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Gynecologist at Play Ch. 01

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I am happy to share my erotic experiences on this forum because I have come to appreciate and respect it as a place where the freedoms of thought and expression nurture the exchange of sexually thrilling encounters. These are my stories.

You should also know that for the past two years my office nurse has shared my bed and my voracious sexual appetite. She is every man’s dream of a partner in intimacy, and she has a fetish for enjoying fantasy-inspired sex like no one I have ever known. There will be stories about her in later chapters. I’ll call her Beth (a pseudonym, of course), and I’ll begin by describing how 18 months ago she provided the spark that ignited my passion in the office place.

For a long time, Beth and I had shared a private joke about having sex. It was veiled in the innocent expression “be nice,” and it always had the unspoken meaning of having sex together. One day, 18 months ago, a very sweet and quite attractive patient of mine shared with Beth her increasing sexual frustration, induced by her husband’s total lack of attention to her intimate needs. I had seen this woman numerous times over several years, and she had only once mentioned to me that her libido had been wasted on her husband. As I passed Beth in the hall on my way to the treatment room where Donna (not her real name) awaited me, she pulled me into another room and said I should “be nice” to Donna because she is greatly in need of attention from a man. I just laughed and jokingly said something similar to “she better watch out because I am very horny this morning.”

I entered the room and I was stunned by her appearance, especially her smile. She looked great, even in the examination gown that would not flatter a super model. She was 34 years old, about 5’5″ tall, weighed 125 lbs, and wore her auburn hair in a short and eye-catching style. I had always thought she was really cute, and that she was likely to be a tigress in bed. She was unusually warm in her greeting to me, maintaining contact with her handshake a little longer than necessary, as if to send a message.

The conversation turned totally clinical while I progressed through the litany of diagnostic questions. When we reached the point of beginning her internal exam, she asked if I would first examine her breasts. Without waiting for my agreement, she laid back onto the examining table, untying the gown and opening it to reveal bayburt escort her breasts as she reclined. I instantly recalled and renewed my past fascination with the beauty of her breasts. They were very average in size, but the symmetry and large, provocative nipples were awesome, and they were profoundly testing my professional demeanor. While lying down, her breasts settled into her chest and I felt the blood beginning to rush to my cock. I made a mental note that my reaction must have resulted from Beth’s comments earlier about Donna’s needing some attention.

I began with the usual questions about whether or not she had felt any abnormalities or experienced any pain in her breasts. She said the only pain she felt was the neglect of her husband. Her comment was the switch that set me off. I knew then that our session would be far more than the usual, largely impersonal examination.

I pressed my hands onto her breasts and began rubbing and feeling them. She sighed deeply when I did so, and then tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I ceased asking questions and just massaged her magnificent tits, with my own excitement increasing as I watched her nipples become erect. I could not keep my fingers away from them, so I boldly took her hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and squeezed them gently while pressing her tits downward and with a circular motion. As the depth of her breathing increased she made eye contact with me and said, “thank you” in a trembling voice. At that point, I decided I would let this encounter go wherever it might take us.

I told her she was a beautiful woman, and any straight man would find her highly desirable. She responded by moving her hand off the examining table and touching my cock, which was about to tear through the light fabric of my slacks. At her touch, I reflexively stiffened my already straining rod and she enveloped it with her fingers. It was clear, now, that we both wanted more.

As I rubbed, stroked and caressed her tits she began to move her hips, slowly at first, up and down and then side-to-side. While I was thinking about what might happen next, she moved her free hand to one of my wrists and steered it down her chest, across her belly, and under the dressing gown to her pussy. I again made eye contact with her and she whispered, “please…please” while subtly beginning bartın escort to stroke my cock with her hand. That was the only encouragement I needed to walk with her farther down the forbidden path.

I moved her gown aside and my pulse began to race when I saw her neatly trimmed auburn bush and her lovely hips and thighs. I moved slightly so I could see my middle finger slowly enter her pussy. Her tender, pink sex was fully abloom, with her large lips framing her swollen and thoroughly wet cunt. I scarcely began to probe her and brush her clit with my thumb when I felt her internal muscles tense and constrict around my finger each time it re-entered her. I stretched her pussy with two more of my fingers and saw a vision of lust in her facial expression. After only a few thrusts of my fingers, her hips and my hand began a synchronous dance; her hips rocked upward to draw my fingers deeply inside her as though they were a fat cock filling and stretching her hot, wet vagina.

Before long her hands gripped the sides of the table and she intensified her pelvic thrusts. She was then a totally sexual being, and watching her drew a steady stream of pre-cum out of my dick. Then, I felt her muscles beginning to ripple on my hand as she reached the brink of cumming. She grasped her nipples with both hands and pressed her tits together, and a guttural, passionate groan came from her open mouth as her face rolled from side-to side on the pillow. I slipped a third finger into her pussy and continued to both finger fuck and masturbate her. She spread her knees and slid her lower legs off the table, giving me wider access to her beautifully glistening pussy.

I moved my free hand to her vulva, and with my fingers I spread open the flesh at the top of her lips, exposing her clitty to more direct contact with my thumb and driving fingers. Within moments, she started to buck her hips with such energy that I feared she would fall off the table. Her orgasm was powerful, and I continued quickly sliding my hand in and out of her cunt to give her the pleasure she so obviously craved. When she reached passion’s peak, she thrust her hips high, clenched my fingers deeply inside her, spoke, “Oh my God!” through the sweet pain of her orgasm, and then collapsed on the table. I continued to gently stroke her, but she soon grasped my hands and said, “please, stop ığdır escort now, just be still.”

She lay motionless, except for the heavy breathing that orgasm induces, for a couple of minutes. She moved my hands to her mouth and kissed them, after which I leaned down and kissed her deeply. I was doubly excited as we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues and I smelled and tasted her juices, left on her lips by my fingers. Not knowing how I should proceed from there, she answered my uncertainty with her hand.

She reached for my cock and said, “please, let me…” I said nothing and watched as she began unzipping my trousers. She took my rock hard cock out of my pants and, seeing the volume of pre-cum on both my pants and the head of my dick, she said, “you are close, aren’t you?” I nodded in the affirmative and she stepped off the table and knelt down on her discarded gown in front of me. She had accurately sensed my urgency and she wasted no time or motion.

She then took nearly all of my cock into her mouth, and she began sucking it, bobbing up and down on its length, while stroking the base with her fingers. I put my hands into her hair and reveled in feeling her head move as she sucked me like no woman ever had before. I told her, “I am going to cum, my sweet Donna,” and she took me even deeper while increasing the pace of her jacking my cock. Every muscle in my supremely aroused body began to quiver, and I had to muffle my groans when my cock exploded and I began filling her warm, supple, beautiful mouth and throat with my load. I bucked against her face numerous times, spewing hot streams of cum, and each time I felt her increase the intensity of her sucking and found heightened pleasure in seeing her eagerly swallow all I gave her.

It seemed to last forever, but not long enough. With her face pressed against my stomach, I gave up the last of my seed, and I knew I would never forget the pleasure her mouth had given me. She was so sweet to me, licking and very gently sucking my cock until I was soft. Only then did my thoughts turn to her husband, and I marveled at what a fool he must be.

Since I was way behind schedule due to our blissful encounter, We agreed that she would come back the next week for the regular examination that we ignored during this visit. As we said good-bye, I thought that she is too sweet and too passionate to be wasted in a sexless marriage.

On my way to the next examination room, I buttoned my lab coat to hide the stain on my pants, and I rehearsed my excuse and apology for running so late. I also passed Beth in the hall, smiled at her, and said, “I was very nice to Donna,” knowing that she would be very excited to hear all about it.

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