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Freshers’ Week Ch. 03

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When John woke up on Monday morning, his head was pounding. The effects of another late night of drinking and sex had taken their toll, and he was really feeling it. Despite his exhaustion, however, John smiled to himself as he looked at the beautiful face of the girl lying asleep next to him.

He had met Hannah the previous evening at a networking event for the new freshers and had instantly wanted to get with her. It didn’t take long for John’s wishes to come true and the two of them had spent the rest of the night gleefully fucking in her room.

John glanced at the clock by Hannah’s bed: it was just after 9am. He’d never been sure what the gentlemanly thing to do in these situations was – should he leave now and avoid any embarrassment, or should he wait for Hannah to wake up in the hope that they might have sex again?

He thought through his options for a few minutes before his decision was made for him as Hannah stirred and open her eyes.

“Hey,” John said gently.

“Morning,” said Hannah, rubbing her eyes as she came to her senses.

“How are you feeling?” John asked, now very much hoping that she was up for some more fun.

“Tired”, Hannah replied after a pause.

She sat up in the bed and hastily covered her breasts with the duvet, seemingly embarrassed to be naked in front of him.

John’s heart sank – Hannah was not giving off the vibe of someone wanting to have sex any time soon. That said, he really wasn’t feeling great himself so maybe this was for the best.

“Thanks for last night,” he said and he got up off the bed and rooted round on the floor for his clothes, his erection standing proud.

Hannah smiled as she saw it.

“Ditto,” she replied, sensing his awkwardness. “I hope we can meet up again.”

“Me too,” John said as he picked up his boxers and put them on.

He dressed in silence, with Hannah watching him all the while. He was delighted that she seemed genuinely keen to hook up again, but he was desperate to leave quickly given the air of tension that hung in the room.

Once dressed, he made a move for the door but retreated back into the room. He bent down to Hannah, who was sitting on the edge of her bed, and kissed her gently.

“I mean it. You were incredible. Let’s definitely do this again.”

Hannah said nothing but relaxed at John’s compliment. He smiled back at her, opened the door and stepped outside into the hallway.

As the door shut behind him, John started to think about what a great time he’d had with Hannah – though she’d been shy at first, her performance in the bedroom had been quite the opposite. He considered himself lucky to have been with someone so sexy and so beautiful.

He left Hannah’s block and started heading towards his own when he looked up and saw Hayley walking towards him. He’d met Hayley on his first day and flirted with her, and then last night at the “speed dating” event she had made very clear that she was willing to take things further. Until he’d hooked up with Hannah, John had been disappointed to see Hayley heading off with some other guy.

“Morning,” she said confidentally as she noticed him. “Another good night for you then?”

“Ummm, yeah,” John replied, noticing that Hayley was in the same dress he’d been admiring her in last night. “And you?”

“Not bad; could have been better,” she stated as if she was grading the guy she’d spent the night with. “Anyone I’d know?”

John suddenly remembered that Hannah was in the room next door to Hayley’s.

“Don’t think so,” he said, wanting to spare Hannah the interrogation he was sure Hayley would administer to her neighbour if she knew.

“Cool. Well, glad you had fun. Come say hi sometime.”

And with that, Hayley breezed past John in the direction he’d come from. John looked back at her and admired her killer figure through her short dress. He’d certainly be taking her up on her offer when he felt up to it. For now, he trudged wearily back to his room and went straight to bed, hoping to shake off his hangover.

He slept badly but did manage to get some rest. He was woken several hours later by a knock at the door.

“Hi, John,” said a cheery voice as he opened the door.

It was Simon – the over-enthusiastic guy who lived in the room across from his.

“Just wanted to let you know that we’re going to have a bit of a party out in our hallway here tonight before everyone goes off to the club night in the main bar,” he continued.

John ears pricked up. He had forgotten that the halls’ bar was hosting a music and dance thing that evening. In his quest to sleep around as much as possible in freshers’ week, this would clearly be his next opportunity to hook up.

“See you out here at 7?” Simon said, interupting John’s thoughts.

“Sure, see you then,” John replied.

He closed the door and stepped back into his bedroom. He heard his phone buzz and went to pick it up.

It was a text from Alex, the hot girl he’d slept with on Saturday night.

“Hey. canlı bahis Hope you’ve been having a good time. Going to that club thing tonight? Would be good to see you again xxx,” it read.

John put his phone down and pondered his reply. He didn’t want to look too keen – Alex, like Hannah, had been amazing in bed, but John was hoping to find someone new tonight to continue his sexual adventures. He really didn’t want to look like he was up for anything like a relationship at this stage.

That said, Alex had been fantastic and had given him the most exquisite blowjob he’d ever received – he could do a lot worse than get with her again. And what if he blew her off now only to fail to pick up another girl later?

After mulling it over for a few minutes, he settled on a friendly but non-committal reply: “Sure. See you there.”

Relieved that this was done, John got some food and wasted away the rest of the afternoon playing on his computer, interupted only by a call from his mum who was checking his week was going well. He grined widely as she asked him if he’d met anyone nice but brushed her off with generic responses.

In what felt like no time at all, it was early evening and John could here the other students in his block gathering for food and drink. By this time, he was feeling recovered and ready to go again.

Just after 7pm, John stepped outside his room and was greeted by the sight of a dozen or so of his fellow freshers who were laying out snacks and pizza and pouring drinks. He felt guilty that he hadn’t brought anything along, so tried to be helpful in setting everything up.

As he did so, John was pleased to notice that Clare – the gorgeous girl who lived in the room above his – was there and dressed to kill once more. Her bottle green dress came down to just above her knees, again showing off her smooth, slender legs. It’s neckline plunged down almost to the bottom of her small tits, and her matching heels meant she was now the same sort of height as John. She smiled as she saw him looking at her.

The students sat down in a circle and began eating, drinking and talking. John was opposite Clare and the two of them made idle chit-chat. Even when they weren’t talking, John couldn’t resist looking over at her, and she seemed to be doing the same thing.

After half an hour or more of making eyes at each other, Clare surprised John by getting up from the circle and making her way towards the tiny kitchenette adjacent to his bedroom.

“John, come give me a hand making more punch,” she called back to him over the rest of the group, who were all distracted by conversations of their own.

Saying nothing, John obediently got up and joined her, delighted at the opportunity to spend some time alone with Clare. The kitchen was only just big enough for two people to cook in. John squeezed inside and closed the door.

“So, how much more punch are we making?” he asked, once again admiring her figure from behind.

Clare spun around to face him. They were only a few inches apart.

“I guess if I don’t get things going, nothing will ever happen between us,” she said softly.

Before John could think about this any further, she pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately. He responded in kind, cupping the back of her head with his hand as they made out.

As they exchanged the taste of alcohol between their lips, John felt the rapid reappearance of his erect penis pushing against the fabric of his jeans. He was delighted that something had finally happened with Clare and all the more thrilled that his plans for the evening had already borne fruit.

She was a great kisser, and they continued making out for several minutes. But Clare wanted more.

Silently, she pushed John back against the kitchen door and pulled away from their kiss. Staring right into his eyes, she reached down to unbuckle his trousers and pulled them down far enough to release his cock from the confines of his boxer shorts.

She didn’t break her gaze one bit as she started vigorously wanking him with her right hand, soon reaching a pace that let John know he wouldn’t last for long.

His breathing got faster. He gazed back into her beautiful brown eyes. She had a look of incredible intensity on her face and John admired the way she was so quickly in complete control of the situation – and of him.

They continued like that for a couple of minutes, their eyes fixed on one another as Clare pumped John’s cock harder and faster.

It wasn’t long before John felt his release rising inside him. He was about to warn Clare but, sensing his orgasm was imminent, she slid down onto her knees and stuck his engorged cock straight into her mouth.

This was too much for John. After just a few seconds of Clare sucking on him, he closed his eyes and with a loud grunt fired his creamy load into her waiting mouth.

Clare, who had kept her gaze on John the whole time, waited for a moment before pulling back and standing up. John saw her bahis siteleri swallow his cum.

“Wow,” was all he could muster.

Clare smiled then readjusted her dress and made a move away from him. John badly wanted to keep things going and reciprocate.

“I don’t think we’re done yet,” he said, taking Clare’s hand in his own.

“We’re supposed to be making punch, silly,” she replied. “You can do me later.”

John was disappointed but obeyed, and they began getting things out to mix more booze for everyone. Clare’s decision to pause their foreplay was backed up within a minute as Simon banged on the door.

“You guys need any help in there?” he called.

Assuring him they didn’t, they silently went about their work and produced another bowl of punch before returning to the group.

Despite being delighted that he and Clare had finally got together, John was annoyed that it had been so brief. The tension between them had evaporated as they joined their fellow freshers in more drinking and eating, but all John could think about was how masterfully Clare had handled him and how much he wanted to get her naked and return the favour. He was at least now confident that they’d be spending the night together.

By around 10pm, there was a collective decision to head over to the bar to join the club night. John made sure that he walked over with Clare – he wasn’t going to let her out of his sight this time.

They reached the bar, which was only a few minutes walk away, and found it was already busy. The larger function room off the bar was packed with students dancing to a DJ set but the bar itself was quieter and there was some space to sit down.

When John offered Clare a drink, she beamed.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she purred.

Taking careful note of where she went to sit down on the other side of the room, he joined the short queue for the bar. Looking around, there were plenty of students that John didn’t recognise and he assumed that not all of them were freshers and some had come from other halls.

He was almost at the front of the queue when he was tapped on the shoulder. John spun round and was greeted by the sight of Alex, his hookup from Saturday night. She was wearing a red dress that seemed to hug her body even tighter than the one she had been wearing 48 hours ago. Her perky boobs looked ready to burst out of it.

“Hey stranger!” John greeted her, determined that things wouldn’t be awkward.

John could tell that Alex was already pretty drunk. This was confirmed when she leaned up to him and planted a wet kiss on his cheek, very close to his mouth. He could smell the alcohol on her.

“Thanks for Saturday night,” she said, slurring her words slightly. “If you fancy coming back to mine later…”

“Sounds good,” John replied carefully.

He had no real intention of being with Alex that night, but he certainly didn’t want to close off the possibility of sleeping with her again soon.

Reaching the front of the queue, John ordered a beer for himself and a vodka for Clare. As the barman got the drinks, he turned back to Alex.

“I’m just having a drink with a friend. Catch you later in there later?” he said, gesturing towards the dancefloor in the adjacent room.

“Sure,” Alex replied with a cute smile, before heading into the room.

John felt guilty for lying to her, but he had a plan and he wanted to at least try to stick to it. She seemed sufficiently tipsy that he was confident she’d probably forget the whole thing by the time the night was through.

When he returned to Clare, he found her chatting with two girls he didn’t recognise. As he handed Clare her drink, she introduced them.

“Thanks! These are my school friends Connie and Helen. Girls, this is John – he lives on my block.”

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. John quickly felt like they were getting in the way of his time with Clare but he made an effort to be as friendly as possible. It became rapidly apparent, however, that they weren’t about to leave.

The conversation dragged on. John finished his beer and went to the bar to get another one. Clare must have sensed his mood and she mouthed “sorry” to him as he looked back at her across the bar.

By the time John returned with another beer, he couldn’t face hearing yet more stories about their school days and so began chatting to the others from his block who were standing around and drinking near to Clare and her friends. They were a nice bunch but John found himself feeling growingly frustrated at the situation – though he’d been impressed and really turned on by Clare’s desire to take control before, he was now feeling resentful of the way she didn’t seem interested in spending more time together.

Richard – one of the guys whose room was near John’s – suggested that a group of them went to dance. John hesitated for a moment but, seeing Clare deep in conversation with her friends, soon decided to leave her for the time being. He did however make bahis şirketleri sure she saw him leave and said he’d be back later.

The dancefloor was busy and warm. John didn’t much like dancing but – a few beers down – he was willing to have a go. A group of seven or eight of them found some space and began dancing awkwardly to the loud music in a small circle. Bodies were packed in closely and John kept bumping into the guy behind him, to their mutual irritation.

John did his best but soon started to feel bored – and he still couldn’t shake the irritation he felt at Clare’s flakiness. He wandered back to the bar to get another drink – as he downed a tequilla shot, he noticed she was still there talking to Connie and Helen, and sighed.

Returning to the dancefloor, John tried to make his way through the crowd back to his group, but struggled to get past the mass of sweaty bodies bouncing along to the pounding beat. Feeling more and more inebriated, he stopped in the middle of the dancefloor and began dancing amongst the strangers he found around him.

One girl in particular caught his eye. He struggled to make her out properly in the low light, but he could tell she was short and skinny, with her dark, wavy hair coming down to just below her shoulders. She was wearing a very short denim skirt, which must have only just covered her bum, and a loose fitting, sleeveless top that left her flat stomach exposed.

The girl was dancing near John, and it looked to him that she wasn’t with anyone else either. He bobbed up and down to the music unthinkingly, instead focusing on his new dancing companion. She turned to look at him and shot him a wicked smile.

John smiled back and, as they danced more closely, he studied her face in the flashng lights. Her skin was very pale and she had a cute little nose and gleaming white teeth. The wild grin she had on her face immediately enticed him.

Without warning or a single word being exchanged between them, the girl began dancing right up close to John so their bodies were touching. Soon she turned her back to him and began grinding her arse up and down him, to the visible shock of a couple of those dancing near them.

John didn’t care. Not being one to say no to a hot girl, he joined in, taking her skinny waist in his hands and swaying with her as she pushed harder and harder against him. It didn’t take long for John’s cock to get very hard – something which the girl clearly noticed too as her Cheshire Cat smile grew even wider.

They continued like this for a couple of minutes until it felt like they were both going to get off from all the grinding. To anyone standing around, it must have looked like they were practically fucking in the middle of the dancefloor.

John was incredibly turned on and even more so when the girl leaned her head back into him and whispered in his ear, “Let’s go fuck!”

Considering he’d only set eyes on her a few minutes earlier, John should have been surprised by this, but the slutiness she had shown so far meant he was already fantasising about the sex they’d inevitably be having soon.

He took her by the hand and lead her through the dancing crowds and the disapproving glances of a couple of girls who were standing nearby.

As they left the dancefloor, John heard a guy’s voice saying, “Oh look. Tilda’s preying on freshers already.”

So her name was Tilda. John didn’t really care, but it amazed him that he was about to fuck this girl and had only just learnt her name.

When they got back through to the bar room, John briefly remembered that Clare was still there with her friends. Noticing them on the other side of the room, he found a route that avoided Clare seeing him and his new fuckbuddy.

Once outside, they practically sprinted towards John’s room, such was their mutual lust. But, unable to wait, Tilda stopped outside the block adjacent to John’s and led him behind a tall bush near to the doorway.

“I want your cock now,” she said as she dropped to her knees and hurriedly pulled his trousers down around his ankles. “Oh yes, it’s even bigger than it felt,” she added as she took it out of his boxers.

And with that, she devoured it in one. John groaned as he had his cock in a girl’s mouth for the second time in just a few hours. Gone was the sensual technique of Alex and Hannah; Tilda was focused solely on getting John to cum as quickly as possible and she gave him the wettest, nastiest blowjob he’d ever had.

John’s dick was as hard as steel and he knew he’d be cumming very soon with the way Tilda was fucking him with her mouth. They could so easily have been seen or heard, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t thinking about anyone else – not Clare or Alex who he’d abandoned at the bar and certainly not any passers-by. He was only thinking about sex.

A couple more minutes of Tilda bobbing furiously up and down his cock and John was ready to explode.

“I’m about to cum,” he said breathily.

At this, Tilda slid her mouth up his length until it popped out. She grined again and looked up at John lustfully.

He knew what she wanted and eagerly obliged. Taking his wet cock in his hand, he pumped it a few more times before unleashing his sticky load all over her face.

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