Şubat 28, 2024

Down the Rabbit Hole Pt. 02

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Suddenly the door of her apartment opens and a tall good-looking man walks in. She smiles and stands up and puts her arms around Him and kisses him.

I sit there frozen for a moment but he doesn’t seem surprised to see me there. I can feel how wet I am beneath my shorts and I am aching for release. I watch as she drops to her knees in front of him and reaches up and unzips his pants while leaving the button closed.

She dips her head and her beautiful blonde hair falls along her back. My breath catches in my throat as he pulls her head up by her hair, leans forward and kisses her deeply. Our eyes lock, his blue eyes on mine. He deepens their kiss before moving away from her and sitting on the couch.

He never takes his eyes off of me, as if studying me. She follows him to the couch and kneels between his legs. He finishes unbuttoning his jeans and pushes her head back down. His eyes are still on me and feel my crotch growing wetter as I watch her pull out his hard cock out and start to suck.

Unconsciously I start to rub my breasts, squeeze my nipples, and bite my lip.

He nods his head in my direction then back at his cock he asks, “Do you like?”

I stare transfixed watching her suck his stiff dick. My face flushes and my pussy grows hot.

I whisper, “Oh god yes.”

Her eyes flash open as she takes one last deep choking suck and releases.

I look back up into his eyes and ask, “May I?”

He nods with menacing canlı bahis şirketleri grin. I slowly and cautiously take my place on the floor next to her, never taking my eyes off of him. My eye flicker to his cock and I stare in awe for a moment, before wrapping my hand around the base.

“Oh god it is so mouthwatering!” I say as I take his cock-head into my mouth and dive.

My eyes roll back into my head as I hear him groan and he somehow grows even harder in my mouth. Pausing for breath, I see him sucking on one of her nipples as she is pinching and playing with her other one.

However, I realize, they are both watching me, and nothing could turn me on more. I was so enthralled by his cock that I didn’t even realize that she had moved from my side.

He reaches down and pulls me up toward them. I whimper not wanting to relinquish my prize. He quickly turns me and I fall against him. My back against his chest. My heart runs rapid in my chest. I’m unsure of what will happen next, yet I hungry for more.

He pulls my shirt over my head and grasps my ample breasts from my bra barely touching them before he pulls my head back and kisses me hard on the mouth.

His tongue, wet and hot, tasted of chocolate with a faint tasting of beer. I return his kiss passionately. I’m startled as her lips and fingers find my nipples as I am held firmly in his arms. I feel his hand move across my leg; down and inward toward my soaking wet pussy. canlı kaçak iddaa His lips move from mine as he starts to kiss my jaw and ear. I moan softly, losing myself.

I pull my nails down her back as he begins to pull my shorts from my hips. I gasp as I feel the cool air kiss my dripping wet pussy lips. The shock of the cool air has me suddenly thinking.

“What the fuck am I doing!?”

I push out of his arms and get to my feet. Quickly backpedaling. I cross my arms over my exposed breasts and shake my head from side to side trying to regain my composure. My back hits the walls and the sensation brings goosebumps across my entire body.

“You are right babe. She is perfect for us.”

The sound of his voice draws my eyes upward and instantly my legs grow weak. They are both standing there, their toned bodies catching the light and grinning at me. My breath catches in my throat as I watch his deft fingers stroke the edges of her beautiful glistening pink pussy. My mouth waters remembering that sweet taste and craving more.

I swallow hard and quickly look away; desire is pulsating through me. I hear her gets up and start to walk toward me. My eyes stay glued on the floor, and I think, “Don’t look at her, you can’t look at her, you will lose all self control.” I hear the sound of the vodka bottle scraping across the table, liquid sloshing inside. I think she takes a swig and she releases a loud breath giggling.

I feel her presence canlı kaçak bahis near me and press my back harder into the wall withdrawing from her touch. She reaches hand gently, but firmly under my chin lifting my eyes to her. Her face, her soft lips inches from mine, I start to ache with longing.

“God you are so fucking beautiful,” I whisper as I look into her eyes.

She smiles seductively without saying a word as leans into me, her lithe body so perfect pressed against mine. She lifts the bottle to my lips and I drink. For a moment, the harsh sting of the vodka on my throat lifts the veil of her spell but it quickly falls with a crash as she replaces the bottle with her luscious lips.

“I am so sorry I didn’t tell you about my pet,” she breathes softly between each kiss.

I moan as the desire she invokes is almost too much to resist.

“We were afraid you wouldn’t cum.” she says winking at me. “If I had.”

she starts nibbling on my bottom lip. I feel his lips upon my neck. He is biting my earlobe and his hands cup my breasts. His hard cock is pressed against my bare ass. Moaning, I think, “When did he become the wall?”

Her eyes smile ,and she says, “I can be so naughty sometimes.”

The cold splash of vodka hits my bare chest and She begins to lick it up.

“Do you… forgive… me?” She asked between licks.

A finger slides into my tight soaking hole and a wave of pleasure overtakes my body. I almost slide to the floor if it wasn’t for his arms holding me up. I moan loudly as her tongue caresses my body and his finger teases my slit.

Through clouded thoughts I think, This is either heaven or hell; either way? I don’t care.

I let go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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