding his head again. He pulled off each sock, smelling them each and relishing her scent. She chuckled, “You dirty motherfucker. I have really mixed feelings about how nasty you are and how much I like it.”

He bent down after she released his head and started kissing the tops of her feet. “Get the nylons,” she said and he got up and retrieved the box with the item she had requested. He opened it and took one of the stockings out, rolled it up to the toe and offered it for her to put her foot in, so she did and he slid the sheer fabric up her leg to mid thigh. They then did the other leg. The nylons had sticky rubber lining around the top to keep them up without a garter.

He then grabbed the shoe box and got out the patent leather stiletto heels, which he helped her put on. As soon as she was in them, he bent back down and started kissing her toes that peeked out. She smiled down at him.

“You are really into this, aren’t you,” she said, more as a statement of observation than a question for him to answer, so he didn’t, and just kept kissing her feet and shoes. After a minute, she pushed him away with her foot and walked back to the large mirror at the double vanity. “Do you like it,” she asked, looking at herself in the mirror as she adjusted her nylons.

“Yes, Goddess, I love it. You’re beautiful.” He had followed her to the mirror and now knelt beside her. Waiting for her to tell him what to do. She turned her back to him again and bent over, this time watching him in the mirror.

“Kiss,” she said as she wiggled her ass in his face. As before he grabbed her hips and planted loud kisses all over her ass before burying his istanbul travesti face in her crack again to take a deep breath of her. She stood back up and walked into the bedroom.

“Put on that cockring.” She took the heels off and climbed into the bed as he got the cockring out of the box and put it on. It had a thick ring for the shaft of his cock and a thinner ring that went under his balls, holding them out. On top was what can best be described as a rabbit’s head, complete with ears, that had a hard plastic vibrator about the size of her pinky finger going through it.

“Get up here and lay down on your back.” She patted the bed next to her and he did as she instructed with a huge grin on his face. As soon as he lay down, she straddled him facing his feet and brought her pussy down on his mouth, gently rubbing herself on him as he licked her clit. She was already very wet, and could have hopped on his dick, but she wanted to see the cockring up close and make him lick her a little first. She stroked her fingertips across the taught skin of his balls before dragging them up the length of his shaft. His cock looked shorter in the device, but much fatter, accentuating his girth. She smiled at it, liking how it made him look, and the way it looked made her want to ride it. She hit the button on the end of the tiny vibrator and it began buzzing.

“Does that feel good,” she asked as she cycled through several settings on the small device.

“I can’t really feel much. I don’t think it’s for me,” he chuckled. She stopped in on a setting she liked and turned herself around to mount his cock. She was already soaking wet, so she just sank right down to the balls in one motion. Her pussy felt like fire as it engulfed him and the feel of her weight on his hips made him buck into her, lifting her slightly off the bed before letting her drop down and start riding him.

His cock did feel thicker with the cockring on, and she could feel his balls rubbing against her from the smaller ring of the device holding them out and bringing them into play. Then there was the vibrator on her clit, she was really liking this thing. She ground herself down on him enjoying the multiple sensations coming together to bring her so much pleasure.

He tried to buck under her and grabbed her in his arms, but she pushed his hands back down and told him to be still.

She soon found herself being carried swiftly to an orgasm. She considered slowing down and dragging it out, but she knew she would cum before him, and she’d be able to use that to play games with him, so she quickened her pace and rode him to a quick but powerful orgasm.

As soon as she could gather herself to get off him, she slid to one side and sat on the bed next to him, one leg over his stomach. She smiled at him, reached over and patted his hard cock before clicking the button on the tiny vibrator a few times until it cycled off.

“Ok, get that thing off and get cleaned up,” she said as she got off the bed and went into the master bath.

“Ok,” he giggled. “I don’t get to finish,” he asked.

She stopped and turned, fixing her hair in a fresh ponytail. “No. You owe me 2 or 3 orgasms a day when I’m extra horny and at least 1 a day otherwise, right? Isn’t that what you’ve been getting without me? At least I’m giving you the courtesy of allowing you to give me those orgasms.”

“Oh, shit,” he chuckled. “Well, ok. Let the games begin.” He giggled mischievously.

“Laugh it up. We’ll see how long you think it’s funny when the chastity cage gets here.” She turned and walked to the bathroom to clean herself up as he got off the bed, removed the cockring, and headed to his lavatory to wash it off and clean up himself.

She walked up behind him at the sink and looked at him in the mirror. He returned her gaze.

“I’m curious to see how you change when I have control of your dick 24/7,” she said with a curious look on her face. He suddenly felt unable to maintain eye contact with her and returned to washing the cockring as his smile faded.

Whatever playful game this had started as was beginning to fade and become very real. He could feel a change in the way she looked at him, and she could feel it too.

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