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Having Kate Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

The hotel room was once again filled with sounds of sex. An hour had passed since Ted had cum hard inside of Kate. The two had rested for awhile, Ted playing with Kate’s body while he recovered enough for a second round.

Kate soon found herself, ass in the air, shoulders and head resting on the bed, with Ted fucking her from behind. She could feel his hands spreading her heavy ass cheeks apart, a thumb resting on her asshole. The butt plug had been removed, but Ted was still paying a lot of attention to Kate’s most private place.

Ted loved the view in front of him. Kate’s body prone on the bed. He watched her ass jiggle as he pounded his cock into her wet pussy. He looked up to see her head bobbing up and down with each thrust, her dark red hair a mess from their earlier sex session. Ted took in the feel of Kate’s puckered asshole underneath his thumb. He longed to put his cock there, to feel the heat, the tightness her ass had to offer.

Kate started to moan as Ted’s rhythm increased. His cock was throbbing inside her and the position she was in allowed her to feel every pulse. She could feel herself clenching around him. She was so turned on, she reached a hand underneath her and began to play with one of her nipples, pinching and pulling on it. She wanted to cum again.

Ted could feel Kate’s pussy clenching around his cock, he knew just how turned on she was.

“That’s my girl,” he grunted as he could tell that Kate had started to finger her clit. “You want that cock don’t you?”

“Yes,” Kate moaned into the mattress

“I can’t hear you,” Ted said, as he gave Kate’s fat ass cheek a hard slap which caused her to moan. “Do you want my cock?”

“Yes, yes , I want your cock,” Kate said, lifting her face away from the bed as she moaned the words Ted wanted to hear so badly.

“Then take it, take it in that tight pussy of yours,” Ted demanded as he delivered another slap to Kate’s ass cheek.

Kate could feel herself getting close to another climax. She pushed her hips back as she tried to get even more of Ted inside of her. The movement didn’t go un-noticed by Ted who thrust his cock into Kate as far as he could and grinded his hips against her upturned ass.

“Oh my God!” Kate exclaimed as she felt Ted’s cock pulsing deep inside of her. Her index finger of her right hand played furiously with her clit, while she brought two fingers of her left hand to her breast and began playing hard with her nipple.

“Come on baby girl, cum for me. Cum on my cock!”

Kate couldn’t believe how much being told what to do turned her on. One last slap of her ass, by Ted’s open hand, combined with a powerful thrust of his cock, deep inside of her was enough to send her over the edge.

“Oh…myyyyyy…Goooooooood!” she exclaimed as a powerful climax overtook her body.

“Fuck yeah, that’s my girl,” Ted said as he felt Kate’s pussy clench tightly around his throbbing cock.

Just as Kate began to come down her climax, Ted pulled his cock out of her pussy. ‘Is he not going to cum too?’ Kate thought to herself.

“Sit up on the edge of the bed,” Ted commanded.

Kate was a little confused, but followed Ted’s order. She rolled onto her back then sat up on the edge of the bed.

Ted stood in front of her, his hard cock standing straight out in front of him.

“Suck it for me baby girl, I want to cum in your mouth,” he said as he pointed his cock towards Kate’s mouth.

Hesitantly, Kate opened her mouth and allowed Ted to slide his cock in. It didn’t take very long for her to taste herself on his cock as it glided over her tongue. It wasn’t as bad as she had expected it to be. Slowly, she started to move her mouth up and down the length of Ted’s pulsing shaft.

Ted moaned loudly as Kate looked up at him her big blue eyes, starring right into his, with his cock lodged in her mouth. She moaned softly around his cock as she could feel it pulse. Slowly she worked her way up his cock until only the head of it remained in her mouth. Her tongue began to dace sivas escort with the mushroom head, and slide over his slit. Ted through his head back as he enjoyed the best blow job he had in ages.

Lost in the feeling of Kate’s mouth and tongue, Ted placed his hand on t back of Kate’s head, and pushed her down further, so his cock was pushing at the back of her throat. She gagged a little but quickly adjusted and continue sucking. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down, moaning as she took his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Baby girl, you’re going to make me cum,” Ted said, as he could feel his balls drawing up closer to his body. “I want you to try to swallow it, ok?”

Kate didn’t respond, she just started sucking harder, almost as though she was trying to get a thick milkshake out through a thin straw. It was too much for Ted, who groaned loudly as his cock exploded into Kate’s mouth.

Kate had given blow jobs before, but she had never tried to swallow. She tried her best to swallow as much as she could. But she couldn’t help but gag and cough as Ted’s hot cum shot into her mouth and down her throat.

“That was awesome baby,” Ted said with a smile, as he slowly withdrew his cock from Kate’s mouth.

“Thanks,” Kate said with a cough as she tried to clear Ted’s cum from her throat.

The two got dressed in silence. Ted watching as Kate shimmied her way back into her pencil skirt, her large white ass disappearing behind the black fabric. He wanted more of her, he needed more of her.

The next day in class Kate sat in her usual seat and Ted gave his lecture. The two would exchange glances but nobody in the large lecture hall would ever guess what the two had been doing the past two days.

After class Ted overheard Kate telling a classmate that her roommate had to go home for a family emergency so she had the dorm all to herself for a couple of days. Ted’s cock twitched in his pants.

Ted had been at the university for along time and he knew his way around. He was able to find out Kate’s dorm room number on the school’s computer system. Even though he technically wasn’t supposed to have access to that information.

That night he dressed in running pants and a hoodie, and told his wife he was going out for a run. When he got back to campus he snuck into Kate’s dorm building wearing the hood over his head. The halls were pretty much empty, and the couple people he did pass hardly gave him a second glance.

Anxiously he knocked on Kate’s door. Soon the door opened and there stood Kate, wearing a pink tank top with spaghetti straps, the tops of large breasts in plain sight. She had pink and white pajama pants on that hugged her thighs, and her hair was up in a pony tail. Ted thought she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Kate was shocked when she saw Ted standing on the other side of the door. But she didn’t have much time to think. Ted quickly stepped into the room, grabbed Kate close to him and kissed her hard on the mouth, his hands exploring her body. He gently pushed her further back into the room so he could shut the door.

“How did you…know…” Kate started to say as Ted kissed her neck, and his hand grabbed at the bottom of her tank top. She couldn’t finish her sentence, though, as Ted found the spot on the back of her neck that sent waves of pleasure down her body. The surprise of seeing him at her door quickly gave way to needing him.

“I need you, baby,” Ted whispered into Kate’s ear as he pulled her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her breasts were immediately exposed.

Ted’s hands fondled her large breasts as his fingers pinched her nipples making them stand out. He kissed her hard on the mouth again, as she moaned from the attention he was giving her nipples.

He ran his hands down her soft sides, until he was at the waistband of her pants, not lingering at all he pushed her pants, and her blue panties down to the ground around her ankles. He ran his hands along the inside çorum escort of her thighs until his right hand came in contact with her wet pussy.

Kate moaned into Ted’s mouth as his fingers parted her lips and quickly found her clit. Ted could feel her getting wetter as he ran his fingers over clit and up and down the length of her slit.

“I want to try something different tonight,” Ted whispered into Kate’s ear. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” Kate said without thinking as Ted’s finger played with her clit.

“Good, then get on the bed, ass up face down. And just relax, I’m going to take good car of you.”

Kate smiled as she stepped out of her pants and turned around to get on the bed. Ted watched her fleshy white ass as she climbed on the bed and bent over.

Ted quickly removed all of his clothes as he stared at Kate’s upturned ass. He fished out the lube he had put in the pocket of his running pants before walking over to the bed.

Ted remembered the first day of class, watching Kate climb the stairs her jeans hugging her ass. He thought about just two days before when she was bent over his desk as he took her virginity. He thought about the night before in the hotel, how using the butt plug on her had turned him on so much. All of this played in his mind like a movie as he spread her heavy ass cheeks wide apart, exposing her pink asshole.

Ted wasted no time, diving in tongue first. He licked, and sucked on Kate’s most private place as though he were a starving man getting his first bites of food in weeks. Kate gasped in surprise as she felt Ted’s warm tongue licking her asshole. She never imagined anyone doing that to her, but she liked it.

Ted’s cock throbbed as his taste buds exploded with the flavor of Kate’s ass, His nostrils filled with her scent.. Precum leaked from his cock as he began to slowly press his tongue into her ass. Kate moaned at the sensation. It wasn’t nearly as filling as the butt plug had been, but the warmth of Ted’s breath and the wetness of his tongue on her most private place made her pussy incredibly wet.

Ted could have stayed eating out Kate’s ass for days, but that was not the reason he was there. Reluctantly, he pilled his face away from her ass and grabbed the tube of lube he had dropped on the bed next to him. He took the tube and poured a copious amount of lube down the length of Kate’s ass crack. Kate wiggled her ass as the cool, wet sensation traveled down her crack.

Ted used one hand to keep her ass spread while he used the other to work the lube around Kate’s puckered hole. Gently he began to work his index finger inside, slowly finger fucking her ass. Kate moaned as a second finger snaked its way into her asshole.

There was no doubt what Ted was going to do. Kate felt a nervous excitement flood her body as a third finger entered her. Ted took several minutes just working his fingers in and out of Kate’s virgin ass. His cock throbbed as he saw her hole expanding to accept his digits.

Slowly he withdrew his fingers from her ass. He poured more lube down her crack and a large amount on his cock. Ted jacked his cock, spreading the lube up and down his shaft as he got on his knees behind Kate. Without saying a word he guided the head of his cock to Kate’s puckered hole. Ted groaned as he pushed, and watched the head of his cock slowly enter Kate’s ass.

“Ohhh,” Kate moaned as she could feel her ass stretching to accept Ted’s throbbing.

Taking it slow, was painful for Ted, he wanted so badly to just ram his cock all the way in and fuck Kate’s fat ass as hard as he could. But he didn’t want to scare her off, he wanted this to last. So he took his time slowly pushing himself deeper into Kate’s hot, tight rectum.

“That’s it baby, take my cock in that fucking hot ass of yours,” Ted said as he finally bottomed out. He grabbed Kate’s ass with both hands and squeezed hard. “How does it feel, having a cock in your ass?”

“Weird, but good,” Kate admitted.

“Good, cause denizli escort I’m going to fuck this sweet ass of yours now,” he said, as he slowly began to withdraw his cock just slightly before pushing it back all the way in.

“Oh God,” Kate groaned as new sensations over took her body. With out thinking she pushed her hips back, trying to feel even more of Ted’s cock.

That was the green light Ted needed, and he began to fuck her ass in earnest. Thrusting his cock in and out in long smooth strokes. Kate could feel Ted pulsing inside her, stretching her ass. She could feel her pussy getting wetter the more Ted fucked.

“Does my baby girl like getting her ass fucked?” Ted asked as, he rubbed his hands over Kate’s fleshy ass cheeks.

“Yes,” Kate moaned. “It feels good.”

“I know it does baby,” Ted moaned. “You have such a hot ass. It feels so good around my cock,” he added as his rhythm picked up.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of Ted’s pelvis slapping against Kate’s fat ass, and both of them moaning in pleasure.

Ted could feel his balls tighten, as Kate’s hot asshole gripped his cock. He slapped her ass hard causing her to squeal as he fucked her ass even harder.

“Oh baby girl, you’re going to make me cum with that hot ass of yours. Can you feel ky cock getting bigger?”

“Yeah,” Kate moaned. “Oh it feels good.”

“Fuck yes,” Ted said, as he slapped her ass again.

Feeling his climax approaching, Ted forgot about being gentle and began to pound Kate’s once virgin ass. The pounding only turned Kate on more, as she reached a hand underneath her and began playing with her nipple.

“Oh baby, your hot ass is going to make me cum,” Ted grunted as he grabbed Kate by the hips. “Take it baby, take my cock in your sweet ass. Oh baby, you’re going to get my cum. Ohhhhh!” with one last deep thrust Ted sent a flood of cum deep into Kate’s ass.

Kate could feel a fullness in her bowels, as Ted’s cum shot into her. Her pussy squirted a little as new sensations overtook her body.

Exhausted, Ted collapsed onto Kate’s back, gently kissing her shoulder as his shrinking cock fell out of Kate’s ass.

“Are you turned on, baby girl?'” he whispered in her ear.


“You want to cum?”

“Yes, please,” Kate almost begged.

“I know you do,” Ted said as he began kissing his way down her back.

Kate felt as though her skin was on fire as she felt Ted kiss and lick his way down her back, and over ass cheeks.

“Oh God!” Kate exclaimed as she felt not only Ted’s tongue on her clit, but two fingers slide into her dripping wet pussy.

Ted used long strokes of his tongue on Kate’s clit as he finger fucked her from behind. Once again his taste buds and nostrils were filled with her scent, and it was purely intoxicating.

Kate writhed and wiggled, as Ted worked her pussy with his fingers and tongue. Both of her hands were on her breasts now, her fingers pinching and pulling her nipples.

“Ahh!” Kaye moaned as Ted inserted a third finger into her pussy. An even louder moan escaped from her mouth as Ted’s other hand found her well lubed asshole, and he slid two fingers inside.

Ted worked up a steady pace, fucking Kate’s pussy with three fingers, fucking her ass with two and all the while sliding his tongue up and down her clit.

It was all too much for Kate. Se worked her nipples harder as her body hurdled towards climax. She shook and shuddered as a powerful orgasm overtook her. She could feel herself squirt just a little onto Ted’s fingers.

“Ohhh too much, too much,” Kate said, as her orgasm subsided and Ted continued with his finger fucking and tonguing.

Slowly Ted removed his fingers from Kate’s holes and sat up on his knees. Exhausted, Kate rolled over on her back, her eyes closed. She was quickly drifting off into a sex induced sleep.

Ted climbed on top of her and gently kissed her on the lips.

“Sleep well, baby,” he whispered to. “We’ll have more fun tomorrow.”

With that he silently got up, gently ran hand over Kate’s soaking wet pussy before getting dressed and leaving the room.

As he walked home Ted was already planning his next encounter with Kate. He needed more of her. He could feel his cock stiffen as thought of being in Kate’s ass again crossed his mind.

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