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The four of us laid there for a while, Carmen kissing Bob as he caressed her tits and me gently caressing Edna’s tits while I watched Carmen. Looking at Edna,
“You have any more surprises for me?” I asked her. I could see Edna smile,
“I have a little game I play with Carmen” she replied
“What’s that?” I asked
“I like to slap her face while she tries to caress my tits” Edna answered.
“Really” I said amazed
“Care to show me” I then asked.
Enda got to her feet and had Carmen move in front of her and get on her knees,
“Okay bitch” she told Carmen
“Caress my tits” and I sat there fascinated as Carmen kept trying to reach up and caress Edna’s tits while Edna slapped hard at Carmen’s face. You could hear the smacks as Edna put her full weight behind each slap and watching Carmen’s head jerk back and forth with each blow. After a good three minutes or so, Edna had Carmen stand up and for another couple of minutes continued the show until she finally relented and let Carmen caress her tits, lean in and suck on the nipples and finally I watched as the two women kissed passionately.
“Fuckin’ nice” I said aloud
We finally got dressed and it was time for us to leave and at the front door, Carmen kissed Edna while I kissed Bob and then we switched as I kissed Edna and Carmen kissed Bob.
“It was a pleasure meeting you both” I said.
“It was our pleasure meeting you too” said Edna
“We’ll have to do this again soon” she added
Once we were in the car Carmen pulled up next to me,
“Well honey” she began
“What do you think of Bob and Edna?” she asked
“I think güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I’m going to get along just fine with them” I replied.
With that Carmen kissed me and then reached down, unzipped my pants, took my cock out and while I started to drive away, bent down and began to suck my cock. After a few miles she rose up, looked at me,
“I want another cock” she proclaimed.
With Carmen, if she wanted another man’s cock, I did what I could to oblige her and since there was an out of the way bar on our way home, I decided this would be a good place for her to get another man’s cock. So I drove to the bar and Carmen got herself ready by taking off her blouse, taking her bra off and putting her blouse back on, but leaving the top two buttons undone. We went inside and looking around saw a few prospects that Carmen might like and went over to the bar and ordered our drinks. It didn’t take too long before Carmen spotted a man she said looked like a good fuck and we got up and went over to the table he was sitting at.
“May we join you?” Carmen asked the man.
He looked at Carmen and I could tell he caught a glimpse of her tits through her open blouse as his eyes lit up,
“Be my guest” he replied as he pointed to the chairs. Carmen sat next to him and I sat across from him,
“My names Carmen” she said,
“This is Joe” she added
“Ron’s my name” he replied. I knew Carmen wouldn’t waste any time and as we three talked a bit, I knew her hand was over on his lap and was soon caressing the bulge in his pants by the way he moved güvenilir bahis şirketleri towards her and was getting turned on.
Whispering soft enough,
“I want your cock” Carmen said to him as he stiffened up a bit. She was squeezing his cock by now and I knew she had him.
“I wanna suck on your fuckin’ hard cock” she went on
“Feel your fuckin’ hard cock in my fuckin’ mouth” she added
Ron looked at me and saw me smiling,
“Go ahead man” I said to him
“Let’s use the ladies room”
Carmen told him and she got up and headed for the restroom. Ron got up and looking about, slowly, made his way after her and when he made sure no one was looking, slipped into the ladies room. I followed and when I entered, Carmen was already on her knees and undoing his pants. I would stand by the door with it open a bit while Carmen took out Ron’s cock and after licking it, took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him off hard and fast at first. I always enjoyed watching my whore sucking another man’s cock and this was no exception. Ron’s cock was a good size and Carmen was able to take most of it in her mouth. I could hear the slurping noises as she sucked away at his cock and his soft moans as she drove him towards a climax.
It was always a great sight to see my whore on her knees in front of another man sucking on his cock. I took my own cock out and started to jerk on it. For a few minutes more there we were, Carmen sucking another cock, me jerking mine off watching my whore.
After a few minutes I moved over to Ron’s side and placing my canlı bahis şirketleri hand on his cheek, turned his head towards me,
“Kiss me ” I said softly and I moved in and our lips met. Ron was stunned to say the least, but did return my kiss. Moving back a bit and looking at him,
“Slap the fuckin’ whore’s face” I told him’
“She likes having her face slapped hard when she sucks on another man’s cock” I added
“Grab her hair” I instructed him and watched as he reached down, grabbed a handful of Carmen’s hair and pulled her head off his cock and upward. He slapped her a couple of times,
“C;mon man” I said’
“Slap the fuckin’ bitch”
By now Ron was thoroughly caught up in the moment and sent several more hard slaps across Carmen’s face before he rammed his cock back into her mouth and started fucking it harder and faster. Well, it didn’t take long and soon he was filling Carmen’s mouth with a load of cum as she swallowed what she could. He pulled out and moved back a bit as Carmen got to her feet and with some of his cum still in her mouth and on her lips, moved up to me and we kissed as she swapped some of his cum into my mouth.
Carmen then went back down on her knees and into her mouth went my hard cock as she sucked me off while Ron watched. I soon came and she took my load of cum as best she could. She then got up and went over to Ron, pulled her blouse open to expose her tits,
“Suck on my fuckin’ tits” she begged him and I watched as Ron sucked on Carmen’s full tits, biting her nipples as she moaned out in delight. He soon stopped and Carmen reached for his face,
“Thank you honey” she said to him as she kissed him long and passionately.
Once we were all settled down we left the ladies room, Ron went out the door and left while Carmen and I had one more drink.
“Did you enjoy his cock?” I asked her
“Fuck yeah” she replied and I knew she really did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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