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Honey moon cruise

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Honey moon cruise
The story I’m about to write is 100% real.bare with me if my writing skills aren’t that good.I will try to write it as it happen.So few years back when me(greek man) married to my wife(Austrian).It was the first marriage for me and the second one for her.Wife had been in the cuck and swing style long before! When we met online she slowly told me everything! After her first divorced and since her daughters had grown up she continue to fuck multiple men that met usually online.Fellow Austrians,greeks and so on! Before our marriage we lived together for a year here in Greece.

But we were in a small island so chances for more men for her wasn’t easy! Anyway we both wanted the same thing and we start to build a profile on adultfinder site.Still we were in the making of the profile there.When we married I choose as a wedding gift a 4 day cruise around some greek islands and a part of Turkey as it was in schedule.The period was in the end of Octomber so it was the end of the tourist season.The cruise ship was an old vessel but quite ok.I had booked the last min so from the office they told me it was the last empty cabin.It was on the bottom of the ship on the same way to the staff cabins but we didn’t mind.Simple with 2 single beds and bathroom,toilet,tv,fridge staff.There was no double bed as all was fully booked

Next day after our wedding we went to Piraeus port to get the cruise.The brought us to our cabin,To mention the cabin had no balcony.Just a small window to look the sea only.Again we didn’t mind about it.When the ship started they gather all the passengers for a welcome info at the lounge.Later we get something to eat and head back to our cabin.Wife and I made love for 20 min as I was so tired and had stress from the days before wedding that I couldn’t satisfy her! We slept and few hours later we reach the first island.Ship stay there for a few hours so we went eat to get some air and see the place and back on board.Wife asked me if I was in mood for sex but still I was tired and I reject the idea.We slept.Next morning but late we wake up when the ship had reach the coast of Turkey.We went out again to see the place and back in.Ship stay güvenilir bahis there more hours and started again in the afternoon

We went for dinner and there I watch the people around and try to get a contact to couples mostly.But there was no interest for more.Most couples were older than us.Not that we had no problem with it.Some families and k**s and the crew staff.I was a bit disappointed.When we went back to our cabin I told my wife that it would be nice if now she can officialy cuck me as we had the wedding rings on and we made things more hot! But I hadn’t found any couple or men that could be interested.Wife said its ok and we will find online when our profile will be ready and there is no rush.

Then an idea came in my mind.I told her that I want to leave half open the door from our cabin.In the meantime as one bed was facing the door she will be on her knees stroking my cock slowly or sucking me but her ass would be exposed.So if anyone looks in and I find him interesting I will invite to join in! Wife said we can give it a try and see what happens

Besides the risk wife and I loved to exhibit ourselves and the risk of being caught! Also as we both love to be naked as much as possible we had no problem to expose ourselves at all

So we did that.It was before midnight when we started it.Some min later couple got a look in but left as they were only curious.Later on some young guy had a look too but left as well.Then for half an hour nothing.We could hear and I could see people passing our cabin with the door half open but none had a look in.Wife told me she started to feel tired and that maybe she would give me a hand job and we could go to sleep.I told her probably she is right about as I also don’t see any interest from anyone!

At that moment an Asian guy,actually he was Philippino took a look in! In seconds I made a sign and invite him in and told him to close the door back.Wife understood that I invited someone but hadn’t see as she was slowly sucking my cock.The guy came in and I greet him.I ask him if he liked the view from my wife’s ass.He said yes very much.He was a meter away and I told him to come closer and nothing to worry about.He türkçe bahis did.I told him if he likes that view he could touch my wife with his hands.Indeed his hands went on wifes ass and pussy.Started to explore her body and reaching her breasts that was hanging.Wife had a smile on her face and liked the guy’s hands that was all over her body

Then I asked him if he would like to fuck my wife.His face went bright and said yes by all means.He didn’t waste any time at all and removed all his clothes.Then I said to my wife that she must take care of our guest.She turn in front and sit on the bed while I went in the corner of it.The guy was in front of her and point his cock to her face.Wife looked the guy and then his cock.It wasn’t big but it looked in a normal size with some hair on.Wife then went on and with slow movement put his cock in her mouth.Guy started to like it.Also her hand went to play with his balls.She was giving him a good sucking and the guy enjoy it a lot! Next to the tv table I had deliberately left some condoms.I told the guy to pick one and wear it.So he did.My wife was a bit wet already but wanted some more help

To mention again the guy was around 28 years old at the time.I was in 35 and wife was 40.Wife laid back on a pillow I had put under her head.Guy took some time to eat her pussy and finger it! Wife was moaning for pleasure and had cum once at least.He stood up again and my wife sucked him for some min.Now they were both ready.I moved and brought a second pillow and put it under her ass as she was lay on the bed and she spread her legs inviting the young lover in.Guy proceed and slide his had cock slowly in my wifes pussy.I saw that and made my cock hard instantly! I took a sit in the corner of the bed in order to watch them.Guy was very gentle with her and his first thrusts were nicely done by him,His hands were going all over her body and her breasts.Came on top to lick her nipples and tongue kissed her and my wife responded accordingly!

As they were slowly fucking for some min and wife was moaning from the love making of the Philippino guy he then started to push more in her.He started to fuck her more hard as she needed güvenilir bahis siteleri it and he also as it seemed.She started some small dirty talk with him and it get her more horny.I was watching and stroking my cock.Occasionaly I was asking her how she feels and some dirty talk  too.I asked also the guy if her liked fucking my wife.It seemed he loved it too and wanted me to watch what a slut wife I have and how much she loves being fucked by other men in front of her husband.They then changed position and fucked her in doggy style for some time.Wife was moaning and cumming from pleasure.I could tell that she was getting to her limits of being tired.But the guy hadn’t cum yet and kept fucking her

I was stroking as slow as I could and I had a pre cum already! But I also didn’t want to cum yet as I was enjoy the fucking that my wife was given.So the guy told her to lay down completely after the doggy position.Wife said she was feeling a bit tired but the guy respond that he hadn’t finish yet.He for a while eat her ass and slide a finger in.But wife denied him her ass and told him the next day he will have it! So the guy went again in her wet pussy and started a 20 min hard fuck! Wife not only moaned but screamed as the guy gave all his power in her.Wife was begging him to cum as she couldn’t continue more but there he was still going on strong! Suddenly he stopped and pull out

he removed the condom and gave 2 few had strokes to his cock and cum all over her ass! When he pull out and removed the condom wife asked him what he was doing cause she didn’t want a stranger cum in without condom as we didn’t knew him at all.But he didn’t reply and for a second wife thought that he will fuck her bareback now but he didn’t.When the guy cum on her ass I also couldn’t last any longer.I stood up as the guy  lay next to her and took my turn.Wife asked me if I’m going to fuck her but I told her that I only will cum on her.I stroke my cock while the guy was taking a breath and talking to my wife.I told her here is my cum you slut and release it all over back.Wife now had the guy’s cum all over ass running through the buttocks down her legs and my cum on her back.She smiled and we all laugh with that wonderful and erotic experience.Then the guy talked a bit more to us and put his clothes one and head for his cabin that was just 2 cabins away from ours.We had a shower and went to sleep very happy.To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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