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Domestic Disturbance

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This story comes completely from my imagination. Any likeness to any real people, dead or alive, is completely coincidental. This is dedicated to a friend in need, who made a suggestion, and I ran with it.

I had been up most the night when the call came in about a disturbance in Hennessey Drive. I radioed back my location and that I would head for the residence. Upper class housing, more than likely some well to do kid throwing a party while his parents were away. I ran my hand over the stubble on my chin and put the cruiser in drive.

So, I pulled up to the house, but everything was black inside. I could hear what sounded like a woman’s voice coming from the back of the house. A neighbor peeked out her door, probably the one that called in the disturbance in the first place, and I waved her back inside telling her everything was fine. I approached the back of the house, thinking that the place is so damn large my own house would fit into it twice over when the same woman’s voice cried out loudly,


There was a crashing sound and water splashing then nothing. I drew my weapon and continue to the back of the house, moving carefully in the dark, thinking that I should probably call for backup. I decided to investigate further first, I mean the last call I had like this turned out to be some poor bloke just trying to hide Easter eggs for his kids. The guys still hadn’t let me live that one down.

I turned the corner peering around the edge of the stucco and out over the vast backyard. I could see a woman lying arms over the edges of a large hot tub. Her eyes were closed, her wet nearly black hair hung from the edge of the tub as it roiled and bubbled around her waist. Her naked full breasts wobbled as her body was rocked by the moving water. A bottle of wine lay on its side dripping steadily to the cement and a plate of food and a wine glass lay in a shattered mess on the ground alongside of the steps up to the tub as I approached slowly. The steps had been dumped on their side.

“Ma’am?” I called out to her. “Are you alright?”

When I received no response I moved closer. I could smell the wine now a sharp tangy scent filling my nostrils. I searched zeytinburnu escort the dark around the area looking for anything out of place or suspicious. I carefully reached out and laid a hand on the silken throat of the woman. A pulse that was quick and steady, and she was breathing. At my touch, her eyelids fluttered and then opened looking up at me. Incredible blue eyes.

“Are you alright?” I asked again scanning the yard and the area for any other signs of foul play, then holstered my pistol.

“Ummm, yeah.” She murmured her creamy features turning pink with embarrassment. She slid down into the water and drew her arms up over her breasts to cover herself from my sight.

“Is anyone here with you?”

“No.” she answered not looking me in the eyes.

“Are you sure you are okay? I heard you scream and you seemed to be passed out when I saw you.”

I thought I saw her smirk a little and then turn even redder. The blush moved downward and colored the top of her cleavage that I could still see above the water. “I’m sure. I was umm. I mean… the tub jets, they are really powerful. I tend to pass out when I um… you know.”

She was blushing again but I caught the drift of her thoughts. She had been pleasuring herself with the hot tub jets. The thought made my cock stir in my trousers. I looked at her a little too long as my mind put a picture to her description.

“So, I’m alright. I don’t need any help. You can go now.”

I dropped out of my reverie thinking there was going to need to be a cold shower or a hand job in my immediate future, when I did something completely outside the realm of normal for me.

“You know if you pass out like that, the hot tub is the last place you should be. You could drown. I’d be happy to help you out if you wanted.”

She cocked a sleek well shaped eyebrow at me and said nothing.

“You can’t blame a guy for trying.” I muttered under my breath and started to leave.

“Wait,” she called and I could hear the hesitation in her voice. I turned back to look at her again. She stood suddenly revealing herself to me. She was a petite woman mid 20’s her skin was clean aksaray escort and smooth everywhere. “Help me out of the tub. I seem to have knocked over the stairs.”

I could’ve just righted the stairs for her but like I said out of the realm of normal, I took her offered hand in my own and lifted her from the hub. Her naked wet body was plastering my uniform to my chest. And my cock was straining upward as if trying to reach her lovely curves all on its own.

“I still feel a bit dizzy. Do you think you could carry me up to my room?”

Like I had to be asked twice. She was light in my arms, this tiny doll like woman and all I could think about was how her stiff nipples were poking into my chest as I carried her into the house.

“My bedroom is the third one on the right at the top of the stairs.” She whispered near my ear and I was thinking,

“Damn am I dreaming this?”

So I make it to the room she described and I set her on the bed, this water nymph laying naked and wet in front of me, every inch on display, and the gentleman in my decided to finally kick in.

“If there is nothing else Ma’am…”

“You know I have always been a girl who appreciated those who protect and serve. I’d like to thank you for coming to my aid tonight, if that is all right? You’re not married are you?”

“No Ma’am”

“My name is Bailey.”

“I like that. I’m Randy.”

“Yes, it certainly looks like you are.” She smiled and sat up, those beautiful breasts still defying gravity and swaying gently as she moved. Then quick as a wink she had me by the belt and was dropping my fly. My cock eagerly sprang free and she pulled me loose and lay in her hands firm and ready. Her hand were cool from the water and felt fantastic on my balls as she cupped each one rolling them carefully in her hands. She looked up at me with those amazing blue eyes smiled brightly and then wrapped her lips around my cock. The sensations made my eyes roll back in my head and I ran my fingers into her damp dark hair as she sucked and bobbed over my cock. I groaned with pleasure as she devoured me and nearly lost my load when she began to moan around my cock. ataköy escort She was really into sucking me. But I didn’t want it to end so I pulled away and made her slow down. That shaved swollen pussy needed attention and I wanted to taste her on my tongue. So, I pushed her back on the bed and slid her knees apart. She sighed offering herself to me and I dipped my head to the peak of her thighs. She tasted hot and sweet still damp from both the water and her first orgasm. It was heady and incredible. She pulled me in closer wrapping her knees up over my shoulders and her hands into my hair.

“Yes…” she moaned loudly egging me on. She rocked her hips against my tongue slowly at first and then developing a rhythm that I matched. I slid a finger along the opening of her pussy. It was hot and slippery and she clenched around my digit pulling it deeper inside her. I feel she was getting close to cumming and I focused on her clit.


She began pulling at my head trying to bring me up over her tight curving form so I quickly shucked my belt and trousers to my knees and planted myself inside her. I could feel her pussy convulsing around me as I gave her everything I had. It was hot and slick and was squeezing everything out of me.

“FUCK ME, FUCKME, FUCKMEFUCKME, FUCKME!” she screamed in loud fast succession, digging her well-manicured fingers into my ass.

I pumped into her over and over, feeling her orgasm shuddering around me. She couldn’t seem to get me deep enough, even though I was bottoming out. Then I felt it, the cum boiling in my balls like a volcano about to blow. Tighter and tighter still, her hot glorious pussy clenched around me until finally I exploded everywhere. I felt like my brain had melted and leaked out of my cock as well. I dropped my head down on the pillow next to hers, listening to her pant unable to talk.

When she came to again, she rolled over and pushed me to the side, then curled up on my shoulder, fitting perfectly as if she had been made for the space. My uniform shirt was crumpled and damp with water and my sweat and my trousers were still around my knees but I didn’t care.

“Always wanted to fuck a cop.” She whispered in my ear nibbling on my earlobe. “Want to know a secret?”

I nodded still not being able to get my tongue to function.

“I hoped that I’d be noisy enough that they would send someone. I’m glad they sent you.”

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