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Entertaining My Dad’s Clients

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Chapter 1 – A Plea for Help


“Hey girl, can you help me out this weekend? “

Hearing my dad’s voice on the phone was a surprise to start out with as I don’t couldn’t remember him ever calling me at school before. Then to hear him asking me for my help was even a bigger surprise. Naturally my curiosity immediately peaked.

“Of course daddy, ” I replied, then I added in a bit coyly, “But what in the world would you need ME to do for you?”

Even as I spoke the words the obvious answer hit me like a brick between the eyes. Instantly I felt my heartbeat quicken and a twinge erupted deep between my legs. My dad and I had been having sex for almost four years now and I knew he got horny for me when I was away to school. Still, he’d never asked before me to come home and “help” him, no matter how much he wanted me. It had been over a month since he last fucked me and I smiled to myself as I visualized him all horny and hard in his office, thinking who knows what nasty thoughts about his only daughter. Images of a wild weekend back home with him and mom began to form in my head but as it turned out, I wasn’t exactly on target.

“Well Kelly, I know you’ve been doing some entertaining at bachelor parties this past semester.”

Hmmm, now I wonder who had told him THAT? It was true, I couldn’t deny it, but I hadn’t told him myself because I was afraid he might think I was crossing some sort of line by taking money for sex. It wasn’t the money anyway that I was interested in, it was the fun and excitement that got me off. Still, it WAS technically prostitution and I didn’t want to

get in an argument with him over it.

He continued on… and so I wondered if you’d like to do something like that for some new clients I’ll be having in town this week.”

Whoa! That one came out of the blue for sure. The first semester of my sophomore year had been rough for me. I missed my freshman roomie terribly. Not that my new one was all that bad, it’s just she was bi and didn’t even like to masturbate. My frustrations built to the point where I decided at the start of the second semester to find something to satisfy my needs without getting into trouble with my school.

After checking out various options I signed up with an escort service in Columbus and over the next few months did a couple of bachelor parties and a few private escorting gigs. Because I was doing it for sex rather than money, I tended to be pretty picky about the guys I went out with. It put me a little at odds with my agency, as they would have had me out every night like a street hooker if they could, but I stuck to my principles. The last thing I was looking for was any sort of trouble or personal relationships so I restricted my clients to older guys (late thirties and forties) who were married, preferably with children.

It was fun at first as I fulfilled their sexual fantasies. This was especially true for the guys who had daughters my age that let me be their surrogate daughter for the evening. My favorite evening was helping them live out the naughtiest fantasies they kept hidden away with regards to their own daughters.

Of course, as I mentioned before I told my parents all about my new “job” as I had never kept anything from them before and didn’t want to start now. Needless to say they were a bit concerned at first but when they understood the security precautions my agency had in place and the limited number of engagements I accepted they were OK with it. From what I was hearing on the phone now, apparently my father was more than OK

with it – he even wanted to hire me!

We talked for the next ten to fifteen minutes about the situation he was in. Apparently he’d had several guys in town all the past week for what represented a major coup for my dad’s firm. They had been going out every night and proved themselves to be a bit over the top in more than just their business dealings. They were different ages; my dad guessed 25, 35 and 50. The older two were married but according to my dad he never would have known from the way they all caroused around town. They’d hit a different strip joint every night and Saturday was to be their last evening before heading home. My dad said they hinted broadly that the account was his but the things could always change depending on how Saturday night went. It was obvious they weren’t interested in being just spectators at a club; they wanted to be part

the action.

Ever the lawyer, my dad was wary of going out and hiring some hookers off the street only to end up getting busted for solicitation. Besides, he’d never done such a thing in the past because he would never cheat on my mom in the first place. It didn’t matter that she probably wouldn’t have cared about the sex itself, it was the principle that he and mom had lived by ever since they got married. My dad took his wedding vows seriously and he’d never been with a woman outside our family since the day he married bostancı escort my mom; well, other than my best friend Beth who was practically a member of the family anyway so that didn’t count.

As he considered the options he looked at a photo of me he kept on his desk top and remembered what I was doing now with the bachelor parties and escorts and realized he had his answer right there in front of him the whole time. So he made a reservation at a downtown hotel suite for some “personal” entertainment. As he concluded, I simply couldn’t believe what I was hearing – my dad was asking me to fuck a few of his clients! Was he just pulling my leg or was he being serious?

“So it would be just me then?” I asked.

It wasn’t like that bothered me as it wouldn’t be the first time I’d taken on three guys by myself but it was still not the norm for me. I’d done as many as twelve at a bachelor party but somehow three guys in a hotel suite seemed more challenging than a dozen in a living room.

My dad hesitated for a second, then said, “Well, what about Kristi? Do you think your slutty cousin would be interested in joining in?”

I was glad we weren’t on a video phone then as I covered my mouth to keep from Laughing out loud. Would Kristi be interested in getting fucked? Hell, he may as well ask if the sun was going to come up in the east tomorrow! My little slut of a cousin may have been two years younger than me being just over a week past her eighteenth birthday, but she’d been fucked by at least twice as many guys as me.

“I guess I could ask her dad,” I replied, “But dad, you know how she feel about older guys, present company excepted of course!”

My dad sighed saying, “I know, that’s why I hesitate to ask her. Would you mind calling her and finding out for me? Somehow I don’t think she would ever refuse you for anything!”

Giggling at that, I agreed and so we made plans for him to pick me up right after classes on Friday. We weren’t to meet up with the guys until Saturday evening so at least that would give me plenty of time to have some fun at home. We chatted some more about school and then he hung up so I could call Kristi.

Chapter 2 – Getting Kristi On Board


Kristi wasn’t answering her cell phone so left her a voicemail to call me as soon as possible. A couple hours dragged on before my phone finally rang and my favorite cousin was on the line.

“Hey Kelly!” I heard in my ear as she greeted me, “Sorry to miss you before, I was a bit, um, distracted.”

I smiled as I held the phone close to my ear. When it came to Kristi, being “distracted” could have meant anything from doing laundry to gang-banging the local baseball team with the odds being on the latter!

We chatted for a while about the latest guys we’d each been with. I recounted my recent escort experiences and tried to emphasize that they were all older men and what a turn-on it was for me to listen to them talk to their wives on the phone while they fucked me or to pretend I was the daughter they’d always wanted to violate. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as I recalled how incredible it was to hear a cheating husband telling his clueless wife that he loved her and missed her while at the same time his swollen cock was pumping in and out of my hungry pussy like a piston.

I imagined his wife sitting home, thinking her loving husband was sitting all alone in some empty hotel room when in reality he was fucking a girl half her age while at the same time professing his love for her and supposedly missing her. Well, if the way he ramming himself in me meant anything, he wasn’t missing her one bit!

Kristi was also interested in the bachelor parties I’d been doing. Although so far I had only done two, each was a totally different experience and something entirely new for me. Although Kristi was a regular at the sex parties in town, they were with other people like her and not a situation where she was the sole source of entertainment for the evening. I could tell from the way she kept asking me questions about how the guys reacted and what they did to me that this was turning her on more than my escorting experiences. I used the opening…

“So Kristi, do you think you might be interested in doing a party with me some time?” I asked calmly.

“Hell yes!” she exclaimed. “Were you planning on trying to do anything like that this summer during break?”

“Well…,” I said in a slow drawl, “It just so happens that I have an opportunity this weekend you just might be interested in.”

“Oh really? But how would I get to Ohio?”

“Actually the party’s right by you in Pittsburgh,” I replied, “It would be sort of a cross between an escort and a bachelor party. We would go out for dinner and then put on a private show for them back at their hotel suite.”

“Hmmm, and how many guys are you looking at?” she asked in a matter-of-fact tone, büyükçekmece escort almost like we were discussing a typical dinner reservation.


“How old?”

“I think they range from mid-twenties to maybe fifty.” I said holding my breath. “I know Kristi, too old for you but hey, think of how much fun you’ll have.”

“I suppose,” she sighed, “Anyone we know?”

“All three are from out of town,” I answered and then it hit me… my dad would be hosting so that meant he would be there too. OMG, was he intending to fuck me in front of his clients? I hesitated for a second before continuing, “plus my dad.”

“Wow!!” she exclaimed, totally OK that her uncle would be taking part, “You’re kidding! That sounds soooooo cool! So, just how did this come about?”

I explained the situation with my dad’s clients and how he didn’t want to hire hookers because he wanted to be able to join in but didn’t want to cheat on my mom.

“So let me get this straight,” Kristi said, “your father wants us to fuck three guys we’ve never met in front of him and then he is going to fuck us both in front of them – and they will have no idea who we really are?”

“Well, that about sums it up.” I said with a hint of laughter in my voice.

“Oh my god that is SOOOO hot!” she said and I knew we were on for the weekend! We talked another thirty minutes or so about what to wear and how we would act with them. I was fingering myself the whole time and came furiously not long after I hung up the phone. God, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come!!

Chapter 3 – Dad Couldn’t Wait


That Friday I woke up and the first thing that I thought of was that today was the day! I was so incredibly horny I literally had no choice but to masturbate right there in bed even before going to the bathroom. Why I bothered with classes I don’t know as all I could think about all day was being picked up by my dad at the end of the day and what we would be doing later in the evening. It was so bad that half-way through one of my classes – Literature of the Modern World, I had to excuse myself to go to the girl’s room and do myself yet again!

Fortunately Fridays are an easy day for me and I was through with class by 11AM and so just before noon I was in the lobby with my backpack, impatiently waiting for my dad. It wasn’t too long before the big familiar SUV pulled up and I ran out to greet him. I quickly opened the passenger door and jumped in, grinning broadly at him. We exchanged hellos and he quickly pulled away and drove off campus. A few blocks from school he pulled over into a small grocery store parking lot and parked away from the other cars. He turned to me with a big smile on his face.

“Hey baby, good to see you. Damn… you’re looking hot today!”

I smiled in appreciation and scooted across the seat to be next to him. Dad put his arm around me and pulled me close to him, leaning down to kiss me. Our lips met and a tingle went through my entire body as we kissed passionately, a month of pent-up lust spilling out. His hand moved down to my blouse and he unbuttoned it enough to slip his hand inside and cup my breast. Of course I wasn’t wearing a bra – I knew my dad well enough by now. He gently squeezed me and it was like a dose of pleasure was injected directly into my bloodstream and it quickly flowed throughout my body, raising goose bumps as it went

“Oh daddy… I missed you so much,” I whispered huskily to him.

“Damn, I can’t wait… I want…, no I NEED you now,” he groaned in reply. I looked at him and his face had that look on it I rarely saw and my heart skipped a beat as I recognized the pure lust and desire that was there. I knew he wanted me the same way a hungry lion wants a gazelle. In my heart I knew there was no denying his needs at this point. Yes, my dad was going to fuck me now and it really didn’t matter what I said or did at this point. It wasn’t like it really mattered as to this day I’d never refused my father when he came for me and I had no plans to break that streak today. Still, sometimes I wondered what would happen if I ever DID try to deny him at a moment like this.

It was all just silly thoughts because as much as he wanted me, it’s not like I didn’t want him just as badly. Oh yeah… I wanted to feel him touching me all over, feel his large hands roaming all over every inch of me and exploring me EVERYWHERE. Most of all though, I wanted him to fuck me. God I wanted my dad to fuck me! My pussy was begging for his cock! I could feel it between my legs, growing hotter and getting wetter by the second. I didn’t care anymore where we were or how he did it, just so his hard dick made its way somehow into my waiting pussy. I pressed myself against him and laid my hand on his crotch, feeling the firm lump his hard cock had created there.

“Fuck me daddy,” I begged him, “Fuck your little girl now. God I need your daddy cock soooooo çatalca escort bad.”

I laid back on the seat and unbuttoned my jeans, lowering the zipper for him. Dad grabbed them by the waist and pulled them down and off of me, leaving me with nothing on but my unbuttoned blouse which was soon off of me as well. I felt like such a dirty slut, laying naked in the front seat of my dad’s SUV right in the middle of a busy parking lot, spreading my legs apart for him to fuck me.

Dad wasn’t wasting any time either. This was not going to be one of those intimate times with lots of cuddling and foreplay, building to a beautiful climax. No, this was going to be a good old fashioned screwing where both people just want to satisfy their own physical desires and needs. I always loved fucking my dad but it was times like these that really got me hot and horny. He wasn’t treating me like his daughter anymore, but rather like some skank of a whore he had just picked up off the street and now he wanted to satisfy himself with her. I imagine that most men just fantasize about having such raw, animal-like sex with a girl.

The best part for my dad was that he knew he was NOT fucking some whore who was just doing it for the money. He knew that I loved him fucking me this way and that he could do absolutely anything he wanted to me and I would not protest because I trusted him totally and without reservation. From the passionate look on his face, I knew all he wanted to do at this moment was to satisfy that instinctive desire for sex, to leave his seed in a fertile young girl. OK, so THAT was more symbolic given my birth control and his vasectomy but the principle still applied.

My dad was on his knees facing me as I lay on the seat with his cock sticking out from his jeans. I watched with anticipation as he unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans, dropping them and his boxers down below his ass so his cock was freed. My tongue ran over my lips as I stared at his erect dick, standing straight up with a pronounced curve. His crotch was full of hair – he never even trimmed it because he knows I love it as long as he can grow it.

I could already smell his sex. I wanted to dive on it and take him all in my mouth, feeling that long curly pubic hair brushing against my face as I filled my mouth and throat with his cock and breathed in his male scent.

There was no time, though, for oral sex today. My dad wanted one thing and one thing only – to fuck me. There was something about knowing his desires that made me feel wonderful deep down inside. I loved my father so very much and was so thankful for all the wonderful he had done for me so far in my life. Being able to show him my gratitude by giving him the most intimate and personal gift I possessed – my body, was such a blessing. At this moment I knew without any doubt whatsoever that my father NEEDED me and it made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to give him what he craved so badly. I felt proud that nobody, not even my mother, could give him what I was offering him – his only daughter.

My dad leaned over me, supporting himself on his hands on each side Instinctively I raised my hips to try to bring him into me as I felt his large head pressing against the opening to my starving pussy. He reached back with one hand and grabbed his cock so he could rub it up and down my wet slit, teasing me at my pussy hole and then rubbing himself against my swollen clit sending shock waves through me each time. Then with his cock once again at my pussy entrance, he pushed into me and I felt his cock head splitting me open and then entering inside of me. My dad held himself in me, letting his stiff cock throb in the hypersensitive regions just inside of my pussy. God it felt so good! I gasped as suddenly my orgasm came and I arched my head back as I moaned softly. My pussy contracted and squeezed him so hard I almost pushed him out of my pussy but he grunted and pushed himself further into me.

“Damn Kelly,” he whispered, “You must have been really horny to cum this fast!”

I wanted to just let the incredible surges run through me but I summoned the strength for a quick answer saying, “Oh god yes daddy, fuck me more…. I need you so bad!”

My orgasm started to wane and then suddenly he rammed himself into me to the hilt and once again I was on cloud nine as I felt my cunt fill with his swollen dick.

“God, I missed your tight pussy so much!” he exclaimed as he ground his hairy crotch against my bald pussy. It felt like a brush caressing my pussy with his cock in the middle of it, drilling me so deep it felt like he was in my belly. “God you’re so beautiful… such a wonderful daughter… such a fucking slut!

He was pounding me like he was trying to drive me through the seat. The truck had to be moving around from all the fucking and I wondered of anyone in the parking lot had noticed. I didn’t care, if anything I hoped someone would see us. Imagine their shock at seeing an older man fucking a girl young enough to be his daughter right in the middle of a parking lot – except in this case I WAS his daughter!

He was going as fast as he could now when suddenly he pushed into me and held himself still. I could feel his cock swelling and I knew what was about to come.

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