Şubat 2, 2023

Dreaming of Christie

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Ever wake up from a great dream and want to hold onto it, despite knowing that it’ll soon fade from your memory? Well it’s 6:30 am and I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean, waiting for sunrise. Trying to record a mostly realistic dream that woke me up with a really hard dick.

I’ve been married (mostly happily) for two+ decades. The wife and I hit a rough patch, maybe ten years ago. Long story short, we decided on an open marriage to get us through. Enter Christie. Tall, young, slender brunette who worked for me. I know, I know. “Don’t shit where you eat.” But I was leaving the job anyway. How we became sexually involved and all of those details, are for another time (maybe). But she was 15 years younger than me and the wife got jealous. So that ended that. We still text/sext sometimes. This dream takes place after the wife made me end it.

For some reason (you know how dreams are), Christie and I were staying separately in a house with other people. Apparently my wife included. I stumbled upon her bedroom and walked in. All I saw was the bathroom door closing. I ran over and grabbed it. I opened it slowly to find a nude, smiling Christie! I briefly took in her familiar form. Beautiful B cup breasts, slender body and legs for days! Beautiful pussy with shaved lips and just the right amount of well groomed hair above it. And an ass that is the reason why asses exist! Years of amazing sex with this young lady came flooding back to my mind. She grabbed my arm and eryaman genç escort pulled me in. Before I knew it she was on her knees with my shorts on the ground. I’m not huge, but I’d say on the better side of average (6.5 or 7 on a good day). As she wrapped her hand around my cock, I had a brief thought that I should stop this and leave. Then her tongue started swirling around the head, licking up my pre-cum. She looked up at me with her deep brown eyes, that told me that I could do anything with her that I wanted. I ran my fingers through her beautiful hair and grasped her head. I pulled her in as I pushed forward. She enthusiastically sucked me all of the way in and never broke eye contact.

She started bobbing her head and I was in heaven. She was the perfect mix of aggressive yet gentle. Lips, tongue, hand and even a gentle hint of teeth occasionally, that she knows that I like. I knew that I only had time for one shot before I’d be missed, and wanted more than just her mouth. I pulled her off of me and stood her up. We made out like teenagers in a back seat, for a minute. Then I sat on the closed toilet lid. My cock was as hard as it had ever been! She walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders. She whispered in my ear, “My pussy is soaking wet for you! You can have that, or my ass if you’d rather. Your choice.” Oh what to do? I wrapped my arms around her, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her to me. She spread her legs and gave me an incredible view of her ankara escort bayan slightly parted, wet pussy. She spread further as she lowered herself. I grabbed my cock and slowly ran it back and forth through her wetness. She said “Well?” I grasped her waist and pulled her onto my cock with one swift movement I was deep in her pussy. She sank all of the way down and opened her mouth wide with a barely audible gasp, before she lifted and started a steady up and down movement. I sucked her left breast into my mouth and thrust myself up, on each of her downward motions. Wow, I had missed this!

Her nipples extended out to at least a half inch and I alternated between them, sucking on them like a lollipop. A bit of light biting set her to moaning as we continued our rhythm. Remembering how much she loved to have her ass played with, I sunk the middle finger of my left hand, into her pussy beside my cock, to lube it up. She squeezed and tightened around them both. I removed my finger and she looked at me with disappointment. I smiled and moved the finger to her pucker. Her look of disappointment faded into a devious smile. I slowly pushed in. Even though it was only my finger, her tightness was amazing! I wiggled my digit deeper and deeper, until it was all of the way in. I wished for a longer finger. She started bucking on me and exclaiming “FUCK ME!!!” I did just that! The finger in her ass could feel the tip of my cock sliding in and out of her. Maybe to sincan escort the point of being able to give us both some extra pleasure in rubbing on it? This sent her over the edge into an intense orgasm! I knew that I was close too, and told her so. She looked me in the eyes and rose completely off of my cock to my temporary alarm. She reached under us and grasped my cock. In one swift movement, she lowered herself back down and engulfed me into her tight asshole!

My eyes certainly rolled back in my head as she rode me like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby! I thrust up to meet her and lasted a few pumps before I filled her ass with my cum. We slowed to a stop and I leaned back over and slumped on a wall next to the toilet. She extracted herself from me and turned to walk to the shower. God that ass! She stopped and spread her legs about two feet apart, looking over her shoulder. She bent over and spread her ass cheeks so that I could see my cum leaking out of her. She took two fingers and scooped them through her pussy and ass. With two fingers full of our cum, she brought them to her lips and sucked them deep into her mouth. She removed her fingers, clean of our juices. She gave me her signature devilish smile and and said “Miss me?” It was a rhetorical question. I groaned as she stepped into the shower. I considered joining her, but her voice of reason came across the shower door. “Get out of here before you’re missed”

This is my first attempt at writing much of anything since probably college. So please be kind. Remember that this was a dream. But the girl is real and so was our freaky, fun, kinky relationship. The real stories are as good as, if not better than this. If this is well received, maybe I’ll share them.

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