Mart 24, 2023

Helping Each Other

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“SHIT!” Tori mumbled under her breath as she read the display that said her flight was canceled. “Fucking snow.” She added, reaching for her cell to call the hotel she had just checked out of.

As she was on the phone with the harried yet friendly front desk associate reserving the very last available room, she watched a slightly older couple walk hurriedly by.

She had seen them around before, both at seminars that had brought her to this winter wonderland. Only now they seemed less self assured than when she had seen them before, but no less attractive. Tori temporarily lost her train of thought with the hotel clerk.

She had originally met them individually, and decided each time, that if it weren’t for the wedding ring they both wore, she could easily imagine jumping either of them.

He had a wiry figure and a smooth confidence in the way he moved. About 10 years her senior he would be the oldest man she’d ever had, but she was well aware of the stereotype of the older, experienced lover. As horny as she was, Tori was willing to learn anything this man could teach her.

He had given a seminar on a new product line that her company was going to introduce the following year. Tori was captivated, not by the product, but by the way the way he had presented it. His smooth mannerisms, deep voice and English accent, the way his tailored suit fit him as he moved.

His dark piercing eyes and well trimmed mustache and goatee, not to mention the touch of gray hair at his temples, were quite a bit different from Paul, the bastard who was now fucking her former best friend. She had envisioned what that facial hair would feel like on her needy pussy while those eyes looked up at her and encouraged her, no, demanded her to cum.

When she heard him speak, his crisp accent seemed to melt her pussy. He had introduced himself as Miles, Miles Townshend, and he just oozed proper British manners.

She looked at his hand and noted the long fingers and manicured nails. They would feel so good stroking in and out of her as she climaxed. Then she saw his other hand, and the wedding band, and her fantasy was shattered. She knew she would never do anything to make anyone feel like she was feeling these days.

She was feeling so melancholy and hurt. But she also felt so horny that she couldn’t help but fantasize while he hyped the new products, hardly hearing the details as she wondered what his cock looked like.

She imagined that he would be uncut, being English. She’d heard that most Europeans weren’t circumcised. And while the idea wasn’t very appealing to her, she had to admit that it would be something she’d never had before.

He had made eye contact with her several times, but she reminded herself he was doing that with many people in the room. But didn’t his eyes linger a little longer on hers? She wondered.

Tori was used to the attention she drew from men, and some women too. Her Native American grandmother and Slavic grandfather on her mother’s side, and her African American and Latino father had given her a unique, even exotic appearance. Her flawless caramel skin tone and big dark eyes with high cheekbones, meant she had been turning heads all her life.

The smoking hot body she had acquired from both sides of the family meant that those turned heads usually lingered a while. She had C cup breasts like her dad’s sisters, some of which were actually D cup. But she had a trim waist and small but perfectly rounded ass, that came from her mother.

After the presentation, when everyone was filing out, many people stopped by to thank Miles, but he made a point of saying hello to Tori. They shook hands and he held onto hers a little longer than necessary as he looked deep into her eyes, causing her pussy to drip as he asked her name.

She feigned an interest in the new product line, as if she had been paying attention, while her pussy dampened from the way he looked at her. He seemed to know what she had been thinking, and wanted her to know he appreciated it.

This was not a barely out of college lout like she’d been meeting in the hotel bar every evening. This was a self assured man who could rock a woman’s world. Tori was sure of it.

She had come to this event determined to get laid. If she had hooked up with a different guy each night, she would have considered it a successful trip. She wanted to fuck as much as possible and forget all about the bastard she had been engaged to. The same fucker who was banging her best friend when she came home early one day.

But all the guys who she met in the bar every evening were rude, drunk, obnoxious and immature. And they all reminded her of Paul. She just couldn’t bring herself to put up with another asshole, just to get some cock.

She knew Miles would be filling her fantasies in bed that night. Unless she could find a real man.

That evening Tori again found no men that pushed the right buttons for her. She’d been determined to fuck anyone who was available that week. But almanbahis adres the reality was that she wanted someone to help her, no MAKE her forget the trauma of being so completely devastated.

All she found were the usual drunken sophomoric assholes, again. She knew from experience that the performance of a drunk guy was hit or miss. Not to mention the emotional bull shit that sometimes came with the drunk. Tori had no time for any of that! She just needed laid, thoroughly fucked.

She had met a few men who were more mature, but 2 of them were wearing wedding rings, and the third had a tan line where the ring should have been. One of the men had tried to convince her that he was in an open marriage, so it was okay. But he had no appeal for her, he was way too smarmy for her tastes, and she didn’t really believe him anyway.

So she had retired to her room again, and yet another session with her vibrator. This time she fantasized about Miles Townsend. She had convinced herself that it was okay, if she wasn’t fucking him for real.


Tori had met the wife the very next day. The woman had arrived late for yet another seminar and every head in the large room seemed to turn her way. Everyone looked, not just because she was late and walking around the room to the nearest empty seat, but because she was drop dead gorgeous.

Her long, straight blonde hair framed her perfect face. Her business suit fit her voluptuous body like a glove, and the skirt was short enough that with her expensive looking heels on, the muscles of her legs flexed with every step. Her rather large boobs bounced nicely under her blazer in time with her strut.

And that’s exactly what Tori realized she was doing. She wasn’t just walking, she was strutting. It was like she knew, even expected, every eye in the room to be on her. And she was empowered by it. She was the type of woman who was used to being looked at, and enjoyed the attention. Thrived on it even.

This woman’s confidence was just as much of a turn on to Tori as her body and face were. And Tori was a little surprised to realize it. It had been a long time since she’d really been attracted to any women. Usually. At least not enough to want to put the moves on them.

She had her experimental period in college, where a girl she knew had tried her damndest to seduce her. The girl was beautiful, and sweet, and tried so hard to woo Tori, that one night at a party Tori had eventually given in. The ratio of untaken guys to girls was unusually low that evening, and Tori was, as usual, very horny.

She’d had a good time, and an awesome climax, several actually. That chick was far better at eating pussy than any man she had ever had. She’d explained that it was natural, because she had the same equipment.

Tori also found she enjoyed bringing a woman off, she had been excited by the smell and taste of her friend’s arousal, and the sensual beauty of another woman’s pussy. Tori realized she loved getting a girl off orally as much as she did guys. It gave her an erotic sense of power over her lover.

So overall it had been a great time, she’d had to admit, but she still found herself looking at the guys around school as much, if not more than the girls.

She had played with her friend a few times after that, out of curiosity, and the need to scratch an itch, but she never felt like she was going to become a true lesbian. She always loved men too much. Tori had decided that she could be comfortable being bi.

She had considered what fun it would be to have both at the same time, but her friend had been offended by the idea. They had a huge fight, and she never spoke to Tori again. Apparently that girl had plans for a strictly monogamous lesbian relationship that she had never discussed with Tori.

So Tori had dismissed the whole thing and gone back to what she knew, hard cock. Sure, she still knew a beautiful woman when she saw one, and had been attracted to a few, but she hadn’t tried to sleep with any of them.

She also hadn’t had any more pursue her, so she kind of wrote that whole episode off as a learning experience. And after all, isn’t that why people went to college anyway? To learn?

But she actually felt an immediate attraction for this woman. Maybe it was just her rampant hormones, she assumed. She was ready to get laid, and actually getting somewhat desperate.

She had come to this company wide training and awards event every year since she had joined the company. And had passed up many one night stands, as she had been in a relationship.

But after walking in on Paul and Heather, the girl who would have been her maid of honor had she married Paul, she planned on getting laid, thoroughly, at this convention. But all the guys she met just seemed like assholes.

She blamed herself for that feeling as much as them. She was just so hurt by recent events. Walking in on your best friend riding your fiancé’s hard cock and feeding almanbahis adresi him her tits would shake anyone, she assumed.

Tori figured she was just overly critical of the men she had met, but couldn’t push past it, even for a few hours.

So she had been forced to take matters into her own hands, and with the help of her not so little, battery powered buddy, she had gotten through the week.

She had set her sights on her return home, and the seductions she had planned for some of her ex’s friends. If he could fuck her best friend, why couldn’t she fuck his?

The blonde had taken off her suit jacket, confidently, while everyone was still gawking at her, and hung it on the back of her chair. With her arms pulled back to get the jacket off, her tits were on full display for everyone in the room, and Tori, like every man around, had taken a good hard look. The buttons of the white dress shirt seemed to strain to contain the lacey, black bra within.

Tori admired those luscious tits and knew they were about the same size as her own. But the glimmer of the wedding ring on her hand had caught Tori’s eye, and shot down the urge she was getting, the urge to break her routine and maybe try to pick up a woman for a change.

Tori had wondered what those tits would look like, dangling in her face, like her college lover used to do when she wanted them sucked on. Like Tiffany was doing to Paul when she busted them.

Tori unknowingly licked her lips as her gaze continued to the slender, kissable neck of the blonde beauty, and further, to the pouty coral painted lips of her mouth. Tori noticed the way the mouth was turned up at the corner in a smirk. It was then that Tori allowed her eyes to travel up further, to the woman’s eyes.

Tori was shocked to see that the hot blonde was checking her out too. Just as Tori had allowed her eyes to wander up the other woman’s body, she watched as those striking blue eyes travelled up her own.

They seemed to pause at the hemline of her skirt, before making note of the way Tori’s thigh and hip filled the fabric, before traveling up Tori’s narrow waist to her tits. The woman seemed to gaze appreciatively at Tori, making her tingly.

Finally she looked up at Tori’s face, and smiled unabashedly, letting Tori know she liked what she saw.

When their eyes met, Tori gasped. She realized immediately that the other woman was openly, wordlessly flirting with her, and Tori found herself very aroused. But the wedding ring was a deal breaker.

Tori quickly averted her eyes. Worried that her exclamation of surprise was audible to everyone in the room, she coughed and took a drink of her coffee as she tried to focus on the presentation.

Tori realized she was yet again attracted to someone who was attached, and in Tori’s mind, unavailable. And yet again her fantasies were dashed.

As the presenter droned on about sales projections, Tori reflected on the look the other woman had given her. The look was definitely flirtatious, but also part curiosity, part amusement, part challenge. Tori realized she had not been up to the challenge, and imagined the curiosity would fade as a result.

But it hadn’t. Every time Tori tried to look out of the corner of her eye at the woman, she appeared to be looking back. Tori had the distinct impression that the blonde beauty was trying to make eye contact again, trying to get her attention. So she fought the urge to look and tried to pay attention to the class.

She failed of course, and eventually she did look over and make eye contact. The woman had smiled in a very friendly manner, and given Tori a little wave. Tori had fought off her nerves and smiled back, but quickly looked away. She was somewhat intimidated.

When the class ended Tori hung back as the other attendees filed out. She watched the blonde from the corner of her eyes as she pretended to meticulously organize her product materials before leaving. She knew the woman was looking her way, but refused to meet her eyes again.

Once the room was empty, and the next class was starting to enter the room, Tori felt it was safe to leave, but as she exited the room she was startled by the blonde in the corridor. “Hello! I was starting to think you were going to attend that boring class a second time.”

“OH! Uhm, no I wasn’t, uhm, I mean, hello.” Tori stuttered, completely flustered. She realized right away that the other woman had waited outside just to say hello to her. She was instantly flattered and stunned by the realization. She was also immediately intimidated, and somewhat suspicious of this woman.

‘Why would any woman this beautiful, and obviously married, go out of her way to meet me?’ Tori thought to herself. She’d almost not heard the woman introduce herself. “I’m Trish, I was wondering if you would like to have lunch with me?”

Tori pulled herself together and took the offered handshake to introduce herself. The warmth and softness of the hand shook her, and she stumbled almanbahis adresi on the words again. “I’m, uh Tori, I, uh, pleasure, uh, to meet you.”

Had those beautiful blue eyes sparkled somewhat at the word ‘pleasure’? Tori wondered. She realized the woman was still holding her hand, and she had a flash of memory of what a woman’s touch felt like, so different from a mans. She felt warm all over as she briefly reflected on what that hand would feel like on her body.

She felt herself flushed even more when she realized Trish was waiting for an answer, and watching her closely. She tried to meet her eyes as she fumbled for a response, but the large diamond on Trish’s other hand caught her attention again

“Uhm, yeah, I don’t think I can, I have plans already.” She lied. She hoped she sounded believable, but the look on Trish’s face told her otherwise. “But thanks for asking.” She added, trying to end the encounter.

But Trish still hadn’t released her hand, and now she brought her other hand, the one with the expensive looking rock on the finger, up and touched Tori’s arm. “Are you sure sweetie? It’s just lunch after all.” But Tori saw a glimmer in Trish’s bright blue eyes. A glimmer that hinted that it didn’t have to be only lunch.

Now totally flustered, Tori felt as if the temperature of the hotel corridor had shot up exponentially. She shuffled her feet and stumbled through an excuse to get away. She was feeling so confused by the range of emotions running through her that she dropped some of the literature she’d been given at the beginning of the last session.

Tori and Trish both dropped to pick up the fliers, and Tori realized that Trish was taking advantage of the situation to look up Tori’s skirt! She was gazing hungrily at the creamy mocha flesh of Tori’s inner thigh, and when Trish looked up at Tori’s face, she smiled unapologetically, like she was glad Tori had noticed.

Tori felt the flow of her pussy increase even more than it had been, and hoped Trish hadn’t seen her damp panties. She quickly gathered her materials and made her escape, apologizing for having to leave. As she practically scurried away, Trish yelled after her, “If you change your mind about lunch, or even dinner tonight, I’m in the employee directory under Townsend. Trish Townsend.”

Tori looked over her shoulder at the woman as she entered an elevator, what she saw was a knowing, lustful smile on her beautiful face.


That night was the last night in town for all of the convention attendees, and the party in the hotel bar promised to be epic. Which was part of the reason Tori stayed in her room with her vibrator. She didn’t want to have to try and sift through all the drunks yet again, hoping to find a fuck.

The other reason was that she had so many different erotic visions of the two sexiest people she had met on this trip, especially since she now knew they were a couple.

She spent some time on her laptop and looked up Trish Townsend, and then Miles Townsend on the company directory. She discovered that they were indeed a married couple.

Then she went a step further and did a search of them on Facebook. She saw that they had recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas. The pictures of Trish in a tiny pink bikini and Miles in a skin tight pair of sky blue trunks were as far as Tori got.

The sight of the bulge in Mile’s trunks, and Trish’s tits and cameltoe, and Tori’s fingers and vibrator, occupied her for the rest of the night. Her fingers playing the role of Trish’s fingers and tongue, the vibe of course was Miles’ hard cock.


When Tori stepped out of the warmth of the airport terminal, she was struck by the cold blast of the blizzard that had cancelled her flight home. When she looked at the row of cabs, the first thing she saw was the Townsend’s piling into one of them.

The next thing she saw was that the line of cabs was not very long, and they were all pulling out with their fares already stowed inside. She would have to wait for another one.

Eventually she managed to flag one down and she returned to the hotel that had made her so miserable all that week. The lobby was a madhouse, with all the convention’s attendees trying to book back in, while the new arrivals were trying to check in also.

The receptionists were making a gallant effort to keep up, and dealing with hungover and angry people who had just vacated their rooms a few hours ago, only to find they couldn’t leave town when the weather turned worse and closed the airport. People could not seem to understand why they couldn’t just get their old room back.

Finally Tori had advanced up the line and checked into the room she had been smart enough to reserve from the airport, as soon as she saw her flight, and all the other outbound flights were canceled.

As she stepped away from the reception desk and made her way through the mob milling around the hotel lobby, she spied the Townsend’s huddled in a corner. Trish Townsend had a worried look on her pretty face. Gone was the self confidence that Tori had witnessed the day before. She actually looked vulnerable, which to Tori was just as sexy as the confidence she had shown the day before.

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