Temmuz 13, 2024

Gypsy Dancer

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Another Saturday morning waking up alone. A cool breeze blew the curtains at the windows edge, rattling the Venetian blinds. It would be another scorching August day. Angela stretched, and as she adjusted her eyes to the sunlight just beginning to shine through her window, she heard the drums, a rhythmic thunder in the distance pulsing against her awakening. She recalled that there would be a music and art festival in the park a block today, lasting long into the night.

It was just a year ago when her ex boyfriend and she had a huge argument at the festival. Angela loves to dance and had been intoxicated by the Latin rhythm of the salsa band. But Thomas did not like to dance and preferred to simply drink beer than dancing with her. Angela began to dance alone and found herself in the middle of the crowd near the bandstand. She became lost in the sound of the music, several glasses of wine, and the warm evening. Angela was having the time of her life until Thomas found her and let her know he was pissed. They left the festival soon afterward and it became the event that led to their breaking up several weeks later.

Angela felt the familiar warming sensation between her legs as she recalled the dancing. “Damn”, she thought to herself, “I really need to get laid” Moving her left hand to her breast and her right hand to her pubic area she began to play with herself. Closing her eyes she circled three fingers gently in circles over her clitoris. In her mind she returned to thoughts of the festival a year ago. The vision came to her to dress like a escort bostancı gypsy. She would wear the loose fitting white cotton dress, naked underneath. A leather and bead anklet around her ankle, some jingly jewelry around her neck and long sparkling ear rings. She would be barefoot and wear a musky scent with a hint of wood smoke. The sounds of the band practicing in the park nearby increased in volume and the other members of the Salsa band began to play with enthusiasm. Angela moved her hips and pelvis sensually in rhythm with the music and her fingers.

She moved in her fantasy to the grass near the bandstand. The earth felt cool to her feet. It was a young crowd packed into a small area. There was little room to move so most were standing in place and swaying and moving their bodies to the frenetic salsa beat. She could feel the heat of their bodies and the smell of perspiration rising with the dust. The group became a single moving mass with the music. She lost herself to the music. Angela was stunningly beautiful in the white gypsy dress and jewelry. Her dark tanned body and flowing long black hair drew some single men to her like a magnet. She did not want to choose a partner. She was enjoying the freedom to be herself with the music and moment. She became aware of the hands brushing her buttocks, and brief touches disguised as accidental incursions of her space. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself. She knew she was sexy and was enjoying the touching and attention she was receiving.

Spirit Lover moved invisibly through ümraniye escort the crowd and stood behind Angela. “You are here” Angela thought as she felt his hands on her hips and gentle kiss near her ear. He moved against her and joined her in her rhythmic movements to the music, which was increasing in volume and pace as the musicians rode the waves of energy rising from the crowd. She felt his hardening cock against her buttocks as they swayed together. She reached for him behind her back and found that he was naked. The thought of him totally naked against her in the middle of a dancing crowd was exciting and she grasped his now rigid penis and stroked it as she continued moving her buttocks against him. She felt his hands move to the hem of her dress and slowly begin pulling it upward to her thighs. His hand moved to her ass and found the crack near her anus.

He moved downward and as he probed between her legs she crouched slightly and opened to his fingers probing her moistness. Spirit Lover cupped her pubic area and inserted a finger gently into her vagina. He gently fucked her as they moved and she felt her excitement building with the music. Sensing her readiness he lowered himself as she released his penis from her hand and placed it between her legs. She grasped it between her upper thighs and the shaft pressed against her open labia, rubbing against her clitoris as they moved their hips in unison, keeping time to the erotic drumbeat that filled them with abandon. She sensed the men near her watching her erotic dance, small kartal escort bayan whimpers escaping her lips in excitement. The man in front of her pressed back against her, his back rubbing against her erect nipples pushing rigidly against the sweat soaked fabric of her dress.

Angela could stand it no longer. She grasped Spirit Lover’s cock and placed it at her throbbing entrance. She pushed against him as he raised his hips in unison and slowly entered her. Deeply he pushed his cock into her until they were as one. Holding her tightly, his hands massaging her breasts, they swayed to the music. She grasped his cock with her vaginal muscles in time to the music as they danced with their eyes closed, oblivious to everything but the primitive music reverberating in their bodies and the fullness of him deep inside her. The band began to play with an energy mirroring their build to climax. She squeezed harder and heard Spirit Lover whimper as she massaged his cock in her warm embrace.

The music was building to a peak as she began to come to the edge. Sprit Lover began stroking in and out with deep strokes, pushing his cock into her with hard abandon, piston like strokes that forced her to her toes with each thrust. She felt him tense and hold his breath and she let go also. Her body shook as wave after wave of ecstasy moved in crescendo to the music. He shot his hot cum deep into her and held her tightly, biting at the nape of her neck through her hair as he came with her. She felt his cum running down her thighs, as he stayed hard inside her, continuing to sway together in the love embrace as the music wound slowly to an end. They held each other as the crowd clapped and urged the band to continue. Angela gradually awoke from her revelry and felt the wet sheets beneath her. Yes, she would be a gypsy dancer tonight.

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