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Dr. Robertson’s Cure Ch. 02

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Chapter 2

I couldn’t have gotten it any more wrong, I was sure that this mistake would destroy both our marriages, and our family units would be blown apart. But I have never been more in love with Eve than I am now. The closeness and passion of our sex dragged us back to when I would run home and pull her skirt up and thrust into her over the kitchen sink. My daughter and son had never been close before, but now have a common problem that they can’t solve by themself. We needed each other now more than ever.

I was woken by movement on the bed, Eve and I had made love twice the last night, and I have a hard-on that won’t go down, Eve was whispering to Mia, and has her hand between her legs.

“You will get pregnant with either Gabe or your Dad, you could try to get some of the condoms that Tony was talking about, but we need a better solution and fast,” Eve said, raising her hand to Mia’s breast.

“I am past my most fertile time of the month. Surely Dad can make love to me until I can get birth control sorted,” Mia said, squirming on Eve’s hand.

I rolled onto my back, sliding right next to Eve and Mia with my cock sticking up in the air waving at the girls. Mia was first to react and wrapped her hand around my pole. I moaned as she slowly pumped my cock and looked sadly into Eve’s eyes.

“Please let me borrow Dad for a little while, I promise to give him back, if aunty Em doesn’t take him first,” Mia said, pumping my shaft and sliding her thumb over the precum on my cockhead.

“I’m in no better shape than you, what do I do sit here and watch while you fuck my husband,” Eve said, Still rubbing Mia’s clit and pinching her nipple making it stand out from her breast.

“Gabe is right behind that door with a hard-on for his Mom that won’t go away, and you can’t get pregnant, so you aren’t in the same boat at all,” Mia said, moving to straddle my hips.

Just then Gabe came through the door looking for the rest of us. his cock swinging from side to side as he walked a string of precum hanging from the tip. Eve held out her arms and Gabe moved into her embrace.

“If Mia is going fuck Dad than its only fair that I get to Arrrrmmm,” Gabe said, and stopped himself.

“Get to fuck me,” Eve said, finishing for him.

He just nodded and was not able to say the words to his mother. Mia rocked her hips forward, running her pussy along the underside of my cock. Eve gave up on the argument as a lost cause, knelt in front of Gabe taking his cock in her mouth and showing her pussy and ass to Mia and me. Her display was meant as a taunt, but her dripping pussy was too tempting to pass up. I slipped two fingers into her, making her moan around Gabe’s cock.

Mia lifted herself and positioned my cock at the opening of her beautiful young pussy and slipped my cockhead along her cleft until it bumped into her clit. I involuntarily hunched and slid my cock over her clit. Then Mia pushed my cock back to her opening and dropped her ass down on me trapping my cockhead inside her pussy.

“I love you, Daddy, I wish you were my first,” Mia said with tears in her eyes.

“I love you too, baby. If it helps, I am as nervous as my first time with your mom,” I said, trying to stop myself from shaking.

She bit her lower lip and lowered herself halfway down my cock, and then she raised a little only to drop her weight and slide the rest of the way down. The feeling was incredible. She was so tight and hot. She did all the work raising and lowering her body and rocking her hips, and she was doing a fantastic job of turning me on. I think the taboo of fucking my daughter was already enough to drive me wild, but Eve laying back and getting ready to take Gabe’s cock put me over the top.

I was just about to cum when Mia slid up and off my cock. She lay down beside her mother and spread her legs.

“I need it faster than I can do myself, fuck me, daddy,” Mia said, holding her legs back with her arms.

I moved over on top of her and slid back in place, holding myself off her with my arms. I started thrusting at a good fast pace, but Mia was holding onto the back of my arms and pulling me to go faster. I was beginning to feel the orgasm tingling in my balls when Mia started to shake and moan. Her climax was coming on quickly. She threw back her head and groaned and cried out “Oh fuck yes,” and pulled me in for an unbelievably hot kiss. It was the kiss that kicked off my orgasm, and I filled her pussy with blast after blast of my seed.

Eve looked over at me with a look I had seen many times before. Her eyes were filled with lust, and she moaned as Gabe thrust into her. He was doing an excellent job for a boy with little experience, but his cock was a good size, and he was using it to its maximum potential. We watched Eve, pulling her knees up to her chest, allowing Gabe to have his way with her. He was on his hands and toes flexing his body kartal sarışın escort as he pounded her pussy just the way she liked it.

I reached out and pulled on her nipple and groped her breast as she was close to her orgasm. I think the thoughts of her son’s beautiful body had a hand in how easily she climaxed. She thrust her hips up to meet his cock, grunting as her orgasm took over. She convulsed and clutched at Gabe’s sides, as his thrusts became short and he lost his form and fell in-between her legs, filling her pussy with his cum.

“I need help,” Em said, as she rushed into the room, tears running down her cheeks.

Eve reached out and pulled her into our pile of bodies.

“What’s wrong, Em, what’s happened?” Eve asked, a worried look on her face.

“The girls helped me clean up down there and then shaved each other’s pussies. But when they finished, they both attacked their Daddy, and I am left horny and no one to help,” Em said, as Eve wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“We have two cocks, and I think we can share, I am sure Tim would like to finally fuck the sister he as always fantasized about you when he jerked off,” Eve said, shocking me that she let out my secret.

“You don’t really pull yourself thinking about me, do you, Timmy?” Em asked, grinning like she had just eaten the cream.

“Eve, I told you that in confidence, I will tell them about your fantasies next,” I said, throwing the heat back on my wife.

“Hold on, let’s dig a little deeper into yours first,” Em said, as she pushed me back on the bed and licked the underside of my cock.

“I like your new look,” Eve said as she slid her fingers along Em’s shaven pussy lips and over her short-cropped pubic mound.

“Mmmm, Yes I had let it grow wild because no one saw it but me, but now I want everyone to see all of me,” Em said, arching her back up to Eve’s touch.

My cock was reacting to the licks and the vision of my wife fingering my sister. That was a mind-blowing sight if I have ever seen one. I saw the two kids heading to the kitchen and then my view was blocked by my sister’s body climbing up over me. Fuck that, I was going to be in charge and picked her up and threw her down under me, she was only around a hundred pounds, and my two twenty made it like a bear with a toy doll. She looked up at me in shock but smiled at me soon after.

“Spread those legs sis, and I’ll look after you,” I said, as I lined up my cock with her pussy.

I ran the head of my cock up and down between her pussy lips and slapped it down on her beautiful big clit, and it made splashing sounds when it hit. I slid my cock lower and pushed against her ass as if I was going to push into her ass. Her eyes went wide but I slid my cock back up and over her clit. It was such a sexy sight I couldn’t hold back anymore and plunged my hips forward, driving my cock into her cunt.

Holding myself up with my arms and began pumping my cock into Em, with the slapping sounds echoed around the room. I looked down at Em, and she had her eyes locked on mine, and the need in them was intense. I bent down and kissed her, and her tongue found mine.

“That’s not a very brotherly kiss?” Eve said, and slipped her hand under my balls.

“Sorry, Eve, but I love him,” Em said, and kissed me again.

Eve just slid her hand along my pumping shaft and slipped a finger into Em’s pussy beside my cock. This made Em roll her eyes and moan even more. Eve pulled her hand back and made quite a show of licking her finger clean. I slammed myself into Em, trying to bring her to climax. She put her hands on my chest to slow me down.

“Go, slowly Timmy, I want to feel everything you do to me,” Em said, and rocked her hips in time with my thrusts.

Her hand went around my neck, and she pulled me into her and kissed me again. I thought Eve would be jealous of Em’s attention, but I saw her playing with Em’s breast and pinching her nipple. Her other hand went over my ass and started playing with my balls and slipping over my rosebud. She already knew it was my weakness, and she was using it against me. Eve took her hand away for a second, and when it returned, it was wet and slippery against my ass. She slid her finger into me and rubbed on my prostate and breaking my resolve to fuck Em for longer then she had ever been fucked before.

“I am going to cum Em,” I said, the passion evident in my voice.

“Fill me up. I need your cum,” Em said, locking her heels behind my ass to keep me inside her pussy.

I had no choice then I started to unload into her grunting with each blast, I could not believe the amount of cum coming from my balls, it must have been the prostate massage Eve was giving me.

“I had never felt that before, his ass was clenching my finger as he came, I now know why he likes to have his finger in my ass when he goes down on me,” Eve said, as she lay down next to us and played with Em’s breast.

“I am going to burst if I don’t kartal sınırsız escort cum soon, you’ll have to get off me so I can play with my clit,” Em said, and made me feel bad for cuming before her. Our father had always told me “The lady always cums first” and I had just broken that golden rule.

“It was my fault, and I’ll fix it,” Eve said, and moved between Em’s legs.

Eve pushed Em’s legs back, so her pussy and ass were sitting up proudly her clit was engorged, and my cum was running down her ass crack. Eve licked the cum from her crack then slipped a finger into her ass and started licking her pussy. Em was moaning and clutching Eve’s hair, pulling her mouth into her pussy. Eve slid a second finger into Em’s ass and moved up to suck on Em’s clit into her mouth. I watched as Eve’s tongue made circles around Em’s large clit, making her raise her hips in search of more pleasure.

It only took a few more licks to make Em throw her head back and groan out her orgasm. I could see the bottom of her pussy and her ass clenching and rippling as the orgasm crashed through her body.

“Oh, that was a big one,” Em said, as she dragged Eve up to kiss her.

“The feeling of you orgasming on my fingers and tongue was wonderful. My nipples are hard, and my clit is buzzing,” Eve said, and kissed Em back.

We all walked out to the kitchen to find breakfast being prepared and a lot of fooling around being done at the same time. Tony was sitting on a stool, and Jenny slid her pussy onto his thigh as she kissed him. Mia ran her fingers through Rebeca’s pussy as she bent to get something out of the cupboard. I went to help but was pushed away by the girls and sat on a stool across from Tony, Em came over and straddled Tony’s leg and rubbed her pussy on his thigh as she kissed him. Then she came over to me and did the same thing, and I saw Tony’s eyes light up, and his cock got hard and bobbed around.

“Is she teasing you, Uncle Tony,” Mia said, as she stood next to him and stroked his cock.

“You could say that,” Tony replied and pinched her nipple.

“Don’t worry, I will help you out,” Mia said, kissing Tony and sliding her pussy on his thigh before going back to cooking.

“After breakfast, we need to go to town and get the birth control options sorted, Em and will go and see what we can do,” I said, looking at Em.

“We can go to the clinic and get the pill for the girls, and more condoms until they take effect,” Em said, sliding her ass on my thigh.

Mom, are you about to fuck your brother?” Jenny said, a shocked look on her face.

“I might want to fuck him for the second time today, but you fucked your father this morning, so I had to go somewhere,” Em said, holding my cock and slid it over her pussy.

We eat breakfast then we did fuck again, and then climbed into their family SUV to go the 20 min drive to town. We were only wearing the lightest of clothing and nothing underneath. Em was driving, and we did the shopping we needed quickly as I was already getting an erection from seeing Em in that shirt with her nipples showing through the thin material. We also needed to avoid meeting anyone she might know because that might be difficult to explain later.

We were on the way back, and this time I was driving, Em started playing with my cock and had it out of my shorts, and she kept leaning over and sucking it for a few seconds then sitting back up, this had me distracted. Then I heard a siren and looked in the mirror. A police car was pulling us over. Em tried to put my cock away, but it was sticking up in my shorts.

“License and registration please?” the officer asked, standing at the window cold as ice.

“I gave him my license and Em scrounged in the glove box for the registration leaning over, exposing her breast in the process. Finely handing me the papers and sitting back in her seat.

“You seemed distracted while I was behind you,” He asked, glancing at Em.

“Yes, we were in a bit of a rush to get home. We left our children by themself and wanted to get back before they threw a party for 20 of their friends,” I lied, not looking at him for fear he would be able to tell.

“Well OK, you two drive safe and hold off doing anything else until you get home please,” He said, and handed me the papers and walked back to his car.

Only when I looked back at Em did I realize that he could see her pussy from the window, she had put one leg under her bottom, and it left her skirt riding up and showing off her pussy. I waited for him to drive off before pulling out onto the highway. We arrived home and sat in the driveway for a few minutes before going in.

“I don’t think we should tell everyone else how you got us off a fine,” I said, looking over at Em and playing with her pussy.

“Your right it was wrong, and I won’t do it again,” she said, but didn’t look like she got my point.

“You say that now but when you get a week’s jail, and you are begging kartal ucuz escort your cellmate to fist fuck you because you are so horny, don’t call me, OK,” I said. Trying to get Em to see the danger she put us in.

“Shit, I didn’t look that far ahead, what if it had been one of the girls with me,” She said, shaking her head at her stupidity.

“OK, we got away with it this time, learn and move on,” I said, leaning in and kissing her and sliding my fingers into her wet pussy.

I had Em bent over the bonnet of the car when Tony and Jenny came out to see what was taking so long. I was just about to cum, and Em was furiously playing with her clit trying to beat me to it.

“I am risking pregnancy while you two are out here fucking and you can’t have babies anymore,” Jenny said, picking up the shopping bags and leading Tony away.

“Sorry, honey, it was a long trip,” Em answered, her fingers dancing on her clit.

Em came on my cock, and I spurted my load inside her pussy before we headed inside to join the others. The two unprotected girls were looking at the contents of the bags and reading the instructions for the pill. Jenny handed Mia two packets of condoms and took two for herself. Mia headed straight for me and took my hand, pulling me into the bedroom, but Eve and Gabe were in bed. She led me to the pool chairs and pushed me down onto one.

“Show me how to put one of these on you. I have heard you can do it with your mouth?” Mia asked, sitting over my legs, and showing me a perfect view of her pussy as she did.

“We will have to work it out together. I have not used these in many years, and I only rolled them on myself,” I said, opening the pack.

We fooled around and ruined one before we worked out that she could hold the tip in her mouth with a little suction then slide it down with her lips. It was a very sexy way to roll on a condom, an otherwise unsexy task. I was feeling horny again, the drug still had me at a level 10 and needed sex five times a day or more. Less than that would have me following one of the girls around begging, but luckily the girls were in no better shape. Mia straddled my hips and lowered herself down on my cock. She was very tight, but her wetness made it possible for her to slide down on my cock to the base.

We fucked, and she kept me at fever pitch, but not letting me cum. She was getting past the point where she could slow down when I was close, as she was almost orgasming too. Mia kissed me and bounced on my cock as she came and took me over the edge with her. We were cuddling together with my cock still inside her, when I got a call on my phone. It was the automated alarm at the Lab, someone tripped the sensors. I taped the app on my phone, and the video feed came up.

“What is it, Dad?” Mia said, lying beside me and looking at my phone.

“Something set off the alarm at the lab,” I answered, flipping through the video feeds trying to work out if it was just an animal or not.

Just then, the security company texted me to see if I was at the Lab and accidentally set the alarm off. I texted back “No, out of state”. Then I saw two men walking up one of the hallways towards my office, where the safe with the samples are kept. Just then, the security company set off the safety measures, and a thick fog filled all the rooms and blocked all the video feeds.

“What happened, all the videos went white?” Mia said, and some of the others started to gather around us.

“The security company has set off a thick fog that makes it impossible for the robbers to see their hand in front of their faces, what they can’t see they can’t steal. The police are on their way,” I said, and all the family now gathered around us.

“how has word gotten out about our drug?” Eve asked.

“I have submitted paperwork to the FDA, and it should never get out of the government’s security. But the big drug companies have a lot of money and influence, they must have got some information and want to know the formula,” I answered as simply and honestly as I could.

“I just got another text from the security firm, their patrol is on-site, and the police are there too, they are going to get the broken window boarded up and put the security back on,” I said, relaying the message.

“What do we do now, they are going to try again?” Tony said, straight-talking as usual.

“I am open to suggestions. We are all equal partners in this now it’s no longer my drug, it’s ours,” I asked the group.

“I think it has to be here. We can even set up a lab here for the testing. I don’t think the girls would be safe going to college this year so they should defer and stay and help. Setting up the Lab would be simple enough, no one knows we are even here, and we can get security, but the open plain is pretty hard to cross undetected,” Tony said, making a lot of sense.

“Yes, Uncle Tim, sell up in the city and move here, I don’t think I want to be without Gabe and Mia and you two. Can’t you do what you need from here?” Rebeca asked, putting into words what I was feeling too.

“Yes I agree I have never been closer to you all than I am now, Especially Eve, I thought she was going to kick me out a few months ago, now I can feel the love, like we are teenagers again,” I said, wrapping my arm around her waist and kissing her belly.

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