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Good Toys Stay Silent

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This is my first story, so please be gentle. I wrote this as a sort of compilation of all the things I would do to my long-distance partner, and as such, it is written with our taste in mind as well as our little quirks. It is also dedicated to her. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is very appreciated.


“Well, here I am.”

She was stunned as she saw me there, standing in the doorway; finally in the flesh, as she had fantasised so many times with me. She knew I was coming. Well, perhaps not when, exactly, but I did warn her. Maybe she thought I was joking, or even bluffing. She took a moment to collect herself, shutting the door on me for a moment and taking some deep breaths.

I knocked on the door again.

“Did I come at a bad time?”

She threw the door open once again and pulled me inside, kissing me for the first time. My arms wrapped around her, holding her, as I continued what she initiated. Though, not for long, as she pulled away, looking down and biting her lip.

“Nice to meet you too.”

She grinned and looked up at me with brown, longing eyes. She had been waiting for me for some time, clearly. But, she wasted no time. She dragged me along upstairs and planted herself on the bed, inviting me to come and sit with her.

She looked so fine, so full of desire as though her heart was set on this course. We had discussed boundaries, actions and all manner of dirty things before finally going through with it. She seemed more certain than I was, and yet I was the one who was supposed to be in control. Her mind was transfixed on the passion about to occur between us, but my own was racing. I was nothing short of nervous.

“Is everything okay, sir?” She inquired, staring longingly at me with those big brown eyes.

“I’m not sure. I can’t tell if I wanted this to be all talk or not. Now that you’re here…”

“What do you mean, sir?”

I wasn’t quite sure of what I meant myself.

She was sitting next to me on the bed. A fine figure, curvy in the right places and very short, but she knew how to maintain a cute little package. Her proportions matched my own, as I am quite a little man. She continued watching me, waiting for an answer and biting her lip.

“I think it’s just cold feet. I’m being ridiculous.” I answered as I pulled her head toward my own, caressing her neck and planting a hand on her thigh, gripping all the while.

There’s nothing to second guess. This is what she and I both wanted. With our lips interlocked, and tongues battling playfully, I began to move over and on top of her. I knew she liked this time, waiting in bliss for the climax of the session. Everything but the fuck was what she appreciated. But, being my toy, what she enjoyed the most was bending to my will. But I obliged her for the moment, giving her what she wanted.

She wanted me to grope her, and so I did. I grabbed and pinched at every inch of her still clothed body. As part of our game, she wasn’t allowed to wear bras; she knew I hated them. Being the good, obedient toy that she was, she didn’t have any, and her nipples were piercing through her thin cotton shirt.

She wanted me to bite her, and so I did. My mouth separated from hers, and I began to journey around her neck with it, biting, and sucking hard. A mark of my ownership upon her. Her breathing became heavy, and she began to pant. When I finally stopped ‘kissing’ her, I left with a loud popping noise, to which she exclaimed with an outcry of pain.

“Good toys are silent.”

My statement made her mood switch from sadomasochistic pleasure to a wide-eyed fear of the treatment she knew she was about to receive. I bit down hard on the bruise I had just created on her neck and sucked hard like a vampire. She tried to bury her cries of pain but couldn’t help but let out a few squeaks.

All this, and yet not a single button of her shirt was yet undone. The build-up to my favourite period was slow and excruciating, but it was beautiful in its own right. Watching her writhe in anticipation made me very pleased. Yet, there was a distinct lack of dirty talk from myself, which was uncharacteristic. Perhaps it was stage fright. I considered it a ripe moment to remedy that.

“Did that little nip hurt you, my sweet little bitch? Don’t tell me those little winces were honest. You’re going to be in big trouble if this is your limit.”

But there was no response. I slithered up to her ear, and whispered…

“I asked you a question. You’re to speak when you’re spoken to.” As I nibbled playfully at her ear.

“Y-yes sir, that did hurt me a little bit.” She stammered in response.

It seemed as though she was hardly able to mete out an answer, her body was so hot and her breathing was so heavy, her voice was high and her eyes were closed.

I had kissed her cheek and snaked my right hand across her chest, down her cleavage, on all parts of her still fully-clothed stomach and down under her skirt. kırşehir escort I only wanted to probe her wetness, and already her panties were soaked through, with juices beginning to run down her legs. This was too much too fast, but that only works in my favour. I didn’t want to pick up the pace, I wanted to experiment. I wanted to see how weak I could make her without the use of anything but my voice, my mouth and my hands.

“Your cunt is so sopping wet, are you such a horny little slut that you can’t stop the torrent of pussy juice from running down your leg?”

My tone was violent, and she became red like a tomato with embarrassment. She tried to formulate a witty response but her mind did not allow for it.

“I-I, uh, with you I-I c-can’t…”

“What was that, bitch?”

“Sir I can’t help it!”

With that, I was confirmed, and given a new lease to continue as I was with reckless abandon. The passion overcame me and I began to unbutton her shirt with my teeth, scowling at her and gripping her thigh. As her chest became barer, she could hardly keep her breathing under control. With every button that came undone, her full breasts and peaked nipples became more and more revealed, exposing them to the cool air of the room, contrasting with the meltdown of her body; further encouraging her tits to remain at full attention.

She looked at me again, bringing herself back down to earth with her chest and stomach finally fully exposed. She opened her mouth to say something, but quickly remembered my words. Good toys stay silent. Instead, she just bit her lip in anticipation of the next phase of undress. She threw her head back once again and engrossed herself in the bliss of it all.

It made me very pleased.

I pulled her shirt off of her arms and threw it by the bedside, and continued my rapport. I began again, giving her short and shallow kisses on the mouth, before moving to her cheek, down her neck, and turning her over to her stomach, as I kissed every inch of her spine, sending tingles up and down each time. Sweat was beginning to form all over her body from the heat it was producing. The air was electric.

As I reached the small of her back, she cringed. I bit her side just to let her know she was mine. I crept back up to her head, her face buried in the pillow but her ears still exposed, and I said to her-

“You will enjoy this, or I will be disappointed. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your master, would you?”

She shook her head, face still buried in the pillow and moaned out an answer that I could only guess confirmed by beliefs. But in games such as these, guesswork is not good enough.

“Say it to me, bitch.”

She lifted her head out from her shame, slowly but surely, and whispered to the pillow-

“I don’t want to disappoint you, sir.”

I smacked her still-clothed ass, which made her shoot up to attention.

“I said, say it to me.”

She swivelled her head, slowly but surely, and said it again. This time with a little more confidence.

“I don’t want to disappoint you, sir!”

I pulled her hair back behind her ear and kissed her deeply, showing my approval, before returning to her lower, stroking her back the whole time, making her shiver. Her legs were straightened and tense, waiting for what I was going to do, but I wanted her totally relaxed. So, I placed myself between them and grabbed both, lightly rubbing them. I told her to calm, and she obliged. I want a state of zen before anything truly sexual occurs.

I have begun pulling down the zipper, and took her skirt off; slowly, that the fabric of it followed down her thighs and calves. When it was finally revealed to me the extent of her horniness, it was something to behold. Her white cotton panties seemed as they had come directly out of the wash, only acting as a veil to her ass, and the cunt which I had yet to see. It made me quite proud, both of my own work and how she’s managed to produce such a volume of lubrication. I rubbed my hand on her ass cheek, before plunging my hand and slicing my hand through the front of her pussy, which made her jump. I looked at the glistening sheen before me, before drawing something nondescript on her back with it.

“What’s this, sweetheart? You’re absolutely drenched.” I told her before she once again buried her head into her pillow in shame.

I smacked her ass once again, this time the sound of skin on skin reverberated throughout the room. A red handprint made its mark as a signature of my handiwork. She should have learned her lesson by now though. Two more loud smacks, so hard they made my own nerves tingle in my hand, followed through. The whimpers coming from that pillow were nothing short of pathetic.

“Aah Sir! Please! S-stop, I’m s-sorry… Aah!” As a new smack planted itself on her bare ass.

“Well, I asked you a question. What… is this?” I ask once again as I push my hand and slide it under kocaeli escort her entire weight.

“Ss-sir… that’s… so d-dirty.”

“That, it certainly is.” As I rub her burning ass, providing a smooth, sensational massage. I know it both pains and pleasures her.

She was quivering by this point, hardly able to squeak out a phrase, only ever speaking words at the top of her breath. I wasn’t going to be able to continue the talk for much longer. It was going to be one-way from that point on. She was at the point that her mind was not able to form a coherent line of thought, just totally lost in erotic ascension.

All this and she was still not bare.

Upon this realisation, that she had become dizzied and scattered – totally at my mercy, and absolutely willing – that I tore her panties, hooking my pinkie and index fingers through the concaves of her left and right leg holes, and yanked them down the entire length of her lower half, all the way to her feet.

But now, as she lay naked before me, I had to dress her once again in the way that I wanted her to be dressed. Like the prisoner of my sexual will that she was.

I once again crept up to her ear and growled into it. With that, I let her know not to move in an animalistic tone. First, her legs.

I wrapped her ankles, left and right, in black satin, before tying a knot that could only be broken by cutting; the length of giving was not so tight as to wrap her up, but loose enough to manipulate her as it suited me. The furthest she could spread her legs were at shoulder-width. Her arms, however, were bound together with the same black satin fabric. Criss-crossed and stretching far up enough her arm to look like a brace, she was nearly ready.

Good toys stay silent.

I knew she wasn’t able to speak at this point, but muting her moans was just the icing on the cake. With a quick bow and her mouth stuffed, she was ready. I gave her a lengthy kiss on the cheekbone, which signified that her time was over. Now, tied up before me like a Christmas present, I was going to enjoy my own time.

Unlike most people, however, my fun comes through pleasurable torture. What do I mean by that? I mean, I was going to make her cum. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but as many times as her body allowed for it. I wanted to leave her body broken and mind shattered in debaucherous elation.

Like a mechanic working on the undercarriage of a car, I went to work on her cunt. The knot between her feet sat comfortably in the small of my back, holding them down, but her knees had to give rise in order to let me in. Then, it started.

Her clit was massaged and flicked with my tongue as I slid my fingers up and down her soaked cunt. One hand was holding her ass down in order for her to keep me in a comfortable position as I was only just beginning to ruin her. After some time getting her extremely worked up, I plunged two fingers into her saturated pussy hole. That was all it took. She squealed a muted squeal half a dozen times into the satin in her mouth before I smacked her red ass once again. Next time she came, I was going to punish her severely.

Good toys stay silent.

I continued my work, giving the sensations that no other man would, or even could, give her. It didn’t take long at all for her to begin shaking like a shaved dog in a snowstorm. At the very moment she clenched her cunt around my fingers, I ripped them right back out and denied her all pleasure. She came, but it was nowhere near as full as what I could have made it. This time, she buried her cries. I could hear her sharp inhales after she held her breath, but that was not all she held. She was holding down a scream that would make me punish her much more harshly if she let it out. She knew it as well as I did. She pushed her ass out after my hand and tried to feel anything upon it but this was to be the reconciliation for her breaking the rules. I wiped off my neck and chest of her pussy juices before I went back down.

I wanted to explore every inch of her insides, and in doing so I found exactly where her G-spot was, pressing on it and rubbing it, which made her eek. I let the transgression slide the one time, as I found this torture punishment enough. In finding and playing with her most sensitive place, I made her cum in a most extreme fashion.

I continued this cycle of making her cum repeatedly. Good girl that she was, she kept her voice inactive; at least, to the point that I could not hear it. It must have been over half a dozen times, but at the least, the entire time she was quaking… I got the feeling she would not be saying anything afterwards. I wanted to make it so that she could not do anything but breathe.

Well, there came such a point when she was on the verge of passing out. That would not do. She had been such a good girl so far, but perhaps this exercise in erotic behaviour was coming to a close. Perhaps it was time to take my prize.

I konya escort took a dog collar I had bought just for the occasion. This was the night she was going to declare me her owner, and she was to be my fuck pet. In the time it took to grab the collar and return to the pleasure pen that was the bed, she was aching. Not for more, but for what was next; what I had in store for her.

As I wrapped it around her neck, I said to her, in a purely neutral, yet low tone:

“Do you feel this?”

She only nodded in response, as shaky as it was.

“This is your collar. This lets everybody know that you’re beholden to me. I’m putting this on you now because I’m going to fuck you like a rabbit.”

The casualness of my words pierced through her ears and made her bite down on her makeshift gag.

“… And with that…” as I looped the band through the ring “You. Are. Mine.”

I pulled the medallion from the front upwards and her hair backwards, in order to read it aloud to her.

“Alyssa” it read, in a fanciful cursive text. I flipped it over. “If found unattended, please call this number.”

I giggled at the prospect of someone calling me about a lost fuck pet. My giggle made her moan, but she caught herself quickly. Still on her stomach, I mounted her and pulled her waist upwards to meet my own. Her pussy was already raw from the finger fucking I gave her, but I paid no mind. I wiped my rock hard cock all over her cum-laced and laden cunt and it was more than enough lubricant to jam my entire length easily inside her. Instead, I teased her with the head. She couldn’t take the fever much more and began pushing her ass out into me in order for my dick to dig deeper inside her. But I pushed her back away and let my cock head rest inside her just a while longer while running my hands up and down her back and around her still reddened ass.

When I had had enough of simply resting inside her, I began to slither it inside her, pushing its way through and mounting the pressure of the lining against the flesh and blood. The nerves inside her were betraying her, making her feel completely full. As I completely filled her, right to the base, I moved over her and pushed her head into the pillow. I gave her a deep growl right into her ear, which made her arch her back even further. Then, in that beastly yet intimate position, heads side-by-side, I began pounding.

Slowly, at first of course, but every stroke was from the bottom of the head all the way to the base of the cock, going balls deep in her crying cunt with every stroke. My knees were on the outside of hers, and my hands were tugging at her collar and groping her tits, all the while relentlessly fucking her.

It was lengthy and brutal. Humiliating and yet gratifying for us both. When she had thought she had nothing left inside her, the fullness of my cock made her body reconsider, and again, she shook with a mighty force. But that was for sure the last drop of cum I was going to get out of her.

Soon, it would be time to fill her all the way back up again.

Indeed, with my cock jammed inside her, and tears of joy long been streaming down her face in hedonistic ecstasy, I did cum.

I could feel it brewing, and my balls ached for the sweet and final release. The slapping of skin against skin and the rhythmic pounding of it all was about to come to a close. When I finally felt it was time, I pulled her smooth brown hair back, bit down deep into her neck and growled as I filled her with my seed. The milky white fluid of her cum and my own intermixed and pooled itself below the point where our bodies became one. The stringy, opaque, milky white substance was smooth and slimy.

Still inside her, I untied her gag and pulled it out and she screamed a most pathetic scream. Her cry sounded like a prepubescent boy’s first voice crack, only more sensual and moaning. Finally happy that it was over, she slumped, cum still drooling out her from her. She was going to be jittering for the next few hours, and not able to collect herself for days at least.

With my toy on the edge of death from such an intense pleasure session, she needed to be awarded my affection. I rolled over to her side, and whispered sweet nothings to her for a lengthy period, letting her know how proud I was and how well she did. I kissed her on the mouth; to receive a very limp response, but glad to know she hadn’t passed out. I cut her binds from her and allowed her to sprawl out with complete motor freedom, of the little motor control she had left. Every muscle was weak, and her consciousness was hardly active enough to even play dead.

I had so many things to say to her, but I couldn’t find which was the priority. Her mind was dead, but mine was racing. All I could say to her was:

“I didn’t get the short end of the stick this time did I, sweetheart?”

A rhetorical question. I knew the answer. Really, I emptied her body of a lifetime’s worth of sexual sensation, I knew I gave her many more times than I took from her, but still, I was very satisfied. I knew she was too.

She didn’t answer, whether through the fact that she was completely physically, mentally and sexually drained, or whether it was because she didn’t know the answer. She knew one thing, though. She remembered the rule.

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