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Friday Night Overtime

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“Miss Montgomery, get in here!”

Finn sighed heavily and rose from her desk. She entered the office and closed the door behind her.

“Yes Mr. Miller?”

“Close the door.” He ordered without looking up.

Finn smiled. She was used to these Friday meetings. Sam Miller, her boss, would call her in, chew her ass out for a deadline he missed then storm out until Monday.

“It is closed. Is there a problem sir?”

“Hell yes!” He jumped up and came around the desk. He stood just inches from her.

Finn had to tip her head back to look at him. He towered over her 5’6″ frame, easily reaching 6″4″. Tan and muscular, Blonde hair and blued-eyed, Finn felt an immediate attraction to him three months ago when he became her new boss. But these meetings were beginning to get on her nerves. She started to drink before happy hour these days just so she could enjoy herself. Mike’s Hard Lemonade was calling her name.

“Maybe if you tell me what’s happened, I can help you.” She offered.

Sam Miller looked at the temptress standing before him. I can help you. Oh yeah, she could help him all right. Only if she got down on her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth. Christ, how he wanted her. He invented every stupid excuse he could think of to get her in his office every Friday. And every Friday he let her leave while he stayed so aroused he thought he would burst.

Well, tonight was the last night. No more jacking off in his private bathroom. He was going to reveal his hand and see what Finn Montgomery had to say. If she wasn’t interested, fine. But if she was. She was his. Tonight.

“Finn, something has come up which we need to discuss.”

Sam watched her eyes glance at his crotch. That did it.

“I’ve been watching you lately Finn.” He said slowly circling her.

“Have you?” She said, her voice getting low and husky.

“Oh yes. And I’ve noticed a few things.”

“Like what?”

Sam stopped in front of her. His eyes resting on the deep V of her sweater.

“Like güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri how hard your nipples get when you’re around me.”

“They do seem to, don’t they.” She agreed, looking down.

“And that makes me wonder about something else.”


“If your pussy also gets wet?” Sam asked leaning in close to whisper in her ear.

Finn shivered as she felt Sam’s hot breath on her neck. She blinked up at him. She couldn’t believe strait-laced Sam Miller was talking to her like this. She had spent many restless nights imaging it was his tongue instead of her own fingers rubbing her swollen clit to orgasm. His hard cock instead of her faithful dildo filling her aching pussy.

She wet her lips.

“Would you care to find out Mr. Miller.” She asked from beneath her lashes.

Finn watched as Sam went down on his knees before her. His hand skimmed up her bare silken legs, lifting her black skirt as he went.

“So smooth.” He whispered, bunching the material at her waist.

He leaned in close to her silk covered mound.

“So sweet.” He inhaled the musky scent of her. His mouth kissing her through her panties.

“Sam.” Finn moaned, rotating her hips against his face.

Sam hooked his fingers under her panties and slid them down her legs. She held his shoulders as she stepped out of them. Placing her feet far apart, Sam leaned in and swiped his tongue along her bare, moist slit.

“Hmmm. Delicious Finn. I knew you would taste good.” Sam continued to lap at her soaking pussy.

Finn held on to his shoulders as he ate at her.

“Oh Sam.” She moaned, pressing her hips into his face.

Sam caressed the back of her thighs. His hands cupping her ass cheeks. Kneading them. He pressed her even closer. His tongue darted in and out of her. He licked and sucked up her sweet juices. He felt her legs begin to tremble and knew she was close.

“Oh. My. God.” Finn cried out, her body arching into him.

Sam held her tight and sucked every last güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri drop from her. When her hips stopped rocking, Sam pulled away. He stood and took her mouth in a fierce kiss.

Finn tasted herself on his tongue. It was sweet. Erotic. Her hands went to his shirt and she quickly unbuttoned it, baring his muscled chest. His shirt fell to the floor. Followed by his slacks and her sweater and skirt. In record time they were both naked and headed toward the black leather sofa.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time Finn.” Sam rasped out against her neck.

“How come you never said anything?” She panted, settling herself back against the sofa.

“I didn’t think you were interested.”

Finn spread her legs. “Now what do you think?”

“I think I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll need the weekend to recuperate.”

“Bring it on big boy.”

Sam felt on top of her then. His body laying in the cradle her spread legs made. He groaned at the feel of her wetness against his lower stomach.

“I’m so God damn hard for you Finn.” Sam said against her breast as he suckled. His tongue lapped at the puckered peaks.

“Show me.”

Rising up, Sam reclined against the sofa. His hard cock stood at attention.

“Impressive.” Finn complemented, reaching out and stroking the length with a fingertip. His cock jerked in response.

“Sensitive too.”

Lowering her head, Finn opened her mouth and slowly took him in. Her hot heat surrounded him. He groaned and rested his head back. Finn knelt between his legs and slowly began to suck his cock. In. Out. Slow. Fast. She ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft. She circled the tip, running her tongue under the sensitive ridge. Her tongue flicked over the tiny hole. Her hand came up to massage his balls.

“Finn.” He growled her name, tunneling his hands through her wavy brown hair.

Encouraged, Finn continued to lick and suck. Her nails lightly scraping the inside of his thighs. Sam jerked his hips güvenilir bahis şirketleri in response, shoving his cock deeper down her throat. Finn stroked him with her hands and mouth.

“Shit. Finn.”

Finn felt his balls tighten and then he pumped his cum down her throat. Finn swallowed all of it. Her mouth making slurping sounds as she cleaned his still hard cock.

Sam lifted his head and looked down at her smiling up at him. Her green eyes dancing with amusement. She licked her lips in satisfaction.. Sam pulled her up and laid her on the sofa. He covered her body with his, settling between her legs.

“Are you going to fuck me now Sam?” Finn asked, her eyes filled with desire.

“Oh yeah.” Sam said rising up and positioned himself at her wet opening. “I’ve waited a long time for this.”

With a flex of his hips, Sam thrust deep inside her.

Finn groaned at the fullness of Sam inside her. Definitely better than her dildo. Slowly Sam began to pump into her. Finn lifted her hips to take him deeper. Her knees rested high on his hips.

“Oh Sam.” Finn chanted his name as his paced quickened and his balls slapped against her. “Fuck me Sam. Fuck me hard.”

Sam grabbed the arm rest behind her and lifted his body up. Christ, he needed this. He had dreamed of having Finn beneath this like him. Fucking her until she drained every drop of cum from his body. He felt the tightening of her vaginal muscles. With his free hand, he slipped it between their bodies and began to rub her swollen clit.

“Yes!” She cried, arching her back as she came.

Sam couldn’t hold on any longer. He drove into her. Faster. Deeper. He felt her hands on his ass. Squeezing. Kneading. Her finger slipped through his cleft and pressed against his anus.

“Finn!” Sam shouted her name as he spurted inside her. The force of his climax draining all strength from him. He collapsed on top of her. Panting.

“Well, is that what you needed help with sir?” Finn asked several minutes later when she caught her breath.

Sam raised himself up and looked down at her. “Actually it was the Monroe file but this was definitely better.” He answered with a grin.

“Glad I could help Sam.” Finn purred.

“Same time next Friday?” He asked, hope in his voice.

“Absolutely.” Finn said, pulling his head down for a kiss.

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