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His Wife Takes Over

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This story is about a newlywed couple who fell in love with each other in high school and could hardly wait to graduate and get married. This story is fiction although the events of their marriage were very similar to many other marriages across the country. If you’re looking to read about raunchy sex of any type this story is not for you. If you enjoy stories about female domination, read on.


Josh Kemp and Heather Marks were sweethearts since early in high school. They were voted by their classmates to be the handsomest couple in their class, to be the most successful couple in their class, and to be the first couple to get married. They almost fulfilled the last prediction, missing being the first from their class by one month. Josh was an athlete in school and stood 5’9″ and weighed 185 pounds, with dark brown hair and a handsome face. He was very friendly and well liked by most kids. Heather, also very well liked, was on the cheerleading team and stood 5’5″ at graduation and weighed 125 pounds. She was a very pretty blonde with a medium but athletic build.

Neither one of them wanted to go to college because they were anxious to get married and start a family. Two years after high school they were married in a beautiful ceremony in Heather’s church and enjoyed a nice honeymoon in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Josh and Heather had found employment in their home town and were able to save enough money for a down payment on a small 3-bedroom home in which to start their family. Both talked about having children and they wanted the best for them that they could give.

Because they were both young and energetic there was a friendly sense of competitiveness between them. Josh joined a softball team in the summer and a recreation league basketball team in the winter. Heather loved playing basketball but there wasn’t a league for women, so instead she got into an exercising routine and she began taking judo lessons.

She also was able to join a women’s league softball team in the summer. She never missed any of his games and he was usually at her ball games, too, except when his job needed him to work overtime. They loved each other very much especially in the bedroom.

As was previously mentioned, there was a friendly competitiveness between the two of them. They loved playing board games, like checkers and 500 Rummy, against each other, and Heather really got excited when she won. Josh on the other hand hated to lose especially when he lost to his wife. It wasn’t only losing that got his dander up but also how Heather rubbed it in whenever she won. But wrestling was different. He didn’t mind losing to her when they wrestled.

Josh was a bona fide leg man and Heather had a pair of long pretty legs to die for. And she knew how to use them! Most of the time Josh would ease up on her when wrestling and even let her win by getting her to straddle him in a schoolgirl pin. He loved when her legs pinned his arms and he would pretend he couldn’t get her off but sometimes she WOULD have him down and he couldn’t push her off when she would stretch out his arms above his head and hold them there with her legs. Of course that meant that her panty clad pussy was right in his face. He hated that because he couldn’t see himself ever doing oral sex. But when that situation occurred Heather didn’t care and kept him there for a long time.

Sometimes, when he wasn’t in such a good mood, he would manhandle her into submission. One of his favorite holds on the smaller woman was a body scissors where he would maneuver her to where he could wrap his legs around her waist and squeeze her until she had to surrender. She would be at his mercy whenever he positioned her into a scissors because the strength of his legs could really hurt her if he squeezed hard. They ALWAYS wrestled or played games while only wearing their underwear. It was sexier and it enabled Josh to ‘have’ her legs too.

A submission by Heather normally meant they would not have sex that night because she wouldn’t be in the mood, prompting Josh to rethink his ‘must win’ attitude and not try as hard to be sure that she would win the next match. Heather knew when he didn’t give his all, and she really didn’t care, just as long as she won the wrestling match or board game. When she DID win she would remove her panties and they would make love the rest of the night. She had two purposes for that: she enjoyed banging Josh and his six inches of hard cock, and she wanted very much to get pregnant.


After several years had passed and pregnancy had eluded her she was sullen but still hopeful that it would happen someday. She had just turned 30 and she knew her biological clock was ticking. She also knew nature had to take its course but she still wanted to have a baby. They both were to the doctor and both seemed physically able to produce a child, or so SHE thought.

And all the while she waited and hoped she kept working out at the gym and kept improving in her judo lessons. Josh and Heather continued with their escapades eryaman escort bayan in the bedroom, wrestling and having sex, and it was evident as time went on that Heather was gaining strength and Josh was getting weaker. And it didn’t look like she was ever going to get pregnant.

***** (five years later)

Josh had stopped playing softball and basketball two years earlier and it was showing on his body. He gained over 20 pounds to put him over 200 and his body had gotten flabby and he was no longer in great shape.

In the meantime Heather continued with her exercising and strengthening regimens and had gotten stronger and more flexible. She even gained two inches on her height! She didn’t gain a lot of muscle inches as a body builder would but did gain a lot of physical strength. It had been a few months since they wrestled and she wanted to get back at it to see how she stacked up against her husband and because she felt it was good exercise.

Josh, in the meantime, became a crossword puzzle enthusiast. He grew very fond of learning the ins and outs of working on puzzles until in a few short months he only did the difficult one from the New York Times. Heather noticed her husband’s interests changed from being with HER to being alone and doing crossword puzzles so one morning she asked if she could join him. She wasn’t very good with answering clues but she was determined to learn. She usually just sat next to him and mostly watched HIM do the puzzle. Once in a while she would answer a clue or two but she wanted to do better at that too.

Sex was still great for Josh but it was getting less enjoyable for her. One morning she said to him, “Josh, dear, why don’t we wrestle anymore? I feel our times together have gotten less and less fun.”

“Why do you say that? We still have great sex and look, here we are, doing a puzzle together,” he replied. “I still pay a lot of attention to your gorgeous legs, don’t I? What more do you want?”

“It might be good sex for YOU but it’s not for ME! My pussy has become a place for you to put your cock and that’s about it. I usually just lie here until you shoot your load and it does practically nothing for me. And I’m still not pregnant!”

“Sounds like you have a personal problem,” he said matter-of-factly. “You used to like it, or at least I thought you did.”

“Right, I USED to like it. But there’s never anything leading up to it, like the wrestling. It’s just, ‘Here, Heather, get on your back, I want to fuck you’. Then in a few short moments you climb off, go clean yourself up, and go do whatever you were doing.” She looked him right in his eyes and said, “Well, that’s all going to change! You will get no more pussy from me until you beat me at wrestling!”

“Are you kidding me?! Even when you won back then I let you! You can’t beat me!” But Josh had noticed the improvements with her and he wasn’t too sure anymore. “Why don’t we just change the subject?”

“No, I’m not going to change the subject! What’s the matter, you afraid this little blonde is going to kick your ass?”

Josh let his emotions take over and said to her, “Okay, woman, down to your panties! It’s time to get it on and shut your face for good!” They both stripped to their underwear and faced each other on their knees on the bed like they always did. Often Josh would put his strong hands on her body, especially her fine legs, and sort of guide her to where she could easily straddle HIM. He loved her being on top pinning his arms with those great legs, but he was too strong for her and would soon easily push her off and hold her down, remove her panties, and fuck her until HE came. That is except on a rare occasion when she stretched his arms above his head and pinned him with her knees as he was lying there!

But things had changed! This time when he went to push her onto her back Heather resisted and he was unable to maneuver her like before! Heather had gotten much stronger and her out-of-shape husband realized he was in trouble. Even her added two inches on her height (now 5’7″ compared to his 5’9″) became a huge help to her because of better leverage.

Heather expertly grabbed him and tossed him onto his stomach. Her black belt in judo enabled her to toss him at HER will. She quickly and lithely straddled his back and for the first time Josh knew how strong his wife had become. “Get the hell off me, NOW!” he shouted.

“What’s the matter, is big bad Josh getting his ass kicked by his little wife, who really isn’t so little anymore? Remember, no more sex until you beat me, and that sure as hell isn’t happening today!” She was surprised at how much she enjoyed being in control of him. And just to ensure it would remain that way she grabbed a piece of rope that she had put on the bed and very tightly bound his wrists behind his back. He was livid and kept shouting at her to knock it the hell off and untie him!

“You know, dear hubby, I am tired of your foul mouth! I don’t use those words with you and I want you to stop talking to me that way!” ankara escort She then placed a cloth gag in his mouth and taped it there with some duct tape. Then to further humiliate him, she got some more rope and tied his ankles together. “Excuse me, I’ll be right back,” she calmly said. “Don’t go anywhere,” she teased.

When she returned she had more rope and with it she hogtied him by bending his knees and holding them in that position by sitting on them while she tied the ankles to his wrists. Josh was completely unable to move. She also noticed that he had a hard on! “Are you enjoying this, my man? You like being tied up by your hot wife?” she said teasingly. “Good! Because you’re going to stay this way for a long time.”

As he lay on the bed on his stomach, head facing the headboard, Heather got the crossword puzzle he had been working on and sat down in front of him, leaning back against the headboard on a pillow with her pretty legs spread where his head and face were only inches from her panty clad pussy. She rested the puzzle, which was on a clipboard, on his head as she began to solve it. He didn’t want her to do that puzzle because he felt it was HIS to do, but one clue at a time she was filling in the pieces and even was narrating as she did it.

“Let’s see, one down I believe is Everest. It looks like you didn’t know that one, honey! Here, let me help you with this puzzle,” she said as she filled in the squares. Josh was angry but there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. She continued doing ‘his’ puzzle and after about forty-five minutes giddily announced to him that it was finished! She then put it in front of him to show him that it WAS indeed done. She teased him further by kissing and licking his nose and gently blew on it until the spit was dry. Heather not only got stronger and bigger but she also improved tremendously with answering the puzzle clues. And remember that was with perhaps the most difficult crossword puzzle one could get, the one in the Sunday New York Times!

“That wasn’t so hard,” she said gently and softly. “You know where to come if you ever have any trouble again, right? Aww, now you have to wait until next Sunday when the new one comes out. Poor thing. Maybe for your next birthday I’ll buy you a crossword puzzle book. Would that make you happy? I hope so because I will be doing your favorite from the New York Times myself from here on in. Is that okay with YOU, Josh?” Then she grabbed the sides of his face in her hands and forced him to nod his head. She was completely dominating him and he was livid!

Lying there on his stomach and having to look at his wife’s beautiful, toned legs and pussy made him realize that she had REALLY improved her body. He also realized that if he ever was able to enjoy that sexy body again it would only be when SHE said so. “By the way, Josh, there will be no sex for you today. It looks like you lost and I won. That means I and only I get sex.” And with that said, she removed her panties and his gag and told him to start licking!

Josh was never into oral sex but she told him as he was in that uncompromising position that he was NOT getting up unless he satisfied her with his tongue, which was perhaps the only part of his body he could move. He wasn’t very good at eating her out but she was patient and knew he would learn. She came only once that day but she vowed that it would get better.

Heather then looked at her watch and said to her husband, “I must get ready to go. I have a doctor’s appointment in half an hour. Here, let’s put this back on,” she continued as she put the gag back on him. “I’ll be back before too long. Don’t go anywhere!” She quickly changed her panties and said to him, “We don’t want the doctor to get any ideas on what we just did, do we, Honey? That’ll be our little secret.” Then she kissed and licked his nose and left for her appointment with him tied up on the bed and his nose soaked with her spit. Josh remained on the bed unable to do anything because of the expert bondage his wife did to him.


“Okay, Mrs. Kemp, Doctor Smalls will see you now.”

“Good morning, Mrs. Kemp. How are you doing and what brings you here?”

Heather said to her, “Doctor, I just turned 30 and I still haven’t gotten pregnant. Could you tell me what the problem is?”

“Here, let me look at your charts. It says here you should absolutely be able to become pregnant. I’m not sure what the problem is unless it’s with your husband. Let’s pull up his files too.” After looking at his charts there was a concern on the doctor’s face. “Heather, did you and Josh ever discuss this with each other?”

“Well, we didn’t get into it too deeply. He always seemed upset and didn’t seem to want to talk about it. He seemed to insinuate the problem was with me, that I am barren. Why, Doctor?” said Heather.

“I see. I see. Heather, I hate to tell you this but we found out a long time ago that Josh cannot produce. His sperm count is, like, dead. He’ll never be able to be a father unless you adopt sincan escort bayan a child.”

“You mean to tell me that he knew all along that he’s sterile and acted like it’s MY fault?”

“To put it bluntly, yes,” said the doctor.

Heather was trying to hold it in so the doctor wouldn’t notice but she was beyond pissed off! All these years she has tried to have sex with him so she can get pregnant and he KNEW he couldn’t do it. “Doctor Smalls, thank you very much. I really appreciate all you have done. Have a great day.”

Heather could hardly wait to get home. She was livid and knew she needed to chill a bit or she might do some harm to her tied up husband when she got to him. So instead of going right home she went to the gym to work out a bit to help ease her nerves and her anger. She went straight to the weight lifting machine and tried to take her anger out on it. She lifted more pounds than she ever did but with that extra adrenaline in her body she lifted it with ease.

“Slow down, young lady,” said a voice from the other side of the room. “You’re going to hurt yourself with all that weight.”

Heather stopped and looked up and it was her friend Dillon, a workout partner.

“Thanks, Dillon,” she said to him. ‘I didn’t realize how heavy it was. I guess I’m all fired up about something I just found out.” Heather and Dillon became good friends a few years earlier when they met at the gym, sometimes even working out together. There was never a physical attraction between them but just a good friendship because of their daily routines.

“That’s a very good way to pull something out of whack,” he said to her. “Can anything be so upsetting that it would put you on the shelf for a few weeks? Is there something I can help you with?” he said.

Heather had to vent and since her fine looking black friend asked, she went on to explain her problems with the failed pregnancies and what she just found out about her husband. And all the while she was talking she was checking out Dillon and his fine, sweaty body. She never noticed him before but just then she realized a feeling for him that was new. She could see in him a fine man who, if she wasn’t married, could really get her excited. She LOVED the way his brown body glistened from sweating! She also noticed the bulge in his shorts so she knew she was exciting him as well. He tried to hide his boner but that was not possible in the spandex he had on.

As she stared at his crotch, she replied to him, “Yes, I think I can find something that you can help me with. How old are you, Dillon, like about 30?”

“I’m actually 26, why?”

“Are you married?” she asked.

“No, ma’am, I’m not. I don’t even have a girlfriend at the time. Why do you ask?”

“Dillon, do you think I’m attractive?” she asked as she softly stroked her legs right in front of him. His hard-on showed the question was already answered.

Wow, he thought, this sexy woman is right to the point! And the way she sat there rubbing her legs? No wonder my big brown snake is waking up!

“Heather, you are one fine looking woman. Do you mind me asking, but what are you, about 25 years of age?”

“Aren’t you the teasing one? I’m actually 30 years old today. My problem is I have wanted to have a baby with Josh for years and my biological clock is ticking. I’m running out of time.” There, she thought, I opened up to him and now he knows a secret of mine. What is next?

“I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t want to be too nosy but what’s the problem? Why wouldn’t your husband want to become a dad with YOUR child? Is he gay or something?” Heather and Dillon had stopped working out and were seated in the lounge drinking some water as they talked about what had happened over the past few years.

“Do you think he’s seeing someone else?” he asked.

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t know when he would be able to. Besides he just sits around the house doing puzzles when he’s not at work.”

“What kind of puzzles?” he asked. “With some fox like you around? I’ll tell you what, to hell with the puzzles if I had a foxy lady like you near me!”

“Thanks, Dillon. That’s very nice of you to say that. He got into crossword puzzles, that’s what. And he won’t let me help him either. That is until this morning.”

“What happened this morning?” asked Dillon.

“I kicked his ass and tied him up and did the damn puzzle myself and right in front of him with my legs spread! Here, look at this,” she said as she showed a picture on her cell phone of him hogtied on the bed.

“Damn, woman, you did all that yourself? What did he say when you did that?”

“What could he say with his mouth all gagged up? Anyway, Dillon, would you like to help me out?”


“Come back to my place and fuck me so I can get pregnant,” she calmly said.

“I’d love to help you out, I’d be a fool to not want to get in bed with you, but why don’t you come back to MY apartment?” he said. “And I know I’M not shooting blanks!”

Heather was feeling herself getting wet. This young man was getting her all excited and she wanted to reach down and rub her pussy right then but she didn’t. But she said to him, “I can’t do that. I can’t go to someone else’s place and have sex. But I can invite that certain someone back to my house!”

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