Nisan 13, 2024

Houseboat Log Ch. 02

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Ass Up

Chapter 02: Ellie

After my wonderful evening with Susan, the interior designer (Part 1 of the series), I made a few notes in my ship’s log, being sure to include her favorite activities and sensitive spots. If given the chance, I wanted to show her I cared about her in any future encounters with her.

I had learned at a young age from an older (mid thirties), exotic beauty in the Far East whom I met during my Navy days that pleasuring a woman with tantric foreplay usually pays huge dividends. After being trained by my Indian goddess, I became a devotee of Tantra, the Eastern practices of sensual foreplay for lovers. My wonderful teacher, Prita, taught me to give to a woman, listening to her sounds, her words, observe her movements, and appeal to her heart to find what pleases her each time you make love. Each experience was unique, bringing a different result as her moods, stress level, chemistry, etc. changed her experience each time, and finding the key to her pleasure became an art to be learned, and enhanced. Tantra is giving to your lover the pleasure that moves her/him to a higher plane of sensuality and sexuality. The real trick with Tantra is to learn to receive, without giving back until it is your turn. That way it enhances your experience with your partner because you aren’t concentrating on pleasuring your partner at all, just your own pleasure. If you are interested in finding out more, there are several good websites that explain Tantra.

Prita was a submissive beauty, who enjoyed giving herself to her man. She was incapable on her own of receiving pleasure without being bound, and rendered incapable of giving, and she knew it. She taught me what worked for her, and, of course, I was eager to accommodate her as she was the embodiment of Indian beauty and sensuality, a woman with a terrific smile, soft sensuous lips, and luscious curves. Her dark, tawny skin was the softest I have ever felt. At the time, I had never experienced a submissive woman, having grown up in the liberal corridors of the Northeast in the 60’s and 70’s. I learned to bind her wrists with gentle restraints so that she would reluctantly, but inevitably, give in to her own pleasures without trying to reciprocate immediately. Once she focused on her own sexuality, she could enjoy my gifts to her. Prita showed me the beauty of a woman, as she bloomed under my efforts. She gave me an appreciation of timing, oral sex, g spot massage, and kissing/touching a woman to enhance her experience and let her know how much you care about her. Once the physical melded with emotional attraction, Prita reached the pinnacle of her own pleasure, resulting in a total orgasmic state, often squirting and experiencing multiple orgasms. When she reached that state, she was ripe for the taking, giving herself fully with all the pleasures that entails. I fondly remember our time together for Prita shaped me as a lover and taught me to listen and to communicate. The rewards were well worth the effort on my part.

I took the Wet N Wild out for her maiden voyage Monday after my personal overhaul was completed and cruised for the day, testing the engines, the pumps and the electronics. She passed with flying colors and after tying up at the marina, I set out to provision the vessel for cruising. After stocking up, I took a shower and was just Gaziantep Oral Escort relaxing with a brew, thinking about Eleanor Levine, the classy redhead I had met a few nights earlier. We were slated for dinner tonight at Ruth Criss’ Steak House. I called Ellie to get directions to her condo, and to confirm we were still on for tonight. She sounded excited on the phone, as I was, to get further acquainted. It’s amazing what a beautiful redhead will do to my cock! Just hearing her voice on the phone had me stiff and standing at attention in my loose fitting shorts. I thought about rubbing out a quick one, but decided not to lower my libido at all. I changed into khaki slacks and a black long sleeved shirt, splashed on a touch of light sea breeze cologne, and threw a sport jacket in the car.

As I pulled into the condo project, I saw Eleanor walk out of the lobby, she was absolutely magnificent. I was staggered by her beauty. Some women can stop traffic cold. Ellie was one of these women. I managed a weak hello, staring at her with obvious enthusiasm, opened her door for her and got in the car.

I caught her scent, together with a terrific smile, leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. I couldn’t help myself, she was just so kissable! Eleanor leaned in to me, kissing me back, then broke the kiss and smiled and said, “Hello, Stranger!” We both laughed and it was obvious to us the attraction was mutual. We headed to the restaurant, chatting amicably, the underlying sexual tension building slowly throughout the ride and dinner. We played with each others hands under the table, just light touches, and, sitting next to each other, rubbing shoulders and thighs, and our eyes probing each other’s souls.

We drove to the beach after dinner and walked the soft sands of Siesta Key under the moonlight, hand in hand. I pulled her to me and kissed her softly, our lips and tongues dancing slowly at first then finding a passionate pace.

Eleanor measured my hard erection as she pressed her hips into my groin and massaged my cock with her undulating body. Satisfied with what she found there, she whispered to me, “Paul, take me somewhere we can be together.” I led her back to the car and asked her if she would like to plan an overnight on the boat and cruise tomorrow. She was delighted with the idea, so we drove back to her condo, she packed a bag and we made our way back to the Wet n Wild.

As we boarded, I mentioned that the houseboat was still a work in progress, but it was comfortable none the less. Ellie seemed excited to be on board and after we stowed her gear, she excused herself to find the head, to freshen up. Of course, if it were me I would have said, “Cum as you are, Ms. Eleanor,” but she did saunter out of the bathroom with a nightshirt that fell just to her cheeks holding her fragrant thong in her hand.

She brought the thong to where I was sitting and draped it over my face, telling me to enjoy. I inhaled her scent, strong on the already soaked thong, and immediately got hard again. The wonderful part of being mature adults is that we know what we want and when we find it we don’t need to dance around it for months.

Ellie is a rare beauty at 5’9″ tall. She has gorgeous green eyes that you can’t help but stare at. Her skin is lightly tanned, enhanced by her striking long red hair that falls to her shoulders. She has long tight legs, and a soft full round ass and hips. With heels on, her legs are to die for. Her tummy has a round swell to it, very sexy, and her breasts are full with, as I soon found out, large pink aureoles and taut, pouty nipples that rise provocatively towards you when she is turned on. Ellie is a tall version of Jill St. John, a woman of incredible beauty and intelligence. She also has an incredibly sweet, tight pussy, with a wisp of red fuzz shaped in a tiny landing strip and an unusually large clit when aroused.

Pulling her down into my lap, I kissed Ellie hard, my steel hard cock probing her bare thighs. I had been on edge now for over 5 hours and I wanted dessert now. I got to my feet, lifted her and we danced briefly to the soft music of the Moody Blues, drinking in each other’s scent and feel. My hands caressed her legs and cheeks while we kissed sensuously, probing, sucking each other. I lifted her nightshirt up and off, then began kissing Ellie’s neck, down her shoulders to her hard nipples, and sank to my knees to lick all the way to her pussy. Ellie sighed and toyed with my hair and head as I nibbled lightly around her labia, taking care not to touch her clit saving that for the finish. She seemed reluctant at first, but my arms held her tight to my face. Could this stunning woman never have experienced oral sex? As I parted her lower lips with my tongue, I widened her legs pulling her lips apart even further, darting my tongue deep into her hole. She groaned, sank to the thick rug, opened her long legs, and threw them over my shoulders.

Ellie started to hump my face hard, screaming, “Suck me, Paul, suck my clit, you dirty nasty bastard!”

As you can imagine, turning her on just turned me on further, inspiring me to take her hard long nub into my mouth and suck it lightly while I stroked it with the tip of my tongue rapidly. Ellie arched her back, thrust her pussy up and I had to hold it tightly to my face with all my strength as she squirted her cum hard into my face, drenching me with a jet of liquid. She screamed out an unintelligible sound, her eyes staring off into space, unseeing. Ellie was gasping for breath as she settled back down and eased her butt back to the floor. She pulled me up to lick my face like a contented cat would, kissing me over and over.

Eleanor said, “Oh, Paul, it’s been so long since I have so enjoyed a man kissing my pussy, my ex refused to go down on me, and yet you make it feel so good and right to enjoy.”

I said, “That’s because you can tell I love it as much as you do, Ellie, you taste lovely, your lips are so beautiful engorged as they are.” As I said this I was lightly caressing a breast, brushing my fingertips over her nipple.

She looked in my eyes and whispered to me, “I know you do, Paul, you love the taste of a woman. I can relax and enjoy the feeling, let go and squirt, knowing you aren’t just doing it because you have to, but because you love it.”

I kissed her, and as I did, I picked her up off the rug and carried her back to the master stateroom. I told her, “Yes, Ellie, and I want to cum inside you, too!”

I laid her on my bed, shucked out of my clothes quickly, and snuggled up to her. We kissed, a long slow sensual kiss, a “knowing we were going to fuck each other” kiss. I licked my two middle fingers and slowly entered her vagina, stroking and feeling along the top of her vagina for her g spot. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock, slowly masturbating my shaft. I found the pebbly swollen G spot and massaged it while I thumbed around her clit in circles. Ellie gasped and literally jumped in my arms, tightening her grip on my cock.

She started to buck again, enjoying the building orgasm, kissing me wildly now, I shifted in the bed and moved my cock to her pussy, pulling my fingers out and lightly slapping her clit with my cock. I ran it up and down her pussy several times, teasing her, then centered it and slowly pushed past her entrance. She shuddered and said,”Slowly, please…. Paul, slow…hold it…stop…..ohhhhhhhh!!!” I waited for her to adjust to my girth. She brought her legs around my back, and pulled me in as she relaxed, and I opened her flower with long steady thrusts, each penetrating further. She was so tight, and smooth, her pussy never having given birth, it was like a teenager’s. She met me in rhythm, each of us purring out our pleasure. I felt her orgasm building as was mine. I was having a hard time (no pun intended, lol.) holding back my ejaculation, as I had been on edge so long and her pussy felt so good. She sucked it right out of me. Fortunately, the helmet of my cock was rubbing up against her G spot with each thrust and she was close too. We came together, me first, spewing hot ropes of cum into her and she, feeling my cock expand and explode, fired off too, bucking and clenching me tight. Oh, what a feeling it was to make love with Ellie, a woman as hot as her red hair.

After slowly running my softening cock inside her until it popped out of her, I rolled off and held her in my arms, kissing her shoulders and back. She was sighing contentedly. Ellie then rolled to me and looked in my eyes and said, “That felt amazing, Paul, you tuned my body like you would tune a piano. Thank you for making me feel so good again, so feminine, so…passionate.”

I told her she was the most beautiful and exciting woman I had ever been with and that I was the one to be thanking her. She moved down and took my cock drenched in our juices and licked and cleaned it, looking into my eyes as she did so. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see a beautiful and intelligent woman make love to my cock. She told me she loved the taste of cock and I told her my Johnson loved her efforts. She sucked me over a period of ten minutes and I gradually hardened in her mouth, and, with a strong flex of my hips, jammed my big cock into her throat. Fortunately Ellie has a wide mouth and ample throat. She took it all with a twinkle in her eye, frigging her clit at the same time, enjoying a small orgasm as she brought me off. I, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by the experience, knowing this woman was off the charts superb.

We fell asleep in each others arms, warm and contented under the covers. This was a woman I wanted to cruise with. The Wet N Wild was now fully provisioned with a mermaid aboard. I couldn’t wait to weigh anchor and sail off with her. Tomorrow we would find out more about each other and share laughs and experiences in the beginnings of what could develop into a great love. There is a common thread with sailors, you never know what the next day will bring on the water, and it is full of surprises.

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