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Han Jobs

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I’ve already written a few stories about my time with Han. When I peruse the list of story categories on this site, I feel pretty sure that we made worthwhile content for most of them. A few of the subjects, I would have preferred to have done without.

Oddly, despite having this treasure trove of experience with Han, I sometimes have a hard time recalling specific occasions. If I’d only slept with Han a few times, I surely would have remembered all the highlights. Being together for over two years though, most memories have blended into a single steamy nexus. Still, a few memories manage to stand out.

There were so many ways sex with Han was incredible. Just a sample of what she offered could easily make her any guy’s most extraordinary experience. Han was an insatiable cock sucker, lover of sperm, seemingly had no preference between vaginal or anal intercourse, was bisexual and came all wrapped up in a tiny, beautiful package. Considering the pleasure of any of these activities, it might seem a bit strange to look back fondly on something so common place, but Han also gave great hand jobs.

Han had incredibly dexterous hands that put amazing finishing touches on everything. When she peeled a grapefruit, not only did she remove the rind, she also pulled the inner membrane from every wedge. Before meeting Han, I didn’t even know that grapefruits had inner membranes. For me anything other than cutting a grapefruit in half and eating it with a spoon would have lead to sticky mess.

It’s hard to imagine anyone seeing Han and thinking, ‘Wow, would I love to get a hand job from her’. One look at Han’s mouth would provide an obvious temptation, but plenty of other ideas would easily come to mind too. The pleasures of Han’s hand jobs could only to be revealed, dare I say, through first hand experience.

Getting each other off were wide and varied efforts, employing any means we could think up. Tasting one another’s fluids always factored in and it was a rarity for Han to see sperm without consuming those calories. I’d lick, stroke, finger fuck, and contort her small frame until she melted in orgasm. Han did the same in return and when it came to jerking me off, she was so good that it was hard to believe that she didn’t have a cock of her own.

When new couples are really into sex with each other and have experimental natures, they’re going to do more than just fuck. It may not always mean pushing each other’s limits either. For instance, sometimes just hanging out listening to music or watching TV I’d get Han off or she would do me. Usually it was a combination of both.

As an example, Han came home from work and found me on the reading “The Quite American” for a book report. Obviously in a good mood, she plopped herself down beside me on the couch. Radiating lust Han ran her hand over my neck and shoulder, “How’s my baby?”

“Not bad. How was work?” I asked.

“Pretty boring,” Han said in appraisal. “It was a quiet day. I had to find ways to keep myself entertained.”

Pulling her to me I kissed her and asked, “How did you keep yourself entertained?”

“The usual,” Han confessed.

Han worked as a blood taker at local hospital and her workload always varied. If she wasn’t called to draw blood, there would be nothing for her to do, but hang out at her station. When Han was bored at work, her ‘usual’ was to fill some of that empty time masturbating.

I forget exactly how the subject came up, other than it was some sort of pillow talk. I couldn’t be sure if the disclosure was confessional or embroidery either, since Han was an unreliable truth teller. It was still early in our relationship and my tendency still leaned toward believing her, even though the story seemed tailored for my titillation. She was pretty insatiable, so the truth could go either way.

Separating fact from fancy was always part of the mystery with Han. She once mentioned to me after a movie, “That was so unrealistic! Something like could never happen, except to me.”

We laughed at the ridiculousness of the comment, but I had the feeling that Han wasn’t too far off the mark.

“So where did you do it?” I asked.

“I used the bathroom in the morning, but kartal escort in the afternoon, I did it in the lab.” The lab was attached to their work station. Since the testing had moved off site, it was only used to store specimens.

Wondering about her co-worker I asked, “Where was Jenny?”

“She was around in morning, but she took a couple blood calls in the afternoon. They were in other wings, so I figured I’d have time.”

“Did you taste your fingers?” I asked.

“Of course,”

“Did you finger fuck your ass too?”

“Not in the bathroom, but in the lab, I used a test tube. Luckily there was some Vaseline.”

“Really?” I said with surprise. “What if it broke?”

“They’re pretty solid. I know I’ve dropped enough of them without any breaking.” Han assured me.

“Seems a little scary.”

“Would you like me to bring a tube home to show you?”

“I think I’d like to see that,” I admitted.

“Alright, but you have to let me take your blood too,” Han added.

“Sure,” I agreed. Han was always telling me what great veins I had. It might be true, but so far only the professional blood taker I dated has noticed.

“I don’t want to draw the blood from your arm,” Han intoned with a smirk.

“We’ll see,” I said without commitment.

I grasped Han’s pussy through her jeans and gave her a deep kiss, before asking for more detail about her workplace hijinks.

After selecting two of the larger tubes Han found spot in the lab that would give her the best chance of pulling her pants back up without getting caught. She leaned back on a counter in corner and worked a tube up her ass. Since Han’s legs were too short to reach the floor from the counter, she pulled a chair over. Sitting down, the seat of the chair pushed the tube up into her ass. With it deep inside, Han began rubbing her clit until she was ready to push the other tube into her pussy. Trying to work fast, Han used one hand to fuck her pussy with the tube and her other hand to rub her clit.

Jenny got back just as she started to cum. Stiffing her moans, Han pulled her pants up quickly without a second to spare. She didn’t even have a chance to remove the test tubes.

Han walked back out of the lab and managed to talk casually with Jenny for about half hour. Once she felt it wouldn’t be suspicious, she stepped away to the washroom to extract her workplace dildos.

As she told me about her day I managed to undo her pants and slide them down over her hips. I think being able to play with Han’s pussy as she got into the highlights of her story only enhanced its telling. I didn’t have to imagine Han’s heavy breaths as she got herself off, I could hear them for myself as I fingered her. I even thought her asshole felt a bit slick. As if there might have been a slight residue of lube in her anal canal. Just maybe Han was telling the truth about her workday exploits.

We had to take a few moments to enjoy the amusement of Han biding her time to use the washroom. The slight break seemed like the right opportunity to pull off Han’s pants, underwear and for good measure her socks. Her adorable little feet had too much character to keep covered.

Naked from the waist down, Han had only her t-shirt on. It was a good look for Han. Her shirt fit loosely, but as she leaned back the thin material showed the nice shape of her tits, highlighted by conspicuously pert nipples. Han kept her baby smooth pussy plucked clean too, making her mound just a continuation of her perfect skin. Han’s legs were spread wide and she was already deliciously wet. With this delectable feast in front of me how could I do anything else, but dive in.

The silky skin of her inner thighs was soon glistening from my roaming cum drenched tongue. Han ran her fingers through my hair and softly purred while I licked her. As her orgasm built, her hands grabbed my hair and pulled my face against her wriggling pussy.

Han’s small stature made it easy to orientate her body for optimal enjoyment. Pinning Han’s head against the back of the couch I rolled her hips up, raising her butt in the air. With more complete access my tongue traversed from Han’s pussy to her ass.

In response maltepe escort bayan Han grasped her ass, spreading her cheeks apart to give my tongue the best possible access. I licked around Han’s tail ring, lubricating it and pushing it open. Han moaned as my tongue breached her unclench hole.

I took over spreading Han’s ass and her hands move to her pussy. With me licking her asshole Han started playing with herself. She was fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit and enjoying the occasional taste of her finger coating juices. I eventually got Han to the point that she moaned, “Oh, fuck my ass!”

I never need much convincing, but I appreciate a sincere invitation.

I quickly pulled my clothes off and raised Han’s butt back into the air. I slide my shaft along Han’s wet quim and then plunged it in for good measure. Han’s eyes fluttered and her body shuddered. Then pulling out I let big glob of spite fall from my mouth landing right on Han’s pulsing bud. Pointing my cock down, I began forcing the head of my cock slowly into Han’s ass. Normally we used lube, but things felt like they had an urgency. Particularly for Han, who was already pushing back at just my initial entry. It must have been all her workplace foreplay.

Despite her eagerness, without lube it still took a little longer to work my cock all the way in to her ass. The residue of lube helped, but it wasn’t the same as coating my cock with K-Y. Of course, despite the initial pinching, the slow penetration may have been easier on Han’s ass than the single deep thrust I would have otherwise delivered.

Once I was all the way in I began making long thrusts. Han flinched and hissed every time I hit my full depth. She was so small that there was a certain point of penetration that always caused her some pain. I tried to hold back, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. Especially since Han’s spasms of agony offered a subversive appeal of their own. Perched above Han the way I was, pretty much guaranteed that when my weight came down, that I had to drive deep inside her. Add to this the torque of my cock straining to point upward, in resistance to its otherwise happy confinement.

It was a real Kama Sutra type position. It was a bit awkward, but stylistically impressive. It offered me a great visual perspective too. I could look down and see the full traverse of my cock. From full withdrawal I could watch my shaft push into her ass and see Han’s tight hole stretch around my cock. It was a wonderful sight.

A much as I enjoyed the view, Han’s body could be enjoyed in more comfortable ways too. Eventually it came time to lower Han down onto the couch. I laid her on her stomach and with her legs together I straddled her. Laying on top of her, my cock pressed against her bum. Despite her gaping state, my unguided thrusts were having trouble finding the mark. I was enjoying the target practice, but unwilling to wait Han reached back to guide my cock home.

With Han’s little body writhing underneath me, I began fucking her with more rhythm. I started off slowly and built my pace until eventually reaching the point of no return. Han’s body was always a responsive instrument. I could feel her rolling her ass up and pushing back. Dropping my head besides hers, I felt her dewy moans against my face as my cum surged into her ass.

I kept pumping my cock into Han until my last drops seemed drained. Empty, I collapsed on top of Han completely satisfied. My cock occasionally twitching inside her, warranting some remnant clearing thrusts.

Eventually my cock softened and slipped free. Before my cum could drain onto our couch Han pushed me off and went to the washroom to clean up. She came back with a warm washcloth and began cleaning the spermy residue from my cock. It felt so soothing to have Han hand wash my spent cock and a little reviving too. Even more revitalizing was Han’s routine of taking my freshly washed cock into her mouth. As much as Han loved sucking sperm from cocks, she seemed to take real pleasure in the texture of a soft penis in her mouth.

Han leisurely sucked my cock, occasionally letting it flop from her mouth for a few words. It didn’t take long before my cock escort pendik started hardening again in Han’s mouth and her casual sucking turned to more purposeful treatment. All I had do was lay back and enjoy.

Eventually Han’s tongue started wandering further afield. Her mouth played with my balls and her lips kissed the inside of my thighs. Pushing my legs up out of the way Han licked from the underside of my balls to my ass. Then her tongue circled my asshole before plunging in.

The feel of Han’s tongue pushing into my ass made my entire core stir. The sensation in my loins making my cock twitch in response. From between my legs Han must have either caught sight of my flinching dick or been alerted by her always attentive cock sense. She reached up and to grab it, stroking my cock while her tongue rimmed my ass.

As I mention earlier, Han’s hands were skilled. Even though her face was half underneath me, Han’s hand had a commanding grip on my cock. Her easy strokes were smooth and steady, complimenting the sensation of her probing tongue.

Just as the pre-cum began oozing, Han ran her tongue from my ass back up to my cock. Holding my cock in place she licked away my bubbling fluids, before taking me in her mouth. Her other hand disappeared between her legs to play with herself as she sucked me off. After a few minutes of play Han raised a pair of glistening fingers and began working them into my ass. Han was gentle and her slick fingers easily found their way inside me.

I could feel myself building as Han finger fucked me. Wanting to last a little longer I pushed Han off my cock and sat up.

I was just thinking of taking a breather when Han suggested, “Why don’t you try sitting on my face?”

“Sure,” I agreed.

Han lay supine on the couch and I straddled her. Lowering myself down, I could feel her tongue find its way into my ass. Feeling more open as the result of Han’s probing fingers, her tongue seemed to go deeper inside me than it had ever been. As I pressed down, Han bore into me, tasting areas unused to the soothing slither of a warm, wet tongue.

Han reached around me to try jerking me while I sat on her face. She had to use a backhand grip, which affected her smooth technique. She might have got the hang of it, but I was so close that I was already envisioning splashing her tits. I took over from Han, pumping my cock with a finishing determination. With her hands free, Han pushed my cheeks apart allowing her to probe even deeper. It felt like a button had been pushed inside me. Feeling the unstoppable surge, I pointed my shaft down at her body. A thick white ribbon of cum flew across Han’s midriff all the way to her mound. Pushing my cock down further, I pressed its head against her pert nipple. The next gush of sperm rushed around her dark nub and down the underside of her breast.

Before I could spill my entire load on Han’s tits, I raised off her mouth to offer her my spurting cock. Never one to shy away from a mouthful of cum, Han opened wide in practiced form, welcoming my tongue coating sperm.

When I finished I wiped the last drops off on Han’s lips. She closed her mouth to swallow, then licked the pearls from her sexy lips.

Han took my cock back in her mouth to collect the last drops. Once I felt she couldn’t get another drop from me I pulled out and told Han I’d be right back.

“Where you going?” she called to me, obviously still interested in sucking my cock.

Not answering, I quickly returned from the kitchen with a spoon. Smiling mischievously, I sat down beside her displaying my piece of flatware. Slowly I lowered a spoon to Han’s skin and scooped up a dollop of sperm. Offing the serving to Han. she opened her mouth and happily took it in.

First, I fed Han the sperm that ran over her tit. I used the spoon to scoop the jizm that ran down the round underside of her breast. There were almost two spoonfuls to feed her. Leaving a little sperm on her nipple, I massaged into her dark areola. Next, I began working on the long strip of cream that ran down her belly. Working downward I fed her scope after scope. Again, for the last little splotch on her mound, I decided I’d rather massage it in to her pussy.

After I fingered her for a bit, Han felt inspired to take my spent cock her mouth. It felt great, but I wanted to feel her tongue in my ass again. Straddling back up over Hand’s face, I sat back down to feel her cum covered tongue probe my ass one more time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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