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Hannah Frustrated

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This submission is the first of at least three. It does start out slow but leads into the others which are juicer. Thanks for reading.


I’ve worked in the same hotel for two years and trained two managers; finally they realized I know more than the morons they keep hiring and have given me the position. I admit I don’t know the complete ins and outs of the job so Jason my division manager is going to spend a week giving me an overview of everything. I’ve had a crush on Jason forever so I’m very excited to spend a week with him in my new tiny little office.

He’s in his mid to late forties, divorced with a grown daughter. He’s 5’11”, jet black hair, and bright green eyes. I’d say he’s lean and doesn’t seem to have that spare tire a lot of middle aged men carry. I know he’s an avid golfer so he probably has nice arms and chest. I hope he walks the course because that would mean he has the nice toned legs I keep imagining.

I do know he has big masculine hands that drive me crazy. He also is very sweet and sometimes seems unsure of himself which seems weird to me since he’s in charge of so many hotel sites but maybe it’s just his way of being personable so his employees will come to him with their problems. He’s has a goofy dry sense of humor that took me a while to get used to but now I look forward to his off beat comments and observations.

I’m 30 years old and a big girl not huge but bigger than a super model for sure, 5’9″and 220 lbs. If nothing else the men in my past have loved my 34D breasts. They’re a nice handful for a man with big hands like Jason. I’m a natural red head with shoulder length hair. I keep my pubic hair trimmed up but no shaving or waxing because men seem to love that I have a red pubes.

Despite my breasts and red hair I have self esteem issues because of my weight and my obsessive compulsive control issues so I don’t date but I do occasionally have fuck buddies. It’s been almost 3 years since my last one. I’m horny all the time and frustrated beyond belief; which will not be fun this week but if nothing else I plan to get some office sex fantasy material out of it.

My first day as manager was hectic so Jason and I didn’t get much one on one time which really disappointed me. I’m going home more frustrated than ever but there’s always tomorrow.

I barely slept imagining being locked alone with Jason in my little office tomorrow. I was hoping to feel his breath on my neck as he leaned over me or to brush up against him. I tried not to let my imagination run too wild because I’m going to have a hard time concentrating already.

I masturbated before getting out of bed, imagining his hair tickling my thighs as he is going down on me. bahis firmaları I was running my fingers lightly up and down my inner thighs as I rubbed my clit with two fingers until I finally came in a small explosion. It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy me so before I left I used my vibrator hoping that it would chill me out until I got home. Because I was in a hurry and dripping from my second orgasm I decided to go without panties for the day. I was hoping I wouldn’t smell as much like sex if I didn’t have wet underwear on all day. That didn’t work out as well as I was hoping.

About an hour into the second day of training Jason was leaning over my shoulder pointing out things on a report when he dropped his pencil. Before I could stop him he was bent over next to my slightly open legs to picking it up. I froze, holding my breath hoping he didn’t notice the smell of my wet pussy. He hadn’t touched me or been leaning over enough for me to feel his breath but that hadn’t stopped me from imagining it. I was wet and wanting. He seemed to be taking forever to pick up the pencil. I was so embarrassed but tried not to turn red.

We just went right back to work but he leaned in closer but he still never touched me. He did drop the pencil a couple more times. Finally we decided to take a break for lunch. I made an excuse to run home so I could take a quick shower. That afternoon we worked separately and I had no reason to get close to him.

I woke up four or five times that night to masturbate. Sometimes when I woke I’d already have my hand on my pussy rubbing slow circles over a swollen clit. I stuffed myself with three fingers while using my vibrator once and once used my bunny dildo. It never seemed like enough. I was never full enough. I never had a strong enough orgasm to get rid of the throbbing need. I never even got excited enough to do more than pant and moan. I really wanted a screaming orgasm and these little short burst were only making me more frustrated.

I refrained from masturbating after I woke up hoping for the same effect I aimed for yesterday by masturbating twice before work. I decided to wear panties this morning since not wearing them didn’t seem to matter yesterday.

Not masturbating worked as well as doing it had…not at all. I was wet and achy before the first hour was up. Jason had decided we needed to work on the computer. He sat next to me with our thighs touching. As the morning went on I scooted closer to the desk and leaned in just a bit so he’d lightly brush my breast as he reached to use the keyboard and mouse. I really wanted to look down and see if I was having the same effect on him as he was having on me but didn’t want to be totally obvious. My nipples were all tingly kaçak iddaa and pointed straight out. They were very apparent through my blouse. I started to wiggle in my seat trying to squeeze my legs together enough to stop the ache in my pussy but nothing helped. Again at lunch I made the excuse to go home but this time I skipped the shower and went right to masturbating. 3 orgasms right in a row and still it wasn’t enough. Before my 30 min break was up I came 3 more times changed my underwear and headed back to my new torture chamber.

After lunch Jason decided we could work separately but he got up several times to come around the desk to get reports or the stapler. He would lean very close to my back once I swear I felt him inhale deeply into my hair then lean back with a sigh. Finally the 2nd day was over. I decided that I would take a sleeping pill that night, thinking maybe the lack of sleep was causing me to imagine more than what was actually going on.

Day three started out with the day to day crap you have to put up with in the hospitality industry so Jason and I didn’t spend any time together until near lunch.

“Maybe we should grab lunch together to catch up on the time lost this morning,” he suggested. “If you don’t have to go home that is.”

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and I hadn’t spent any time with him so I didn’t have the over whelming need I’d had the previous two days so we went to lunch. He sat across from me and we chatted casually about the hotel until after we had eaten.

“Would you share a sundae with me?” He asked.

“Sure why not splurge. I’ve been very good about not eating sweets lately.”

“You have been Very Very Good and deserve a treat,” He said with a smirk.

While we were waiting for our sundae he moved over next to me and got out his laptop. I was completely surprised that he would choose to sit this close in public but the computer did give him a very good excuse. When the ice cream came he put it on his side of the computer.

“There’s no place to put it where both of us can reach it,” he claimed. “It might drip on the computer if your reach over.”

He started feeding me from his spoon. I was again surprised and very delighted; no one had ever fed me before. It seemed so intimate to be using the same spoon. I was letting my imagination run wild about what it might mean. We didn’t really get much work done but did chat about our personal lives. I already knew he was never home during the week because he traveled from property to property.

“My wife got fed up with it and divorced me for someone that came home for dinner every night,” He told me. “It hurt me that I worked all those hours and missed so much to give kaçak bahis my family everything they wanted and she didn’t appreciate it. She took it all in the divorce though. I haven’t dated much since the divorce. Plus I’m always on the road so when I get home on the weekends I just like to stay in and relax until my Sunday tee time.”

“Well I never date because I have issues. I just stay home once I get off work.” I explained. “It’s funny that your ex-wife was so bitter about your job taking you away from home because I always thought that would be the perfect relationship for me. A trucker or traveling sales man who was gone most of the time. It would allow me to live my life pretty much the way I always have but give me someone to take care of and spoil every so often. Basically I want someone to play house with every once in a while without having to put up with their crap day in and day out.”

“I wouldn’t mind coming home after a long week to be spoiled and I always loved playing house.” He said with a laugh.

I laughed too.

Back at the office he stopped being so coy and openly leaned into me whenever he was close. I was finally able to feel his breath on my neck. I loved it and got chills every time. He even started to casually touch my arms and shoulders and a few times put his hand over mine when using the mouse. We started to wind things up for the day and he came up behind me standing very close to my chair putting his hands lightly on my shoulders. I closed my eyes and rolled my neck back brushing my head lightly against his stomach and crotch. I swear I could feel his arousal but that could be my imagination again.

“I know it’s a lot to catch on to in just a week and you’re worried,” He said as he began rubbing the knots out of my shoulders, “but you’re doing great, I don’t think you’ll need much more training.”

Hearing this I was kind of disappointed until he continued, “But the property needs a lot of work and I’ll have to come back in a few weeks to go through each room thoroughly.”

This made me tingle from head to foot and the neck rub was making me cream my panties again. I hurried home to get myself off imagining those big strong hands of his rubbing down my back around to my stomach then back up to squeeze my tits. I wanted to feel him pulling on my nipples pinching and twisting them while his tongue probed deep in to my cunt. I wanted him plunging his thick fingers into my tight pussy while he sucked and nibbled at my clit. I came harder than I had in months, maybe years. I screamed his name over and over through my release. Afterwards I thought of him nibbling up my body and sucking my tender nipples before he kisses me, tasting my own juice on his lips. I sucked my wet fingers. This got me going again and I had my 2nd orgasm barely touching myself. God I hope I get the chance for even a little bit of this to come true because my frustration is getting worse.

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